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School Attendance Sheet
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Take attendance with our free online School Attendance Sheet! Teachers, educators, and counselors can use this spreadsheet to record student attendance with ease — simply enter attendance details into the sheet, or have students fill out an attendance form to automatically fill out the School Attendance Sheet with their entries. With a single click, you’ll be able to view the sheet from any computer or mobile device, download it as a CSV, PDF, or Excel document, print it for your records, and share with other faculty members using a link or QR code.

Customizing your School Attendance Sheet doesn’t require any coding — just drag and drop to change label names and colors, create tabs for separate classes, and filter data into groups. You’ll also be able to edit your school attendance form using our intuitive Form Builder. With a custom School Attendance Sheet for your educational institution, you can spend less time taking roll call and more time preparing students for the future.

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