Submission DateName:Phone Number:Email:Sailing Experience:
10-29-2020 17:11:37Jay Lanier(615) 5174466jaylanier@comcast.netWill you have the Commodore or another appropriate person call me. I have a 20' Vagabond Plus sailboat with trailer, motor, and full electronics that I would like to donate. The boat is drydocked on Old Hickory Lake. The link below is about the boat:
09-07-2020 11:04:01John McPherson(615) 8702606jtmcp@yahoo.com10 days on the Caribbean. Island sailing.
What to help crew and learn more about local sailing on Old Hickory.
08-21-2020 23:32:54Adam R Eckert(615) 9008694iowalongboarder@gmail.comNone - hoping to learn and gain experience.
07-24-2020 14:23:43Caroline Martin(501) 4108102marticg0@sewanee.eduI grew up sailing sunfish and all through high school, I crewed on Y flyers at our sailing club in Little Rock. I have the most experience with Y flyers and would love to continue crewing and join this sailing community. Thanks!
06-15-2020 12:02:22Caleb McGinn(571) 2260946calebmcginn10@vt.eduI'm 19 and I've been sailing avidly for the past 7 years on 420s, lightnings, fjs, lasers etc. 3 of the past 7 years I've been teaching on those boats. I've had some experience on larger keel boats but am very willing to learn. Currently I've been sailing with the Virginia Tech sailing team but am in Nashville for the summer, desperately needing to satisfy my urge to sail. Best way to contact me is to shoot me a text
05-23-2020 13:09:02Konar Chapman(931) 9331397konarbchapman@gmail.comI have been boating since I was young (now 22) but have no experience on a sailboat. Willing to make up for that in effort.
09-05-2019 16:00:55Kevin Willey(615) 202-4427klw37221@gmail.comIts been years since I had a sailboat and I want to get back into it.
06-25-2019 18:13:51Owen Joyner (615) 788-1989o_joyner@comcast.netThis is not so much for crewing but a request to get my password corrected so I can login. I can't get updates and don't know who to turn to?
Please help
02-15-2019 20:08:55Gregory McCormack (615) 4914919gregory.mccormack@hcahealthcare.comI have sailed with a grew at Harbor Island in 2008-2009. I and my wife are looking to buy a sailboat next year and would enjoy learning to sail and meet other members.
09-22-2018 12:56:39Christian Egly(765) 4185846cegly2010@gmail.comStarted sailing last summer, mainly small boats like sunfish and lasers. Looking to crew or take out small boats on my own.
08-25-2018 11:58:32Josephine Kelso(415) 652-0209joseck@comcast.netSailing classes at the Presidio Yacht Club in the San Francisco Bay.
08-24-2018 08:01:56Josh Newman(615) 4297822joshnewmanventures@gmail.comLooking to gain sailing experience. I am an avid boater and licensed captain but have not spent much time actively sailing and would like to gain some knowledge and experience
05-09-2018 13:16:07Derek Benda(636636) 248-2471D.Benda@hotmail.comI have a little bit of racing experience. I own a Hunter 29.5 thats in Florida.
05-07-2018 13:11:21Jon Clausen(770) 8265399jon.j.clausen@gmail.comUsed to own a Catalina 22 and sailed at Lake Allatoona SWSC
04-29-2018 14:59:36Lee McNulty(817) 236 3646mcnultycl@comcast.netWeekly Sunday races over 30 years, although none since around 2010 timeframe. Also many years of regatta traveling (mostly J-24), a few Chicago-MacKinac races, and a season racing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hoping to get back into racing after too many years trying to make a living.
04-22-2018 09:37:05Joanna Clark(423) 9873477joannabclark@gmail.comMostly experienced in Flying Scots; some experience on Catalina-22. I crewed for my family out of Privateer Yacht Club in Chattanooga for years but have been on hiatus from the Flying Scot North Americans in 2009 until the Choo Choo Regatta this weekend.
09-22-2017 23:35:31Chris Long(615) 708-8402chrislong2948@gmail.comI have some experience on sunfish and Hobies from years ago. Most recently I crewed a few times at PPYC last summer. I would like to learn as much as possible and would love to do it helping others on their boat.
05-28-2017 18:24:23Gail Bock(615) 856-2121Gailgbock@gmail.comI learned how to sail as a kid on a Sunfish.
I owned a Phantom when I was a young adult and sailed mostly in the Gulf off of St. Pete beach.
Unfortunately, I haven't been sailing in a long time.
And, Andy Griswold is my cousin.
05-28-2017 18:18:44john shockley(615) 386-3108jwshockley@bellsouth.netNone. I'm excited about trying!!
I'm a friend of Andy Griswold's cousin,
05-02-2017 12:05:05Dave Brooks(828) 980-1681bevridge1234@gmail.comI was born in Florida in 1926. I starting sailing when I was 15 years old, so for about 75 years. I still have a passion for sailing. I built my first boat when I was 15, and a second one a year later. The longest trip I have sailed was from North Carolina to Tampa via Key West for ten days, and another was a catamaran from Tampa to Mexico across the Gulf for three days. The largest I have sailed was 73 foot ketch rigged sailboat. But I enjoy sailing small or big boats. Would love to crew with you.
04-16-2017 14:28:24Freeman Jones(336) 2097679freemanjones@gmail.comRecently moved to Nashville, looking to sail and learn with local sailors. 34 years old, USCG 100T masters, 50,000+ offshore miles, former Outward Bound Hurricane Island sailing instructor, professional tall ship and yacht crew. Raced dinghies as a kid, but I have not done much competitive sailing in medium-sized, marconi-rigged boats and I would love to learn some new tricks.
04-04-2017 22:22:24Sam Smokler(615) 646-2196bsmokler@yahoo.comLooking for a ride on a big boat during the Hospice OL Schultz regatta
02-21-2017 19:22:29Robert Williams(318) 465-5821okiemanla@gmail.comMy family moved to Nashville area in July. I am 54yo and just now have the time to learn to sail. I am a hard worker and will trade my skills and labor for sailing lessons. Interested party please text or email.
02-09-2017 09:25:19Carrie Melanson(720) 3464208carrie.melanson@yahoo.comI am from Gloucester, MA, while I grew up on the water I unfortunately only have one year of sailing experience on my own 1979 33 foot 10M Pearson. I recently relocated to Nashville for work (nights) and I would like to join a crew to add fresh water experience to my recently required blue water knowledge. I am a hard worker and will care for others boats as if it was my own and yes I do know how much work that is.
11-04-2016 17:43:11Jim Winton(615) 306-4347jwinton@tcco.comMany years of experience with dinghies, and some racing experience with keel boats. I'm 72 so I don't move as fast as I use to and am not as strong as I once was, but I have a good feel for sail shape and wind movements.
10-06-2016 18:34:58Madeline Bule(484) 5579014gmbule@vt.eduI was on the sailing team at Virginia Tech for 4 years (recently graduated in May 2016). We raced FJs and 420s. I have some experience sailing Hampton One Designs and Flying Scots.
09-06-2016 12:05:43Daniel David(2623310054)dlipinski76@gmail.comMostly Lake Michigan and inland lakes in the midwest (Geneva Lake, Chicago and Milwaukee) - regattas and "beer can" races. Crewed on C&C 42, 38, J24'S and other large to mid sized keel boats, owned rhodes 19 (keel), C-scow, m-16, hobies. I've done quite a bit of rigging and repairs, though I'm admittedly about 5 years out of practice. Was a descent fore deck guy about 50lbs ago!, confident working main, jib, or hanging on the rails, and I'm pro-practice. Schedule fluctuates as I currently work for myself. Me and the Wife live in Green Hill/Old Hickory area.
05-29-2016 16:05:06Jim Abbott(727) 4819395jba0216@gmail.comI have only raced a dozen times in the last 15 years (13 of them during a few weekends on lightings). 48 YO able bodied male - well the back can get sore. I raced passionately 5 days a week from the age of 12 until my early thirties. lightings ~ 12 yrs. Keelboats PHRF, MORC, IOR 50, ILC, T-10, J-35 ~ 20 years. Catamaran 1.5 yr. I live in Clarksville and work in Springfield. I would like to give it a try again now I have more time. If possible, I would like to see what the sport boats are all about. Lets talk!
04-07-2016 12:18:27Shannon Gray(615) 925-1304shannon.e.gray@gmail.comI have been a sailor for 20 years (although since I moved to Nashville 6 years ago I haven't gotten much crew experience!). I learned to sail at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg circa 1997, where I earned my basic keelboat license with the ASA. From 1998-2004 I taught basic keelboat to adults at the Chesapeake Sailing School in Annapolis, MD. There I earned my BKB instructor license and my bareboat license. Note: these licenses are not updated.

Since 2004 I taught sporadically when I was back in the Baltimore/Annapolis area (living in Colorado didn't provide many sailing opportunities either). Now I live in East Nashville and I have a trailered Laser that I run around on every now and then but it's not the same as a keelboat!

I would love to get involved in a sailing community again.

Thank you!
03-08-2016 11:44:52Ernie Navarro(585) 747-5195ernien54@gmail.comI been sailing for over 25 years. Mostly on Lake Ontario. I owned a Hunter 25.5 and two Catalina's 30. I crewed on J30, J34, and J105. Just moved to Nashville from Rochester, NY and would like to get back to sailing on warmer weather:)
10-12-2015 10:04:01Paul Green(256) 348-5737green_paul@bellsouth.netI would like to crew aboard a j22 or tartan 28. I have 15 years experience aboard my catalina 22. Please call me, I do not check email very often. I am considering getting one of the above mentioned boats and would like to sail on one. Thank you.
10-09-2015 13:03:15Brian Smokler(615) 4912758brian@smokler.orgSmall and big boats. Grew up sailing Hobies on Chesapeake Bay. I've owned a Lightning and a J-22 and have skippered and crewed on both. I've crewed on big boats too. Currently own a S2-27 and 2 Lasers.
06-23-2015 22:16:28Don Kaufman(714) 342-5011kaufmandj@sbcglobal.netI have many years of one design and offshore experience. Good sail trimmer, tactician, can drive if needed. Former sailing instructor at Texas Corinthian Yacht Club. Also excellent sitting on the rail if needed. Former PHRF Governor for Marblehead & Salem MA
06-09-2015 08:40:23Paul Latour(615) 336-7900paullat@comcast.netNever enough! 32 yrs, mostly competition, some BVI. Prefer spinnakers. Seeking Thursday competitions if they develop. Best text or call.
05-21-2015 16:23:07Cam Bermudez(215) 588-9586camilo.bermudez@vanderbilt.eduI grew up sailing in Colombia (South America) mostly doing Sunfish, Hobie Cat, and windsurf. I've been sailing recreationally for many years but have less experience in racing. Looking forward to crew. I heard there's a race on 5/23 and I'd love to help out!
05-21-2015 16:21:50Matt Knicos(314) 629-3183mknicos@gmail.comOwn 2 hobie catamarans and take them out regularly on percy priest lake. Would love to help and learn more. Thanks!
05-21-2015 16:20:31Bruce Thompson(919) 323-9907Bthomps45@gmail.comStarted racing in 1981 crewing in Highlander Class in Louisville. Skippered Highlander for three years along with Sunfish Fleet. Owner/raced Cal 27 four years; Hunter 25.5 for two years.
Comfortable with trimming mainsheet, jib sheet, flying spinnaker. Less comfortable on foredeck. Most experience is with boats 23-30 feet with crew of 3-5. Still pretty good with tactics on race course.