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2021-01-12 41026091. Looking to get back into tournament fishing and wanted to find a good club group that meets in the north Valley.
2. Do you only have tournaments once a month, the 3rd Wednesday? Do you have additional tournaments?
3. How far down do the payouts go? I did not see that on your rules page. Just to third place, 5lb, and big fish or what?
Email is best contact.
Thanks for time and look forward to hearing from you.
2021-01-10 3413518Still time to join and fish this upcoming tournament at Bartlett? I talked to Phil Brewer and he didn’t know if the draw was already completed for this upcoming tournament.
2021-01-07 7680650Hi,

I just paid for this year's membership and entry into the January tournament. It seems both have been returned to me. Is there an issue?

2021-01-04 9904130We just moved here last January and my husband is looking to fish and learn the lakes in AZ. He was a member of the Folsom Bass Club and enjoyed every minute. Can you please call me, Melanie for questions regarding your club. Thank you.
2020-12-29 4636103Hi there,
I'm wanting to join a Bass Club this year, and this one comes highly recommended. I am still a few years away from retirement, but have enough vacation days that I can take every 3rd Wed without too much difficulty... even adding Tue for the out of town trips.
I'm interested in signing up as a non-boater, so that I can learn from others.

So, I'm curious... do you have enough boaters to support new non-boaters? I guess I'm curious how your draw process works.

Secondly, I heard that Bartlett is restricting tournaments to 25 boats... Is that going to impact the Jan event in a few weeks?

Hoping to hear back from you soon,
2020-12-28 4200087I have moved back to Arizona and am interested in joining the club
2020-12-20 3085744Thinking I'm wanting to join your organization. Can someone please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you
2020-12-15 19:42:28Capt 6054552New custom design product for tournament prizes made and mass produced by lifetime master jeweler Bass Fishermen. Please contact me if you have a interest to take a look.
2020-12-12 4129721How much for membership annually ? If I have a back seater , can we sign up together as a team, or do I sill draw for a partner for the day, as a boater?
2020-12-07 8548258Hi my wife and I are interested can you mail information on registration and rules it would be a big help
2020-11-25 510-3279Just wanted to know if your taking new members and if not do you know any bass fishing clubs who are. Thank you
2020-11-24 just wanted the club to know that Lionel Frailey passed away 2 days ago
2020-11-23 2525837Terry could you please change my email address
2020-10-31 881-1728Dear Midweek Bass Anglers AZ,

My name is Sidney McKee and I am an intern with Liberty Wildlife. Liberty Wildlife is a wildlife rescue, rehab, and education non-profit here in Phoenix. I am reaching out to you today because I am working on a project where I am tracking the location of monofilament fishing line recycling bins in Arizona for the public’s use.

I understand that fishing organizations like yours value the outdoors and hold unique perspectives on conservation. Would your organization be interested in collaborating with me to find the locations of fishing line recycling bins while your members are at lakes? This would be greatly appreciated as we would be able to work together in keeping our waterways clean from fishing line pollution and providing the public with accurate data on where they can find their nearest fishing line recycling bin.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

You can contact us at:


Phone: (602) 881-1728


Sidney McKee
2020-10-03 5673038I'm a non boater and wanted to know if you still have meetings that I can attend / join ?
2020-10-01 2155086I went ahead and signed up for the 2020 season and signed up online for Rosy. Please let me know if I need to do anything else.
2020-09-26 19:24:59Paul are the sign up for 2021?
Do the non boaters usually get to fish
Or are there more non boaters then boaters?
2020-09-25 2155086Do you guys have a prorated entry fee for joining towards the end of the year? I'm interested in joining as a boater but might wait until next year.
2020-09-12 14:08:37Otto 260-2602In regard to the 5pound fish reward of $1,000 I have a question that could arise in the future: At weigh-in there is a half pound penalty for dead fish, taken off of the total weight.What happens if the dead fish is the 5+pounder? When it is weighed individually, being the big fish, would it be penalized AGAIN for the half pound? If in fact it is penalized it could drop it below the 5 pounds. That seems to me like the team would be penalized twice. Should a ruling be made in case this ever happens? Thank you, Otto
2020-08-21 11:32:14Bill 3158545Gary want to start fishing again I only have a 19 foot tracker with 115 hp call me if u can I always enjoyed you guys and the club.
2020-08-21 6268143Hi I am an angler looking to get into tournament fishing. I am looking to possibly be a co-angler and I wanted to see how I can get more information on this and cost information. Thank you.
2020-08-16 7902927I have been an on and off member and I suspect I have dropped off the email list so I have not been keeping with activities. I notice there is a tournament this week on lake pleasant. Is there time for me to join as a co-angler?
2020-08-13 6268143Hi, I was wondering what the costs are to fish a tournamnet including your membership fee?
2020-07-21 3352624Hello, ive been wanting to get into the tourney scene for a while now but it’s been hard cause I don’t have a boat. But Adam from bassaddicts tackle refers me to you guy. Give me a call or email me I’d love to join the club!
2020-07-10 17:13:23BRADINGRAMDAYTRIPPA79@YAHOO.COM(502) 381-2490Hello,
I am interested in becoming a club member and taking part in your tournaments. I am a boater and live in the East Valley. I am not sure how you all are operating in the current state of things(COVID-19) but any extra information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I look forward to fishing with you asap!
2020-06-17 8821071Your organization is a bunch of clowns. Most clubs have rules about how close you can be to another boat, apparently you don't. Your competitors were grouped up 10 ft apart in clusters of 3 to 5 boats. A Nitro, a Pro Craft, and a Skeeter pulled up within 25 yards of me and 20 ft of each other and began fishing this morning. How can you determine a winner if you all foloow each other to the same 3 spots on the lake? Let's not forget that your members don't observe No Wake Zones, or the flow of traffic on a lake. Lot of guys with $, and cool jerseys, but no common sense, respect, or ability. You should be embarrassed. BTW we out fished those three boats in a 14 ft aluminum with a 9.9 hp. You guys are posers.
2020-06-07 4561081Hi my name is Craig I am currently a resident of California Southern California’s tournament series for the El Cajon Ford team series. I have finished multiple tournaments in Southern California and looking to move to Arizona enjoying another organization to fish tournaments again. Just seeing what the requirements are joining tournament and meeting good people. Thank you for your time hope to hear from you
2020-05-20 341 0499retiring need help at desposing of tournament fishing tackle. cheap call for personal look thru
2020-04-26 571-5716Good afternoon. Your club and web site looks very interesting and certainly alot of fun for the members. I am an old timer withalmost no fishing experience in many years. I watch the u-tube videos and it looks like you have several professionals as members for example Gary Senft. I saw that he had his boat for sale on craigslist. For a new member with literally no current experience is your club not recommended. I see that you list all the tournments and point spread and the lakes look like a lot of fun. Would a person with not alot of experience be out of place. Would I be out of place as a novice. I am 76 without a bass boat but certainly able to pay for my ride. Appreciate yout time as your club look very interesting. Thank you and have a nice day
2020-03-21 4275656I'm Patrick Boll and I'm interested to start fishing some local tournaments but have no experience fishing tournaments. I fish recreation and have done a couple kayak tournaments but never any boat fishing tournaments. I got some advise to check out local clubs to learn the ropes and gain tournament experience before moving to more bigger tournaments. I don't know if your club is open to beginner tournament anglers or if there is anyone in your club willing to show me how its done and the unwritten rules of tournaments. You can reach back to me at this or 4804275656.
2020-03-10 7580650Hi,
I was with Gary in Mexico and know you need co-anglers for Alamo. I have paid my membership dues. I would like to fish that tournament. Please contact me ASAP.

2020-03-02 3778146I am interested in becoming a member. I am a retired US Marine. I do not have a boat. I do have experience fishing on the Redman Tournament Trail in California and I also fished on the MBAA (Military Bass Angler Association) I am just getting back into bass fishing and I just want to make friends and do something I love.
Thanks for your consideration.
Casey Brown
2020-02-25 8615212I have changed my address to 11274 S Fortuna Rd Ste#D2 #437 Yuma 85367
My old address was 5882 E 27th Pl Yuma 85365.
2020-02-25 6076327I will be camping at Alamo Lake in March and I just saw you have a tournament there on March 18th.

Is there a way I can join your group then sign us as a co for the tournament?


2020-02-10 9818232I was wondering if you have room for a non-boater, however I do have a boat.but looking to do some fishing with experience tournement fisherman first if that can work not sure if there is any one with an empty seat. Or fill in at this time would be great.I am retired and in payson so I am not sure about attending meetings in the valley or if it mandatory.
Thank you in advance for the consideration.would love to hear from you.
2020-01-12 3810499We are planning to come down to Phoenix for spring training and my son and I would like to find someone to take us out Bassin one of the days. If you have any recommendations on who to call or if anyone in your club is interested that would be awesome. My son is 14 and has fished for smallmouth quite a bit but never really fished for largemouth. Thank you for any ideas or info
2020-01-10 4631844What are the entry fees?
Is it boat and non draw partner?
Any other info would be appreciated.
2020-01-08 2421018Could I get John Reichard phone number Terry gave it tome the other day and I must have deleted the email. I need to know if it’s to late to buy back on the 5lb pot thank you
2020-01-07 15:11:56Jeffrey Higgins 9997245Hello my name is Jeff I am a medically retired military veteran. I am originally from Minnesota and do not know the AZ lakes. I thought that I could fish with you as co angler so I could learn the lakes and techniques used to bass fish here in AZ. My VA Doctor told me that I should really start doing something that I love and enjoy doing, well that is fishing and just being on the water not catching any fish is better than anything I know of. I live in Mesa and was wondering what I can do to get fishing here in AZ and how much it would cost me since im on a limited income every month. Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you.
2020-01-03 242-1018Terry where is the document that tells the co’s what they are to pay at the different lakes? I remember reading it some where but I can’t find it. The other question is it to late to back pay on the 5lb pot