NameE-mailNTRP RatingGender:18 Weekend18 Weeknight MenLooking for other players for non-league tennis or hitting partnersComments / Additional Info
Hunter smithersth@gmail.com3.5Male - - YesSelf rating: I'm a 3.5 singles player and a solid 4.0 doubles player. Looking for Teams to play on this summer in Richmond. You can text or call at 704 650 3280, Hunter.
Autumn Joneskjkyrsten@gmail.com2.5Female - - Yes -
Autumn Naborsautumn.nabors1@gmail.com3.0Female - - - -
Lariza RifeLarizarife01@gmail.com3.0Female - - Yes -
Dennis Krebsdrk72@icloud.com4.0Male - - Yes -
Nick Innaimoninnaimo3@gmail.com3.5Male - YesYes -
Windy Campbellwindyc204@gmail.com3.5Female - - - Interested in women's 40+ weekend 4.0 team.

Also looking for 7.5 women's combo or mixed

I could also play 55+ - 7.0 level
erin lakeerinlake2012@gmail.com4.0FemaleYes - - -
Sarah Powerssarah_powers@yahoo.com2.5FemaleYes - - Happy to sub too!
Sevashtiana Emilesevashtianae@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - YesI am looking to be placed on a women's or mixed team. I am also available to hit with others.
Nick Innaimoninnaimo3@gmail.com4.0Male - YesYes -
Sevashtiana Emilesevashtianae@gmail.com2.5FemaleYes - Yes -
Sevashtiana Emilesevashtianae@gmail.com2.5FemaleYes - Yes -
JORGE TRIANAjgtriana63@gmail.com3.5Male - Yes - -
M. Bilal Siddiquibsiddiq@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYes - -
MADHUKUMAR RAMASAMYmadhukumar.ramasamy@gmail.com3.0Male - YesYesAvailable from June 7th 2023
Matt Goldmanmattgoldman8@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYesYesI'm 43 but can rally with most anyone, big serve
En-Tien Chenntnchen@yahoo.com4.5Male - Yes - -
Lee Adamsadamslb19@mail.vmi.edu2.5Male - YesYesNew player looking to join a less than competitive team. Working on developing the fundamentals of the game.
Shannon Rousesrouse35@gmail.com2.5Male - - Yes -
Lisa Wylamlwylam@ymail.com4.0FemaleYes - YesLiving in Providence Forge, distance a consideration.
Karen Viverettekarenasaul@yahoo.com2.5FemaleYes - - Looking to join over 55 team 2.5/3.0 counting towards USTA ratings.
Shannon Rousesrouse35@gmail.com2.5Male - - Yes -
Jennifer Carlinjenshore01@yahoo.com2.5FemaleYes - - -
Laura Williamslaurakrwilliams@gmail.com3.5FemaleYes - YesI am a 3.5 18+ singles and doubles player and moving to the Richmond area in Aug. of 2023. I currently play 3-4 days a week on multiple teams in the Durham, NC area.
Lynsey Preisnerldeudne@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - Yes -
Mark Preisner mpreisner89@gmail.com2.5MaleYes - Yes -
Niell Jacobsenniellj@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYesYes -
Timmy Siverdtmsiverd@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYesYesI recently moved to RVA and would love to get involved with a team! Happy to chat further and be flexible with scheduling!
Carrie A MillerCaglassman@gmail.com2.5FemaleYes - YesLooking for team. Can play 40+ and most times including weekend mornings.
Jayne Deckjayne.deck@motorolasolutions.com3.5FemaleYes - - -
Joe Staffordm.joestafford@gmail.com3.5Male - YesYesLooking to be added to a team for the 18&Over Men's weeknight league. Flexible weekday schedule. Looking for practice and competition.
Mona Jain monajainusa@yahoo.com3.0FemaleYes - YesI am so excited to play tennis! I am located in Short pump, Glen Allen. I am happy to travel to other parts of Richmond to play as well.
Kelly Downingkelly.a.downing@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - - -
Jose VazquezJosev3938@gmail.com4.0MaleYesYesYes -
Curtis Ross curtisr123@comcast.net3.5MaleYesYes - I live in the city close to Arthur Ash courts
Karen viverettekarenasaul@yahoo.com3.0FemaleYes - - -
Sanwar Ahmadsanwardu@gmail.com3.5MaleYes - YesI am around 3.0-3.5 level. Looking to play with a team, preferably on weekend nights.
Mark markcullip1@gmail.com3.0MaleYesYesYes -
Cody Frenzelcody.frenzel@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYes - Looking to play doubles on 3.5 mens team
Steven Robertsstrober3@yahoo.com3.0Male - Yes - Happy to play singles or doubles. Live near 3Chopt and Patterson area. Thank you.
Cody Tylerwcodytyler@gmail.com3.5MaleYes - - Looking to get on a 18 or over 3.5 men weekend team as a free agent.
Elisa Grotjohnegrotjohn@gmail.com4.0FemaleYes - Yes -
Matthew Kitchenmatthewakitchen@gmail.com3.5MaleYes - YesI am available most Saturdays in the spring, summer, and fall.
Elizabeth Roetgerlizzyncsu@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - - Happy to play 3.0 or 3.5
Heath Flohrefederal.cook.0s@icloud.com4.0MaleYes - - Up for singles and doubles
Warner Sommardahlcwsommardahl@gmail.com3.0MaleYesYes - -
Rashelle B. Hayesrashelle.hayes@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - - -
Troy Stoneburnertstoneb@vt.edu2.5MaleYesYesYesI have not officially played in any USTA event and have not established an NTRP rating. I live in the Midlothian area
Christopher Ferrantecmferrante14@gmail.com3.0MaleYesYesYes -
Cindy Clarkcindymc40@gmail.com4.0FemaleYes - - I moved here from NC a few months ago. I played women's 18, 40 and 55 league tennis. Also played mixed. My 55 tennis team went to Nationals a few years ago!
Graham Elliott grahamelliott1029@icloud.com3.0MaleYesYesYesI'm 18 but my High School doesnt have a team.
Trey Coxtcox1515@gmail.com2.5MaleYesYes - -
Catherine Brownclbtennis13@gmail.com3.5FemaleYes - Yes -
Christopher Ferrantecmferrante14@gmail.com3.0MaleYesYesYes -
LONNIE LEMCOlemco@aol.com3.0MaleYes - - Looking to play up on a 3.5 team (18+ Men's Weekend).
Lexi Doylelexindoyle@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - - I live in Short Pump area!
Francesca Purcellfmjoyce88@gmail.com2.5FemaleYes - - Looking to join a weekend USTA team since my club isn't offering one at my level for the spring season.
Fanate Marrjamamarr@yahoo.com4.5MaleYesYesYesHave to get back into hitting shape since I haven't played competitively in a couple years. Self rating is a 4.0, but am unsure if I’m eligible for that.
Bryce Hillshbryce5@vt.edu3.5MaleYes - - -
John Kimjohn.y.kim84@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYes - Looking to play 4.0 tennis weekend or weeknight
Theodore Prestiatheo@prestia.us3.5MaleYes - YesHave two friends also 3.5 that are interested as well if able.
Jimmy Wesleyjimmywesley@gmail.com3.0MaleYesYesYesRecreational player looking to get into leagues. 39, fit. Taking a few lessons to try and improve.
Joseph Jonesjoejones21265@gmail.com4.0MaleYesYesYes -
Matt Bransonbransva@gmail.com3.5Male - Yes - -
Myrisha Lewismslewis08@gmail.com2.5FemaleYes - - I'm a 3.0 but my NTRP rating says 2.5. I'm looking for a 3.0 team but could play on a 3.5 as well. I'm looking for a team with afternoon matches.
Lucy Timminslucyktimmins@gmail.com3.5FemaleYes - YesI'm a current grad student looking to play on a team and with others who can give me some more competition!
Nellie Blairnellierose78@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - YesI play on the suburban women's team for Ridgetop. I would love to play more on week day evenings and some weekends. Looking for team opportunities and informal practice/folks to hit with. Thanks!
Elisa Grotjohnegrotjohn@gmail.com3.5FemaleYes - Yes3.0-3.5 skill level
Kim Spillarekpspilla@yahoo.com3.5FemaleYes - Yes -
Kip Dooleykipdooley9@gmail.com4.5MaleYesYesYes4.5/5.0 player and coach recently moved to Richmond from DC. Excited to get out and play, competitive or recreational!
Brandon Boswellbrandonkboswell@gmail.com3.0Male - YesYesLooking for league and non-league play. Started playing about a year ago, but play 1-2 times per week.
Ryan Monagoryanmonago96@gmail.com3.0MaleYesYesYesJust moved to Richmond from NC! Played high school tennis some, but got more into the sport now after graduating college. Would love to play either singles or doubles.
Autumn Naborsautumn.nabors1@gmail.com3.0FemaleYes - Yes -
Charlie WilsonCharlie616161@gmail.com4.0Male - - Yes -
Hunter Smitherssmithersth@gmail.com3.5MaleYesYesYesI typically play against 4.0 competition, but I am rated a 3.5. My personal assessment is I am a solid 4.0 Doubles players, singles is 3.5 or 4.0.
Rashida Mitchellrashidamitchell@gmail.com2.5FemaleYesYesYes -
Vickie Hallvickie.hall77@gmail.com4.0FemaleYesYes - I don't know what my rating is - I took my best guess based on what the USTA website says. I live in Charter Colony in Midlothian.
Adam Kemptxhoo99@yahoo.com3.0MaleYesYes - Interested in singles and/or doubles