RoomDate of RequisitionService RequestedDescription of need.StatusDate CompletedService Provider CommentsDate Maximo SubmittedMaximo #Supervisor input Done DateSupervisor Initial
PCNC09-27-2019 5:30 PMTrash Bins and Unlock Cafeteria BathroomsCould you please provide trash bins, unlock the bathrooms in the cafeteria, and leave the gates unlocked for PTA Stargazing event?Pending - - - - - -
F10709-16-2019 4:12 PMLamination Film Replacement (Library Wk/rmPlease replace lamination film on machine #2. Mahalo!Pending - - - - - -
E10209-13-2019 7:24 AMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")We are almost done with our last box of white xerox paper in the E-building 1st floor copy room and will need more. Thank you!Completed09/13/2019Delivered 6cs 8.5 x 11... - - 09-16-2019
d-20609-12-2019 8:37 AMFurniture MovementMay I have 12 green student chairs? Thanks in advance.Completed09/12/2019Delivered 11 Student chair 17/18 size green
2c-6, 2c-10, 2c-9, 2c-19, 2c-7, 2c-493, 2c-496, 2c-469, 2c-524, 2c-249, 2c-247
- - 09-16-2019
d20609-12-2019 8:33 AMFurniture MovementMay I please have 3 tables? Smaller of the 2 size.Completed09/12/2019Delivered 3 2.5' x 6' Rectangle table
1E-14, 1E-8, 1E-3
- - 09-16-2019
F-Building 1st Floor Xerox Room09-10-2019 3:19 PMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Hi! Could we please get xerox paper (white 8.5" x 11") delivered to F-Building 1st Floor Xerox Room? Thank you!Completed09/10/2019Delivered 6cs 8.5 x 11 paper - - 09-11-2019
D10209-10-2019 7:40 AMFurniture MovementHi Mike,

May I please have 1 teal rolling chair delivered to my room if we have any available?

Completed09/11/2019Delivered 8A-151 rolling teal chair 9/11/19 - - 09-11-2019
E10709-05-2019 4:13 PMTonerHi! Can you please replace the black toner for our xerox machine in E building. Thank you!:)Closed - - - - - -
D10609-26-2019 7:00 AMUnlock ClassroomPlease unlock classroom for photography company to setup for picture taking day. Pending - - - - - -
Cafeteria09-20-2019 5:30 PMOther/MiscTrash BinsRequesting rubbish bins to be placed in the cafeteria for PTA general mixer on Monday, September 16. Please adjust timer for AC so it'll remain on until 7:00 pm. Thank you!Pending - - - - - -
CC Room 09-05-2019 7:51 AMAir ConditioningNot sure if the A/C is not working again. Room has been warm for the past two days.Completed09/06/2019 - 09-05-2019199317109-16-2019
E20108-30-2019 2:55 PMFurniture MovementCarpet squares in library are loose.

Need standing desk raised higher.
Completed09/05/20199/3 Carpet squares taped down
9/4 Standing Desk Raised
- - 09-06-2019
E10608-30-2019 10:09 AMFurniture MovementHi! Please remove large table in the hallway-moved out to replace and fit horseshoe table.


Completed08/30/2019 - - - 09-04-2019
D-10908-30-2019 4:47 AMFurniture MovementHi Mike,
Could I have the big conference table taken out of my room so that I can fit the horseshoe in its place? Thank you!
Completed08/30/2019 - - - 09-04-2019
F10808-29-2019 4:05 PMSanitize rugThere is a dirty spot on my carpet it is a little damp and It smells like urine. It may have been a day old because I did notice a foot size spot before school started today but I thought it may have been a foot print from a muddy shoe. It is a 10 times bigger now. I would really appreciate it if someone could clean and sanitize it. Thank you.Completed09/04/2019Shampoo Carpet - - 09-06-2019
D20508-29-2019 3:47 PMFurniture MovementIf possible, may I please have 8 more student desks brought to my classroom as well as 18 green student chairs. I would also appreciate having a few desks raised.
Thank you!
Completed08/30/20198/30 Delivered Furniture
Student Desk: 152, 69, 67, 70, 25, 58, 23, 60
Student Chair: 527, 531, 530, 525, 528, 525, 526, 349, 353, 487, 152, 492, 489, 488, 484, 495, 494, 481, 66
- - 09-04-2019
Conference D208-26-2019 9:52 AMRepair & MaintanceOther/MiscIs there a way to control the AC in this room? It gets pretty warm in here. Thanks!Completed08/28/20199/28
AC tech advised Both Conf D2 & PLC D2 doors must remain in the open position in order for room to cool down
08-26-20191990903 - -
D10108-26-2019 7:29 AMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Need white paper 8.5x11
Urgent please! :)
Closed - - - - - -
D10308-23-2019 11:27 AMOther/MiscLights in classroom turn on and off all throughout the day. I know they're motion detective, however when there is lots of movement, it still turns off randomly. Sometimes they flicker.Closed - 8/23

Light switch w/sensor is blocked. Need to be moved
- - - -
E20108-23-2019 7:03 AMFurniture MovementI switched my standing desk with a raised one from the hub. I had table 13A-8, now I have 13A-5. Thank you!Completed08/23/2019 - - - 08-23-2019
E-20408-22-2019 10:30 AMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Hi! E bldg workroom upstairs has one ream of paper left for xeroxing. May we request more boxes of white paper? Mahalo!Completed08/22/2019 - - - 08-23-2019
Library08-22-2019 8:56 AMOther/MiscI wanted your brain. May want to bring Laureen if you need her okay. We are trying to make a lego wall. We have lego adhesive wall plates that need to be mounted. It doesn't seem strong. We think it might damage the wall paint. Would it damage the window if we mounted it on the window outside my office. Try come see the lego wall's on the library bookshelf right outside my window.Closed - 8/22
- - 08-22-2019
D-10708-21-2019 7:22 AMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Our copy room needs more 8.5 x 11" white paper, please. Thank you!Completed08/21/2019Delivered 6cs white 8.5 x 11 Paper - - 08-22-2019
Library Workroom08-20-2019 4:48 PMDeliveryPlease deliver 15 boxes to the Grade 4 PLC room. Boxes are located on the table in the Library Workroom and are labeled "Gr. 4 PLC". Thank you!Completed08/21/2019Delivered 14 boxes to 4th Grade PLC Rm - - 08-21-2019
Library Workroom08-20-2019 3:01 PMDeliveryPlease deliver 5 boxes to the Grade 2 PLC room. Boxes are labeled with "Grade 2" and are located on the table in the workroom.Completed08/22/2019 - - - 08-22-2019
Library Workroom08-20-2019 2:36 PMDeliveryPlease deliver boxes to Grade 3 (located on the table in the Library Workroom). All boxes are labeled with the delivery location.

9 Boxes to D203 (Togami)
9 Boxes to D206 (Pinnow)
10 Boxes to D207 (Patterson)
3 Boxes to the Grade 3 PLC Room

Thank You!

Completed08/22/2019 - - - 08-22-2019
Library08-20-2019 2:00 PMDeliveryPlease deliver ONE box to Elizabeth Okamoto. The box is labeled with her name and is located on the table in front of the bulletin board. Thank you!Completed08/21/20198/21 Delivered Box - - 08-21-2019
Grade 5 PLC "F" Building08-20-2019 1:35 PMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Need replenishment of xerox paper

Completed08/20/20198/20 Delivered 6cs white 8.5 x 11 paper - - 08-20-2019
PD Center (D207)08-20-2019 1:23 PMRepair & MaintanceLight above teacher desk is out. THANK YOU! :)Completed08/26/2019Maximo Submitted 08-20-2019199015609-18-2019
E10608-19-2019 4:37 PMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)Time needs to be adjustedCompleted08/20/20198/20 Replaced with new clock - - 08-20-2019
F20708-19-2019 2:22 PMOther/MiscNeed two shelf brackets for cubbies. Thank you!Completed08/20/20198/20
-Has new Cubby Shelf (8) Comp
-Delivered 1 clip for shelf
- - 08-20-2019
E20108-15-2019 4:11 PMRepair & MaintanceClass cleaners accidentally broke off control panel for AC. When attempted to place it back, it seemed to be working, but needs to be ATTACHED back (I don't want to force it). AC will turn off once panel is removed from wall.Completed08/20/20198/20
Thermostat reattached. Will submit work request if thermostat falls off wall.
- - 08-20-2019
PD Center (D207)08-15-2019 12:48 PMRepair & MaintanceWobbly desks:
- Back table with 4 green chairs
- Table against teacher desk

Completed08/20/2019 - - - 09-18-2019
F10108-15-2019 7:59 AMFurniture MovementPlease set up 24 students desks for i-Ready Make up testing in F101. Arrangement can be in double rows (students facing each other). Let me know if this doesn't make sense. Please let me know when the set up is complete and I'll send a sign up to the teachers for make-ups after. Thank you so much!!Closed - 8/15

Emailed will use D106
- - - -
F10508-14-2019 8:58 AMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)class clock is not working Completed08/14/20198/14 Delivered new clock and battery adjusted time. - - 08-13-2019
F10108-13-2019 8:34 AMFurniture MovementF101 will be used as a rehearsal space for Dance Team and Musical Theatre. I kindly ask that you move all furniture to the sides of the room to create a performance space. Need it by 8/15/19 after school. Sorry for the short notice. Thank you!Completed08/13/2019 - - - 08-13-2019
D20708-13-2019 8:06 AMRepair & MaintanceReplace rubber under kick down doorstop Completed08/13/20198/13
Replaced rubber for kick down doorstop
- - 08-13-2019
D10308-13-2019 8:05 AMRepair & MaintanceReplace rubber under kick down doorstop Completed08/13/20198/13 Replaced broken rubber on bottom of door stop - - 08-13-2019
Library08-12-2019 3:18 PMDeliveryThere are 3 boxes on the table by the bulletin board (near the entrance). All boxes are labeled with a Room number. Please deliver 2 boxes to D207 and 1 box to D206. Thank You!Completed08/13/20198/13
Boxes delivered
- - 08-13-2019
d20608-12-2019 10:45 AMRepair & Maintance2 more cubbie shelves have fallen. The pegs are not holding. Can I have 8 new pegs? I will return the old ones. Thank you.Completed08/13/20198/13 Exchanged w/new 8 pegs - - 08-13-2019
d20608-08-2019 12:44 PMRepair & Maintancecubby (s) shelves falling down. One shelf (from cubby by black board) is on the side of the white chair by the white rolling shelves. The other shelf that falls is the one by the turtle pic. 2nd shelf on left on top (loose plugs)Completed08/09/20198/8
-8 clips exchanged for new peg.
- - 08-12-2019
F20608-08-2019 9:49 AMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)I mean four almost five minutes FAST. Sorry!!! LOL!Completed08/08/20198/8 Delivered new clock - - 08-08-2019
F20608-08-2019 9:47 AMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)Hi Mike! My class clock is four almost five minutes slow. Thanks!Closed - Duplicate Submission - - - -
Library08-07-2019 4:22 PMDeliveryPlease deliver the following boxes to each Grade Level PLC Room. All boxes are located in the library.

Grade K: 14 boxes
Grade 1: 15 boxes
Grade 2: 15 boxes
Grade 3: 15 boxes + 3 boxes (2 McGraw-Hill boxes and 1 Stepping Stones Box Set) located on the table near the Library Workroom entry way from the library.
Grade 4: 17 boxes

Thank You!
Completed08/08/2019 - - - 08-08-2019
Conference D208-07-2019 10:09 AMOther/MiscIf there is one available, I'd like to request another bookshelf for my room. Thanks, JennClosed - - - - - -
D20208-07-2019 5:00 AMOther/MiscRubber part on doorstop came off, so my doorstop doesn't work too well. So sorry, don't know what happened! Need assistance to see if it's possible to reattach. Thank you.Completed08/13/20198/13
Replaced bottom rubber for kick down door stop
- - 08-13-2019
Library Workroom08-05-2019 3:06 PMLamination Film Replacement (Library Wk/rmNot sure if a request was already made, but can the film for Laminator #2 be replaced? Thank you so much. Laminator #3 is also running low.Completed08/06/20198/6
Replace film in laminator #2 & #3
- - 08-06-2019
CC Room 08-05-2019 1:50 PMOther/MiscDeliver iReady Mathematics books to Grade 5 PLC room. (Boxes are labeled in the front office). Thank you!!!Completed08/06/20198/10 Delivered boxes to PLC Rm Gr5 - - 08-06-2019
D20308-05-2019 6:52 AMFurniture MovementHi, could you please remove 7 extra green chairs, 1 bookshelf, and 1 desk (all located in the back of the room). Thank you so much!Completed08/06/20198/6/19
14-152 Student desk
2C-86 17/18 Student chair
2C-327 17/18 Student chair
2C-83 17/18 Student chair
2C-171 17/18 Student chair
2C-98 17/18 Student chair
2C-103 17/18 Student chair
2C-81 17/18 Student chair
- - 08-06-2019
D10308-03-2019 9:50 AMFurniture MovementRemoving 5 yellow student chairs & 1 student double desk. Thank you!!Completed08/03/20198/2/19
Furniture removed and placed in D106
2B-93 15/16 Student Chair
2B-96 15/16 Student Chair
2B-81 15/16 Student Chair
2B-75 15/16 Student Chair
2B-89 15/16 Student Chair
14-30 Student desk
- - 08-03-2019
Library08-02-2019 4:12 PMDeliveryPlease deliver 8 boxes labeled "Gr. 1" to the 1st Grade PLC room. The boxes will be by the library door. Thank you!Completed08/05/2019Delivered Box - - 08-05-2019
Library Workroom08-02-2019 4:10 PMRepair & MaintanceLaminator #1 is broken. There appears to be some paper stuck in the roller? A teacher noticed it when she was attempting to laminate name tags.Completed08/06/20198/6 Removed suck items in rollers
Name Tags
Cut laminated manila folder
- - 08-06-2019
D20108-02-2019 1:25 PMOther/MiscHave one desk lowered for teacher use. Thank you!Completed08/02/20198/2
adjusted desk
- - 08-04-2019
E20308-02-2019 11:31 AMFurniture MovementRemoval of one student desk and 2 student desk chairs. Thank you so much!!Completed08/02/20198/2 Moved to Custodial E2
2C-247 17/18 STUDENT CHAIR
2C-249 17/18 STUDENT CHAIR
- - 08-05-2019
2nd Floor D Building PLC08-02-2019 10:16 AMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")May we please have more white copy paper? Thank you!!Completed08/02/20198/2 Delivered 9 cs white 8.5 x 11 paper - - 08-02-2019
F10308-02-2019 7:20 AMOther/MiscGood morning, I would like for book shelves to be adjusted. The shelves are located at each group (2-total attached to students desks).

The first group book shelf is the height I would like for the middle shelf. If the 2nd and 3rd bookshelves at the groups be adjusted to match that would be great.

I did try I was unable to take off the pegs.

FYI: There is blue sticky stuff on wall top (alphabet) and bottom under white board that I could not remove. Doesn't bother me just would like to make you aware.

Thank you in advance.
Completed08/02/20198/2 Adjusted and turned shelf - - 08-02-2019
F10208-01-2019 2:42 PMAntsHi- Apparently it's that time of the year. I have ants on my window sill and little "droppings". I assume from the ants. Can I have some bait? Thx for your time.Completed08/12/20198/12
Delivered 3 ant baits to room
- - 08-12-2019
d10308-01-2019 12:57 PMfurniture adjustmentMay I please have my rectangle table lowered. If possible before meet and greet. Sorry for late request. Someone just gave me floor chairs. Completed08/02/20198/2 Lowered Rectangle Table - - 08-02-2019
F-20408-01-2019 11:14 AMFlagsMay I please have an American Flag and a Hawaiian flag? I currently have no flags at all. Thank you so much!Completed08/01/2019Delivered American & Hawaiian Flag - - 08-01-2019
F20307-31-2019 4:12 PMRepair & MaintanceQuestionAloha,
The bookcases in my room need the clear prongs that hold the shelves up.

Also, do you have an easel that I can use for the year?
Completed08/01/20198/1 Delivered bookshelf clips - - 08-01-2019
D-10907-31-2019 2:52 PMFurniture MovementCould I have 5 student chairs removed from my room? Thank you!Completed08/02/20197/31 Moved Student 15/16 chairs
- - 08-02-2019
D10407-31-2019 11:47 AMOther/MiscPls. remove large table (6 ft x 3 ft) in back of room and 2 SINGLE desk outside of room. Thanks.Completed08/30/20197/31 will removed once horseshoe tables are delivered - - 09-16-2019
Library07-31-2019 8:11 AMLamination Film Replacement (Library Wk/rmCould you please replace laminator 3, it is out, thank youCompleted07/31/20197/31 Replaced film on #3 laminator - - 07-31-2019
D-10807-31-2019 7:58 AMRepair & MaintanceFurniture Movement2 Rubber panels under the sink needs to be attached.
Remove from class 2 student desks and 2 short roller benches. I would also put a student desk outside my sliding door. Thank You!
Pending - Pending:
Base molding under sink

Short bench L-13, L-14 moved to D106
Student desk 14-94 Outside of D108
Student Chair 2b-235, 2b-240 Outside of D108
- - - -
D10207-31-2019 6:12 AMFurniture MovementHI Mike,

May you please:
- remove 5 yellow student chairs
- bring in one student desk

Completed - 7/31
-Student Desk Fm D108 14-91

-Student Chair Removed
- - 07-31-2019
F10307-31-2019 7:24 AMLamination Film Replacement (Library Wk/rmFilm is needed for laminator 2 and 3 as film is very lowCompleted07/31/2019Laminator #2 Film replaced - - 07-31-2019
D-20607-30-2019 11:12 PMFurniture MovementPlease remove the 6 lime green student chairs placed in stack outside D-206. Thank you! GeriCompleted - 7/31 17/18 Green Student chair

#95, 166, 326, 174, 317, 318
- - 07-31-2019
D-20607-30-2019 11:07 PMOther/MiscCan someone please lift the shelf up one notch on all 4 bookshelves? That way the students can slide their bins in and out much easier. Can this be done before meet and greet on Wednesday night? Thank you, GeriCompleted07/31/2019replaced stuck bookshelf clips, - - 07-31-2019
D20407-30-2019 9:00 PMFurniture MovementFurnitureRequest for teacher deskCompleted07/31/20197/31 Delivered Teacher Desk Need barcode - - 07-31-2019
D20407-30-2019 8:58 PMFurniture MovementRemoved 2.5' x 6' Rectangle tableCompleted07/31/20197/31 Moved to Off D2-A
1E-14 2.5' x 6' Rectangle Table
- - 07-31-2019
F20707-30-2019 4:35 PMRepair & MaintanceOne of the book shelves is missing a shelf bracket. Completed07/31/20197/31 Replaced 2 bookshelf clips - - 07-31-2019
E20107-30-2019 3:48 PMOther/MiscSecuring down carpet squares in corner of room (already put in place)Completed07/31/2019Duplicate work request - - 07-31-2019
F20707-30-2019 3:23 PMRepair & MaintanceGirl's bathroom in F bldg upstairs has two toilets not in working condition.Completed07/31/2019 - - - 07-31-2019
F10307-30-2019 1:12 PMtable heightRaising 2 student desks.

1. Next to file cabinet there is a student desk. Please raise to the level of the teacher desk.

2. Next to calendar (math wall) there is a student desk. Could you raise to the level of the shelf next to it?

Thank you so much!
Completed07/30/20191. Adjusted Student Desk (2) - - 07-30-2019
F 205 07-30-2019 12:38 PMRepair & MaintanceTables in the classroom need to be lowered to the lowest setting. Except for the one table at the back in front of the stove.Completed07/30/20191. Adjusted Student Desk (3)
2. Adjusted Rectangle table
- - 07-30-2019
E10307-29-2019 3:38 PMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)Furniture MovementFurniture MovementRemoved 2.5' x 6' Rectangle tableCompleted07/29/20197/29/19 Delivered 1E-8 room - - 07-29-2019
D-10707-29-2019 10:55 AMFurniture MovementPlease remove long rectangle table nearest PIKO door. Thank you!Completed07/29/20197/29/19 Moved 2.5 x 6 rectangle table to Gbldg
- - 07-29-2019
f20707-29-2019 8:34 AMFurniture MovementSorry! I thought I had my file cabinet on the other side of the classroom but when I checked the google drawing doc, it was on the opposite side of where I wanted it. Could you please move my file cabinet to the opposite side, as it currently reflects on my google drawing?
Thank you!!!
Completed07/29/2019Moved file cabinet to new location - - 07-29-2019
F-20407-28-2019 6:25 PMPaper cutterMay I please have a paper cutter for room F-204? There was no paper cutter in the room. Completed07/29/2019PCR-39 delivered 7/29/19 - - 07-29-2019
Conference D207-24-2019 8:07 PMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)Other/Misc1. Wall clock not working (maybe needs new batteries?)

2. If there's a teacher desk available, I'd love to have one. If not, can you please fix the wobbly legs on the table that I will use as a desk (near the filing cabinet)?

Thank you! Jenn Gutierrez
Delivered 34DL-4 teacher desk Fm D105
Delivered 35B-11 Teacher Chair w/no arms
Replaced Battery and adjusted time
- - 07-29-2019
F203 07-24-2019 2:52 PMFurniture MovementAloha,

Please remove 11 desks, four bookcases by the door, and all but 8 green chairs.
Completed07/31/2019due to no storage. Please keep all furniture in room. - - 07-31-2019
F10207-24-2019 1:38 PMRaise tableHI. Sorry to bother again. Can you raise a table for me? It is the one in front with blue trays on it. Also, can we get rid of chairs? If so, I have a set stacked. Thx for your time. I appreciate it. Completed07/24/2019Adjusted tables
Stored 10 15/16 chairs Custodial F1
- - 07-24-2019
D-10907-24-2019 7:58 AMFurniture MovementHi Mike,
I will keep the large conference table until the horseshoe one comes in.

Completed07/24/2019Moved 1E-27 to D109
EZ Adjusted table height
- - 07-24-2019
F10207-22-2019 1:19 PMRemove/modifyHI- Can you please remove the other large table? Also, could you reduce the height of two desks to match low stools that will be on top? Probably lowest notch. ThxCompleted - 1F-42 rectangle table moved to gbldg
2 student desk lowered to stool height
07-23-2019 - 07-23-2019
D10507-22-2019 10:19 AMFurniture MovementPlease Remove the extra small desk from my classroom, as it won't be needed this year. I marked it with a post-it note. However, if we can keep the third rolling chair that was supposed to be with the third desk, that would greatly be appreciated. :) Thank you so much!Completed07/23/2019Removed 34DL-4 desk and delivered carpet 30 squares. - - 07-23-2019
D-10907-19-2019 11:01 AMFurniture MovementHi Mike,
I would like to have the large conference table removed from my room if possible.
Thank you!
Completed07/23/20191F-17 3x6 rectangle table relies placed in Gbldg - - 07-23-2019
E10507-17-2019 9:02 PMFurniture MovementPlease remove the rectangle table to make room for the horseshoe table. Thank you!Completed07/18/20191E-21 2.5x6 rectangle table to Gbldg - - 07-20-2019
D-20607-17-2019 4:53 PMFurniture MovementAloha, After setting up my small group I noticed the large table is wobbly and Large lol. My family and I carried it and put it near the door. Can it be removed? Can I have one of the smaller size tables in it's place? Thanks again for helping me. GeriCompleted07/18/20191F-23 3 x 6 Rectangle Table - - 07-23-2019
F10707-17-2019 3:33 PMLamination Film Replacement (Library Wk/rmPlease replace lamination film for machine #3. Thank you.Completed07/19/2019 - - - 07-23-2019
E10707-17-2019 11:48 AMFurniture MovementAloha. Please remove the 3 x 6 feet table that's in the back of the room. Mahalo.Completed - 1F-35 3x6 Rectangle table moved to Gbldg - - 07-23-2019
D-20607-17-2019 10:43 AMFurniture MovementAloha, Can I have the 3 round tables that was requested on my furniture arrangement? Is it the ones from the hub? I can grab them if that is ok? Thank you in advance, Geri The room looks great! Thank you!!!!Completed07/19/2019All tables in learning hub must stay in leaning hub per admin. - - 07-23-2019
E10507-16-2019 9:40 AMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Could we please get more white xerox paper 8 1/2' x 11" for E bldg first floor copy room? Thank you!Completed07/16/2019Delivered 6 cs white 8.5 x 11 paper - - 07-16-2019
20607-15-2019 11:20 AMOther/MiscHello! I'm a new 5th grade teacher at Ho'okele, and I was able to see my classroom today. It looks like the previous teacher used a lot of flexible seating, which is great! A lot of wonderful options in there, but I'm wondering if there are any extra of the traditional desk pairs, regular student chairs, and a chart stand available for me to use this year in Room 206? If not, no worries, but I wanted to ask. Thanks much!
Angie Ramey
24 17/18 student Chairs
12 Student Desk
- - 07-23-2019
PD Center (D207)07-15-2019 10:30 AMClock (Battery/Adjust Time)Clock does not work. Might need a battery change. Thank you!Completed07/18/2019Changed battery in clock. - - 07-23-2019
E10207-15-2019 10:13 AMFurniture MovementWhen our horseshoe table comes in, please remove the 2 1/2' x 6 ' table located in the back of the room.

Thank you!
Completed07/16/20191E-18 removed from room. In g bldg - - 07-16-2019
F10907-09-2019 12:46 PMXerox Paper (White 8.5" x 11")Could you please deliver xerox paper to the F-building, 1st floor xerox room? Thank you!!Completed07/10/2019 - - - 07-16-2019
D2B Office07-09-2019 7:49 AMOther/MiscMath manipulatives have been organized by grade levels in the library conference room (marked on outside of box). Please distribute to their PLC rooms. Thank you!Completed07/22/2019Delivered boxes to grade level plc rm and offices. - - 07-23-2019
F10607-08-2019 2:00 PMFurniture MovementPlease remove play kitchen, unsafe conditions.Completed07/10/2019 - - - 07-16-2019
F10607-08-2019 1:59 PMFurniture MovementPlease remove rectangular table.Completed07/10/20191E-34 2.5x6 Rectangle Table moved to Gbldg - - 07-23-2019
E20107-08-2019 12:21 PMOther/MiscSecure carpet squares near corner of classroom (already on floor)Completed07/31/20197/31 Taped down carpet squares - - 07-31-2019
F10707-07-2019 9:02 PMRepair & MaintancePlease fix the closet doors closest to the sliding doors. Closet will not lock. The latch on the bottom is loose. Thank you!Completed07/10/2019FMB Repaired Latch for cabinet - - 07-23-2019
F10707-07-2019 8:48 PMFurniture MovementOther/MiscPlease remove long rectangular table in front of the sink area. I will be doing Kindergarten Kick Start from 7/8 to 7/19, so you can move it anytime before 7:30am or after 11am on those days. Thank you!Completed07/10/20191E-35 2.5x6 rectangle table moved to Gbldg - - 07-23-2019
F10107-07-2019 12:12 AMFurniture MovementCan you please remove the 3x6 rectangle table from my classroom? I put a sign on it. I will be teaching the Kindergarten Kickstart program starting on 7/8 from 8am-11am so anytime before or after that time will be good. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!Completed07/10/20191F-41 3x6 rectangle table moved to Gbldg - - 07-23-2019
F10907-05-2019 1:00 PMLamination Film Replacement (Library Wk/rmCould you please replace lamination film for machine #2? Thank you!!Completed07/08/2019 - - - 07-16-2019
F10807-01-2019 10:43 PMFurniture MovementPlease remove 2 large tables that are labeled with blue tape. Thank you. Completed07/02/20191E-36 2.5x6 removed to Gbldg
1F-46 3x6 removed to Gbldg
- - 07-03-2019
F10907-01-2019 12:57 PMFurniture MovementCould I please have the 3' x 6' rectangle table [located in the back of the room] removed from my classroom? Thank you!!Completed07/02/20191F-47 3x6 rectangle table moved to Gbldg - - 07-03-2019
E-20406-21-2019 11:17 PMAdd furniture to roomHi Mike,
May you add a black teacher chair in my classroom, I will be getting rid of my personal chair due to wear and tear. Also, I'm not sure if we should be setting our classes up for 30 students, I realized that I have 14 student desks that sits 28 while most of the other classes have 15 student desks. May I have one more student desk just in case? Thanks so much!
Completed07/24/20197/12 Delivered 1 student desk 14-458
7/24 Delivered Teacher Chair 35A-126

- - 07-24-2019
E-20406-21-2019 12:05 PMOther/MiscHi Mike,
May we please have an extra table in our PLC room (E bldg upstairs) and 2 extra black chairs? Thanks so much!
Completed07/24/20197/10/19 Delivered
34c-19 Conf table

7/24/19 Delivered 2 teacher chair
- - 07-24-2019
F20506-07-2019 10:21 AMFurniture MovementCould you please move Teacher Desk: *34A-54* (in left corner of room), Chair and File Cabinet (in the same corner) to PSAP room?
All items are labeled with a note saying to move to PSAP room.

Thank you!!!
Completed06/18/20197/3/19 Moved to F205 on 6/18/19 - - 07-03-2019
Library06-03-2019 12:12 PMFurniture MovementCan you please move the 2 large tables (on wheels) into the Library Workroom? 2 people are probably needed to move the tables. Thank You!Completed06/10/2019 - - - 06-10-2019
D building 2nd floor PLC room06-03-2019 9:13 AMFurniture MovementHello!
We (3rd grade teachers) were hoping to have a file cabinet and small table (or student desk) for the PLC room to help organize our materials for the next school year. If they are available, we would greatly appreciate it!
Completed07/25/20197/13/19 Delivered Flip & Nest Comp Tables
48J-34, 48J-35, 48J-36, 48J-38, 48J-55

7/24/19 Delivered 2 Teachers Chair

7/25 Delivered 1 File Cabinet Fm
- - 07-25-2019
B 10205-30-2019 1:16 PMRepair & MaintanceThe sinks in the back of my room have very low water pressure. They used to flow much better.

The sinks outside the building have higher water pressure.
Pending - - - - - -
Video Production Room05-29-2019 8:09 AMFurniture MovementThere are items that need to be moved to the new ELL room. The items are on the table to the right of the door as you enter the video production room. The room it'll go to is the room Bernice is currently using, D 2nd Floor, room to the left as you enter the building if you're entering from the bathroom side. Don't take the file cabinet yet though.Completed08/02/20197/25/19 Items moved to room
Waiting on file cabinet movement. from Video Production Room to Conf D2

8/1/19 File Cab moved
- - 08-02-2019