IPSubmission DateProvide Your Feedback: 10:34:22more feedback 18:22:47There should be a caption under the Covid Dashboard Image that Says :

"View the Hampton University Covid Dashboard for more Information" 15:48:56The University Research Button points to the Provost Page. Don't think thats Correct 13:17:30The link to University College on the Front Page is not working. It should be directed to HU-online, as this is where the University College students have moved. 12:27:30https://home.hamptonu.edu/research/#

Should this site have Lorem Ipsum text on the Front Page. Is this site complete? 09:44:52There is no HU College of Virginia Beach, but there are multiple references to this location on the Main Website. Should references to the they all be removed or redirected to a page explaining what happened to the old campus? Now the Main Campus Nursing Program. 09:35:16Is Hampton University now open to the General Public? What date do Fall 2021 Students return and when can I come on campus to Register and Sign up for courses?