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Medical Log Template
Submitted by: JotForm in Healthcare

A medical log, or health log, is used by medical organizations to keep track of health information for their patients. No matter what kind of practice you run — be it a doctor’s office or dentist’s office — you can better manage patient medical details and supporting documents with our professional online Medical Log Template, available in spreadsheet, card, or calendar view. Simply fill out the attached form to auto-populate the spreadsheet with patient contact details, medications, diagnoses, and more.

Choose HIPAA compliance to receive a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and keep patient health data protected. This Medical Log Template is completely customizable, so you can rearrange and update the layout, add new tabs to hold more information, and connect the attached form to 100+ integrations to automatically send health data to your practice’s other accounts. Get organized and manage patient health data online with our free Medical Log Template.

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