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2020-01-12 3810499We are planning to come down to Phoenix for spring training and my son and I would like to find someone to take us out Bassin one of the days. If you have any recommendations on who to call or if anyone in your club is interested that would be awesome. My son is 14 and has fished for smallmouth quite a bit but never really fished for largemouth. Thank you for any ideas or info
2020-01-10 4631844What are the entry fees?
Is it boat and non draw partner?
Any other info would be appreciated.
2020-01-08 2421018Could I get John Reichard phone number Terry gave it tome the other day and I must have deleted the email. I need to know if it’s to late to buy back on the 5lb pot thank you
2020-01-07 15:11:56Jeffrey Higgins 9997245Hello my name is Jeff I am a medically retired military veteran. I am originally from Minnesota and do not know the AZ lakes. I thought that I could fish with you as co angler so I could learn the lakes and techniques used to bass fish here in AZ. My VA Doctor told me that I should really start doing something that I love and enjoy doing, well that is fishing and just being on the water not catching any fish is better than anything I know of. I live in Mesa and was wondering what I can do to get fishing here in AZ and how much it would cost me since im on a limited income every month. Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you.
2020-01-03 242-1018Terry where is the document that tells the co’s what they are to pay at the different lakes? I remember reading it some where but I can’t find it. The other question is it to late to back pay on the 5lb pot
2019-12-31 353-0702I fished with my buddy, John Hilland in your recent "Winner take all" tourney and I am interested in joining your club as a non boater. Please send me any pertinent information needed.
2019-12-23 3587424I am a Canadian looking to spend winters here and I am an avid bass angler. Would like more info about club as if I am going to be here for 6 months starting next fall I'll need to learn the area and meet other anglers right now i am only here for a week to check out the resort and find a place to buy. So any info about club would be great
2019-12-09 8615212I noticed on my application I mistakenly put 760-862-5212 as my phone, it should be 760-861-5212. Thanks.
2019-12-08 862-5212When can I enter the 2020 tournaments on line?
2019-11-07 4257904I found a jacket Monday on Bartlett Lake there's midweek Anglers has a name on it dick if this is your jacket or you know the person who owns it if they want it back have them call my number I live in Tonto basin
2019-11-06 3189704Hi Guys. My name is Charlie Mackintosh. I stopped by for your meeting today and met some of you, spoke with Terry. Thanks for the welcome Terry. I am in process of transitioning from Michigan to Arizona. I hope to be on fully moved-in by late spring or early summer and hope to participate in events during the 2nd half of the year. It looks like you have built a great bass club. I started tx fishing in the Arizona All Star aluminum boat series in the 90's and continued tx fishing during work assignments in NY and MI. I'm looking forward to fishing with your club. Charlie
2019-10-18 5874203take beginners? I have ocean fished out of san diego for 50 yrs. but just starting to fish bass in lakes. also what if you have more non boat anglers than boats?
2019-10-03 2024965I was planning on coming to meeting but fell ill. I hope to attend the next meeting.
2019-09-27 236-7080Good morning,
I am a technician with AZGFD Aquatic Invasive Species program. We are hoping to do some outreach with Angling groups, and would love an opportunity to present or just simply chat with Midweek Bass Anglers. We want to stop the spread of AIS and can only do this with your help! If you have any questions, please let me know. We look forward to hearing from you.
2019-09-22 626-8143I was wondering how do you become a co-angler?
2019-09-19 202-4964I would like to attend your October 2nd meeting to find out more about the club. I am form northwest Ohio and haven’t fished for 20 years. I don’t have a boat although I did have a boat 1984 to 1999. I will be there at 7am unless I hear back from you. Thanks
2019-09-02 3146211Can I get some information on your club and how I can join and is there someone I can talk to
2019-08-25 2953238I’m interested
2019-08-25 2953238I’m interested
2019-08-22 21:21:31Rick 647-3300I know it's late in the season, but I would like to join the Midweek Bass Anglers. I just had a few questions on how to start. I have a boat, but Gary Senft recommended me start as an angler to have an opportunity to fish with other fisherman. I like that idea, but it looks like the last few tournaments have the correct number of anglers / boaters except one. How would that work for me just starting?

I can send the application, but if you have a few minutes, I would like to talk. I'm retired, available most of the time.


Rick Knight
(602) 647-3300
2019-08-01 221-2963Hi..... I would like to join the group and begin fishing with the group. Several folks have told me how fun it is and Gary Senft told me I should join when he was my guide. I have fished but I am a rookie bass angler. I am eager to learn and I like to have fun and laugh. Let me know what the next steps are to get started. Thanks, Gene

2019-07-30 2374379To: Reichard, Tassin,
Today I used an online signup form to pay for my registration for Bartlett in May. The original payment was not honored by my bank because the credit card I used at the time had been compromised which we discovered a week or so after the entry was submitted. We cancelled the credit card, but the payment to midweek Bass did not show up as a debit at that time, so we missed knowing it was a problem. Sorry for the delay, but all should be square now.


Dennis Beverage
2019-07-23 13:59:27Allen Wacker 5105396Terry now you have an email address for me
2019-06-07 3006275I am interested in joining as an angler only to begin. I am new to these lakes, but have a pretty decent understanding of the techniques used. I would love to fish the June tournament if still possible.
2019-06-05 7212115My name is Neil Large, I'm the digital Marketing Coordinator for Arizona State Parks and Trails. You guys have a broken link to our Alamo Lake campgrounds on your Alamo Lake Fact Sheet. The link should be

Also...I would like to talk about hosting even more bass tournaments throughout Arizona's State Park system. We have several bass lakes and would love increase awareness about them. We could work out a mutually beneficial agreement...Please let me know!!

Tight Lines...

Neil Large
2019-05-26 499-5965New email address is listed above
Thanks David
2019-05-05 12:49:14Wayne 633-6736I payed and filled out the tournament form for May 15, 2019. on 5-3-19
2019-04-30 12:20:04Wayne 633-6736Hello, I just joined and looking forward to fishing with your club on May 15, 2019 at Bartlett Lake. I can not attend this meeting on April 1. Any questions just call me.
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Midweek Bass Anglers
Wayne Kukral
2019-04-11 322 3506Gary,

I got your message and after reviewing the rules more in depth I seen it is a draw tournament. Which I and Ryan my co-angler are good with. I tried to call you back this morning but I must have wrote your # down wrong.
928-348-1335 work 7-3:30 pm
928-322-3506 cell
2019-04-10 322-3506President,
I have paid annual fees and tournament entry for Roosevelt 4/17/2019. Team Steve Warren & Ryan Harlson. Please ensure PayPal was processed. See you all at the lake. work # 928-348-1335

Steve Warren
2019-04-06 725-4068I'm just getting back into conventional fishing after fly fishing for many years, and I want to join the club to socialize and have fun with other Bass fishermen, learn more about Bass fishing the local lakes, and compete in tournaments. I learned about the club from Gary Senft when I fished with him last month and it sounded like the perfect fit for me since I also prefer to fish during the week as opposed to weekends. I've never fished in a tournament but I've always wanted to - looks like a lot of fun. I have a Tracker 175TF and fish Lake Pleasant about once a week or more if I can. I have insurance through State Farm but the liability amount is for $100,000 which I believe is the minimum required for AZ. I read on the application that you require $300,000 so I'll call State Farm Monday to get my amount increased if that's what you require. If you could verify in the meantime if that is the minimum liability required I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, Gene
2019-03-26 18:57:27Kenny 2421018I am trying to sign up for the tournament at Roosevelt. is to early or am i just not going to the right place?
2019-03-16 6076327I am camping at Alamo. I heard you have a tournament this Wednesday. If there are any openings, or cancellations I’d like to enter.

2019-02-17 5136171Moving to Surprise March 15. Looking to join. I am currently a member of ZLF(zero limit fishing). I am a boater, but can do non boater to learn the lakes. Thank You
2019-02-07 6682811Hi there, I'm a new angler, but I am interested in tournament fishing. Do you have to be a member to compete? Do you have to compete in every tournament? Are there prizes, and is there a boat type requirement?
2019-02-06 4805595173Do you get to choose your partner or is it randomized.
2019-01-28 3693026Would like to join your club. I was wondering the best way to sign up as a Co. I own a boat but need to more tournament experience as a co angler. Thank you justin
2018-12-31 10:39:28CharlesMurdock 5990892Disregard my last message I figured it out thank you
2018-12-31 10:30:14Charles Murdock 5990892 Not able to Fish in January but would like to pay just for the 5 pound pot so I can keep in it I tried to do it online but not able to do it
2018-12-27 13:59:32Josh 4812845Hello,
I'm not really sure where to start but I wanted to see if I could talk to someone about joining. My wife usually does a lot of my forms as I have a few issues relating to disabilities. I'm 100% disabled through the VA and have been looking to get more out of life rather than being homebound. I have been looking into fishing more and more as a possible means to a career (way later of course) but I'm just needing guidance or help or even someone/club helping out.
2018-12-13 6843111Wickenburg Marine would like to send your club three $50 Service Vouchers to give away at your annual dinner in January. Please send us an address you would like these sent to. It was a pleasure meeting your members at Lake Alamo and we truly appreciate the blog in your last newsletter.
2018-12-10 fellow Fishermen,

Please take a moment to read about the exciting new products we’ve created for the fisherman that has everything…

This is not a rod, reel, lure, or anything else that would go in your tackle box.

What we’ve created is a product called Fishing Symbols and our website is:


Our exciting new products are the only ones of their kind in the world and are very cool looking.

What are they?

Ø ABS Chrome plated fish symbols of the most popular freshwater species.

Ø Strong, durable foam adhesive backing.

Ø Totally weatherproof

Ø Stick one to the tailgate of your truck, SUV, car, boat, trailer, beer fridge, cottage wall, boathouse, garage wall, man cave, office wall, laptop cover, tackle box, and anywhere else you can think of.

Ø Each symbol is an impressive 3 inches high by 7 ½ inches long by ¼ inch thick.

Ø 4 species currently available… Bass, Muskie, Trout and Walleye.

Ø More species and other products (t-shirts, hats) coming soon.

Please visit our website at to see many more pics, ordering info, and pricing.

Thank you

Fishing Symbols Team
2018-12-03 9400110Good Morning.. Question: My son and daughter in-law are flying in from Utah for a business meeting and will be here on the 11th of January. Can I pay the quest fee and have them attend the dinner with me? Please let me know.. thx, Richard
2018-12-01 729-4486Hi interested in joining your club are there enough boats to handle a back seat fisherman. Please let me know interested in joining.
2018-11-30 940-0110I want to join the 5 pound pot and pay for next year. There is no place to pay the fee back to June of 2018. Please let me know how to proceed.. thx,
2018-11-24 2901835Live heer two years and love the lakes live to fish
2018-11-16 women join? My wife would like to join with me, we love to fish together but understand that if we won't be able to fish together.
2018-11-08 2026868I am going to be in Glendale from the 18th until the 26th and was thinking about bringing a couple of poles and do some bass fishing. I belong to a club in Sac, Ca and have a Tracker Boat that I fish from. Was wondering if any of the members might be interested if they have an open backseat during that time I could hook up with. I would for sure split the cost of the trip. Feel free to give out my number. Thank you
2018-09-21 2732794Hello, I am interested in joining midweek bass anglers club. And fishing some tournaments. Is it possible to get a schedule and the steps to joining
2018-09-17 19:42:34TammyDickson 426001525Dear Team,

We would like to invitation your club to Australia's largest prize purse and most challenging fishing tournament. It is for pro and am competitors for the best anglers in there world vs an All Australian teams. Please let me know who best to send through your invitation before general public sales are released next week.
Many thanks,
Tammy Dickson
Global head of Communications.
2018-09-11 263-7114I have just moved to Fountain Hills from Washington State and am interested in your club. I am not experienced in bass fishing though I have done a bit and love it. I need to invest in quite a bit of equipment it seems, but that is not a problem. What experience level is needed? Is there any equipment that is needed at a minimum? I am (at least) temporarily retired so mid week fishing is perfect for me. I am experienced in boating, I have owned 2, one salt water and a ski boat. I consider my boating skills to be semi experienced, but not so much when it comes to trolling motor operation. Please get back to me at your convenience. I look forward hearing from you.
2018-09-11 08:44:55Jeffrey 7025422I'm interested in joining your club. I'm fairly new to serious bass fishing. Mostly fishing from a kayak for now, but hoping to get a boat with in the next year. I'm in the construction business and most of that business is out of town. For example, I'll be working in Hawaii February 2019 through May 2019. I do get to come home once a month and If I can I would try to schedule those trips around the tournament schedule. Obviously business and family concerns would have to be a priority but I would generally know a few weeks ahead of time if I wouldn't be able to make a tournament. If this sounds like it would work for your club I would like to join as soon as I can. Thank you for consideration. Jeff
2018-09-07 203-5738I'm interested in learning more and possibly joining your group. I heard you speak at the Bass Pro Shop in Mesa in August along with the other club speakers. It seems Midweek may be a better fit for me. I own a 2018 Ranger bass boat and have a couple of years experience and am interested in being a co-angler. I personally know one of your members: Luke Spreitzer. I've also gone fishing with Gary Senft a couple times. Please let me know if you have room for 1 more, I would like to attend the next meeting!
2018-08-14 6729902Do you have room for a boater tomorrow if I register tonight?
2018-08-04 5212169I would like to speak with someone about a sponsorship program with the club. Nothing to corporate something more of a partnership that benefits us both. I am the Director of Fishing for Boulder Boats located in Mesa,AZ
2018-08-01 389-7069personal info update
2018-08-01 236-7608My name is Israel Garcia and I am an Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The Aquatic Invasive Species Program is hoping to form relationships with angling groups and organizations to spread the word concerning aquatic invasive species. We would be more than happy to come out to meetings or events to educate anglers on how they can help stop the spread of these invasives. We are hoping Midweek Bass Anglers AZ would be interested in our program. Please let me know if any of that is possible or if you would like more information.
2018-07-29 568-9280I fished a lot but had a liver transplant and couldn’t fish much my boat stayed in garage so I sold it ,but now I’m feeling much better and would love to get back on the water your formate is just what I need thank you
2018-07-23 15:42:47Herbert 999-7503I went ahead and signed up on line. I would like to be in the August tournament please contact me for details Thanks Herb
2018-07-23 14:34:52Herbert 999-7503Hi I cant make the next meeting to Join and Gary Senft said to notify you and see if I could join online? I am a non boat owner and Im very interested in becoming a member. I would like to get in on the next tournament in Aug. Thanks Herb.
2018-07-12 402 2643where do i go to sign up
2018-07-09 3005047I would like to participate in some bass fishing tournaments, I don’t have a boat, but wondering how to participate, and how it works
2018-07-09 3005047i’m a resident in az, wanting to join some tournaments and just wanting to know how to join?
2018-07-03 2296324I paid for the Pleasant Tournament on July 18th under the paypal account for Kristine Witt/Nelson. It did not give me an option to make a note to merchant. Thank you.
2018-05-16 710-9132This is Dave Weedman from AGFD. Tom Alauria was working with us Saturday and got hurt. I need his phone number so I can talk with him and see how hes doing. Thanks
2018-04-29 363-0211Would love to join the club.Will be out of town for the upcoming May meeting.I have an older bass boat and fairly new to bass fishing, but have been fishing my whole life and a fly fisherman for the last 30 plus years.Went fishing with Matt Shura and he told me about your club.Call me anytime.Would like to get in on the May tournament if possible.Also have a new friend Rick Jensen who wants to join too.
Thank You, Dan Vojacek
2018-04-26 2655445I am interested in joining your club. I've never done tourney fishing. Just wondering how you feel about someone new to the tourney scene.

2018-04-19 518-9546I am going to be in Arizona ciity for about 6 weeks in January and February 2019. I currently live in Northern Ca. and am interested in inquiring about bass fishing between Phoenix and Tucson. Thanks Steve(currently member of Paradise bass club.
2018-04-16 3845961I’d really like to join the bass club but there is one rule holding me back, I have a Larson fish/ski boat that has been outfitted for fishing has working proven livewell and everything but it is 14 foot and the rule says it must be 15 foot, it’s a steering wheel boat and all is there any acceptions to this rule? I have pictures of the boat if need be
2018-04-09 08:48:43Bryant 236-7593I'm the new Reservoir Habitat Specialist at Game and Fish and would like to talk with someone about scheduling some habitat build dates and installation dates. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My office number is 623-236-7593 and my cell number is 602-390-2635.
2018-04-04 466-9490I'm looking to start fishing your tournament as a coangler. Do you have a open spot available? I would be looking to start in May for the local tournaments. Also is the Jersey required?
Thank you,
Tyler Foutz
2018-03-29 670-6214I.m retired and looking to get involved with fishing I dont have a boat yet but looking to get one
2018-03-08 239-8354I would like to join the club. I will be out of town for you next tournament but would like to start after March. Also, I recently bought a new 2018 Tracker 195. I upgraded the trolling motor and graphs. Is there a way to let your club know I have a brand new Minn Kota Maxxum 70lb; 52"; 24volt for sale? I also have two brand new Lowrance Hook 5 CHIRP graphs. All brand new/never used.
2018-03-08 14:33:38Mat 8507936Good Morning,

We wanted to reach out and introduce ourselves to your organization. LP&G, Inc. is a locally owned marketing company here in Tucson, Arizona. Over the past 24 years, we have worked with many industries and assisted several companies exceed their desired end results. We are passionate about working with local businesses who are interested in bringing their products and or services to the front and center of their target market to achieve remarkable results. If you have some time in the near future to sit down for coffee or get together at your location, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss our process and how we can strategically assist in you accomplishing your goals.

Either way, please feel free to utilize us as a resource with any marketing or business development related thoughts or ideas you may have. We hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Mathew Ashcraft
Business Development

LP&G, Inc.
good thinking: Advertising, Design, Recruitment, PR, Web...
520-850-7936 I
2018-03-07 10:57:32PaulIverson 7709424Hi Guys, I really enjoyed my first club meeting, I’m trying to set up a log on for the site and I’m not seeing a first time set up? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,
2018-03-05 16:20:58FredKrumsiek 6957459This is Fred Krumsiek. I can’t make your meeting Wednesday because I’ve been hospitalized for a couple of days. I would still like to fish your tournament though. You can teach me at the number that I’ve provided here. Thank you.
2018-03-05 8034978Please help me in stopping the L.A. army corp of engineers from dropping Alamo lake by 15 ft. On March 12th 2018. UGENT!
2018-02-27 3792121I've been looking for a mid week tournament, is this only in AZ and is it a team tournament or individual? Thank you
2018-02-16 01:41:51Kyle 3018032Hello, My name is Kyle Rex I was wanting to join your guys club as a co angler but saw you had already fished in January. Do I need to find a boater in order to join and fish? Thanks in advance!
2018-02-07 378-4317I live in Illinois but have a place in AZ and currently only get there a couple times a year but looking for retirement years and my love of fishing would like to find some folks to spend time fishing with. Thanks.
2018-01-27 how are you I was doing some online searching found you guys and was wanting more info on how things work I fish lots of shore line but never been on the water do I need a boat to join
2018-01-12 saw you were having a fishing event coming up and wanted to introduce my company to you. I know many event coordinators buy local but since time and money is so important nowadays I thought maybe you would want to check my company out. I have been in the awards business since 1981 and it makes no difference if you want thousands of trophies or just one trophy. I would be willing to speak to you about your awards for your upcoming event. I know some customers have ordered trophies for several years and for some this is their first time in doing so. Even if you just would like some advice in the awards industry I would be happy to speak with you. One thing I do differently than most trophy companies is I believe that service is the most important thing a company can offer. Here at my company I am the one who answers the phone (if I am on another line just leave your name and number and I will call you right back) to give you the best customer service you can get, no secretary or salesman to talk with, just the owner. No orders are too big or too small. You can reach me at this toll free number 800-582-8595 or I am the one who answers the emails, so just shoot me an email if you would like as well. We do have pictures of a few fishing trophies we have done and if you would like pictures just send me an email and I will send them over to you.

Don Doris
Doris Bros. Trophies
Noble, IL
2018-01-11 463 3063)I would like to join your club but I do not use pay pal so I dont how to submit with crwdit card

Dear Fishing Club President,

I just wanted to let you know that we have listed your fishing club on

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Chuck Christopher

President, CKM Products
2018-01-08 9851601Hello,
I’m visiting Lake Havisu for two weeks this month. I’m 62 live for bass fishing in Southern Oregon may move there. Anyone have an extra seat for winter bass/give me the rundown/ meet the club.

2018-01-03 3413518I’m interested in learning more about the club. I attempted to make the meeting this morning, but there was a mix up with my work schedule. Can someone reach out to me to answer a couple of questions? I’m a pretty experienced recreational bass fisherman, but looking to get my feet wet with some tournament style fishing. Please give me a call as I am interested in fishing the tournament at Bartlett on the 16th. I can be reached at 6234313518. Thank you
2017-12-22 09:57:51Doyle 721-5889Hello, I fished the open at Lake Pleasant last weekend and had a great time. I'm a long time friend of member John Hilland and he has encouraged me to join the club. I will be mailing my application in today and will join as a boater but willing to fish as a non boater if necessary. Unfortunately, I wont be able to fish the January tournament but looking forward to February. Thank you, Doyle
2017-11-23 806-442Please let me know when your 2018 schedule is finalized so it can be added to
2017-11-21 503-3731Hello, I would like to know when can I sign up for the 2018 season. I plan to attend the meeting December 6th, 2017 but the Q&A portion of this site says to sign up prior to the meeting. Please clarify. Thank you.
2017-11-02 435-4793Does membership run Jan to Dec or a year from when you join?
2017-11-01 5135583My name is Kelly and I am emailing to introduce you to Rayjus Outdoors. We are a US manufacturer of Full Dye Sublimated tournament Jerseys and related products. We are based in Morris, IL and have been in business for 7 years. Our jerseys are moisture wicking, SPF 50, fade resistant, 100% polyester, will not shrink, and we have endless colors. There are over 80 stock designs to choose from as well as exclusive custom designs.

We do offer packages and competitive pricing. The quality of our jerseys are second to none.

Please feel free to check out our website at or our Facebook page Rayjus Outdoors.

2017-10-02 993-4278I went ahead and signed up for membership and for the Roosevelt tournament. I made a mistake on the DOB, it's actually 6/11/70. I can fish as a boater or co-angler. Please let me know if you need anything else or have any questions. Thanks, Rob.
2017-10-02 993-4278I'm interested in joining the club and fishing at the next tournament at Roosevelt. Do you have any availability for non-boaters?
2017-10-02 244-8274I'm considering joining your tournament group next season as a non-boater. I just have a couple questions. Is there a limit on how many rods a non-boater can bring? Also, what is the average (if known) a non-boater should pay to his boater?
2017-08-13 5233571Hello, I am interested in joining the club. I would prefer to be a non-boater although I have access to a boat. Do you generally have any openings for non-boaters? Thank you for your time.
2017-07-28 4027669Hello my name is Dustin Wilhite. I am interested in joining the club as a coangler. I know it is late in the season, but I would like to fish the remaining tournaments if possible. I work as a phx police officer, and I have weekdays off so your club would work perfectly for me. Are there any openings for coanglers in the remaining tournaments? Thanks for your time.
2017-05-13 5261709I am very interested in this club and love the idea of mid week tournaments! I have my own boat but would be willing to get my feet wet as a non- boater in the club. I live in the far east valley, Mesa, so don't know if I would be able to attend meetings. Would this hinder the opportunity to fish in this unique series? Thank you.
2017-05-09 256-7442Just looking for some information about the mid-week bass anglers and stuff
2017-04-14 6949545I want to join and fish As a boater next week at saguaro lake.please contact me ASAP.thank you
2017-04-11 12:42:30John 803-2299Hi, I was wondering if your tournament is closed on the 19th? I do not currently belong to any clubs and I was looking for one to join. I have watched your site for a few months and really like the mid-week option. I have never fished a tournament format, my skills are average to good. I fish with very updated equipment and baits, my boat is a 2005 Champion 187dc with 175hp. I could fish boater or co-angler. I'm really trying to see if your club would be a good place to start or do I need to do something lessor to get my feet wet. Thanks in advance for your time and any information you can give me.

John Hilland
2017-04-04, my name is Chuck Christopher and I created (Which helps fishermen meet across the USA) a couple of years ago. I recently launched (The largest directory of active fishing clubs in the USA). I just wanted to let you know that I have included your club in our directory. Please visit both sites and forward this email to all of your fellow club members. Also, there is no cost for clubs to be listed in our directory at this time.

Thank you for your time and tight lines!

Chuck Christopher
2017-03-31 520-251-2028to join
put me in as a boater for april 19 -2017
2017-03-28 4609641Hello,

I was just wondering if the pairings for the tournaments were random or if we were able to pick our partner?

Thank you in advance.
2017-03-13 642-6999I'd like to interview a club officer for the Friday edition of my podcast, ScottCenter. It would be about 20 minutes and we'd just talk informally about why mid-week, what's special about your club, and so on. If you're interested, please contact me so we can record an interview.
2017-02-21 be in gilbert area next week ( mar 2nd thru 6th ). wondering if anyone is available to take me fishing locally. i am interested in what is available for bass fishing in the area...,My best day would be thursday or friday......plese con tact me asap and thanks. your club comes highly rated.....thanks
2017-02-03 520-260-2602Need more boaters or co-anglers?
2017-02-01 738-8142While I missed the deadline for your Roosevelt tournament, I'm wondering if you have any openings for co-anglers at this time? I do own a boat, but would like to start as a non boater. Thanks Allen
2017-02-01 809-8787I would like additional information on your organization.
2017-01-28 4994085we all good ,Igot confirmation accepted
2017-01-26 203-7436This is just a test to see if the new forms works as planned.