Submission DateCrew Looking for BoatBoat Looking for CrewFirst NameLast NameE-mailPhone NumberExperience levelCheck Crew Positions you are looking for in a crew or your personal experience (check all that apply)Comments
2019-01-02 21:40:09Yes - 876-6067CruiserAll or AnyHave ASA 101 and 103 sailing certifications. Sailed small boats when younger but moved to cruising including bareboating yearly in the islands. Recently purchased a Club 420 but am also looking for opportunities to crew on larger boats. Not retired but off the clock, so I have the time. Member of BBSA.
2018-09-19 15:31:44Yes - 805-2703CruiserGrinderAll or AnyI’ve had loads of experience as an owner/cruiser but only crewed in about a dozen races out of Portsmouth and Hampton. Just sold my CD 25 and need a sailing fix!
2018-09-02 10:06:35 - 9935600CruiserIntermediateNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little helpNeptune Regatta and Wednesday nights
2018-08-28 12:41:29Yes - 5705557BeginnerAll or Anynew to the sailing scene and would love to learn and help out anyway I can. I learn quick and have a decent amount of mechanical knowledge. thank you in advance
2018-08-17 14:28:42Yes - 400-5433IntermediateForedeckMastGrinderTrimmerMainHelmAll or AnyNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little helpI have been crewing over the last 2 seasons with several skippers out of OPCM and LCM. Just putting my name out there looking for more time on the water doing this thing we love to do...

JD =/|)=
2018-08-10 19:41:01Yes - 812-0305BeginnerAll or Anystill new. took crew training in 2016 with CCV. willing to learn from anyone willing to teach.
2018-07-08 13:00:47Yes - 5920232BeginnerAll or AnyI grew up sailing, mainly small boat sailing, amd am very comfortable on the water and with general sailing
basics butt have never crewed before for racing.
2018-05-31 12:07:33Yes - 5808653BeginnerAll or Any -
2018-05-29 10:49:30Yes - 2306303AdvancedForedeckMastPitSewerGrinderTrimmerMainTacticianHelmAll or AnyMy boat for Southern Bay 2018 has to pull out - anybody looking for last minute crew? Can do any position though local knowledge limited when it comes to tactics.
2018-05-17 13:33:55Yes - 339-2327BeginnerAll or AnySailed Smaller Boats, Hobies & Snarks. Looking to experience larger boats.
2018-05-16 19:45:25Yes - Diego 5788122BeginnerAll or AnyRecently certified with ASA 101. Looking to learn more about sailing, willing to crew in any position
2018-05-03 22:00:07 - 6157979AdvancedAll or AnyLeave Hampton Yacht Club 5PM. Stop on C Dock Willoughby 5:45.
2018-04-14 20:05:32 - 6604915BeginnerIntermediateMastPitTrimmerMainTacticianNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little helpLuna Blu is moored at slip G-20
2018-04-12 13:09:07 - YesRobert 3632791IntermediatePitMainAll or Anyneed to fill out my crew only have 3 currently lively boat

sail to win special need for down the bay race
2018-04-09 22:02:55 - 778-5941IntermediateTrimmerAll or AnyLooking for crew with a bit of experience and plenty of desire to race!
2018-04-02 10:02:00Yes - Mary 2170150IntermediateForedeckMastPitGrinderTrimmerMainTacticianAll or Any -
2018-04-01 20:20:36Yes - 4507105IntermediateAdvancedForedeckMastGrinderTrimmerHelmAll or AnyGrew up sailing and racing. Sailed competitively in college. Most recently sailed foredeck/bow on a Farr 30 and etchell out of Annapolis. Moving down to Virginia Beach at the end of April and looking to get back on the water ASAP.
2018-03-29 14:31:42 - 660-4915CruiserBeginnerIntermediateAdvancedNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little help -
2018-03-22 17:02:41 - YesWill & 617-5084AdvancedForedeckGrinderTrimmerMainAll or AnyRemedy races out of Hampton Yacht Club. We are looking for some steady crew to compete in spinnaker. We would love for folks to come out on Wednesday night for practice and weekend racing. We are fun boat with delicious snacks and beverages! We like the competition and know that committed crew wins! Come out for a Remedy!
2017-08-11 06:50:07Yes - 3280262BeginnerAll or AnyI'm a 57 yr old whom has a love of sailing and wants to be rail meat and help my captain to the best of my abilities.
2017-07-28 8405300BeginnerAll or AnyI just bought my boat and I am looking for some experience. I'd be happy to crew on other boats or have people crew with me. I have some sailing experience mostly in dinghys, and I am always looking to learn.
2017-07-19 20:41:15Yes - 9150748BeginnerAll or AnyI have some racing experience with dinghy and catamaran. I am looking for sailing again and gaining experience on a bigger size boat.
I met some BBSA member during the monthly meetup at Bold Mariner Brewery, they told me it would be a good place to look for boats.
I should be available all summer long, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!
2017-07-17 10:40:47Yes - 4155265IntermediateAll or AnyI have some round the cans racing experience from up in Maine. Just moved to the Little Creek area and would love to crew and meet the sailing crowd here. Willing to bring sailboat fuel (beer)!
2017-06-16 21:32:35Yes - 3603378BeginnerAll or AnyReally want to learn and help out.
2017-05-26 20:05:25Yes - 613-5850CruiserAll or AnyHi! I'm a 34 year-old male in the Norfolk area for the summer without my family and figured I couldn't let the opportunity to learn something new pass me by; I'd like to learn to sail! I don't have any experience, but happy to help out with whatever you need. I'm a military officer, a quick learner and a hard worker. I'm really hoping to learn-the-ropes to the point that when I head home in August, my wife and I can take a formal class and get certified together. Any help is appreciated. I'm free pretty much every weekend from Memorial Day through the end of July. Thanks for considering taking me aboard!
2017-05-13 07:24:38Yes - 6926924IntermediateNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little helpLifelong sailor, moderate club racing experience, brings beer
2017-05-04 10:15:19Yes - 6354149IntermediateAll or AnyWRs, my regular skipper is not sailing today (5/4/2017) so I am available to crew for you.

Call/text/email. Thx. Kevin Gardiner
2017-04-26 09:06:47Yes - 7143337BeginnerAll or AnyLooking to learn and looking for my first boat
2017-04-24 15:06:01Yes - 6354149BeginnerAll or AnyWRs, I crew on Freedom Row but my boat is not racing 4/27, so, I'm looking for a ride if you have room. :-)

Kevin Gardiner
2017-04-14 15:59:58 - 244-2906IntermediateAll or Any -
2017-03-20 15:56:13Yes - 7417550AdvancedAll / or AnySpent the last few decades racing everything from Marshal Sanderlings (Catboats) and Lasers to Escows. I just moved from Beach Haven NJ and would be willing and able to sail most weeknights and weekends if needed...
2016-06-14 11:15:53 - 3622791BeginnerForedeckMastPitSewerGrinderMainAll / or Anylooking to build a team that will eventually enter the spin class race wensday night and weekends
2016-06-03 17:26:42Yes - 7836986BeginnerNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little helpHave 0 in the way of sailing experience, but would like to eventually purchase a 25-30' sailboat for cruising. I'm not interested in racing or competition, but I would just like to help out in exchange for learning a little bit about sailing and basic upkeep. If anybody needs any help fixing up their boat or cleaning it I'd also be eager to help. I've read some literature about sailing so I know the very bare-bone basics, but would like to expand upon that knowledge. I'm available a lot this summer, so availability shouldn't be a problem.

2016-05-26 11:25:27 - 4492931AdvancedAll / or AnyWe race with mostly with OPCYC and some with HYC
2016-05-23 15:43:40Yes - 2273026IntermediateAll / or AnyExperienced keel boat skipper willing to help with deliveries as well as races.
2016-05-12 10:29:22Yes - 450-1010BeginnerNot serious about specific crew positions, would just like a little helpRecently bought a 22' Columbia. Would like to gain more sailing experience and learn from people whom sail a great deal. Will bring beer!!
2016-04-06 13:25:09Yes - 971-7843BeginnerAll / or AnySome experience sailing dinghies. Live nearby in Chesapeake Beach area.
2016-04-04 08:31:41Yes - 4805415BeginnerAll / or AnyI haven't had much sailing experince but am enthusiastic about learning.