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Weekly To Do List Template
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No matter what type of business you run, track weekly employee tasks with our free online Weekly To-Do List Template. All you have to do is enter information about each weekly task, assign it to an employee or teammate, and check off when it’s been completed. You can even assign forms for people to fill out once they’ve completed their weekly tasks, automatically updating the spreadsheet for you! You’ll be able to view your Weekly To-Do List Template from any device, and you can easily download, print, or share it in one click.

Customizing your Weekly To-Do List Template for your business will only take a few minutes. Simply drag and drop to create new color-coded labels, add more columns for task details, and insert tabs for additional data like employee contact numbers. Not an employer? No problem — you can still use this template even if you’d like to keep track of your own weekly tasks! No matter what you use it for, your custom Weekly To-Do List Template will help you stay organized and meet your weekly goals.

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