Employee Name:This employee deserves kudos because:
Bobby NunezSpecial thanks to Bobby at the Salisbury Community Park. A 14 year old male wrecked his mountain bike while riding deep in the woods. The patient was in a location that conventional vehicles could not access. Rescuers were called in, and seeing the incident, Bobby immediately assisted. He unhooked the landscape trailer from his all-terrain utility vehicle, transported EMTs to the non-ambulatory patient, and after treatment for a serious leg injury, Bobby drove the injured male out to the roadway to the awaiting ambulance.
The Salisbury Fire Department sincerely thanks Bobby!! He was a significant contributor to the success of this rescue assignment. He demonstrates "The Salisbury Way" and "One Team" culture in the city organization.
Diana GonzalezDiana helped interpret for a customer who contacted Customer Service with a request to stop services. The details and explanation were lengthy, but Diana worked with the Customer and Customer Service Rep to ensure there was understanding and agreement before ending the call. Thank you Diana for not just helping, but for going the extra mile to help when our representative who speaks Spanish was on vacation.
Mark PulliamAlways lends a helping hand when my litter pickup efforts result in lots of bags needing to be picked up. Gets it done right away. Great attitude, great followup. We are so lucky to have him on board!!
Melissa DryeI called the main number for the City of Salisbury to report a sewer issue (just beginning but could be yucky). Melissa Drye answered. She took it upon herself to immediately catch someone in that department and got our matter expedited to a service call this morning.

I thanked her while speaking with her and let her know that her customer service is appreciated beyond mere words.

With all the negative encounters these days, I thought I would share a thankful, positive note. In my opinion, she went out of the scope of her job and above and beyond to keep a minor inconvenience from becoming a nasty mess. She is impressive!!
Officer HillOn November 1st, my son and some other children got into some trouble in Salisbury. Officer Hill and the other officers handled this situation with professionalism, care, service, commitment, and with the exact amount of attention that the seriousness of the situation required. I am very grateful and commend Officer Hill and all of the officers involved.
Corey BlevinsCorey is always very helpful when the team needs his help. He goes above and beyond to ensure all parts are ordered, delivered and in stock as they are needed. He is an asset to this City and helps keeps the maintenance department operating. We are thankful for his hard work and dedication!
John McCartneyJohn McCartney was part of a Fire Safety Class for Homeschool Students at Stallings Memorial on 10/8/2021. He was in charge of teaching the 2nd-5th grade class. He did an excellent job! He was engaging, and presented the information in a way that educated and empowered the children. You could tell he was in his element when he was giving the live fire demonstration. He helped the parents learn how to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. Everyone there will remember the E.D.I T.H. acronym he taught. These are the kind of lessons people remember and can look back on for their lifetime. He deserves a Kudos for his work in educating children and adult how to be safe when facing a fire.
Daniel LancasterSargent Lancaster was part of a Fire Safety Class held for homeschool students at Stallings Memorial on 10/8/2021. He was given the responsibility of teaching the kindergarten through the 2nd grade students. He did an excellent job! He was patient and took their questions and concerns seriously. He made sure they understood what to do in case they ever encounter a fire. His good nature personality was a perfect match to the energy of a K-2 grade class. He made a great impression on the kids; helping them understand, "police and firefighters are there to help you whenever you need it." He deserves a Kudos for educating the children and their parents on fire safety, for showing off his awesome police car, and for bringing the ice cream!
Kimberly BolingKimberly Boling helped plan and teach a Fire Safety Class for the Homeschool community. The class was held at Stallings Memorial on 10/8/2021. Kimberly is creative, engaging, and an excellent communicator. Teaching Middle and High School student can be a challenge. She handled it like a Pro! She deserves a Kudos for all the hard work she puts into helping keep our community safe by educating children and adults.
Jeremy MelchorOn July 13, 2021 there was a call from a mentally disabled man that had apparently taken advantage of by some neighbors. The man had given his neighbor a washer for $60 and she had only paid him $20. The man was very upset and wanted the washer back and they threatened him and told him she had already made one payment to him. The man had just lost his mother and also has seizures. The mother was is power of attorney and all of his monthly money was tied up due to her passing.
The man was visibly upset and starting to shake and Officer Melchor left and went to the bank and took out $20 to give them female so that the man could have his washer back. This was a civil matter and one that we normally do not get involved in, but Officer Melchor did not want him being taken advantage of over the washer. That says so much about the caliber of officer that Melchor is and his dedication to the community especially those in need.
Teresa Harrison & Joseph MyersTeresa, a bus operator noticed that an elderly driver of a car had gotten out of his car with his oxygen tank at a traffic light and sitting on the curb. She called the dispatcher Joseph and requested assistance for the driver. Joseph calmly gave SPD all of the necessary information needed to help the driver. Help arrived in no time at all.
H. M. ShueOfficer Shue came out when our car was sideswiped today. We had never been in an accident before and he was calm and knowledgeable and kind. He even helped us with some zip ties to hold up the broken car piece. Thank you for your service!
Acting Battalion Chief Lauran McCullohA/BC McCulloh volunteers as a coach for a local women’s 15 and under “travel-ball” softball team. During a game in Hickory, NC, a 15 year old player advised Coach McCulloh that she didn’t feel well. Coach McCulloh reassigned another player to the field and sat beside the ill player in the dugout to evaluate and monitor her. The sick player reported that she felt like she was going to pass out and the player’s condition rapidly deteriorated. At McCulloh’s instructions, spectators called 9-1-1. McCulloh laid the player on the bench as she went into a true medical emergent condition with only agonal breathing. McCulloh immediately started chest compressions and instructed spectators to recall 9-1-1 and report the player’s worsening condition. The elapsed time from initiation of compressions until the Catawba County Paramedics and Hickory Fire First Responders arrived was approximately 8-9 minutes, with McCulloh doing compressions throughout. An airway was inserted and bag mask ventilations commenced. The Catawba County medics recognized the serious condition of the patient and initiated a load-and-go protocol, rushing the unconscious, non-breathing player to the local Emergency Department. The player subsequently spent ten (10) days hospitalized, with the first six (6) days on life support. The 15 year old player is alive and well today, with an internal defibrillator installed due to the rapid, highly skilled and professional actions of A/BC McCulloh.
Salisbury PDThank you to the Salisbury Police Department officer who I saw assisting at an intersection near my home and near Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem today. I realize that Salisbury is approximately 30 miles away. I sincerely appreciate that you came to the aid of our citizens and community on this day.
Jesse DrakefordThe North Carolina Gang Investigators Association has selected Det. Jesse Drakeford for the 2021 Special Achievement Award. Detective Drakeford was recognized for his efforts in investigating gang-related incidents and maintaining significant intelligence on the status of Salisbury gangs and the members.
Officer Brandon JonesMayor Karen Alexander received a letter from Ms. Laura Martinez recognizing Officer Jones as follows, “I would like to salute Officer Jones, who on April 19, 2021 at 8:30 p.m., came to my rescue and changed my flat tire. I appreciate you for your services rendered to me and the City of Salisbury Community. There is nothing more motivating in doing good and in performance of your duties in serving your community your actions are paid with a sincere word of thank you. The barrage of unpleasant headlines in our communities and all around the globe that have painted Police Officers, and Law Enforcement with negative professional and personal issues involving our communities, I honor you for your act of goodwill."
Trevor MeadowsOfficer Meadows was very polite, professional and kind. It was unfortunate that there was an accident but thankful I had a pleasant experience with this officer.
Officer ShueOn 03/24/2021, I caught someone trying to steal my bike out of my carport behind my house at 428 Maupin Ave. I sent the subject off, then called the non-emergency line to report the incident before the subject could attempt getting away with anyone else’s property. Within minutes, I’d received a phone call from Officer Shue, who informed me there were several officers responding to try and locate the suspect, and that he would meet with me in person at my house to gather more information.

Just as promised, Officer Shue met me at my residence, but not before calling me back to verify further info, because responding officers had located a possible suspect in the vicinity. It turned out to not to be my guy, but the timely response and attentiveness of Officer Shue and all the responding officers is an exemplary demonstration of how committed our local police are to the safety and security of our community.
Alexandria PettyOn 11/15/2020, Officer Petty took custody of and cared for a service dog belonging to a retired military veteran who had expressed suicidal thoughts to the VA's Veterans and Military Crisis Line due to some health issues. The veteran was extremely concerned with her service dog's wellbeing as she wasn't sure where she would end up at the VA as she didn't have any family or local friends that could be reached by phone to care for the dog in her absence. Officer Petty cared for the dog, keeping in contact with the owner until discharged from the hospital on 12/01/2020. Officer Petty went above and beyond while caring for the service dog to ensure the veteran didn't have to worry about the dog's location, wellbeing and accumulate any unnecessary storage fees if taken by animal control. Excellent customer care beyond the scope of her duty. A job done extremely well.
ChrisI'd like to give a shout-out to Chris who works with the leaf collection and limb pickup. We had a problem and question with pickup and he was very helpful and gave great info. Kudos to him!!
Linda McElroy and Jason ParksThe Town of Spencer thanks Linda and Jason for coming to help us without hesitation. A staffing issue was going to prevent us from streaming our upcoming Board meeting. Linda and Jason took time out of their busy schedules to take a look at our equipment (which it a bit too complicated for available staff to use), and provide a simple solution that will let us keep our meetings available to the public. Thank you for helping your neighbors in Spencer!
Vickie EddlemanFrom a voicemail:
"Vickie has been fantastic. Any time I give her an order for a light that is out, it always gets done at a proper time. If I call and she is out of the office, she calls me back each and every time when I leave a message. I just wanted you to know that she is very, very, much appreciated on our end of it."
Kevin RaineyMyself and the residents of Hurley School Rd. were experiencing a loss of water pressure. It was after hours and also Veterans Day. I contacted Kevin Rainey of SRU Water Resources Maintenance. He contacted the water plant to get the pump status & psi for Hurley Sch. Rd. which verified the problem was pump related. He and the on-call crew corrected the problem and during the whole process kept me updated. Once they were done he contacted me to verify everything was back to normal. We are very grateful to these city employees for their quick response and diligence in resolving a problem after hours and on a holiday. Thank you for their service to the community!
Atalie BareThis young lady took it upon herself to not only get an annual proclamation before the City’s Mayor; she also beautifully updated how the proclamation read! She knows that I bring this request before the Mayor each year. To ensure it wasn’t late, she submitted it on my behalf. This is two steps above and beyond good customer service. As mentioned, she cared enough to ensure it was submitted but she went a step even further and updated the proclamation making it read more beautifully than I ever could have. The idea of what she has done touches my heart even now that happy tears fill my eyes. It sounds like an easy task you might think. Being a part of staff, I know how busy we are and how precious every moment is within a day. She deserves to be appreciated for these kind efforts.
Officer Cyndi DebonisOn 09/23/2020, Officer DeBonis witnessed a wreck in the 1700-blk of Mooresville Road. After Officer DeBonis ensured there were no injuries, and she completed her investigation, she provided a ride to an elderly subject involved in the wreck with her grandchild. Officer DeBonis helped the elderly lady by removing the child restraint seat from her wrecked vehicle then installed it in the back of her patrol vehicle. The older woman didn't know how to uninstall or install the child restraint seat. Officer DeBonis went above and beyond with removing the child restraint seat for the older woman and installing it in her patrol vehicle then provided them a ride since the nearest friend/family member was in Thomasville and had not left before the investigation was complete.
Officer Barry BunchThe PD received a letter on 10/19/2020 from William Dupree. Mr. Dupree wanted to express his appreciation for Officer Bunch's service during a traffic crash investigation. Mr. Dupree had been involved in a crash on 10/18/2020 and Officer Bunch had responded to investigate. Mr. Dupree included in his letter that Officer Bunch was "courteous, neighborly, even friendly, to all involved."
Billy TickleThanks to a squirrel, our building lost fiber optic connection, therefore phones, network data and other essential functions were suspended for a day and a half until a new line could be installed. Billy was on top of the project the whole time and was even at our building inspecting the problem BEFORE we knew what had happened. His attention to detail and follow-through helped us get back online sooner than expected. Thanks Billy!
Kelli DoyleThe customer, Ms. Boykin stated that she “met Kelli because of the work she does at the City”. It was evident that Kelli does so much more and the customer really counts on Kelli and appreciates her assistance. She made the kindest statement,
“Kelli helps and she cares”.
A lot of people help, but not many people care, that’s what makes this different. Thank you Kelli for all that you do!
Officer Mat BenjaminWe received the following message on the SPD Facebook Page from citizen Donna Ballas:
"My husband and I were driving from Charlotte to High Point Sunday morning when we got a check engine warning light. We pulled over at exit 75. Sargent Benjamin stopped to help us. He went above and beyond even getting out his tools and crawling under the car with my husband to figure out what was wrong, identifying an oil leak. He took me to the gas station to get oil so that we could make it to Jiffy Lube. He was an angel for us and we truly appreciate his service to us and the community. Thanks again Officer Benjamin."
Officer Benjamin represented the City and SPD well by going above and beyond.
Michael DishmanWe received a report of a suspicious package at the UPS facility on August 5, 2020, possibly related to illegal narcotic sales. Lt. Smith asked Detective Dishman to respond and investigate. The package was found to contain $5000 in cash, which is against UPS policy, but no narcotics or other contraband. While there was no obvious crime to investigate at this point, Det. Dishman took it upon himself to look into this further. He was able to locate a sender, who turned out to be an elderly female. Detective Dishman was able to find a phone number for this person, and make contact with her. After speaking with her, it was discovered that the elderly female was the victim of an IRS fraud / scam and had already sent an additional 15 thousand dollars to an individual out of state. Det. Dishman contacted an investigator with the Rowan County Sheriff's Office since the victim lives in Rowan County so the victim could file a report, and even contacted members of the victim's family to alert them of what had happened. Detective Dishman showed excellent investigative instincts and went above and beyond to identify and assist this victim and should be commended in my opinion. It is his caring nature for others in the community that makes him an excellence choice for this kind of nonrecognition.
Melissa DryeMelissa Drye is a problem solver! I had called the street dept. several times and left messages about a bad pothole on W. Innes St. Did not get a call back for 2 weeks or so. I decided to call again and Melissa answered and I explained my dilemma. She assured me she would get my concerns to the right person and she did. She communicated updates via text and phone calls. It wasn't long and the pothole was repaired. Thank you City of Salisbury for having an outstanding employee like Melissa! Following through and taking the time to really do a great job seems like a lost art these days. Melissa is to be commended for going above and beyond in completing this task. She should immediately get a raise and promotion, because she is that GOOD!! Thank you again Melissa!!
Misty FieldsMisty plays a key role with managing the City's P-Card program. One department was having trouble keeping up with P-Card statements due to the retirement of a key employee and the department being short-staffed. Misty went to the department to offer training/assistance on maintenance of P-Card purchases. She ended up offering to take the purchases that had not been turned into Finance, organizing those, and matching those to the monthly statements. She got everything caught up for that department and kept those duties, at least until the department becomes fully staffed. Taking on these extra duties was definitely going above and beyond and not just "part of her job."
Neal BrownOn 02-23-20 officers responding out to an apartment complex with a couple in an argument and potentially and physical domestic. Corporal Neal Brown attempted to find the female and her 2 week old baby a safe place to stay for the night until they could come to a civil resolution.
R.J. HillThere was a incident that involved stealing with minors involved here in my store. This incident involved minors and I believe that they learned their lesson. Officer RJ Hill went above and beyond his duty to resolve this matter in the best possible outcome. Because of his caring and diligent work. Both the offenders and the stolen property was payed for. I thank you officer RJ Hill.
Steve MyersSteve Myers is consistently excellent and always goes above and beyond for the City and its employees. Whenever a department has a large mailing, Steve will make sure that he get postage added and gets it in the mail the same day he receives it. There have been several times that Steve has picked up box lunches for a meeting and delivers them. This allows the staff members at the meeting to remain there and not have to spend their time getting lunch. That is not in Steve's job description, but he is always willing to help. That is just who Steve is. He is Customer Service personified.