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Volunteer Hours Log Sheet
Submitted by: JotForm in Nonprofit

A volunteer hours log sheet is used to keep track of a charity or nonprofit’s volunteer information and how many hours of work each volunteer contributes. With JotForm’s free online Volunteer Hours Log Sheet, you can have your volunteers fill out the attached volunteer hours submission form, have a member of your team enter volunteer hours manually, or upload an existing CSV or Excel file to keep all of your volunteer hours in a secure online account. Track hours, contact details, task descriptions, and more.

Not only can you choose to view your information in spreadsheet, card, or calendar view, but you can also update your table with preset columns, split information into separate tabs, or label info with color-coded labels! With all of your nonprofit’s volunteer information stored online, you and your team can share and access your table from any device. Improve your volunteer management and speed up your workflow with this free Volunteer Hours Log Sheet — so you can save time better spent fulfilling your charity’s mission.

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