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Office Inventory Template
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An office inventory template is used to keep track of office items, for personal or business use. It can be used to improve your company’s office inventory management system, to organize your office at home, or to keep track of items in the event of an insurance claim — either at home or in the workplace. With our free Office Inventory Template, you can easily keep track of office items as well as their owners, serial numbers, and dates of purchase. By easily viewing information in a professional spreadsheet format, you can see all of your existing items and determine when new ones need to be purchased.

Organize your information exactly as you like by adding new tabs or columns in the spreadsheet — it only takes a few seconds to get the layout you want! Include colored labels for easy identification, use the employee list tab to show items owned by individual employees, and upload photos of your items for easier identification. With this free Office Inventory Template, you’ll have everything in your office tracked and monitored, so you can instantly know when to buy new items and easily see if anything goes missing.

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