IPSubmission IDSubmission DateFirst NameLast NameParticipating organizationCompany/Organization/UniversityE-mailPhone NumberPhone typeComments: If you know what volunteer role you are interested in, let's us know here. Any and all other comments are welcome. 16:22:23DavidMowrySan Diego Community College DistrictSan Diego Community College Districtdavidrmowry@gmail.com(858) 945-5112Mobile - 10:10:54MirellaStrielemanUSD - mstrieleman@sandiego.edu(847) 2844847Mobile - 20:27:15MaryPaulonUniversity of San DiegoUniversity of San Diegompaulon@sandiego.edu(248) 5157844Mobile - 16:23:15YixinZhangUSDUNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGOyixinzhang@sandiego.edu(626) 2388806MobileAny volunteer role that can work before 12pm will be wonderful for me. 16:22:20NinaKoesterUSDUSDnkoester@sandiego.edu(949) 5994235Mobile - 15:35:13ShauryaChetalUSDUniversity of San Diegoschetal@sandiego.edu(765) 6099891Mobile - 15:32:59MaryPaulon - University of San Diegompaulon@sandiego.edu(248) 5157844Mobile - 15:31:09SolGriffinUSD - mgriffinmedina@sandiego.edu(858) 3538107MobileI’m available from 7am-11:30am 15:27:58MorganClavetUniversity of San Diego (USD) - mclavet@sandiego.edu(925) 8085388MobileA role preferably sometime in the morning before 12 15:25:03BretAlvarezUSDUniversity of San Diegobretalvarez@sandiego.edu(760) 7169330MobileOpen to any volunteering position 21:30:06AbdullahSarferazCuyamaca CollegeCuyamaca Collegesarferazabdullah321@gmail.com(619) 3966730MobileI would like to know the times available for volunteering and what roles are available as a volunteer. 10:53:17RebekahChavezMiramar Community College - sunnysd.rc@gmail.com(858) 6179336MobileI'm flexible with any role. I have an associates degree in Communications, so I'm comfortable with public speaking. 09:39:36RobertoLeal - Cuyamaca college robertomartinleal13@gmail.com(623) 6939784Mobile - 20:57:00NessaPEREACuyamaca collegecuyamaca & grossmontarneishaperea1@gmail.com(562) 6730291Mobile - 22:48:51ThuyVoMesa CollegeMesa Collegevo.ngocthuy@yahoo.com(619) 8748926MobileI can perform any volunteer role as you assign. Thank you! 16:44:58ElizeZamiaraMiraMar CollegeMiraMar Collegeelize.zamiara@gmail.com(858) 2715990MobileHappy to be of service. Any role is fine. Thank you. 13:44:54DawnDiskinSan Diego Miramar CollegeSan Diego Miramar Collegeddiskin@sdccd.edu(858) 922-5126MobileJim has me down for the Fraud rooms - my favorite topics. I am just testing this link for my students. Sending out the message to request volunteers today. DAwn 00:27:26VeronicaVelaNonePort of San Diegoronivelron@aol.com(760) 7602347650MobileI have volunteered in the past and am open to any role.