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Personal CRM
Submitted by: JotForm in CRM Templates

A personal CRM is a relationship management system used by an individual rather than by a team. Whether you want to manage your professional or personal relationships, our Personal CRM Template makes it easier to keep track of contacts and connections. To get started, simply enter information about coworkers, colleagues, friends, family, and anyone else you’d like to keep in your life. You can even add color-coded labels, include contact details, and describe interactions. When you’re done, you’ll be able to access and edit your Personal CRM on any device.

Feel free to customize your Personal CRM by adding as many rows, columns, tabs, and labels as needed. By default, your information will be displayed as a tidy spreadsheet, but you can easily view your Personal CRM in calendar mode to help you stay on top of meetups and events. Our Personal CRM Template is more than an address book — it’s an intuitive tool that will help you build connections, organize interactions, and manage relationships all at once.

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