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Project Onboarding
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Start your new projects off on the right foot with Jotform’s free Project Onboarding spreadsheet! By filling out the attached project task assignment form on any device, you can automatically send new task and project information straight to your professional online Jotform account, protected with 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, and CCPA compliance. Keep track of each task’s name, status, priority, due date, and who it’s assigned to — you can even share your spreadsheet with teammates for better collaboration!
This Project Onboarding spreadsheet already has tabs for project schedule, tools, documents, and team details, but feel free to rearrange the layout, add new columns and tabs, or upload files to keep all of your project info in one secure account. If you’d like to see due dates in a calendar or view project info in separate cards, feel free to swap between spreadsheet, card, and calendar view. No matter what project you’re in charge of, make sure it goes according to plan by tracking tasks with this free Project Onboarding template.
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