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Volunteer Log Sheet
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A volunteer log is a document used to record the amount of hours each volunteer serves. Whether you’re in charge of volunteers at your nonprofit or have assigned your students to do community service, use our free Volunteer Log keep track of volunteer hours without taking any of your own precious hours! You can create a volunteer hour form that sends all submissions to this spreadsheet, or let volunteers manually enter information directly into the spreadsheets themselves about the hours they’ve worked and the tasks they’ve accomplished.

Feel free to customize this Volunteer Log Template to match your needs. Quickly add more spreadsheet rows and columns, tabs for volunteer contact information, and color-coded labels to indicate completion of a task. With all information stored in your JotForm account, you’ll easily be able to access volunteer hour information from any device. However you use our Volunteer Log Template, you’ll be able to manage your volunteers more easily, so you can focus more on promoting your cause!

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