Submission DateName of ProjectProgram CategoryFaculty Advisor Name (First Name)Faculty Advisor Name (Last Name)Register this Project for Virtual Showcase
2021-04-18 16:18:57Affordable HousingCivil Engineering and Construction ManagementTroyNguyenRegister Now
2021-04-14 14:45:54Fréchet Differentiability in Optimal Control Problem for the Wave EquationMathematical SciencesUgurAbdullaRegister Now
2021-04-14 14:45:54Fréchet Differentiability in Optimal Control Problem for the Wave EquationMathematical SciencesUgurAbdullaRegister Now
2021-04-13 05:23:15Multi-Language Handwriting Recognition with Trees of CNN EnsemblesMathematical SciencesRyanWhiteRegister Now
2021-04-08 14:35:03Affordable HousingCivil Engineering and Construction ManagementTroyNguyenRegister Now
2021-04-08 08:37:41Arboreous Aerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 23:38:00Morphing WingAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 23:28:12Arboreous ProjectAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 23:27:11DISARMAerospace EngineeringMarcus WildeRegister Now
2021-04-07 22:46:47Understanding Surface Radiative Flux in a Channel Model for the Northern Hemisphere Mid-LatitudeMeteorologyPallavRayRegister Now
2021-04-07 22:37:02Mathematical Modelling of Dark MatterPhysics and Space SciencesGnana Bhaskar TenaliRegister Now
2021-04-07 22:23:52CROPP (CubeSat Research of Plants Platform)Aerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 22:02:34Peltier CoolingMechanical EngineeringHamidrezaNajafiRegister Now
2021-04-07 21:52:25Drones For HumanityAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 21:26:25AERO TeamAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 20:59:43Cone Rotation and TranslationMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-04-07 19:48:27Lockheed Martin Component Handling MechanismMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-04-07 19:39:54Peltier Cooling TeamMechanical EngineeringNajafiHamidrezaRegister Now
2021-04-07 19:33:02Fleet FarmingComputer Science and Software EngineeringMariusSilaghiRegister Now
2021-04-07 19:27:59FSAE 1 - Digital TwinMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-04-07 18:36:24Novus AtlantisCivil Engineering and Construction ManagementTroyNguyenRegister Now
2021-04-07 18:13:08THE ROLE OF TOPOGRAPHY ON THE MJO OVER THE MARITIME CONTINENTMeteorologyPallavRayRegister Now
2021-04-07 15:58:57Production of Adipic Acid from KA OilChemical EngineeringJonathan WhitlowRegister Now
2021-04-07 15:06:04Kinetic Models of Plasma SystemsMathematical SciencesStanleySnelsonRegister Now
2021-04-07 14:12:58Biobutanol Conversion From Sugarcane-Derived Ethanol Plant Chemical EngineeringJonathonWhitlowRegister Now
2021-04-07 14:09:24Precision Drone and Landing SystemMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-04-07 14:07:53BiobutanolChemical EngineeringJonathonWhitlowRegister Now
2021-04-07 11:59:14NASA RMCAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-07 11:48:58Isolation of a Quorum Sensing Regulator in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiBiological SciencesAndrewPalmerRegister Now
2021-04-07 11:34:18Simulation of Dark Matter Decay ProcessesPhysics and Space SciencesMarcusHohlmannRegister Now
2021-04-07 08:50:33Computational Methods for Electrical Network Realizability ProblemsMathematical SciencesAaronWeltersRegister Now
2021-04-07 08:42:55There and Back Again: The Orbital Journey of 34 PerseiPhysics and Space SciencesSaidaCaballero-NievesRegister Now
2021-04-07 05:27:09Autonomous Farming in SpaceMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-04-06 21:19:04Robot ExplorationComputer Science and Software EngineeringMariusSilaghiRegister Now
2021-04-06 20:28:07Tuning Tuna Models with Machine LearningMathematical SciencesRyanWhiteRegister Now
2021-04-06 20:22:12Optimization of Vibration Frequencies in Heterogeneous MediaMathematical SciencesStanleySnelsonRegister Now
2021-04-06 18:03:05Sensible and Latent Heat Flux in the Mid-LatitudesMeteorologyPallavRayRegister Now
2021-04-06 16:45:18Multi-Language Handwriting Recognition with Trees of CNN EnsemblesMathematical SciencesRyanWhiteRegister Now
2021-04-06 16:42:51Last Exits of 2D Random WalksMathematical SciencesRyanWhiteRegister Now
2021-04-06 16:36:26An AI-Enhanced Data Platform for Sustainable Global DevelopmentMathematical SciencesRyanWhiteRegister Now
2021-04-06 14:48:41The Impact of Topography on the Moist Static Energy During MJO Propagation Across the Maritime ContinentMeteorologyPallavRayRegister Now
2021-04-06 10:10:00Monte Carlo Simulations for error analysis of estimated population size Mathematical SciencesNezamoddinN. KachouieRegister Now
2021-04-06 10:03:32Study some associated factors with COVID-19 spread Mathematical SciencesNezamoddinN. KachouieRegister Now
2021-04-05 11:05:24Hidden Treasure Community by Space Coast DesignsCivil Engineering and Construction ManagementTroy NguyenRegister Now
2021-04-04 23:50:55A Survey of Beach Trash During a Global PandemicOceanography and Environmental SciencesKevinJohnsonRegister Now
2021-04-04 20:32:23Flu Shot LearningComputer Science and Software EngineeringPhilip ChanRegister Now
2021-04-04 14:30:00Continuously Monitoring Bottom Water Dissolved Oxygen in the Indian River LagoonOceanography and Environmental SciencesKevinJohnsonRegister Now
2021-04-04 13:25:05Cloud Top Properties of Florida Sprite producing StormsMeteorologyStevenLazarusRegister Now
2021-04-03 17:11:41Volume as Trend Indicator for Future Stock Prices Mathematical SciencesMunevver MineSubasiRegister Now
2021-04-02 20:50:53Kestrel WingAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-04-02 15:49:35Tyler ProvonchaOceanography and Environmental SciencesKevinJohnsonRegister Now
2021-04-02 11:04:05Microplastic Contamination in Table SaltOceanography and Environmental SciencesKevinJohnsonRegister Now
2021-04-02 07:48:40Step to Hydrazine SensorChemistryAlanBrownRegister Now
2021-04-01 19:10:58FIT Engineering FabLabCivil Engineering and Construction ManagementTroyNguyenRegister Now
2021-03-31 19:21:52Determining the Visual Brightness of TGF events using GLM satellite imagingPhysics and Space SciencesAmitabhNagRegister Now
2021-03-31 15:28:09Periodicity in Be Binary SystemsPhysics and Space SciencesSaidaCaballero-NievesRegister Now
2021-03-31 13:15:53Mangrove Tree Crab Climbing BiomechanicsBiological SciencesRalph TuringanRegister Now
2021-03-29 17:48:07Inducing artificial bleaching in Exaptasia palidaMarine BiologyAndrewPalmerRegister Now
2021-03-29 15:22:17Accreditation Reporting Website Computer Science and Software EngineeringWilliamShoaffRegister Now
2021-03-29 13:01:46Melbourne Civic Engagement CenterCivil Engineering and Construction ManagementTroyNguyenRegister Now
2021-03-28 22:02:54Science and the Art of Lens Design for Glaucoma PatientsPhysics and Space SciencesNasriNesnasRegister Now
2021-03-28 21:38:45Stellar Grazing of the Lunar ExospherePhysics and Space SciencesSaidaCaballero-NeivesRegister Now
2021-03-26 22:22:43Production of CO-rich syngas while avoiding carbon formation Chemical EngineeringJonathan WhitlowRegister Now
2021-03-26 06:42:52Robo-BtLE SwarmElectrical and Computer EngineeringLeeCarawayRegister Now
2021-03-25 10:13:50Phytoplankton Blooms in a Shallow Subtropical Estuary and The Potential Role of SilicaOceanography and Environmental SciencesKevinJohnsonRegister Now
2021-03-24 13:15:22Course PlannerComputer Science and Software EngineeringRyanStansiferRegister Now
2021-03-24 10:09:15Isolation of a Quorum Sensing Regulator in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiBiological SciencesAndrewPalmerRegister Now
2021-03-22 19:31:46Let's Attempt Physics: Investigation of the Specific Heat of Black HolesPhysics and Space SciencesRoberto PeveratiRegister Now
2021-03-22 13:12:36Production of High Purity Biodiesel Using Non-Edible Jatropha Catalyst and OilChemical EngineeringJonathonWhitlowRegister Now
2021-03-22 11:27:44Quantum AlgorithmsPhysics and Space SciencesHamidRassoulRegister Now
2021-03-20 09:44:57Effect of symbiosis on disease resistance in Exaiptasia pallidaMarine BiologyAndrewPalmerRegister Now
2021-03-18 11:43:47The July 29, 2020 Bolide Event over New MexicoPhysics and Space SciencesCsabaPalotaiRegister Now
2021-03-18 10:55:23The Impact of Age on Plant Sensitivity to Bacterial Quorum Sensing SignalsBiological SciencesAndrewPalmerRegister Now
2021-03-17 18:26:19The Science of Pandora: A Scientific introspection into the world of PandoraPhysics and Space SciencesHamidRassoulRegister Now
2021-03-17 17:57:55Alessandro BonaiutoPhysics and Space SciencesHamidRassoul Register Now
2021-03-17 13:52:48Factors influencing zooplankton abundance in Freshwater ponds in Melbourne, FloridaMarine BiologyRichardAronsonRegister Now
2021-03-17 13:28:353-D Modeling of Lightning on VenusPhysics and Space SciencesJeremyRioussetRegister Now
2021-03-17 11:58:00Bioremediation of Mars Regolith SimulantsPhysics and Space SciencesHamid RassoulRegister Now
2021-03-17 10:50:44Environmental ChamberMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-03-16 14:45:37FSAE Digital TwinMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-03-16 10:06:45UV Light MatrixBiomedical EngineeringTed ConwayRegister Now
2021-03-16 08:00:04Be Stellar Multiplicity: A Search for CompanionsPhysics and Space SciencesSaidaCaballero-NievesRegister Now
2021-03-15 18:25:17AIAA - Design Build FlyAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now
2021-03-15 14:12:45Effects of Water Quality on Oyster Restoration in the IRLSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-15 12:55:30User-Friendly Spectral Reduction Using Jupyter NotebooksPhysics and Space SciencesSaidaCaballero-NievesRegister Now
2021-03-15 12:52:10UV Light MatrixBiomedical EngineeringJamesBrennerRegister Now
2021-03-15 12:43:46 Customizable Analysis and Visualization Tool for COVID CasesComputer Science and Software EngineeringPhilipChanRegister Now
2021-03-15 10:56:45Are Moons Vital for Life? Determining the Effects of Exomoon Size and Distance on Exoplanets.Physics and Space SciencesManasviLingamRegister Now
2021-03-15 10:30:55Passive Motion ChairBiomedical EngineeringTedConwayRegister Now
2021-03-15 09:28:04The Potential for Biofuels as Energy in the Marine Shipping Industry​SustainabilityKenLindeman Register Now
2021-03-14 12:11:38Late Heavy Bombardment and the Origins of LifePhysics and Space SciencesCsabaPalotaiRegister Now
2021-03-13 23:54:04Follow Me trackingElectrical and Computer EngineeringEdCarawayRegister Now
2021-03-13 11:16:53Creating a Sustainability Framework for Rockledge High School, FLSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-12 20:39:41Simulating Satellites to Repurpose Resources for Bolide TrackingPhysics and Space SciencesCsabaPalotaiRegister Now
2021-03-12 16:07:59Smart Grow HomeElectrical and Computer EngineeringEdCarawayRegister Now
2021-03-12 14:23:55The First Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the City of Cocoa, FloridaSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-12 11:00:08Low Cost Oxygen ConcentratorBiomedical EngineeringTedConwayRegister Now
2021-03-12 10:41:54Flora LightingElectrical and Computer EngineeringLeeCarawayRegister Now
2021-03-12 09:55:55WISPR: A Journey to the Sun While Mapping the StarsPhysics and Space SciencesSaidaCaballero-NievesRegister Now
2021-03-12 09:13:47Testing Intermolecular Forces Involved in Protein Unfolding One Molecule at a TimePhysics and Space SciencesBorisAkhremitchevRegister Now
2021-03-12 07:47:17Mangrove Tree Crab Climbing BiomechanicsBiological SciencesRalph TuringanRegister Now
2021-03-11 22:34:32Expanding Sustainability Initiatives at the Brevard ZooSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-11 13:45:45Nano-Cluster for Edge InferenceElectrical and Computer EngineeringLee CarawayRegister Now
2021-03-11 12:43:20Traumatic Brain Injury SensorBiomedical EngineeringTedConwayRegister Now
2021-03-11 12:30:25Physics and Engineering of ProstheticsPhysics and Space SciencesHamidRassoulRegister Now
2021-03-11 12:15:003D Fractal Model of Lightning on TitanPhysics and Space SciencesJeremyRioussetRegister Now
2021-03-11 12:14:14In The Shadows of Giants - Searching For Exoplanets Around X-ray BinariesPhysics and Space SciencesCsabaPalotaiRegister Now
2021-03-11 12:13:36Sublimation of CO2 in Mars EnvironmentPhysics and Space SciencesCsabaPalotaiRegister Now
2021-03-11 12:06:29Modeling Lightning in Jupiter's Water CloudsPhysics and Space SciencesCsabaPalotaiRegister Now
2021-03-11 08:29:00Salinity tolerance in juvenile bonefish, Albula goreensisMarine BiologyRalphTuringanRegister Now
2021-03-11 08:24:46Determining Global Bycatch Hotspots for Four Families of Ecologically Important Reef FishesSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:47:58Hydrogen as an Alternative Fuel for the Maritime IndustrySustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:42:13OEC ASHRAE Energy AuditSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:42:11Oyster RehabilitationSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:38:12Phantom Limb Pain StrapBiomedical EngineeringTedConwayRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:33:12Implementation of the Town of Melbourne Beach Guidelines for Sustainability ActionsSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:30:11Monitoring Mangrove Restoration Efforts by the Brevard ZooSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 17:11:02City of Palm Bay Sustainability Action Plan: Development and ApprovalSustainabilityKenLindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 11:18:43Design and Implementation of Floating Solar PanelsSustainabilityKen LindemanRegister Now
2021-03-10 09:54:553D Printed Prosthetic Arm Biomedical EngineeringTed ConwayRegister Now
2021-03-10 08:34:39Application of Relativity in the Global Positioning SystemPhysics and Space SciencesDr. HamidRassoulRegister Now
2021-03-09 19:19:56VAMPMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-03-09 18:41:05Cyber EducationComputer Science and Software EngineeringTerrenceO'ConnorRegister Now
2021-03-09 14:59:36Methanol Production Employing CCT and a Novel CatalystChemical EngineeringJonathanWhitlowRegister Now
2021-03-09 12:08:28Rechargeable PacemakerBiomedical EngineeringTedConwayRegister Now
2021-03-09 08:47:13FSAE 2 Test ApparatusMechanical EngineeringDeepPatelRegister Now
2021-03-08 10:40:58Expo ExpressComputer Science and Software EngineeringPhilipChanRegister Now
2021-03-04 17:38:57Project SOLARAerospace EngineeringKimberlyDemoretRegister Now