Submission DateFirst NameLast NamePhone NumberE-mailAgePast or Current Soccer Resume:Favored PositionAge Division & Skill Level Preference (i.e. 40 Rec)
2023-10-01 12:47:59PaulSacco(970) 352-1014midfieldcrisis@gmail.com69Been playing competitive soccer since college in 1971.hangin mid set up guy065
2023-09-26 21:25:25RezaAlizadeh(303) 8876898rezaalizadeh63@yahoo.com60ForwardGoalkeeper 48
2023-09-22 19:20:07RobertDalrymple(206) 3531952bobd@vircom.net72Play in Seattle over 60 league for the last 12 years. Good dribbling and ball control skills. Above average speed. Played in the Harvest Cup 10 of the last 12 years.Outside Midfieldover 60 division
2023-09-22 11:08:31ManyKham(763) 4006623manykhamvongsouk@gmail.com48Some college 1999
Germany club 2000
NPLS 2004-2008
PLAY Men's league locally MN
CURRENTLY playing in 40 league

Midfield, winger... offensive player048
2023-09-19 17:25:07AshleyDussel(817) 896-4770c12pilot47@sbcglobal.net64Played Collegiate Div I Soccer. Still actively playing in local leagues in New Orleans. Playing in O45 division and O-55 division. Looking for a team to join for the upcoming Harvest Cup.
Can play any position in the midfield or forward. Preferred position is center mid.
Thank You.
2023-09-18 13:48:56MahmoudHabhab(858) 3375561mhabhab@yahoo.com55Won two tournaments in the past 2 years.Sweeper, Left or right defense50 or 55
2023-09-16 20:22:17GarethNicholson(310) 8007012usbaggies@yahoo.com53From England played since a kid . Anywhere except goal prefer right side 48 Rec
2023-09-14 21:05:09federicozamora(928) looking for player on 48+ if you want to play let me know. estoy buscando jugadores para mi equipo la categoria de 48+si te interesa comunicarse todasmediano
2023-09-11 15:18:42RafaelChavez(559) 2461012rafael.chavez@fresnounified.org58I played college soccer in Fresno California. I have played mostly defense, right, left, and stopper. I have also played midfield at all at levels, including competitive. I am a good addition to any team, but I prefer a team that values teamwork and has no stars that carry the team. I am just looking for a good team that plays together and involves everyone in defense and offense.Defense or midfieldover 55
2023-09-10 12:03:49LesRebbeck(847) 3435992lrebbeck@vmrdevp.com52I have been playing since I was 6 years old
I have been to Vegas king cup for 15 years
Outside midfielder O48
2023-09-06 14:34:48BrianBrown(260) 3482462nicetrybri@hotmail.com58Play regularly with younger crowd. Have played in multiple national tournaments including Harvest Cup. Have time off and reservations made already.Center MidfieldOver 55
2023-09-06 14:33:26BrianBrown(260) 3482462nicetrybri@hotmail.com58Play regularly with younger crowd. Have played in multiple national tournaments including Harvest Cup.Center MidfieldOver 55
2023-09-06 14:30:38BrianBrown(260) 3482462nicetrybri@hotmail.com58 - - -
2023-09-05 12:58:13BALDOGUDIEL(928) 7101802baldopch7@yahoo.com50Playing for over 45 years, currently playing adult league open, indoor league and coed.

Kings cup, BA cup and many other tournaments.
left or right wing, stricker48 rec
2023-09-04 07:28:35BrianMcDonald(206) 6978882bmac6x@gmail.com68Kings and Bates teams from SeattleDCM65 and over
2023-09-03 17:47:59Mitre KUTANOVSKI(219) 7890590mitrek@aol.com68Played my whole life college and semiprofessional Mid and forward 65
2023-08-31 16:04:15RomanMovshovich(505) soccer entire life. Tournaments: Soccer in the Sun Arizona and Vegas, Veterans' Cup, Puerta Vallarta, Santa Fe and Albuquerque adult leagues. Currently playing co-ed league with and against "kids".Center mid, forward, midO-60
2023-08-31 09:56:59KevinMoghaddam(478) 2130458kevinmoe10@hotmail.com56Played division 1 and some semi-pro. Have continued to always play. Play in a lot of 8aside tourneys and recently played in Greensboro, NC tournament. Can play any position but a very good forward. Quick and fast. Promise to be a top 4 or 5 player on any over 55 team. Wing. Midfield or defense. Over 55 only
2023-08-29 04:32:03domenicopiscioneri(+1) 3128630621dopi0827@yahoo.com66played goalkeeper all my life I think I am good for my agegoalkeeperover 65 good level
2023-08-27 13:15:52HaroldOcampo(805) 2406091coachocampo@gmail.com41Club. College. Semipro. Veteranos.Anywhere along the center. Defense. Mid. Forward.35rec. 40 any.
2023-08-24 12:23:57PhillipBasile(716) 9081345Pjfk22@yahoo.com48Won Vegas Cup 2023
Versatile player playing most positions
Participates in Epic and Clarence leagues in NY.
Good speed and skill
Travel player as youth, college play at ECC
Forward, ctr mid48+
2023-08-22 11:44:16BobPhelps(509) 991-6540soccerbob6540@gmail.com77team player, run and pass well. in good shape, play pickup 3-4 times a week both open and over 50. Have played in this tournament and King cup for almost 20 years.outside midO-65 O-70
2023-08-20 22:54:00Hung (Lee)Nguyen(503) 3325653michaeln995@gmail.com56I have been play soccer for 0ver 25 years. I have good ball handling skill, I’m fit, runs semi marathon. I can play left and right wings, midfield or forward. Or what position you need for your team. Im looking forward to join your team.
Thank you,
Left and right WingsO40 or O50
2023-08-20 14:59:54AldoZuniga(714) 3968883wintry.faller.0x@icloud.com45Highest level played was College
Currently playing on Sundays
Played in this tournament previously
Defender and outside mid40+
2023-08-19 19:07:44MatiasLeiva(775) 2475517truckeefinancial@gmail.com35Experienced player. Center back , outside back , midfielderAny
2023-08-19 12:01:54BrendanSmyth(702) 328-3409brendan.smyth@mac.com55Play actively 4 days a week. Very fit. Usually play 48's but my team is not going to AZ. Looking for a competitive team. Can play midfield or forward. Thank you!Midfield/Forward55
2023-08-18 14:52:32JamesHerbaugh(310) 567-4633ScoreJimmy@aol.com5348 years playing soccer
2 years collegiate soccer
22 years competing in King Cup
9 years competing in Harvest Cup
3 years competing in Copa de Mayo Cup
Outside Fullback/Forward48 and Over
2023-08-18 09:26:10Tom (Türk)KARASAY(8605751443) 8605751443ceylan3@comcast.net70Coach manager and field player for GUILFORD black Eagles for the last 25 years and over 40 and now an over 50 league in Connecticut
All American goalie and college, and played in to national tournament
Also, coach manage and play for Connecticut United teams that participates in tournaments in Florida, ADULT SOCCER fest for a long time and now participating in WORLD CUP over 70 tournaments
Heading to THAILAND for the next World Cup of 70 tournaments late October early November
Preferably center midfield, and or anywhere in midfield also left fullbackOver 65 And or over 70
2023-08-16 19:13:01JulioDelgado(801) 5977712jcdelgadomac@icloud.com55Played college level. Have played during last 5-6 Harvest and King's Cups. My 55 team is not registered for this tournament.Left midfielder/defender55
2023-08-15 13:40:11JohnEvans(469) 834.9940johnpeterevans2@gmail.com53Played in Harvest cup twice already, once on my home team, once as guest for an Orange County team. Currently play in 2 leagues in Austin, TX, one open division 2 and one over 30. I play outside midfielder and forward.
Outside Mid and Forwardover 48
2023-08-13 18:58:35IkeJogwe(949) 3002298marshellejogwe@sbcglobal.net681.Weekly Play in the over 60 league in Garden Grover
2. Pickup games on Sundays.
DefenseOver 60
2023-08-10 11:09:42ManyKhamvongsouk(763) 400-6623manykhamvongsouk@gmail.com48NPSL 2004-2008 MINNESOT
Competitive league
Various tournament all over

Offensive playersOpen to any
2023-08-10 10:04:41MarkSterley((425) ) 268-6008mark.sterley@live.com46- College - All Conference Forward
- Semi-Pro Indoor
- My previous O-40 team was FTI in the Seattle area playing alongside former USL Sounders

Winger/Outside MidO-40 Competitive
2023-08-07 17:21:14JimHirsch(847) 708-1424jwhirscxh1@comcast.net70Have played in an open league for 25+ years, and currently playing over 55 for the last 4.

Defense60 or 65
2023-08-05 22:28:04RodrigoSierra(505) 9859119rodrigo.sierra1@gmail.com59Played in Mexico and the states for over 40 yearsMidfield Over 60 or over 55
2023-08-03 22:19:43PeterSmith(1-403) 288-0171powerful.pierre58@gmail.com64I have played every position left and right side of the pitch, no preference. Sweeper, stopper, outside overlapping defender, all mid positions and have recently found a good scoring touch in the past 3 out of town tournaments, Hawaii, Victoria and Vernon, BC. I am very fit, fast and have very good ball control and passing skills. I am looking to do something I never do, play in my age group, typically I play with guys 15-20 years younger. So, one thing I need to know ASAp is if a 60 or 65 age group wants a good player....I have to make plans and camping arrangements so need to know quickly. I would hope to play on a team that has been mid pack through your previous out of town tournaments. I look forward to meeting you, Peter.wherever you need a fast guy60 or 65
2023-08-02 15:15:59Alejandro Parra(607) 3790957janoparra18@gmail.com70I have been playing soccer for almost 60 years… l like to play right wing defense or strikerRight wingOver 70
2023-07-31 15:40:00DanielMcGinn(609) 6026860dm.planning@yahoo.com45Played College soccer, have played in their Vegas events for the last 5 years..
additional background can be provided.
GK Over 35 or 40
2023-07-30 05:26:18edgarortiz(619) 6069594edgaroviz@hotmail.com37Been playing in San Diego about 10 years with an adult team . Arrive to Casa Grande recently, and living here and looking again to play. Haven’t play in 7 months since I got here.Right defender 30 or 40 experience
2023-07-29 18:56:52GregMacNabb(480) 2018691gregmacnabb@yahoo.com69 - DefenseO-70
2023-07-27 20:04:33TonyGUNDOGDU(650) 7048197tony5923536@aol.com68Top scorer in San Francisco league Striker60
2023-07-27 18:50:57StephenBagaason(719) 654-7929sbagaason@yahoo.com71Recently played in SoccerFest in Greensboro NC in Over 70 division for Norcarva O-70. Played GK and Defense for nine years in Republic of Korea. Played competitively in Colorado Springs ~ 8 years. Currently play recreationally 3X per week with various age groups. Favorite position is Rt Fullback, can assist with goalkeeping. I have played mid and forward but honestly I'm better at breaking up plays than initiating them. I'm a team player, never a problem with coaching staff and honestly believe in fair play. I accept being a sub if needed or can start if needed. I got a late start but just love to play the game.Right FullbackO-70 Competitive
2023-07-26 17:41:59Babu Nagalingam(416) 2762146babu@nbabu.com55 - Left defenderOver 55
2023-07-24 09:14:41MostafaKHIAM(267) 6084767mjhiam@yahoo.com51Played college.Forward /Mid-FieldOver 50
2023-07-24 00:54:15RodgerOetken(714) 2676010rodger.oetken@gmail.com53Height: 5’10”
Weight: 178

Position: Right Defense

Age: 53

2 years recent experience playing recreational soccer 3 times a week
Right defense48 and over
2023-07-23 15:18:34AlSanchez (818) 4727741sanchezalcd@aol.com73Played tournaments ages 60, 65 and 70.
Coached and played 50+ and youth teams.
Prefer team 65 or 70.
Right and left fullback, midfielder. 65 or 70+
2023-07-22 15:23:30SeanOn(267) 2499522Senolo54@yahoo.com53Over 50Defense -
2023-07-18 21:42:19BiagioPugliese(714) 3506292biagiosair@yahoo.com51Played soccer since 6 years old. I played this beautiful sport all my life. I played in Italy in semi-pro decisions and in the states in adult leagues. Right defender, right midfielder 48 rec.
2023-07-17 08:59:32DavidPatterson(510) 5996587pattrsn@cs.berkeley.edu75Have played in pickup soccer game multiple times per week for 40+ years.
Played in an over 30 mens team for 3 years.
Played rugby and wrestled at UCLA when I was in college
Defensive Back75 (whatever)
2023-07-13 09:54:40PaulSlater(504) 9087285pslater60@gmail.com62English player, played in this and other tournaments regularly. Decent all round skill. Fit, active, good squad member.Outside Mid / ForwardO60
2023-07-09 06:02:08AshleyDussel(817) 8964770c12pilot47@sbcglobal.net64Played collegiate Div I soccer. Still actively playing in local leagues in New Orleans. Playing in O45 division and O-55 division. Looking for a team to join for the upcoming Harvest Cup.
Can play any position in the midfield or forward. Preferred position is center mid.
Thank You.
Center MidO55 or O60
2023-07-05 16:14:14SteveBagaason(719) 654-7929sbagaason@yahoo.com71Played GK in Korea for nine years but am no longer able to play that position due to age and wear and tear. Reasonably decent defender, played multiple years as right fullback in city league. Can play some midfield and forward in a pinch, but honestly I break up plays better than I initiate them.Right Fullbacxk+70 Recreational and Competitive
2023-06-30 10:07:41RickMurphy(480) 6044860rich@roffandassociates.com54collegeplayermid/fwd55+
2023-06-23 14:00:34ZarakAfridi(925) 2025160zackafridi@gmail.com44I'm looking for a team. I'm 44 Males and have played soccer all my life including college. If there is a team that needs an extra solid player please let me know. Zarak925-202-5160midfield35+ or 40+ Rec, coed
2023-06-14 08:56:22JohnSloway(310) 200-2540jwsloway@gmail.com66Last 10 years have played with Freddy Fund, Real Marin, etc.Half Back or Back LineOver 60 or 65
2023-06-07 17:56:13JorgeRea(559) 380-5879edrea68@hotmail.com48I have played goalie since high school. I have been to Vegas for the May tournaments, and February month. Goalie35 and over
2023-06-05 14:51:31MARCOSROMERO(480) 7096092mgr187@hotmail.com45GK o35, o40Goalkeepero35, 40 also Rec.
2023-06-04 03:34:46sidikiSaidou(+1) 8326051161saidouyaoubasidiki@gmail.com23 - - -
2023-06-03 18:11:07KaseyAnderson(253) 2230201kca426@gmail.com50Last played with Purdy’s Pub call Bryan Purdy at (253) 921-1169Central midfield but will play any position 48 and over top skill level
2023-06-03 12:48:42RomanMovshovich(505) soccer-in-the-sun tournaments, mostly Arizona, few other, veterans, puerta mid, forwardO-60
2023-06-03 10:22:21DanielMarentes-Lugo(408) 5685008marentes1031@hotmail.com41I’m been playing since I was 7yrs old in Tijuana MX, then here in the states recreational competitive when I was younger, now only recreational. I played in kings cup tourneys and copa de mayo tourneys.Midfielder or striker40 rec
2023-05-29 18:54:52JulioLaurean(480) 7991606juliolaurean35@gmail.com41Play first division amateur level with some of the best teams in arizonaRight back ,left back , stopper,center mid.Over 40
2023-05-13 12:46:58JorgeRea(559) 380-5879edrea68@hotmail.com48I have played at the Las Vegas tournament before covid and recent in 2022. Love playing at tournaments. I play goalie position. Goalie40, 45, 48, competive
2023-05-13 08:46:26BillBoggess(478) 3354165william.boggess.72@gmail.com51Play in O30, O40, co-Ed and indoor year round, two or three days a week. Played in King Cup and various 8v8 tournaments. 15-20 years as a dedicated keeper.Keeper48 rec
2023-05-10 13:10:10HugoOrosco(559) 4835533horosco249@gmail.com40High School Soccer
Club Soccer
Junior College Soccer
Stopper, defensive mid40 Rec
2023-04-21 13:14:14Jonathan Mora(506) 88145888jonathanm1074@yahoo.com48Played as kid for clubs and state teams , have been playing twice a week to try and keep in shape. Midfielder 48+