First NameLast NameE-mailCity & Country you work inOrganization / InstitutionWhat areas of KM are you familiar with and have experience in context of intl. development?What aspect of the KM do you want to know more about?Please, upload your current photo - 1 MB max (no avatar :)
AmandaWrona Meadowsawrona@tnc.orgSavannah, GA USAThe Nature ConservancyCapturing and disseminating knowledge globally in support of marine conservation through newsletters, workshops and online trainings/meetings.How to identify and bridge cultural differences that may interfere with effective KM. Amanda in Alaska_for KM.JPG
DanielCooneyd.cooney@cgiar.orgBogor, IndonesiaCenter for International Forestry ResearchCommunications and knowledge sharing within the environmental research sector, especially in developing countries - Dan-Compressed.jpg
ZacharyBaquetzbaquet@gmail.comBeltsville, MD, USAUSAID Bureau for Food SecurityI have participated in generation, capture, and dissemination aspects. I have worked on training development and implementation for USAID staff covering agricultural development, managed web site design and implementation, use of social media to facilitate knowledge exchange, communities of practice, and on mainstreaming of KM practices into organizations.I am curious and like the serendipity that happens at conferences. I am interested to learn more about managing/encouraging COPs, encouraging adoption of KM practices, use of simulations/games for training, and use of social media tools to drive discussion and knowledge exchange.ZCB Headshotv2.JPG
TaraSullivantsulliva@jhuccp.orgBaltimore, MDJHU CCPKnowledge needs assessment
KM monitoring and evaluation
KM techniques/approaches to surface knowledge
Measuring KM outcomes
Nina Hadleynhadley@tnc.orgSeattle, USAThe Nature ConservancyLessons Learned Capture and Dissemination, Learning/Practice Networks, Community of Practice, Curriculum Development, Toolkit creation, Web-based learning, local and community Capacity Building, Outcomes Measures

Exp is in the international conservation context
Seeking lessons / BPs from the KM Dev sector!NinaDelewar.jpg
NicoleLeforen.lefore@cgiar.orgPretoria, South AfricaIWMI/CGIARknowledge networks
research into use (agriculture)
learning alliances
innovation platforms
1. knowledge networks - e.g. experiences from other organizations, subject areas, funding arrangements, hosting/institutional forms
2. cost effectiveness of various approaches to 'uptake' of research in development (or of various comms 'tools')
Judy Spuntjudy.spunt@gatesfoundation.orgSeattle, USABMGF - Practical Application of KM principles; Moving from organic activities to somewhat more structured.1360825.jpg
ChelseaBabcockchelsea@makingcents.comWashington, DC Making Cents InternationalI've worked in the knowledge management space for a little over a year and a half, so still very knew to KM. My experience has been more with external KM work. I provide support on an annual conference that convenes stakeholders to discuss best practices and what has and hasn't worked for them in their programs and policy making. I've also has some small exposure to monitoring and evaluating KM work.What's the latest in KM, are there KM best practices that we haven't tried before, what are the specific tools that exist to support KM work, and how can we better evaluate our KM work.rsz_linkedinpic.png
MichaelDoughertymichael.s.dougherty@gmail.comSeattle, USA/AsiaIUCN and othersEnvironment and development - organizational knowledge management; technology for knowledge sharing;Knowledge management strategy design for distributed geographic networks with multiple languages; monitoringMichael Dougherty.jpg
RaleneSimmonsralene.simmons@gatesfoundation.orgSeattleBill & Melinda Gates FoundationOnline Community Management; Enterprise vs. Grassroots knowledge flow approachesAssessing content and how to connect it to interested audiences; understanding partners and how they can contribute to and be influenced by good management of knowledge.WP_000152.jpg
Elizabeth T.Robinsonbrobinson@futuresgroup.comUnited StatesFutures GroupStrategic communications, information organization, website development, social media, technical assistance in strategic communication planning and implementation for research institutes and ministries, media training, scientific paper writing training, messaging, qualitative research, content analysis, media analysis, crisis communications, public health communications,KM needs assessments and evaluation.Practical approaches to KM at country level; overcoming barriers to implementation of KM strategies in low-resource settings.ElizabethTRobinson.jpg
LindaMorrislinda_morris11495@yahoo.comModest Town, VA, USAdult Development Associates also President American Association of Adult and Continuing Education; Faculty VA Tech and University of St. FrancisDesigned team and organizational KM processes, knowledge repositories, knowledge maps and knowledge metrics within international companies.

Started ASTD's KM Network

What is the relationship between Knowledge development, individual development and KM for development?
What is the relationship between systems thinking and individual, organizational societal and knowledge development practices and processes?
If we look at measurement in development and KM 4 development from a systems perspectives, what are the questions to ask?
AlbertoAndrettaalberto.andretta@crs.orgBaltimore, MDCatholic Relief Servicesknowledge capture/documentation
application of know-how to organizational development
communities of practice
creation of knowledge base
ICT (i.e., SharePoint)
learning framework
fundamental KM practices to facilitate organizational learning
(anthropological) barriers to knowledge sharing and learning
EthanWongethan.wong@gatesfoundation.orgSeattle, USABill & Melinda Gates FoundationCommunities of Practice, Social Network Analysis, Benchmarking Exchanges, Social Media, Knowledge NetworksI am eager to find examples of inter-organizational knowledge sharing, specifically the exchange of practical/tacit knowledge at the country level, as well as knowledge network governance structures. -
DebraReveredrevere@uw.eduSeattle, WA, USAUniversity of Washington - - debra-revere_128x128.jpg
JaniqueFrancisjanique_francis@yahoo.comArlington, VirginiaThe Nature ConservancyI don't have a lot of experience with KM in context of intl. development, so this trip will be a chance for me to learn from others.KM for Forest and Climate issues for different audiences. I want to learn to develop set techniques of KM that would appeal to a range of groups from donors to government officials.10-8E4B1005-437552-960.jpg
NormaGarza - Washington, DC USAWorld Bank Institute-Development and implementation of KM and learning strategies for programs and global initiatives in international development.
-Manage Online Communities of Practice and networks.
-Design and implementation of innovative community engagement and K capturing mechanisms such as online competitions/ challenges, book sprints.
-Use of web 2.0 tenchnologies and social media to support and leverage K sharing and learning and collaboration
-Familiar with some MER&L KM tools
KM Impact and measurement (less traditional methods)
More innovative approaches other organizations are using to promote K sharing and capture tacit K. What are the incentives that are working?
Cool online tools or technology that KM practitioners have used to support their KM effots, particularly on K sharing and learning.
Jan WillemRosenboomjanwillem.rosenboom@gatesfoundation.orgSeattle, USABill & Melinda Gates FoundationWater and sanitation program area: from informal learning to horizontal learning exchanges, exchange visits and other approaches through to formal research and publication.Improving knowledge flow between organizations; identifying and applying actionable knowledge. -
KatieBucienkbucien@tnc.orgWashington, D.C. USAThe Nature Conservancy• Online platforms, processes/technology for learning networks/CoP
• Knowledge capture, sharing and application - principles and methods
• KM processes and systems
• Knowledge management frameworks
• Measuring effectiveness of KM strategic plans/frameworks
Katie b photo_ (2).png
PatrickCoonancoonanfsn@gmail.comUSATOPS/FSN NetworkCommunities of practice, online communitiesDeveloping and supporting communities of practice and online communitiesprofile photo.jpg
SimoneStaigers.staiger@cgiar.orgColombiaCIATknolwedge sharing
social media
stakeholder engagement
km and learning
km and policy influence
km and capacity
RachelCardonerachel.cardone@gmail.comSeattle, USSelf-employedMonitoring, evaluation, learning, setting up collaborative work environments, organizational development, systems analysisHow KM gets adopted into the DNA of an organization, rather than be seen as "other". It's a similar challenge (I've seen at least) with CSR in corporate environments.Photo on 7-22-13 at 3.38 PM.jpg
CareyKluttzckluttz@worldbank.orgWashington DC USAWorld Bank InstituteCommunities of practice, knowledge products,KM tools,M+ECHK.jpg
MelissaBatormjb@umail.ucsb.eduSanta Barbara, CA--USAUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraPeer production, online collaboration/participationparticipation, the incorporation of km into institutional practice -
Grace Gabala - Massegrace.gabala@unwomen.orgNew YorkUN WomenI am currently working as a communications and knowledge Management specialist.I would like to learn more about new and innovative KM strategies for knowledge brokering, storytelling, packaging as well as the use of social media and web 2.0 for engagement, knowledge curation and the development and facilitation of communities of practice. GG.jpg
PeteSheltonp.shelton@cgiar.orgBend, OR, USAInternational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)web/social media strategy, blogging, library/database management, data visualization tools, online collaboration tools (e.g., wikis, Google Drive, group spaces)social media stats reporting, impact evaluation in communications, blogging team workflowsIMG_5193.JPG
AnnaCurtneranna.curtner@international.gc.caOttawa/Gatineau, CanadaForeign Affairs Trade and Development Canada - Development Section (formerly CIDA)I am relatively new to the field, but through my job I am working on knowledge management strategies and frameworks within our development agency, standing up and supporting communities of practice and thematic networks within our organization, online collaboration and social networking, facilitation, links to information management and knowledge portals and how to support evidence-based decision-making with knowledge.All of it! I am particularly interested in models and approaches and tools that organizations use to support internal KM, how donors manage knowledge both with partners and in their programming, and trends in the KM4dev community into the future.profile photo.JPG
OliviaMillardomillard@att.netSanta Cruz, CA USAThe Nature ConservancyLocal capacity development, learning networks, conservation and project management essentials for local staff, leadership development, challenges of connectivity, issues of language and cultural differences.KM in large international organizations: making the case and measuring effectiveness, incorporating intranet platforms (esp SharePoint-based)and social networking (esp NewsGator-based), communities of practice, "top ten most effective KM strategies," finding funding, staffing appropriately.O in Africa headshot small.jpg
SophieTreinensophie.treinen@fao.orgItalyFood and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsExperience Capitalization or systmatization. lessons learning. good practices. Knowledge sharing metholdologiesKnowing more about how others are doing the same thing in a more effective way than I doDSC08421.jpg, UKLoughborough UniversityKnowledge Sharing and Exchange, Good practice capture, Social Networks, M&E, Business Communications, RelationshipsEverything will be interesting in its own way. -
EseEmerhieemerhi@worldbank.orgWashington, DC/USAThe World Bank InstituteI have worked in international exchanges with government institutions and individuals between the US and select countries. Currently, I run and manage the WBI's work around developing and sustaining communities of practice for knowledge exchange.I would be very interested to know more about how to collect the right kinds of data to be able to determine the ROI for CoPs in an institutional setting.eseimage.JPG
NancyWhitenancyw@fullcirc.comSeattle and the WorldFull CircleKnowledge sharing, capacity building, social media, building communities and networks, CoPs, facilitation, graphic facilitation, causing trouble, chocolateKM M&E, value propositions, culture changeNWAug2012.JPG
RezaSaliminfo@amadergram.orgDhaka, BangladeshAmader Gram ICTs for developmentHealth Communication; uses of technologies in rural health system development; mHealthInternational collaborationReza_Salim.jpg
RenéeGirouxrgiroux@fcm.caOttawa, CanadaFederation of Canadian MunicipalitiesI have been involved in KM for about 10 years. I have been responsible for putting in place our Knowledge Management Unit and ensuring we are building and sharing a body of knowledge around municipal development that builds on the best practices we are developing with our overseas partners through our international development projects.I am particularly interested in 1) monitoring and evaluation of KM; 2) how to ensure everyone involved in development projects take responsibility for KM and 3) how to be more effective in moving from knowledge sharing to adaptation/replicationIMG_2089.JPG
NatalieCampbellncampbell@msh.orgWashington DC, USAManagement Sciences for HealthNetwork Mapping for project design and evaluation, guiding Communities of Practice, process methods like peer assists, river of life, graphic facilitation, world cafe etc. Platforms - electronic newsletters, intranet, eluminate, social networking, mobile phone use for knowledge sharing. Most recently - the application of learning organization theories.The culture/behavior change piece at an organizational level. We build systems and repositories, but the extent to which they are accessed depends on the culture of a group or organization, how do we affect change there?photo.jpg
JennyLahjenny.lah@gatesfoundation.orgSeattle, USABill & Melinda Gates FoundationBasics of KM and ICT (social networking, etc.), KM strategies like knowledge brokering, repositories, storytelling; packagingHow to better internalize external knowledge, how to incentivize learning and sharing in complex organizations, how to build networks and communities to store and transmit information about complex partnershipsJenny_Lahpassport.jpg
AimeeMaronamaron@ua-icaa.orgQuito, EcuadorICAA - International Resources GroupI have worked to design knowledge management strategies with internal and external components (among program partners as well as externally). I have designed and implemented information management systems (i.e. intranets, taxonomy development, etc.), and other technological tools to support collaboration and co-creation (Google Drive, webinars, etc.). Repackaging of research and investigations into shorter more specialized documents (infographics, articles, etc.). Development of sistematizations and lessons learned studies.Organizational evaluation criteria and institucional strengthening in KM aspects. 856759_10151308788198741_74973769_o.jpg
CamiloVillak@camilovilla.comBogota, ColombiaTribus & NómadasLearning, communities of practices, facilitation, web 2.0innovation and creativity, new paradigms, bridging paradigmsCamilo Villa.jpg
SarahSchmidtsschmidt@msh.orgArlington, VAManagement Sciences for Health (MSH)Use of social media for engagement and communications, development and facilitation of communities of practice, knowledge curation and product development (vignettes, videos, photo blogs, etc).In general, I'm really interested in learning about others' experience in Organizational Learning which is a new scale for me. On the operational side - learning and communities of practice engagement plans; use and development of info graphics; methodologies and experiences working with remote teams successfullyprofile.jpg
JohannesSchunterjohannes.schunter@gmail.comNew York, USAUnited Nations Development ProgrammeCommunities of Practice & Knowledge Networks
Corporate Social Networking & KM Platforms
Public Social Media Tools for KM
Online Collaboration
KM needs assessment
Standard KM process & tools (Peer assists, After-action reviews, etc)
New KM trends
KM measurement/metrics/evidence
Improving knowledge flow within organizations
How to cater to demand for "lessons learned" without falling into the "Lessons learned databases" trap
Successful systematic KM approaches
Establishing Knowledge Hubs
AnnHendrix-Jenkinsahendrix@jhuccp.orgBaltimore, MD, USAJHU Center for Communication Programs (CCP)global health
community health systems (formal and informal)
social mobilization
social and behavior change
instructional design
health communication
Professionalization of KM
Making the case for KM
Blended KM
Pinning down KM foundations
Evidence base: what we know, and next questions
JessicaSilverthornejessica.silverthorne@crs.orgSeattle, WA USACatholic Relief ServicesCapturing lessons learned, developing capacity statements.• Working definitions for “learning” from other organizations.
• Ideas on Learning Frameworks adopted by other organizations.
• Menus of KM practices/tools that can facilitate becoming a learning organization.
• Design and use of learning agendas with other agencies to assess utility and effectiveness.
• How to promote an organizational culture in which it’s encouraged to acknowledge and learn from mistakes/ failures?
• Factors that help organizations prioritize what they’re going to document, or what they’re going to study and learn from.
• How to promote the uptake of existing KM practices within an organization and what are the hindrances to KM within a an organization and how can they be addressed.
WillowGerberwillowgerber@gmail.comUSAManagement Sciences for Health (MSH)Supporting Learning Centers; synthesizing information (capturing, adapting, and creating); tools & resource databases; documentation; SWOT analysis.Frameworks/logic models, gap and situation analysis, return on investment, and Monitoring & Evaluation.cherry blossoms with JSI.JPG
AbbyClobridgeaclobridge@clobridgeconsulting.comDurham, NC, USAClobridge Consultinglibraries, taxonomy development, Open Access & Open Knowledge, metadata, information/content management, folksonomiesKM in connection with monitoring & evaluation.

Looking forward to meeting others involved in KM4Dev and learning more about their work!
JeremyBaileyjebailey@worldvision.orgWashington, D.C., USAWorld Vision InternationalFacilitating a community of practice.
Document sharing.
Managing websites.
1) Learning from others in how they share the good practices of the development work they are involved in and more specifically how that sharing is being used to innovate and improve practices and then re-apply them within the programmes/projects.

2) How organizations are currently sharing tools, good practices, case studies with other organisations, NGOs, and partner groups. And does this help new innovation and learning within those other orgs.
LeiaIsanhart Balimaleia.isanhart-balima@crs.orgBaltimore, USACatholic Relief ServicesDocumenting and sharing lessons learned associated with project close-out

Setting up online libraries for archiving and sharing key project documents across consortium members
What are some best practices for improving participation in online libraries and communities of practice?

What are some best practices from large international NGOs for facilitating KM globally at the agency level when there are multiple languages and offices to deal with?