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2022-08-30 18:46:21SteveMalloyI would definitely give these guys more than five stars Brandon was my salesman everything went smooth very efficient help me decide the best trailer for my needs quality of the trailer is excellent the turnaround time from when I ordered it from when they delivered it was really quick Brandon went out of his way to get it to me before the holiday weekend they went above and beyond what I expected I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a trailer to get a hold of these guys plus I didn’t wanna drive to pick it up three hours and they delivered it to me now how about that for service thanks again Brandon you truly do take pride in your customers you’re not just out to make money you’re out to make long-term customers!5
2020-05-15 15:15:58MichaelBagleyWhat a pleasure it was working with Chris on my new trailer. A great experience all around and the trailer is great! What a nice trailer, thanks Bravo trailers and premier trailer!4
2019-07-02 12:52:12JohnAvinkBrandon took good care of us. This is second trailer. I bought in the last year first one gave to my son so I could buy one with gold down gate. Came back because of the service an quality of trailer. I would highly recommend them.
John Avink
2018-11-20 13:11:38PaulCurtisI have bough 4 trailer from these guys and got a good deal, good units and good service. 5
2018-10-11 06:09:35DougTylerI recently purchased a flatbed aluminum trailer. Premier is a great place to do business with and the trailer is a “Class Act”. Very high quality product!5
2018-07-05 13:05:01BenPerfittSuperb!
When a 100 year old car I’ve know of (for not quite as long) suddenly became available, I pounced - and just as suddenly needed an enclosed car trailer.
This car is light (2000lbs.) but tall (just under 7’). Knowing nothing about car haulers, I was surprised to find that practically anything over 6.5’ had to be special ordered (and the price skyrockets).
After a week of phone-tag and emailing with a certain mega-dealer/manufacturer who won’t even post their prices (“click for quote”), I emailed Premier Custom Trailers simply to verify the interior dimensions of a particular trailer listed on their website. I also gave the dimensions of my car and it’s special needs.
Rusty responded immediately (less than 5 min.) and there could not have been a greater contrasting difference between his response and the responses from the dealer/manufacturer who’s name I shall not speak (they acted like 1960’s used car dealers - before they were regulated).
Rusty’s email began, “I have verified your measurements and the car will fit with no problems. Here are the dimensions of the trailer...” He then informed me the price was less than listed on their website - I hadn’t even inquired about price or even hinted at any sort of negotiation!
I then called and went into more detail with this wood-framed car’s needs and Rusty indicated their service-tech could install install flow-through side vents. I thought, “oh boy - here comes another $6-700”. 65 bucks! I got 2 side vents.
Rusty handled everything, financing, title, MI plate and registration. All I had to do was look at the trailer - and what a trailer!
Folks, I’ve looked at a LOT of trailers - these aluminum ATC’s are drop-dead-gorgeous. My sister-in-law said, “you would find the one beautiful trailer out there...” Nope, all I had to do was inquire about the interior dimensions (I really didn’t believe Premier Custom had a 7’er sitting on their lot - no one else did).
Thank you Rusty!
I am almost as thrilled with this trailer as I am with the car - and I’ve waited for this car for a LONG time.
2018-06-07 19:55:33Robert MossmanIn May 0f 2018 I purchased a trailer from Brandon Eshuis and had them ship it to my residence in MN from their location in MI

I normally do not like to make purchases like this sight unseen, however. Brandon made the process seamless and promptly addressed all my concerns to include sending me detailed digital photographs of the trailer.

Even with the incurred freight charges, I received a quality, new, all aluminum trailer for less cost than any similar product I could find locally in MN.

Thanks Premier Trailer and Brandon!

Great Job!
2018-06-01 08:45:40DavidHendersonMy spouse and I are from Canada and have been looking for a toyhauler trailer for some time. We wanted a toyhauler trailer that would endure the test of time and travel. We narrowed the field down to the ATC 28ft bedroom model and in September 2017 attended the factory in Napannee Indiana wherein we met Dale Davis of ATC Trailers. Dale took us on a tour of the factory; the factory tour sold us on ATC. Dale also introduced us to Premier Custom Trailers in Schoolcraft Michigan wherein we met Brian Davis and Brandon Eshuis. We stopped at Premier Custom Trailers and discussed our toyhauler needs with Brian and Brandon. There was no pushy sales approach. We advised Brian and Brandon when we were ready to order our toyhauler we would contact them. In February 2018, we contacted Premier Custom Trailers and ordered out toyhauler; equipped to our specifications. Approximately 8 weeks later we were notified that our toyhauler was ready for pickup. In May 2018 we attended Premier Custom Trailers wherein Brandon assisted us with the completion of the sale. The folks at Premier Custom Trailers also installed our weight distribution hitch, checked the tire pressure in our tow vehicle, provided us with a tank of propane and some water for our journey back to Canada. I cannot say enough how helpful and thorough Brandon and his crew were, making the pickup absolutely pain free. Once we returned to Canada we've called Premier Custom Trailers with questions concerning the operation of our toyhauler and Brandon and his crew have been exceptionally accommodating. From start to finish this has been a tremendous experience.5
2018-05-30 15:40:09NatashaJoinerI picked up a trailer local to Schoolcraft and needed to pull it to Iowa (8 hrs.) immediately I noticed that the lights were not operating properly. Zack at Premier Custom Trailers gave me excellent service with no appointment and fixed me up with the greatest service. I would recommend these guys for all your trailering needs!5
2018-05-09 18:34:50TomOusleyI came in today and bought a new atc car trailer. Rusty was very helpful, great experience. I would recommend this business to anyone who is looking for a trailer 5
2018-05-07 16:06:42DennyPaskietI was in your shop on Saturday, May 5, 2018. I was surprised how nice your shop was. The people were very courteous. The sales people were all busy and a gentleman from the parts department actually showed me your trailers. Brandon was very nice to work with. I would highly recommend your shop to everyone I know that would be interested in a trailer.

Thank you,
Denny Paskiet
2018-05-04 19:41:53RandyWolbertBeyond satisfied with my entire experience with Brandon and Premier Custom Trailers. Brandon was very flexible with my busy work schedule and very helpful with going above and beyond to answer all my questions and concerns about trailers that fit my needs for my employment. He made it so simple for me and didn't drag out the process or ignore me like so many other salesman have done in other dealers. And just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better the trailer arrived in a very quick process and the trailer looks amazing. I'm very impressed with the quality of Bravo trailers and how well they are made and the quality of the product! Will be recommending Premier custom trailers to all my contractor friends!!!5
2018-05-01 15:28:24AmandaZordelPurchased a trailer a couple of weeks ago and it was in yesterday. The trailer is everything that we wanted/needed and was VERY cost effective. Everyone was friendly and answered all of our questions and concerns. I will be purchasing a second trailer from them in the future.5
2018-04-30 05:53:12RobertJensenI had been looking for a new landscape trailer and found the one that I needed at Premier Custom Trailers. Rusty, Brian, and their team went above and beyond through the entire trailer purchase. I will recommend them to all my friends and family. 5
2018-04-09 20:01:16MARKHOLDERWent in to purchase a job site trailer, met with Rusty in sales. I liked the fact there was a low pressure sales method. Rusty is very knowledgeable and made many helpful suggestions on how to customize the trailer exactly how my company needed. i feel really good about my purchase of the customized trailer from Premier Custom Trailers and highly recommend the crew from Premier for any trailer needs. 5
2018-03-20 17:46:04RogerLeonardThank you Brandon for your great service. Great job on answering all my questions and showing me many trailers until I found the exact one I wanted. I would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a trailer.5
2018-03-19 21:19:40ReneeRobbinsWhat a great experience! Rusty was very informative and helpful in buying my first cargo trailer. All my questions were answered and his suggestions were helpful as well. Thank you again...5
2018-03-10 08:55:27SethDuimstraI want to take a moment to thank the guys at Premier Custom Trailers, especially Brandon. I'm a residential builder and was looking to upgrade from a 6'×12' steel single axle trailer to a 7'×16' aluminum V-nose tandem axle. I found them online as I was searching for trailers and was impressed with their website compared to others. The moment I seen a photo of the 2018 7'×16' ATC Aluminum V nose tandem axle trailer, I knew it was the one. I spent lots of time shopping for trailers online and stopping at trailer lots, walking through them. I called Premier Custom Trailers and spoke with Brandon. He was very helpful with my purchase and suggestions as to what I was using it for and options that were available. I ended up adding 16" on center aluminum cross members in the walls and in the ceiling. I also added roof racks and aluminum wheels. I was told the trailer would take approximately 4 weeks to build, but it ended up only being about 3 weeks. When I went to pick the trailer up, I was all smiles! It was beautiful, sitting there waiting for me, ready to hook up and take home. Brandon made the process smooth and fast. I've had the trailer for about 5 months now and it's still just as awesome as when I picked it up. Our jobsites aren't always smooth and so far, it's been able to hold up. Very pleased and would definitely recommend Premier Custom Trailers.5
2017-12-20 14:36:33DanielFinucaneThey walked me through the building of my trailer. They listen to me what I was using it for. Then Some of the stuff that was going to be done in house. The craftsmanship is top notch. They took the time to make sure the stuff that was added on later was at the right spot.
I would recommended them to anyone that is looking for quality product and taking the time to build it the way you want. There is so many options / add on you can do.
They are very friendly people working there
Go see them you be glad you did it.

Thanks to all of you at Premier Trailers

Dan Finucane
2017-12-09 12:10:11SteveMcCrossinCan't wait to put my new trailer to work. The service was amazing and the trailer looks amazing. Everyone was helpful and friendly.5
2017-12-01 18:09:25FrankGodsil After a lot of shopping around for a snowmobile trailer I ended up purchasing a new ATC Raven 18+6 inline from Premier Custom Trailers. The quality of the trailer exceeded my expectations and the price was very competitive. The buying experience was also great with all of my questions being answered promptly and professionally. I talked to a couple of the bigger dealers and it was difficult to get a straight answer, if they even returned my calls. I would recommend them to anybody in the market for a new trailer.5
2017-10-22 07:09:59JamesSuttonGreat product selection and quality. Thanks for all the help. 5
2017-10-13 13:33:30JerryPittsWorked with Brandon on purchase of a new ATC 28' toy hauler over the phone. 8 weeks later I drove to Schoolcraft from Boise, Idaho to take delivery. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire transaction. Brandon responded to all my inquiries immediately and set me up with a tour of the ATC factory. Had a minor problem after a couple of days on the road back to Boise (bad thermal coupler in refer). Billy helped me troubleshoot the problem and was able to get it resolved quickly. The entire crew at Premier Custom Trailers was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them as a first class dealership!5
2017-09-19 13:06:17MarkGriggsI stopped by your store just outside of Schoolcraft, MI on September 12th to check out your utility trailers. I had done some browsing on-line and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted but needed to get some questions answered (in person). The young man that helped me (Brandon) was knowledgeable of your inventory and suggested an aluminum trailer that would probably meet my needs. After inspecting one of your stock models and 20 minutes of discussion, the quality of the trailer kind of sold itself. After I told Brandon I wanted to make the purchase, I was surprised and pleased to find out that I could get it to go immediately. That included purchasing a trailer hitch that I didn't have. Within 20 minutes, the paperwork was finished and I was on my way home with a new trailer in tow. I'm very happy with my purchase so far...5
2017-07-19 14:37:19JeffBertchBrandon and the staff @ Premier Custom Trailers were very easy to work with. I was able to order a trailer customized to my exact requirements. They answered all of my questions and gave me options for my customization. I would highly recommend them for your trailer.5
2017-06-30 19:15:24Leo RodriguezAfter meeting the staff and going over my needs with Brandon, I decided to purchase a Bravo Scout trailer 7x16. Quality, reputation, and bang for the buck has me very happy with my purchase and I'm sure after I outfit it for my needs that I will definitely enjoy the extra space and the style and look of the trailer. Great Staff and wonderful experience will definitely have me coming back in the future! Keep up the great work and looking forward to the new showroom and building that will be breaking ground as we speak.5
2017-06-12 18:30:28PaulNeumaierMy neighbor and I were in the market for an aluminum 6x12 utility trailer. After looking at several models and price quoting from multiple companies, we decided on ATC from Premier. Couldn't be happier!

This trailer is HIGH quality and offers some features others didn't, such as a back ramp that folds flat in the bed when desired.

We highly recommend Premier...Brandon was very helpful.
2017-06-01 07:11:03BrettDoornhaagAfter spending hours online researching quality aluminum car haulers i narrowed my choices to ATC trailer, and one other competitor. I had some inside info, as my wife also works in the trailer induststry and has several contacts, including the owners of both these manufacturers. I contacted Brandon at Premier trailers to ask him some advice on options and availability of some of the models i was interested in. Brandon was extremely helpful, knowledgable, accomodating! He took several pictures and texted them to me off his personal phone and also took time to answer my questions after hours! After several conversations i ended up with a quote for several more options that we had spoken about than i even realized were available, (premium escape door, cabinetry, etc.) The other company i was working with also provided me with quotes for the options i had learned of from Brandon. To shorten this story up, after the time i spent with Brandon and Brian of Premier trailers in Schoolcraft Mi. I truly did not want to do business with anyone else! Brian explained pricing and beat every quote i presented to him! Premier Trailers attention to detail and customers needs was amazing, as is their customer service! Thank you Brandon and Brian for all of your help! I would strongly reccomend Premier Trailers to anyone looking to purchase a QUALITY trailer!
Sincerely, Brett Doornhaag
2017-05-31 19:33:01AndrewGlerumThe guys at Premier are great! I just bought my second trailer from them and the service was fantastic. They are proof that small family business are what make this country great.4
2017-05-15 20:18:17PaulSmithWhat a super knowledgeable bunch! All questions and concerns were answered in a professional and understandable way. I really appreciated your willingness to help me stay within my budget and the follow-up in getting my truck's fuse problem sleuthed out before I left with my new dump trailer for the U.P.. It pulled like a charm as we scooted along scenic route 66. Thanks for everything.5
2017-05-10 12:31:47DavidSI was searching for trailers everywhere on the Internet and Premier Custom trailers had the best price and most convenient processes on getting one. They were helpful in the order process and getting it customized the way I wanted it. Also it was made and dilvered in a timely manner with good customer service. I would recommend them to my friends on any trailer needs.

David S.
2017-04-13 11:51:06EOliverThis is my third trailer I purchased from Premier Custom Trailers in the last three years. A utility to pull behind our car, and two trailers to pull behind our motor home; the last one being a 'car hauler'. I was totally unfamiliar with this type of trailer, but sat down with Rusty, he went through all my options with what I would need to tie down the car, and what size trailer I would need for the type of car I was hauling. He sold me just what I needed, and nothing more. When the trailer arrived, he had all the equipment I needed to safely tie down the car, and showed me how to do it, and also helped me adjust the trailer brakes...with and without the car on it. I recommend them because they sell you just what you need, and make sure you're safely using the product when you drive off the lot.5
2017-04-08 10:07:22RSelkirkWe have been looking for a construction trailer for some time and knowing Premier Custom Trailer was local we stopped in to look at their inventory.

First, there inventory is first class; many models to look at and compare. Our first instinct was to go “top of the line” in construction trailers but after discussions with Brian and Brandon they steered us to a model that fit our needs. They were extremely up front with getting what fit us ‘now’ and NOT upselling us into something we didn’t need immediately.

Walking into Premier Custom Trailer you instantly get the Family Feel. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) was friendly and willing to help. I simply can't say enough about them and would urge everyone that is looking for a trailer (or service of one) to stop in and talk with them.

We will most definitely be using them for ALL of our trailer purchase and service needs. A truly Exceptional Company!!!
2017-03-23 08:26:09rickbarnesThis place is awesome a great selection with a knowledgeable staff. my wife bought her food truck her and i just bought a enclosed work trailer. i would recommend Premier Custom Trailers to anyone i know.

Rick Barnes
2017-03-21 15:25:34LeslieShanksPlease accept my apologies, the testimonial I sent was to be received by Bolton Motors - CT Trailers in Bolton, CT. NOT Premier Custom Trailers. Brian the owner of Premier Custom Trailers called me to question my testimonial, he was correct in doing so. Yes, please do business with Brian at Premier, if you come to CT, you should stay away from CT trailer!4
2017-03-21 14:28:49LeslieShanksI had brought my 2007 Sundowner trailer in to your shop last year because the motorized jack was not working. After 3 or 4 visits and 3 or 4 more incorrect diagnoses I purchased a new motorized jack, only to find out that it was not the jack itself, but a fuse. NOT HAPPY!
This year I was having trouble with my trailer and I brought it to you. I told your manager, Brian, last years story and he promised that, "that will never happen to you again". OK
I have a 2015 Ford F150 Lariat with the tow package. The brakes on the trailer were locking up. Your men tested the truck and declared that there was a problem with the trailer, not the truck. So I said, OK, lets get it fixed. I wrote a check for over $400.00 I hooked up the trailer and hauled it over to Shady Glen ( just down the road ) parked it for a few minutes while I ran in to pick up supper. I got back to the truck, started it up, and the trailer would not budge. I immediately called your mechanics and told them that I could not move the trailer, and asked them if they were going to come get it? Trey ( spelling? ) said " No, just drive it back here", I said are you sure?, you want me to drive it there? He said "yes", So I drove a smoking trailer back to your company. Ruined a tire in the process, only to find out that it was not a problem with the trailer, but a problem with the truck. Again, your men had misdiagnosed the problem from the beginning. Not only did I pay for a service that I did not need, but now I had to pay $101.00 for a new tire as well. Needless to say, I will not be returning to CT. Trailer in the future, nor will I be referring any of my friends with trailers to your company. I have already made other arrangements for any future service that my trailer might need.
2017-03-18 11:18:17MikeJohnstonThank you to Zach for helping with our trailer purchase. He is the only reason I would do business there again. Brandon needs to learn to be a little more polite when a suggestion is made on how to improve customer service.3
2017-03-09 06:41:41geroge wattsI've been In racing for 20yrs, always been a budget guy... I've ALWAYS wanted an enclosed trailer.

I must have been on the phone or in and out of Premier Custom Trailers a dozen times or more... took me almost a year.
Each time I talked to Brandon or others, I was given great information and treated like I was important, no odd question unanswered.
In the end, when I finally figured out what I wanted...the trailer I wanted was not available, but Brandon and the guys found it for me and in my price range.. had it delivered to their facility.
I am now the proud owner of an 8.5 X 18 trailer I can haul anywhere..
THANKS GUYS!! Job well done...
Semper Fi, George Watts
2017-02-26 09:30:57PatrickCotterLet me start by saying Zack made this transaction the smoothest ever. I contacted him on 02/22/17 discussing what I wanted and within the hour I had a done deal. They had the exact trailer I was looking for in stock and at an excellent price! I would not hesitate to make another purchase from Premier Custom Trailers in the future!!5
2017-01-30 13:46:37JeffIngramI submitted an inquiry via Premier Custom Trailers website regarding their contractor's trailer line. Brandon Eshuis responded almost immediately, and for the next 2 or 3 days we had dialog regarding options, availability and pricing. Brandon always responded to me immediately and thoroughly, and went above and beyond the call answering my (at times) tedious questions. I took delivery of the trailer (in NH 820 miles away) 5 days after the initial contact. The transaction was smooth and efficient in spite of the distance. I highly recommend Brandon and his company to anyone looking for a quality product that is priced fairly without hard sell hassle. I will be back in the future.5
2017-01-27 06:35:37AmarWellsI contacted this company for a quote. I am far away and still deciding if the distance to travel is what I want to do. Regardless of direction at this point I needed to share my experience. Very easy to talk with, knowledgeable and fair with pricing. Online it appears their product reflects attention to detail. Wish they were next door to me but my wife would not like the 9 trailers in our yard they were. Thanks for the help guys, hope to talk soon.5
2016-11-15 15:53:12Chuck CI look at a lot of trailers I could never find one that was quite right. I called up Brandon at premier and together using just my phone we built a custom trailer to my specification, He was helpful, Patient and gave me lots of good advise. the trailer turned out better then i expected and I would defiantly buy a trailer from them again. 5
2016-11-08 21:50:49KirkL.I have purchased several trailers from Premier Custom Traikers in the last few years and my experience has been the same each time. They are friendly, easy to deal with, very accommodating and the purchase process couldn't be easier.5
2016-11-08 08:35:57DebJenkinsThe staff was very courteous, informative, and straightforward about their products. They accommodated my schedule for picking up my new toy. They a great line of products to choose from. 5-star place to go trailer shopping.5
2016-10-31 12:22:07DanprobstWe had been looking for a trailer for a while. Found Premier Custom Trailers. Got hooked up with a great salesman Brandon Eshuis.
He helped us design our perfect trailer.
We did all of this by phone and Internet since we live 2 hours away.
We also got a great price too.
We know if we have any questions we can call and will be helped
Thanks Brandon and Premier Custom Trailers.
2016-10-04 19:35:03DonParkhurstI dealt with Rusty coming up with the perfect trailer to haul my restored 1980 Corvette to shows and such-he made it so easy and gave me everything i wanted-he didnt try to sell me anything i didnt need or want-he just showed me what my options were and what he best advised for what i was doing-and a month later i have1 of the most awesome car haulers i have ever seen-now i am just waiting for my car to be finished so i can go pick it up-next year when i pull into shows hauling this beauty people are going to know there is something special inside.I would like to thank Rusty and the whole staff there for making this such an easy enjoyable experience.I've never had a trailer custom built before and it is just awesome-and feel free to shop around-you will have a hard time beating their prices too.5
2016-09-30 15:56:03JerryGilbreathIt has been a pleasure working with Premier Custom Trailer.
I was able to get the exact trailer to fill my needs. The friendly staff made sure of every last detail . I would highly recommended anyone
in the market for a trailer to call Premier Custom Trailer.
2016-09-21 13:14:29BrianJonesExtremely pleased with all aspects of my recent purchase from your company. The professionalism of the staff, both Brian and Rusty was exceptional ... and as a customer living in Maryland it was well worth my time, effort and the superior price point of the trailer that made me go with your company vs. other trailer companies that were nearer to my residence. Keep up the great work. The delivery was flawless and fast. A great job all the way around. Consider me a customer for life! Brian S. Jones, Fort Washington, MD 20744.5
2016-08-01 13:54:51MikeValentineI worked with Brian to order a Custom 18' Motorcycle Trailer, my color/trim pick. all went smooth! after getting it home I was inside the trailer with the man door closed and found that outside light could be seen at the bottom/ side of the door. turned out to be a defective door assembly from the factory. Brian and crew had the problem resolved for me in a short period of time!! Great Customer Service!5
2016-07-09 09:54:29DavidCarriveauJust want to let you all know how comforting and satisfying the purchase of my new trailer was for us. From the first contact with Rusty via phone and email, I was nothing but absolutely confident this company was here to take care of me and my needs. For me this was an out of state purchase, and I needed to know what I was going to get when I arrived to hook on to the trailer and get my job done. They provided the exact product explanation, were patient, and the trailer was completely checked and functioned as designed. They had a complete stock of accessories to equip my vehicle for a safe trip. When I say this was a great experience, it truly was from the Top Down! The product speaks for itself as well, quality, better than typical. The additional quality and sharp appearance were just the topping on the cake! I was provided with an accurate description of how the trailer was constructed, why it was superior. This company has put together a winning team providing excellent product, fair price, accurate representation, and has defined true customer service and satisfaction. They will be the only trailer company I contact to fill my trailering needs even though they are located over 900 miles from me. Thanks a bunch guys, you helped to make my daughters graduation, and subsequent moving experience a success. Round trip 1800 miles, complete success. Oh, and the LED lighting on top helped to guide my followers through the torrential downpour where we could hardly see the road. They said the only thing they could see were the trailer lights so they kept following safely and confidently. If I can ever return this kind of service to you no matter what the need, just give me a call. If possible it will be done. Very sincerely one of the best experiences on what I consider a significant purchase! Great job guys, look forward to working with you again. David5
2016-05-15 15:45:06Bill BrooksI just looked at my previous testimonial. I give these guys 5 stars, great to work with. 5
2016-05-15 15:36:29BillBrooksI worked with Rusty, I called a couple of times with different questions. Rusty answered all of my questions very professionally. I have nothing but good things to say about Premier Custom Trailer. I ordered my trailer over the phone with Rusty he said it would be ready in 4-5 weeks. I called to check on the progress exactly 5 weeks later he said the trailer was just completed. This was on a Wed. And Rusty said it would be delivered on Friday, and could pick up on Sat. Picked up Sat. morning, they hooked me up, took me through all of the details pertaining to the trailer and got me out in less than an hour. Had a 5hr drive back home no problems . Great trailer for the price. Thanks again Bill4
2016-04-24 07:04:34DMurrayAfter months of searching for a trailer to fit my needs I finally stopped in to Premier. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised by how professional the lobby looked. Nearly every option for your trailer needs was displayed in plain view giving the customer the ability to inspect options up close and personal. I was greeted by Brandon, a staff member, that was not only helpful but not pushy. I was made to feel like he was at my disposal the minute I needed assistance. When I finally sat down in his office I was treated with the experience of a knowledgable professional. Every aspect of my particular trailer needs wasn't a problem and in most cases was just a mouse click away. After we designed my trailer I was just a few short weeks away from picking it up. When it arrived it was washed, inspected, and connected to my truck hitch by another staff member. Thanks to Brandon, I finally had what I needed. After having it now for almost a week I can't see how I made it this far without it.

2016-04-14 21:43:00PhilW.Purchased a custom 7x16 Motorcycle Trailer to use for hauling ATVs.

Was impressed with the look of the trailer, quality of the build, additional features (like the built-in rear support jacks for loading and unloading), the communication and presentation of the staff, and the timeliness of the order.

I ordered custom paint; and, the detail did not disappoint. It's sharp going down the road with that blue and yellow (GO BLUE!).

The trailer came from the factory with the D-ring and bracket setup to tie down motorcycles; but, the staff graciously corrected the mix-up in placement for my ATVs. They provided me with the necessary surface mount D-rings and followed my request to be able to place them in my own custom locations. I also commend them for letting me know of the situation prior to the scheduled pick-up (thanks for the honesty).

Thanks goes to Brandon for keeping me informed and helping through the process. I would definitely recommend the business and trailers.

Sharp looking units at a good price.
2016-04-07 11:46:14JimWeberI want to say thank you to Rusty. He was amazing to work with and very helpful on my new ATC.5
2016-03-28 17:45:39BarbGEverything went better than we expected. My husband and I drove 4 hours hoping that the trailer would be as advertised. So unhappy with the last dealer we spoke to about a motorcycle trailer. It is beautiful and had more features than expected. We wanted some parts they did not have in stock but they did ship to our door. BG4
2016-03-27 16:02:10MichelleATell your guys in the shop thanks for a great job. See you this summer for a new trailer 5
2016-03-16 20:07:40TimCA big thanks to premier trailer for a great trailer. I always buy from the same place but after the last shopping experience I decided to check elsewhere and my cousin pointed me to this place in kzoo. glad I did it. Proffessional and helpful with all my questions. Happy customer5
2016-03-07 19:30:28Larry HarperThanks to you and your team! Zack was awesome so please thank him for me.5