Troop NumberZIP CodeLocal Area ServedOur cookies fuel adventures!Leader Contact
3052413850Troop 30524 - 19 enthusiastic Juniors and Cadettes! - Vestal, NYOur enthusiastic troop plans outdoor and travel adventures every year. We will be working on Silver Projects next year to benefit our
6011113760Troop 60111, Union center nyOur girls want to go to camp when all of this is
3003113790Troop 30031, Johnson City NY Service Unit 316, Johnson City NY Cadette The goal of our cookies sale is to fund new adventures. Our troop would like to try new experiences and explore new
3014213850Service Unit 311-VestalWe are hard workers and we know everyone loves GS cookies and they will bring a smile to anyone who gets a box. Please help us bring joy to
1008713090Troop 10087 Liverpool, NYOur 6th graders are trying to sell additional cookies for a big trip.We are also taking paid cookie donations to give to Golisano's Childrens HospitalKelly - 315-382-6271/
6065413760Troop 60654 Endicott, NYOur girls are senior scouts (9th grade) striving to earn the money from cookie sales to continue to fuel their excitement for scout!
2036813354Troop 20358 Holland patent, NYOur Troop Goal is 7,000 boxes of cookies! Our Troop has been able to go to Boston and DC over the past 3 years with your help with your support!!
4017314432Service Unit 412 MidlakesWe are working on Silver Awards. Our exercise trail & positivity fair will help fight stress, anxiety & depression. Help us help our
6022514739Troop 60225, Friendship, NYWe only have a few chances a year to make money to get out and do stuff and this is the big one!
1060213078Troop 10602, Jamesville, NYWe are working on our Gold Awards. We love to camp with the younger scouts and show them how to get the most out of their camping
5016713676Potsdam NY Cadette Troop 50167Our girls love the adventures of being a girl scout! They especially like camping, rock climbing, cooking, and horse riding. Thanks for your support!
6026813323Troop 60268, Clinton NYWe are a small troop of five girls with big goals. They are Juniors who have just started to look ahead, saving for bigger field
6058713743Troop 60587Our troop is working optimistically towards a trip to a water park! The girls are so excited!
6028713901Troop 60287 - Chenango Forks/Valley & Whitney Point Service Unit 321 Daisies & BrowniesGirls have been brainstorming how to help the community and raised money to donate cookies to local first responders and hospital staff!
1019613031Troop 10196, Camillus, NY We are saving for a large trip in 2021! Help us reach our goal and sell our cookie stock! Thank you for supporting scouts!
2008213440Unit 222 Rome NYWe a small mixed aged troop of only 9 girls. Some of our girls have been together since they were brownies. All cookie proceeds are for the
2008213440Unit 222 Rome NYWe a small mixed aged troop of only 9 girls. Some of our girls have been together since they were brownies. All cookie proceeds are for the
10566 & 1056713126Troops 10566 & 10567 Oswego, NYGirl Scout Troops 10566 & 10567 currently have more than 3000 boxes of cookies in our inventory. Help us get them to YOU!
6009413323Troop 60094, Clinton NYOur girls love exploring the outdoors. Last year cookie sale fueled our adventures in the woods! We are looking forward to being together again!
6136313027Troop 61363 Baldwinsville NYNew troop and with the covid-19 we weren't able to finish cookie booths and have cookies left to sell.please help our troop.Thank
2088113456Troop 20881, Sauquoit, NYOur Cadettes are planning a trip to Niagara Falls this summer, and a formal Bridging Ceremony with family and
4048414589Troop 40484 Williamson, NYWe were hoping to have a fun weekend camping experience at Darien Lake theme park this summer!
6048313603Troop 60483 Evan Mills NYWe want to sell beyond our first goals. Now our girls made new goals to finish off the cookie season with a
1070413074Hannibal Troop 10704. Cadettes/Juniors. Christina Dix.The girls are using there funds this year for a relaxing, refreshing Spa day (there choice)
6024313074Brownie troop 60243, Hannibal NYWith your support the girls will be able to experience places and things that they would usually be unable to
2036713471Troop 20367, Vienna, Blossvale, CamdenOur troop has been together for awhile and they are planning a big trip to Boston in the
6001813041Troop 60018 - Central Sq, NYThis is our troops first year and we they have set high goals for what they want to do including supporting Veterans and helping animals in
4030313033Troop 40303, Cato NYOur troop plans to attend and indoor waterpark and a horse ranch. We like to give back to our community and help
6086713027Brownie Troop 60867, Baldwinsville, NYWe raise money to fund programs that help our girls with:

- leadership skills

- confidence

- civic pride/ responsibility

- charitable acts & contributions
6049113069Troop #60491 - Fulton, NYWhen it is safe to do so we plan to take a trip to see the Statue of Liberty and visit Ellis Island. We look forward to seeing these historic sights!
5030213601Troop 50302 Brownville/WatertownOur girls have some amazing goals! They want to go to summer camp using cookie funds!
SU 50313601Juliettes - watertown Teaching the girls when they set goals they can accomplish them never give up.
4046413021Troop 40464, Auburn, NYCookie sales allow the girls to participate in girl scout activities such as STEM workshops , badge and journey days,
4005816912Troop40058, Blossburg PA Our troop is selling cookies to help the girls raise money for a huge trip to Savannah GA in
4103014821Junior Troop 41030- Campbell, NYOur girls set a selling goal with desire to fix up a local park and spend a day on the
1003013057Troop 10030,East Syr,NYPlease help us! We have 300 boxes left. Our cookie proceeds fund EVERYTHING we do with and for our girls.


Troop 10030
6090213760Troop 60902, Endicott, NYThe girls would love to go camping and do many other activities such as horse back riding. Also earn badges with the support
2051613440Troop 20516, Rome, NYOur girls, ages 5 to 18, many 1st time scouts, would like to go to the Zoo, camping, and a planetarium to help them earn their
2069213491Troop 20692, West Winfield, NYOur girls planned a winter getaway trip to Greek Peak to ski. The girls also planned to give back to the Veterans Outreach Center in
4016014564Troop 40160 Victor, NYWe hope to support the girl scouts by giving back to the community while they begin earning their Gold Awards next
3037813815Troop 30378 norwichEnd of the year and our last year as we are seniors in high
4003914589Troop 40039 Service Unit 430, Sodus, NY Jenn V.9th grade girls that have just done their Silver Awards. They would love to be able to do an overnight and relax. We have had to cancel. ?
SU 50313601Juliettes - SU 503 Watertown Ny 13601I tried to have the girls get to there goal so they know that they can do it and never give up!!!!!
4038014850Troop 40380, Ithaca, NYOur troop wants to go to Wonderworks in Syracuse for our fun goal. For our service goal, we plan to run bingo and crafts for a nursing
4025713073Troop 40257, Groton, NYWe love adventures, learning new things, camping, helping the community, and exploring our environment. Your support helps us do this and much more!
1047713224Troop 10477, Syracuse, NYSilver Award projects & plans for a trip to celebrate milestones: 8th grade graduation, bridging to Senior Girl Scouts, & hopefully our Silver
6113413502Daisy Troop 61134 Mohawk Valley We’re a young inquisitive group excited to learn and make changes in our community. Please help us achieve our goals!
6115213760Junior Troop 61152, Endwell, NYOur troop looks forward to fun activities all year and our cookie money allows us to completely fund events for troop members!
4025713073Troop 40257, Groton, NYWe love adventures, learning new things, camping, helping the community, and exploring our environment. Your support helps us do this and much more!
4025713073Troop 40257, Groton, NYWe love adventures, learning new things, camping, helping the community, and exploring our environment. Your support helps us do this and much more!
4040618848Troop 40406, Towanda, PACookie sales sweeten the pot and fuel our adventures!
6000713215Brownie Troop 60007, Camillus NY Our troop has worked so hard to raise money to find more adventure. We have worked so hard to meet our individual and troop goals. Please help
6168714425Troop 61687 Victor-Farmington, NYCookies helps our troop attend and participate in many local badge programs that can fuel a life long
1087113036Troop 10871 Central Square NYTo continue to help others in the community while also having
6058713743Troop 60587 Candor,NYWe are a small troop with big goals and want to do more to help our
1038413108Troop 10384, Marcellus NYThe Marcellus 6th grade Cadettes are looking forward to a full week long camp at Camp Comstock on Cayuga Lake in August!
6095913850Troop 60959, Owego, NY (lives in Vestal)Many girls in our troop are new to the Girl Scout program and are looking forward to camping in the fall. Cookies help make that
6023813469Troop 60238, Barnveld, NYThe girls have their own goals to meet. Some girls are trying to sell enough to pay for them to go to summer camp! Plus help the community!
6003613210Troop 60036. Syracuse NyWe are a small multi-age group in the Syracuse City School District. Our girls are spunky, creative, and community
5011813603FORT DRUM JUNIOR TROOP 50118, FORT DRUM NY We are a military community troop on Fort Drum. Our gift of caring are Walker Cancer Center/Troop Care packages. Our girls love their local
1052013088Cadette Troop 10520 Liverpool NYOur goal in 2020 is to go to Camporee. We are hoping for seasonal camping trips, badges, patches and silver awards!
6009913357Troop#60099 ilion nyWe planned on taking our troop to wonderworks for some fun, along with a few field trips & outdoor family activities while completely
6016414489Troop 60164, Lyons, NYOur troop is using a portion of our proceeds to purchase new childrens shoes for the Victim Resource Center of the Finger Lakes as well as a
4048314850Senior Troop 40483, Ithaca, NYWe were going to go to Washington DC at the end of June. Now it looks like we will be going whitewater rafting
4017613148Cadettes 40176 Waterloo & Seneca FallsKnow what would be great? If our troop was able to take cookies we have left and donate to an essential work place of your choice! Help us thank them!
4045713148Troop 40457 of Seneca FallsCookies cookies cookies! Our troop would love to donate what we have left to essential workers & medical professionals. Can you help? Or buy for you!
6110913027Troop 61109, Baldwinsville, NYWe're a relatively new troop, and are trying to raise money so we can plan fun activities, and do community service projects in our
2004713037Troop 20047 Chittenango, NYOur troop likes to help our community!

And we like to have fun!

We were looking forward to our booth sales this year

but now they are done!
6146416901Troop 61464, Wellsboro, PA We still have lots of cookies and since our booths are closed for the unforeseeable future, we need your help! Please support our Daisy Troop!
6121514809steuben CountyOur girls worked hard to sell cookies to earn money to be able to work on badges this summer. We appreciate any assistance to make this
6045114502Troop 60451 with girls in Palmyra, Macedon, Shortsville, Marion & OntarioOur girls were all set up with 8 booths left to do during this season to earn a camping trip to the WILD
Brownie Troop 6037313164Troop 60373, Camillus, NYOur Brownie Troop will use the money earned from our cookie sales to go on a camping trip (once social distancing guidelines are lifted). Thank you!
3020613753 Troop 30206,Delhi ny service unit 350We are striving to reach the per girl average for the free tickets to Greek peak. And need some
6121114840Troop 61211, Dundee NY Part of PennPathways, Multi-level troop Dundee/Hammondsport, NYThe troop this year would like to participate in a few of the historical, science, and outdoor events. We aimed to sell more to earn more
6021316950Brownie Troop, Westfield PAOur #1 goal was create dog/cat toys, blankets and treats for the 2 local animal shelters that we volunteer at every month. We love to give back!
4012214516Troop 40123, North Rose NYThe girls would love to go to Rocking Horse Ranch with the cost being pretty expensive most of are profit was going to be used for this
2066313440Troop 20663 Floyd, NYOur girls are planning their first overnight in a hotel. Another girl is going to Pax Lodge, a Girl Scout World Center in London in
2091613309Boonville, NYWe will be going on another big trip next year.

Some examples of other trips we have taken most recently are to Tennessee and Branson, Missouri.
5012113343Troop 50121, Glenfield NY 13343Between the friendly competition between the girls & the long term goal of going to Washington DC, these girls work hard. Thank you for you
5020913660Daisies troop 50209, Madrid, NYWhat goes great with daisies? Robots! That's what our motivated eager to learn troop says anyway! Help us get to a s.t.e.m. trip goal today!!
6008313495Troop 60083, Whitesboro, NYWe are raising money to go on a camping trip as a new troop!!
Juliette13215Service Unit 123This is our first year selling cookies as Daisy Scouts and we were so excited to learn math skills so you’ll help us practice counting!
4033514564Troop 40335 Victor, NYWe had to cancel our trip to Rocking Horse Ranch due to Covid 19 so we are fundraising to be able to go on 2 trips next year!!!
4068613734Troop 40686 Tioga Center NY Our Troop is hoping to go on a camping weekend and our yearly summer trip to an amusement park!
6108118848Troop 61081 Towanda,PANeed a snack that gives back? We have cookies that do just that! Help us deplete our supply and raise funds for our events and activities!
1052913116Troop 10529, Jordan Elbridge, NYWe need help with making our inventory go down! Our girls still want to go on our adventures that we had planned from the our cookie season funds!
4034913811Troop 40349 Newark Valley & Tioga CountyCommunity Service Projects, camping trips and travel
269813346Troop 20698, Madison NYWe wish to go to The wild center and Herkimer diamond mines this year. The profits from our cookies get us to these goals. Please Help us get there!
6024713027Troop 60247, Baldwinsville, NYWe were SO ready for cookie season - made posters, set goals, chose a charity (2020 -,Ronald McDonald House) - and it’s unexpectedly been taken
6020114527Troop 60201, Penn Yan NYOur brownie troop loves to spend time helping others. That could be our local nursing home or animal shelter. Our girls also enjoy camping & day
6000313088Troop 60003, Liverpool, NYWe are committed to our community and donate to food pantries, Humane CNY, Rescue Mission and Vera
6133914821Junior troop 61339, Campbell Savona Our juniors are anxious to make their sales goals, for fun activities but also to have some extra money to be able to support a bronze award project!
6031113021Brownie troop 60311, Auburn, NYOur girls were hoping to go camping, learn about animals and visit the zoo, and create and donate baby baskets to a local
6000513164Troop 60005 Camillus NYHelp us to sell our booth cookies we didn’t get to sell. We have 13 scouts hoping for your
2021313316Troop 20213, Camden, NYThis year, our Troop wants to go camping in the Adirondacks. Some girls have never been as far as Whiteface Mountain and it would be a big thrill!
1035713039Troop 10357 - Cicero/North Syracuse, NYWe are a troop of 9th - 11th graders with over 45 years of Girl Scout experiences. (community service projects, Gold Award projects and camping trips)
1033113209Troop 10331, Solvay, NY, SU 120 (Greater Syracuse)We are hoping to go on our year end trips when restrictions are lifted. The daisies: Bunking with the Beasts. The brownies & juniors: Washington
3095313901Troop 30953 Binghamton, NYWe have 7 girls going for their Gold Awards and need assistance with funding. Cookie sales were part of their
2014213032Troop 20142 Canastota NYMy girls worked hard to earn badges all year they need the fund to show them
6067412434Troop 60674, Roxbury, NYThese girls have big goals and have worked hard to reach them but not are halted for safety measure.... Help them continue to reach for their
6104113809Daisy/Brownie- Troop 61041, SU 342- Gilbertsville/Mount Upton, NYMy troop is 15 girls strong, composed of Daisy (K & 1) & Brownie (2 & 3). The girls have BIG goals this year, & celebrate w/a trip to a water
6025113215Marcellus, Camillus, Onondaga Hill areaOur goal for our small troop of 5 Brownies is to raise enough money to make care packages for the needy and explore Howe
6037513108Marcellus Troop 60375Our troop is hoping to go camping and possibly try out horseback
3059913790Troop 30599, johnson city/bingWe are planning a huge camping trip with our families. We will do boating, tent camping, swimming and
1092913090Troop 10929, Liverpool NYHelp us reach our goals of exploring,camping and giving back to our community!!
6099413104Troop 60994, Manlius NYProceeds earned from the cookie sale help fund their Silver Award projects!
6105813148Troop 61058, Waterloo/Seneca FallsThank you for your support! Our multi-level troop uses money from cookie sales to fund our activities, projects, and
4054914516Troop 40549 - North Rose, NYWithout our cookie sales we will not be able to raise enough money to complete our community service project. We need your help!
6095313140Troop 60953 Port Byron, NYOur Daisy troop is hoping to have a successful cookie season so they can plan fun activities and trips with their
43813827Juliettes - GS Madie B. SU 438, Owego, NYCookie funds will help pay for Madie to attend Girl Scout summer camp, cover fees for council activities, and pay for earned
3003313838Troop 30033, Sidney, NYOur girls are working to save up to complete their Silver Award and hopefully attend camp this summer!
4008014513Troop 40080, Newark, NYThe girls have been working hard on planning a trip to Washington, DC. Please help these girls to achieve their
6056214433Troop 60562 Waterfalls SU 405My girls have been saving since last cookie season to do a sleepover at the Museum of Natural History in New York
2052513309Boonville, NYWe go to Girl Scout Camporee every year in Hershey Park. This is a valuable opportunity for our girls to meet and commune with scouts from all over!
4030313033Troop 40303 Cato NYOur girls have planned a few trips. One to an indoor water park and to a horse ranch. Our girls also love to do community service and
6033514867Troop 60335 Ithaca/Newfield areaOur girls work super hard to reach their goals and this year are disappointed that they are running into troubles due to the
6036813057Eastwood, East syracuseWe are using cookie money to send girls to camp as well as work on the story book walk they have created for sunnycrest
1024713031Troop 10247 Camillus/WarnersWe are heafing to Boston-post Covid 19- to explore its history, nature and food!
6001413082ESM areaGS troop 60014 are STEAM kids! Our cookie sales pay our way into the science, math and technology worlds!! We have so much planned. We need your help!
2022313032Troop 20223, Canastota, NYThe girls have worked very hard, most booth sales have been cancelled and we would appreciate your
6048313603Troop 84603 Evan Mills NYAll our girls want to go beyond our goals. We all have made our first goal now we want to sell the rest to meet our second
6002313039Troop 60023, Cicero, NYOur troop’s goal is to go to Rocking House Ranch in Highland, NY. We’re hoping to sell what’s left of our cookies so we can make this happen!
6098313088Troop 60983, Liverpool NYOur troop has big plans! Hoping to enjoy horseback riding, waterfall exploring and try archery. Saving for a trip to NYC. Our girls are go getters!!
5035713602Multi-Level Troop 50357, Fort Drum, NYHelp our girls meet their goals and enjoy progressing and taking
1064213104Troop 10642, Manlius, NY Our troop is saving up for a trip to Savannah GA in the Fall of 2021. Savannah is the birthplace of Girl Scouts!
6059616933Troop 60596, Mansfield, PAOur troop plans on going on a trip together, we haven't voted on where yet. We also use funds for meeting activities and pay for our troop
6045613053Troop 60456, Dryden, NYWe are planning on going to NYC with the money we earn from cookie sales this
6026213421Troop 60262 Oneida, NYWe are working towards a troop camping trip in August and a trip to Pine Ridge dude Ranch in
40292/4079216936Millerton PA Troops 40292 & 40792This year we sent 78 pkgs to kids through Operation Christmas Child, we are working on projects for premature babies, & have been learning to
6003713206Troop 60037, Lyncourt NYOur troop is earning money for our end of the year camping
5033113601Troop 50331 Service Unit 508 Watertown NY ELK'S LODGE 496We are a troop of 30 girls. We love to do community service and work with the military. We meet at the Elk's lodge 496 in
6108118848Troop 61081, Towanda, PAOur goal is to sell 1350 boxes of cookies. Our funds help us earn badges and trips and help out with community
1037413028Troop 10374, Bernhards Bay, NYThese girls are working hard to get to the Hersheypark Camporee!
1011313036Troop 10113, Central Square, NYTrying to get to Hersheypark Camporee to celebrate bridging from Junior to Cadette! They also have a community service project for their Bronze Award!
6004013206Salem Hyde Cadettes Troop 60040 City of SyracuseThe girls have organized their own trip to an indoor water park. The will budget & plan all activities. Please help them reach their goal!
6157314883Troop 61573, Spencer ny Our goal will help us go camping, do archery and pay for activities and service projects that would not normally be free of charge to our
Troop 40423 14883Troop 40423, Spencer nyOur goal will help us go camping, do archery and pay for activities and service projects that would not normally be free of charge to our
1006113066Troop 10061, DeWitt, NYOur troop plans to go camping, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and learn archery, riflery, and more!
6148913039Troop 61489, Camillus, NYOur troop wants to go camping, help people in need and buy new uniforms as we will be transitioning to Brownies in a few months!
4101014867Troop 41010, Newfield, NYThe girls in the troop are about to graduate and have chosen to go to Philadelphia as a final GS trip. They want to do many places in the
1037513030Troop 10375, Cicero, NYThe girls have voted to use their cookie funds to do the badge program at the Strong Museum of Play and to do several service
6107914867Troop 61079, Newfield, NYOur Troop is planning a spring trip to the veterans hospital in Bath, NY and would like to be able to plant them a new garden at their
6058114850Troop 60581, Ithaca NYWe LOVE to go camping and the cookie money we raise pays for camp sites and food as well as travel costs. Thanks!
4027613835Troop 40276, Richford, NYWe want to help the town of Richford grow with our bronze and gold award projects, and also have fun as we cruise together on our 10th anniversary!
1068313044Troop 10683, Central Square, NYWe are planning on a trip to New York City to see a Broadway
4040813143Troop 40408, serving Red Creek, Sterling, Fair Haven, Martville, Wolcott, Victory and North CatoThe teens plan >500 troop hrs on environmental stewardship & economic opportunity service projects to earn the US President's Volunteer Service
3036913850Troop 30369, Vestal, NYWe will be donating some of our troop funds to a local charity and utilizing the remaining funds to do something together as a
6012813204troop 60128, Solvay NYwe plan on doing things that the girls have never done before, they all want to try horse back
4043013811Troop 40430, Richford NYFor SU encampment and some small local scout events in the
6008313495Troop 60083, Yorkville, NY Service Unit 240, New Hartford, NYWe want to take our first camping trip as a new troop!!
4134314532Troop 41343, Phelps, NYWe would like to use the funds raised this year to help off-set costs associated with earning badges and taking trips. We love adventures!
4085514850Troop 40855, Lansing, NYOur troop would like explore Boston, MA and the history it
1071413026Troop 10714, Syracuse NYBuild a bear trip and painting with a twist. The younger girls would like the cookie bear and field trip. Both are family events!
4043814432Marcus Whitman Troop 40438Our troop is working on earning their Gold Award, so funds raised will be used to support them in their
6035713601IHC Troop 60357, Watertown, NY 13601To continue to educate our Daisy Troop and give them experiences serving their
6093714456Troop 60937, Geneva NY Daisies & BrowniesThe Daisies and Brownies plan to use their cookie money this year to take a fun day trip and to support a community service based
6032813304Troop 60328, Barneveld, NYOur Daisies and Brownies want to make a donation to a local charity and use our funds toward earning new
4035714568Troop 40357 Walworth, NYOur troop of 6, 6th graders have set the goal of selling 275+ boxes of cookies per girl to earn enough for a trip to
6074213039Troop 60742, Cicero, NYThese 14 Brownie entrepreneurs work hard to fund their troop. All supplies, uniforms, and fees are covered by our sale!
1002913152Troop 10029, Skaneateles, NYWe have been saving our cookie money forRocking Horse Ranch. You can also purchase boxes that we will deliver the the Chapel House homeless
4135014867Troop 41350, Newfield, NYEnd of the year party @ SkyZone, Eco Camper badge work @ a state park at the end of June, participate in a high-ropes course, money for Bronze
1012413039Troop 10124, North Syracuse, NYA summer camping trip to hike a mountain and ride horses and rafting. Service project to earn our silver
1030213036Troop 10302, Cicero, NYWe are planning on making Birthday Bags for Anna's Pantry, so kids will still be able to have a birthday
6060813679Troop #60608 Alexandria Bay NYWe are an active troop of 8 Daisys and Brownies. We will be using our cookie money on activities, field trips & events in our
Troop 6049313036Oswego The girls want to go to a couple of museums and the zoo to learn and the animals and the different things that are in the
6074913066Troop 60749, Fayetteville, NYBuilding a donation box for Helping Hounds. The box/crate will be placed in the front of their new building to collect
6007113032Daisy Girl Scout Troop 60071 Canastota NYMay 7th is Scout Day at The Wild in Chittenango. The girls will be rewarded this outing as a day of fun and love for their GS Sisters

Badges and Pins
1070213126Troop 10702, Oswego, NY Service Unit 104We are a troop of High School Seniors. We want one last trip to NYC to see a Broadway Show, walk Central Park, and the museum of National
2063713413Troop 20367, New Hartford, NY Cadettes-S. Trunfio & J. WeeksWe are planning to take a trip to Jellystone and raise money to provide funds needed for the girls to get supplies for their Silver Award. Thank you!
1033513210Troop 10335, Syracuse, NYOur troop likes adventures. We haven't made a final choice yet, but it will definitely be fun.

We will also buy fabric to make a Quilt of Valor.
40493 & 6020014865Troop 60200, Elmira NY, service unit 442, Elmira NYGoing to SeaBreeze, zoos, other field trips. They would like to also go to Corning Musuem of Glass & make something
6018714892Troop 60187 (Waverly, Sayre, Athens)Our girls will be going to Rocking Horse Ranch. There will be a variety of activities such as horseback riding, archery, crafts, campfires, and
6050013078Troop 60500, Jamesville, NYOur troop is planing a trip to Albany to: tour the capital, deliver cookies for women veterans, and be introduced on the State Assembly
4057513053Troop 40575, Dryden, Freeville and Mclean, NY The girls are still debating where for sure but the ideas include Ocean City & Assateague Island, Boston, and anywhere with awesome
1025313152Troop 10253, Skaneateles NYThe girls would love to camp this year and are working on ideas for a service project. They are happily taking cookie donations for our local
4104314564Ambassador Troop 41043, Victor, NYWe are planning our final troop overnight trip to Niagara Falls, NY. We are high school Juniors who will graduate next year after 13 years of
4083714432Troop 40837 Phelps, NYWork on badges to enhance our learning of Science, like the Space Science master badge. Also continue working on our local community
4037114564Cadette Troop 40371, Victor NYWe are planning on using our money for an overnight trip to Greek Peak indoor
5080713601Troop 50807, Watertown, NYWe are signed up for a 2021 EF trip to London, Paris, and Rome. The girls are working to pay for the trip of a
6148713027Troop 61487, Baldwinsville, NYOur daisies would like to use the money from their first cookie season to go on their first camping trip, spend the day at the beach, and visit a zoo!
4105341053Troop 41053, Newark NYWe use cookie proceeds for fun activities, we go camping and earn badges. We are hoping to take our first big trip next year. Thank
6122713603Troop 61227, Fort Drum, NYDonate items to local animal shelter
Membership fees
New uniforms when we bridge in June
Earn rock climbing & robotics badges
Weekend trip@The Wild Center
2013213123Troop 20132, Camden NYOur girls want to learn several new skills, continue their community service efforts and get back into nature with more camping
6110213601Troop 61102, Watertown, NYApril-Annual Wags and Whiskers Pet food drive; May - Red Sand Project; June - Pollination Garden; July-making blankets/toys for dog/cats in
1081013203Troop 10810, Syracuse,NYTroop 10810 is Planning a trip this summer to Boston Mass.To explore the history of Boston in how women and girls made their mark on Women History.
1005313209Troop 10053 Syracuse, NY 13209We are hoping to go to NYC, Broadway, Girl Scout Council, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 911 Memorial and of course they need to
6003713206Troop 60037 Lyncourt NYOur troop is working towards an end of the year camping
3037813815Troop 30378 norwich nyCarry the torch and senior scholarships for all our graduating
6031413148Troop 60314; Seneca Falls, NYThe girls are raising money so we can go camping this summer! It is one of our favorite activities as a troop!
1040213041Troop 10402, Cicero, NYOur Ambassador troop is looking forward to visiting California this summer, meeting new friends and enjoying fun adventures!
1018213493Troop 10182, Altmar Parish Williamstown, NYWe have a wide range of ages and interests from Kindergarten to High School from coding to camping. Please help us help the girls follow their
2008213440Troop 20082, Rome NYOur girls are looking to have a fantastic End Of Year adventure, Girl Scout style!
5008213367Troop 50082, Croghan, NYWe are a multi level troop. From Daisies to Seaniors. We are planning a trip to Hershey Park. We have several girls working on their Brinze
6095913850Troop 60959, Owego NY (live in Vestal, will deliver in either area)Our girls have NEVER been this close to earning water park tickets.They hit booths hard and planned on more. Help us please we need to sell 160
1040613082Troop 10406, East Syracuse-Minoa Service UnitPlease help support our troop goal of 3000 boxes! We are raising money for fun & educational Washington, D.C. trip to explore our nation's landmarks!
1082113206Troop 10821, Lyncourt - Syracuse, NY, Service Unit 120, Greater Syracuse, Cadettes - Leader Cait DavisThis year the girls are saving up to take a weekend trip to NYC to see a Broadway show, & much more. The girls are also going to go camping
4045713148Troop 40457, Seneca Falls, NYCamping and White Water Rafting trip, Bronze Award projects, and helping our Local Community with things such as gardens, events for girls &
4017613148Troop 40176, Seneca FallsEducational trip to NYC after the all clear has been given & to do Service Projects for our local nursing homes & their Silver
4097914905Elmira Heights, NY - Troop 40979We are using some of our cookie money for our Silver Award-creating blanket bags for our local elementary classes in case of cold weather fire
6036313090Troop 60363 from Liverpool, NY Assisting with our Bronze Award to help homeless animals &
4030014564Troop 40300, Victor, NYOur troop is going to a Girl Scout Weekend at Rocking Horse Ranch in October 2020!
2052813407Troop 20528, Mohawk, NYVisiting Cabot Farms and Ben and Jerry's to learn about how food is made, what being non-gmo and organic means, and other food related
4048314850Troop 40483, Ithaca, NYTroop is going to Washington, DC at the end of June for 5 days. We are also going camping during the
4132214850Troop 41322, Ithaca NYThe troop would like to go on a trip this year! They have never gone away as a GS
6077713905Daisy Troop 60777, Service Unit 311, Vestal NYOur troop wants to go camping. They also want to help a local animal shelter by purchasing and donating supplies. They are eager to learn and
1098413039Troop 10984, Cicero, NYThey are saving up for a trip to Rocking Horse Ranch, & are also working towards earning the Silver Award: a patio enclosure for the cats at the
6001113126Troop 60011, Mexico, NYOut first year daisy troop is going to donate supplies to the local animal shelter and cookies to Mourningstar Nursing Home in Oswego,
1027513030Troop 10275 We are saving our cookie money for a big adventure in 2021\. Still to be
6002413212Troop 60024, North Syracuse, NYWe are planning a camping trip and a trip trip to Seabreeze and The Strong Museum. We are saving for Hershey Park Camporee next
1046713036Troop 10467, Central Square, NYWorking on Outdoor Journey- to be trailblazers and primitive campers in the Adirondacks. Cookie sales will get them there and help pay for
4054814560Troop 40548, Wayland, NYWe are saving up to head to NYC in the future. Plus this year's activities such as First Aid training and earning badges such as
4034913811Troop 40349 Newark valley, NYWe will be doing community service projects at our local park. We also are planning a camping trip on the
1036213045Troop 10362, Cortland, NYTroop trip to Darien Lake and a community service
6036813057Troop 60368, Syracuse, NYWe are using our money to go to camp. We are also in the process of putting a story walk in at Sunnycrest Park in
6094714502Brownie Troop 60947, Gananda NYOur girls will be going on their first overnight at the zoo. Any extra money will be used to purchase items to donate to the House of Mercy
6045613053Troop 60456 Dryden NYWe are very active troop and always attending council activities. We would like to save our cookie money and plan a big trip for next year!
6016514424Troop 60165, Canandaigua NYWe raise money to attend overnight programs, camps, and other Girl Scout events to offset the cost to our
SU10113027Juliette GS Aurora W. SU 101 Liverpool, NYMy silver award project, and funding lots of camping and training so I can help my fellow
6002513041Troop 60025, Cicero, NYOur daisy's are learning about how bats help us by eating mosquitoes. We are going to build bat boxes as our service
4079518848Troop 40795, Towanda, PAOur troop is traveling to Erie, PA and Cleveland, OH in
6038813032Troop 60388, Canastota, NYWe are a mixed aged Junior-Brownie troop looking to complete community service journey badges and have lots of other learning
4016914850Troop 40169, Ithaca, NYOur troop hopes to sell enough cookies to earn a trip to the Wild Center.

And any money raised will be used for our Silver Award projects.
1024713031Troop 10247, Camillus, NYTo travel to Boston to explore it's history, wildlife and science, with a day trip to Salem as
6023813469Troop 60238, barnveld NYTo reach their personal goals and some are trying to earned rewards to get them to summer camp. As a troop they would like to go on trips ans
1041613120Troop 10416, Nedrow, NYCamping, getting outdoors, taking on creative community challenges!
6037513108Troop 60375 Marcellus, NYOur troop is looking forward to going camping together and hopefully trying horseback
1033113209Troop 10331, Solvay, NYOur older girls are planning a trip to Washington D.C. this summer. My younger girls are planning a zoo overnight and science museum
6097613367Troop 60976, Lowville, NY Our troop is new to cookie sales! They're excited to use troop funds to take a trip to the Syracuse Zoo and help the food pantry!
4143213073Troop 41432, Groton, NY- Continue to host the Groton Community Night (free annual event for locals)

- Additional community service projects

- Camping

- Rocking Horse Ranch :)
4042113165Troop 40421 Waterloo, NYWe are planning to travel to Savannah, Ga and Adirondack region. We also have an encampment booked at a local Girl Scout camp, Hoover in
6025013206Troop 60250, Syracuse (Eastwood/Northside), NYOur Troop is working to earn money to continue with our S.T.E.M activities, as well as earn enough money for camping and trip to a horse
6025213078Troop 60252, Jamesville DeWitt areaEarn badges, provide registration to all girls, donate bedding to Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization, end of year ice cream
6051413413Troop 60514, New Hartford, NYWe will explore our Girl Scout camps, participate in archery activities, do service projects and continue with our badge
6132514850Cadettes, Troop 61325, Danby, NYThe troop plans to take a trip to NYC and experience Broadway. The girls have never done either of these things and super excited for this
4051413732Troop #40514, Apalachin NYCookies help us complete services projects in our community, badge work, camping, babysitting training, Beach trip, and France
2004113438Troop 20041, Remsen, NYSummer trip to keep the girls connected in the busy summer months. In the past we have done camping, glamping, and day trips and picnics and
1075213039Troop 10752, Cicero, NYOur troop is adventurous and always trying new things! This year we are planning a 2 day camping & white water rafting trip!
16913104Troop 169Trip to savannah to see the home of Juliette Gordon