Club Name:Date of Guest Speaker:Guest Speaker Description:Link to Recording:
Northbrook09-11-2021Rabbi Aaron Melman from Congregation Beth Shalom, speaks about his experiences as a student chaplain with the New York Fire Department when 9/11 occurred. Watch the video and hear what it was like to stand on top of the Twin Towers at Ground Zero during a most tumultuous time in history.
Barrington Breakfast08-05-2021Shab Elawar's presentation to Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club: "How Changes in the Environment Impact Peace."
District 644006-05-2021Annual Business Meeting of the District 6440 Corporation State of the District: Excerpt: DG Lyle Staab’s State of the District report (31:43)
District 644006-05-2021Annual Business Meeting of the District 6440 Corporation State of the District (1:00:52)
District 644006-04-2021Foundation: Rotary, Refugees, and Peace: We also recognized the graduates of the District Leadership Academy, and the clubs that completed the Governor's Challenge. (52:40)
District 644006-04-2021Foundation: Rotary, Refugees, and Peace: World Peace Fellow Amanda Ottman spoke about the work she's been involved with since graduating from the program, and about her role as a Partner Relations officer with The Rotary Foundation. (35:21)
District 644006-04-2021501(c)(3) Basics and Options: CPA Cheryden Juergensen explained rules regarding and factors to consider about a maintaining a 501(c)(3) organization. PDG Rick Rivkin spoke on the D6440 Charitable Fund and how, for a small club, it offers the benefits of a 501(c)(3) without the administration and expense. (1:11:10)
District 644006-03-2021Fundraising After COVID-19: Fundraising consultant Samantha Swaim of Swaim Strategies provided tips for virtual and hybrid fundraising, and on incorporating online offerings into in-person events. (1:09:26)
District 644006-03-2021Youth Programs/RYLA: Full session, explaining Youth Services in D6440 and including Tom Carroll’s presentation. (1:05:12)
District 644006-03-2021Youth Programs/RYLA: Clinical psychologist and business executive Tom Carroll shared his thoughts on "Generations at Work", which is a highlight of our annual RYLA conferences. (48:58)
District 644006-03-2021International Service - Renewal of Sister District Agreement Taiwan 3481: Global Grant scholar Hannah Warren expressed her gratitude at the opportunities Rotary has provided, followed by the renewal of the Sister District Agreement with Taiwan's District 3481. (53:49)
District 644006-02-2021I’m New – So Really, What is Rotary? Whether you're a new(er) Rotarian or just want to learn more about our organization, this presentation by DG Lyle Staab and District Trainer Linda Borton opens the door a little wider. (57:03)
District 644006-02-2021Eradication of Polio in India: Recap of polio fundraising and education in 6440, and presentation of recognition for RILEE. (12:18)
District 644006-02-2021Eradication of Polio in India: Dr. Jayant Sastry, pediatrician and District 3060 Polio chair, spoke on the timeline and effort necessary to eradicate polio in India. (43:55)
District 644006-01-2021Environment as the Seventh Area of Focus: District Environmental Chair Mark Gibson recapped environmental activities in 6440 and named the Environmental Club of the Year. (15:50)
District 644006-01-2021Environment as the Seventh Area of Focus: History of Environmental Focus in Rotary – and What’s Next: Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group co-founder Karen Kendrick-Hands. (36:24)
District 644006-01-2021Introduction to the District Conference Series – DG Lyle Staab (3:39)
Wilmette05-03-2021Ellen MacGran of Integrative Restoration guided club members through a meditation session. Benefits of meditation include improved sleep and reduced pain.
Barrington Breakfast04-29-2021Rotary International Director Peter Kyle discusses Rotary’s role in Peace and Conflict Resolution and recognizes BBRC for becoming a Peacebuilder Club.
District 644004-27-2021Rotary-Toastmasters Alliance Series – How the Alliance Benefits Both Organizations. Content includes Learning Center courses building on Toastmaster’s curriculum; connections with your local Toastmasters club for mutual benefit; D6440 plans.
Wilmette04-21-2021An Exchange Student, a Nature Reserve in Egypt, and Prince Philip In Wilmette: recalling a very special event, A Program for Peace
Highland Park - Highwood04-19-2021Annie Aggens has guided multiple expeditions to the North Pole, South Pole, Greenland and Iceland. Her role as polar guide allows her to teach people about the effects of climate change on the Arctic and polar regions.
District 644003-23-2021Rotary-Toastmasters Alliance Series – Curious what happens at a Toastmasters meeting? See a typical one-hour meeting and think about how you can work with your local Toastmasters club.
District 644003-19-2021Vaccination and the Black Community: Dr. Damon Arnold, Medical Director II of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
District 644003-15-2021Rotary Town Hall on COVID-19: Dr. Ngozi Ezike MD, Director, Illinois Department of Public Health. Presented in collaboration with Districts 6420 & 6450.
District 644003-15-2021COVID Vaccination Speaker Series Recordings in Vimeo District 6440 Showcase
District 644003-10-2021IN SPANISH ONLY! COVID Vaccine Myths: Dra. Elizabeth Perez, Family Medicine, Northwest Community Healthcare
District 644003-01-2021IN SPANISH ONLY! COVID-19 in the LatinX Community: Rafael Malpica, Director of Community and Guest Relations for Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
Arlington Heights02-25-2021Rotary Director Peter Kyle discussed Rotary's Role as a Peacebuilding Organization-Historical Perspective
Winnetka - Northfield02-04-2021Operation Pollination: In 20 minutes, learn how your District/Club can get involved in this very simple "7th area of focus project" with Christopher Stein, of the National Park Service and a longtime Rotarian.
Long Grove / Kildeer / Hawthorn Woods02-02-2021Kristin Scott, shared the life-saving work that Be The Match is doing for patients with blood cancers (leukemia/lymphoma) or blood diseases. Details how everyday people may join the Be The Match Registry to save the life of patients in need.
District 644002-22-2021COVID Vaccination Speaker Series – A CMO’s Thoughts on COVID: Dr. James Keller, Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
District 644002-12-2021COVID Vaccination Speaker Series - COVID Vaccine Myths: Dr. Stuart Marcus, Chief Clinical Officer, Amita Health
District 644002-10-2021COVID Vaccination Speaker Series - The Science of Vaccines: Dr. Stuart Marcus, Chief Clinical Officer, Amita Health
Elgin Breakfast01-28-2021Elgin Breakfast Leadership Speaker Series - Rotary Foundation Chair Elect John Germ
Elgin Breakfast01-21-2021Elgin Breakfast Leadership Speaker Series - RI President Elect Shekhar Mehta
Elgin Breakfast01-14-2021Elgin Breakfast Leadership Speaker Series – RI President Nominee Jennifer Jones
Elgin Breakfast01-04-2021Elgin Breakfast Leadership Speaker Series - RI President Holger Knaack
Barrington Breakfast01-07-2021Bryce Weiler, who is blind, spoke about his role as a disability accessibility consultant with the Baltimore Orioles and the barriers he has transcended in raising awareness of the competence of people with disabilities
Winnetka - Northfield12-17-2020Hannah Warren, a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student and Ambassadorial Scholar, founded the Jhoole company to help women in India women gain economic independence, empowering & enabling them to support themselves and their families.
Arlington Heights12-10-2020Habitat for Humanity ReStore - Michael Reeb talked about the new Habitat ReStore in Arlington Heights, where the concept of the ReStores arose, how they are different than normal resale shops.
Long Grove / Kildeer / Hawthorn Woods12-01-2020Erik Elsea fulfilled a childhood dream when he paddled his canoe the length of the Mississippi River, from its (alleged) headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, he spoke at and was supported by many Rotary Clubs as he spread the word about Shelterbox and raised over $70K for the charity.
Northbrook11-10-2020Why Veterans need Rotary and why Rotary needs Veterans - Retired Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis and Crystal Lake Dawnbreakers Ryan Yantis is a decorated survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.
Winnetka - Northfield10-29-2020“The 3 P's in my Life: Polio, Post-Polio Syndrome and Rotary's Polio-Plus." Polio survivor and Rotarian John Nanni currently serves as President of the MOT Rotary Club in Middletown, DE.
Winnetka - Northfield09-03-2020“Racism in High Schools” - Pat Savage-Williams, Special Ed Director at New Trier High School and Board Member of the Evanston High School Board of Education
Evanston Lighthouse10-27-2020Polio Plus Update - Evanston Lighthouse member Carol Pandak has been the Director of Rotary International's Polio Plus program since 2005. Carol shared information on the status and plans for eradication, and showed two videos in her talk. Drop to Zero Video: / Rotary Polio Eradication Infrastructure Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic Video:
Wilmette10-28-2020Tax Planning for a Post-Election World - Dan Rahill of Wintrust Banks
Northbrook09-01-2020“Feed the Future, Farmer to Farmer Programs” – Thomas Anderson - presentation from 16:25-40:00, Q&A through 49:20
Huntley10-24-2020Virtual Benefit Concert to End Polio Now - 18 year old violin soloist, Masha Lakisova, who plays concerts and competitions worldwide, playing masterpieces by Chausson, Paganini, Gershwin and Piazzolla. The concert starts at 16:40.
Winnetka - Northfield10-15-2020The Proposed Graduated Income Tax- Why not? - Steve Rauschenberg, President of the Technology & Manufacturing Association
Winnetka - Northfield10-01-2020The Proposed Graduated Income Tax, Pro arguments - The League of Women Voters
Winnetka - Northfield10-12-2020“Social Justice in the Criminal Justice System” - Chris Nellis, Executive Director of the Lawndale Christian Legal Center
Barrington Breakfast10-01-2020“Charity in India’s Slums and the Impact of Covid” - Manoj Macwan, Rotary Club of Anand (India), President and Founder of Community Development Society
Winnetka - Northfield06-25-2020“Three Seconds in Munich: The Controversial 1972 Olympic Basketball Final” – David Sweet, Author – presentation starts at 17:50
Wilmette09-23-2020“The Role of a News Correspondent” - Bill Plante, CBS Award Winning Journalist
Barrington Breakfast09-24-2020“The Founding of Rotarians Against Racism” - Nadine Pemberton
Evanston Lighthouse09-08-2020“Project Drawdown” - Impacting Greenhouse Gases
Winnetka - Northfield08-06-2020“Status of Lake Michigan and Our Beaches” – Jon Shabica, Shabica LLC – presentation from 8:10-37:25
Other - “Light Yourself on Fire, and People Will Come From Miles to Watch You Burn” – LaShonda Brown
Winnetka - Northfield07-02-2020“Climate Change” – Mike Zanillo, Illinois State Coordinator, Citizens Climate Lobby – presentation starts at 25:15
Winnetka - Northfield06-11-2020“Wetlands in Today’s World” – Paul Botts, Wetlands Initiative – presentation starts at 41:10
Winnetka - Northfield07-23-2020“Black Lives Matter” – Bridgett Dotson, District Coordinator of Social Work, Waukegan Public School District #60
Northbrook07-07-2020“Shelterbox” - Donna Gulley, ShelterBox Champion - presentation from 16:55-32:00, Q&A through 45:45
Northbrook06-02-2020“Polio Eradication in a COVID-19 World” – Carol Wells, D6440 End Polio Now Advocate – presentation only length 14:10
Other06-03-2020“Pushing the Boundaries – The Story of Women in Rotary” – Dr. Sylvia Whitlock, the first female president of a Rotary Club
Waukegan08-06-2020Recycling Entrepreneur / Rotary Exchange Student Dr. Binish Desai
Other07-20-2019Rotary International President Holger Knaack | ShelterBox
Winnetka - Northfield04-09-2020Staying Sane with COVID-19- Mary Berge
Barrington Breakfast05-14-2020Make Your Club Appealing with Eye-catching Graphics – Debbie Vance, Rotary Club of Ucluelet, British Columbia. Great examples starting at 10:10!