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Vacation Tracker
Submitted by: JotForm in Human Resources

A vacation tracker is used to help a company or HR department keep track of vacations, paid time off, and other leaves of absence for employees. Expertly manage employee vacation days with our free online Vacation Tracker, which lets you monitor vacation start and end dates, upload supporting documents, and view travel expense totals. Information is stored securely in your JotForm account, and can be viewed in either a spreadsheet or calendar layout.

Need to change this Vacation Tracker template? It takes just a few minutes to update tabs, columns, rows to get the exact look and function you need. To boost efficiency even further, why not attach a custom form to your Vacation Tracker that automatically adds vacation requests to a tab in your spreadsheet? With an online spreadsheet helping you expertly track employee vacation days, you’ll clean up your workflow, prevent errors, and make your employees happy.

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