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Mileage Log
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A mileage log is a record of the number of miles a vehicle has traveled, which is commonly used for tax deduction or employee reimbursement purposes. With this professional Mileage Log spreadsheet, you can easily document the miles you or your employees have traveled, gas costs, and management reimbursements or deductions online! Just customize the log to suit your business, fill it out as you go along, and manage your information on any device.

Add tabs, color-coded labels, and new rows and columns to make this Mileage Log work perfectly for your needs. You can even use our quick calculation feature to automatically add up fuel costs, calculate total mileage, and see your deduction or reimbursement amounts! With this free online Mileage Log spreadsheet, you can expertly manage your vehicles’ mileage — whether for yourself or for the employees of your company.

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