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Wedding Song List Template
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No wedding is complete without a memorable soundtrack — but with so much happening on the big day, it can be hard to keep track of which songs to play and when. Luckily, with our free Wedding Song List Template, professional wedding DJs can record and organize songs for the happy couple in an easy-to-view online spreadsheet. Simply enter information about each song into the spreadsheet using your computer or mobile device, and the wedding playlist will be good to go!

As a DJ, you work extremely hard customizing playlists for each and every event, so don’t forget to do the same with your Wedding Song List Template. Without any coding, you can add more columns, rows, and tabs to the spreadsheet to help you better organize wedding song requests. You’ll be able to view, edit, and print the sheet at any time, or share it with the soon-to-be newlyweds or wedding planner in just a couple of clicks. With a custom Wedding Song List Template that meets your each and every need as a wedding DJ, you can guarantee your clients that the music for their wedding soundtrack will go exactly as planned!

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