NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Darrel Kelly 2SatisfiedJust an OK movie.
Maricela Disch15Not SatisfiedNot my type of movie. I would never select watching a dumb stupid comedy with dumb characters that never grew up and live their life doing stupid things. It does nothing for me. I am a member of the club to have an opportunity to see good quality movies. If this is what you are going to be presenting, you will lose lots of members. I would watch this on TV whenever I have nothing better to do. Maybe.
Linda - SatisfiedI thought the casting of the two main characters very interesting. Clearly opposites who symbolize who we identify with someone we know. Loved the process of their respecting each other.
Lisa Skinner20SatisfiedI found this film easy and fun to watch. JK Simmons played my favorite character in the film and I enjoyed the development of the relationship between his character and that of Emile Hirsch. Not too heavy. Not too deep. Nice first club of the season event.
Jesse Vessa19SatisfiedOverall I found the film to be an enjoyable comedy with a good cast and a lot of laugh out loud moments. Some of the scenes seemed to run too long, but all in all it was an entertaining movie.
While the pacing was generally good, I found myself distracted by some scene inconsistencies, such as: Martin instructing Frank "to go left at the light" and then we see them turn right...Frank gets a drink tossed on him and they leave the club, but Frank appears to be dry when they exit...but most glaringly to me were the "banjo" scenes...early on we see Martin picking out a heartfelt but tentative chord repeatedly, but then in the final scene, on stage with the band, he appears to only play that same chord while the soundtrack is moving along differently. His voice and the song were beautiful, but his banjo chops seemed "dubbed in" to me. Unfortunately, due to the technical problems with our connection, we were unable to hear the answer to the question posed to the Director about Emile's banjo playing skill.
In the casting, I thought that the physical resemblance of the daughter and the father was remarkable.
Kevin O'Reilly20Very Satisfied A very good comedy. Real laugh out loud elements. I liked The dynamic that the two leads maintained. Great comic timing. One thing I thought was a little over-the-top was the half wit friend. That could use some editing.
Joyce Mendel10Very SatisfiedLoved the 2 main characters- JK Simmons & Emile Hirsch, Definitely did well on generation gap. I enjoyed the romp, the humor and appreciated the poignant moments as well. Ending was perfect, with both learning from each other. On the surface it was lite humor, but it had a lot to say about frailties of human nature. Thanks for trying to make everyone feel at home - even when the skype section didn't work.
jim rauh10Somewhat SatisfiedThe All Nighter was a mediocre film. They did a good job making the viewer squirm as the "odd couple" continuously clashed BUT if you take J K Simmons out of the mix, the movie would have been in deep trouble. As someone previously noted, the film seemed to evolve from a decently written comedy to low brow. The over-reliance on F-bombs from near the half way point detracted from the reasonably clever script early on. Did the writers run out of things to say? And I never really connected with the film, at any point. The ending disappointed as it seemed to wrap things up too quickly and conveniently. It was as if the filmmakers were rushed for time. And unfortunately, the scene where Skinner's character broke down seemed contrived to me. Yes, he was connecting with his daughter again but he was still a man's man and the tears didn't seem to be true to his character. As Siskel/Ebert would say, it had it's moments but I would lean to a gentle thumbs down.
Jenn P - SatisfiedI enjoyed seeing a comedy for a change. Most people don't realize how difficult comedy is to do and this one did it right. It wasn't in my face "laugh at me!" yet I found myself gigging several times. The chemistry between everyone was great and I enjoyed how the relationship between the two men developed. I also liked how we were not spoofed the storyline, yet the details we did miss weren't missing for too long. For example if I had a question about where things were going, i got it answered in the next scene. My one critic is for cinematography and only for one scene. The guys are in the car after the fight in the bedroom, anytime we saw them straight on whatever was behind them made the car look like it was moving/driving and I found it distracting because they didn't have seatbelts on, the engine had not been turned on, and it gave me slight motion sickness. Will definitely recommend to friends.
Justin Ali25Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the never-ending humor and excellent acting, specially the two main actors.
Margie S15Very SatisfiedI really enjoyed the film. Great balance re: the storyline. JK Simmons is a favorite of mine and both he and Emil were wonderful. Thumbs up to the production team and as a choice for Cinema Club!
Sara Wagner5Very SatisfiedI love comedies generally so I enjoyed this. I love JK Simmons and the relationship developed through the movie is really sweet. I like the goofy parts like Jimothy, and Gary and movie, nice ending. Awesome banjo picking...
Valerie Concello21SatisfiedI like the concept. One of my favorite movies is After Hours, which is the same theme, but better done.
Very enjoyable though.
martin schwartz3Somewhat SatisfiedI did like the premise of the movie, but the opening scene in the restaurant was not humorous to me. I found it uncomfortable awkward. I have been on both sides of that conversation and never had such a disaster of a conversation. I also don't like juvenile humor, like that provided by the roommate or the drunk friend running down the street naked. But I thought it had some humorous moments, and I think that the movie resolved all the issues between the 2 main characters, as well as just about all the others.
Mike Weston16Very SatisfiedI enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to people who like that kind of thing. It's pretty hard to go wrong with JK Simmons. My biggest complaint is that I would have preferred it to end a few minutes earlier and not wrap up all the story lines in nice neat bows.
Elaina Habel8SatisfiedThe premise of the missing daughter provided the action and momentum to meet unusual characters and colorful places in LA. JK Simmons and Emile Hirsch were well cast and their relationship was fun to watch. Although the ending was foreshadowed, it was an entertaining film and I have recommended it to friends.
- 4Very SatisfiedI loved the movie for many reasons as it really captured a generational connection. Loved the Bob Seger song and thought it was thoroughly believable and endearing. I also thought the cast was perfect and LA setting great, liked everyone by the end of the movie
Kathleen Whalen3Very SatisfiedCharming film! Buddy movie with a twist. Nice to see. A favorite moment was watching the different directions the 2 went when approaching the night club. Perfect touch! I really enjoyed the ending. A pleasurable film. Thank You
Susan Swanson10Somewhat SatisfiedThe film was likeable enough. It just didn't have much substance. Will any of us be able to recall this film a year from now? Doubtful. I'm also really tired of films set in LA. I understand it's more efficient to film there, but there are so many other (more) interesting places this film could have been set. All that said, it wasn't a bad movie. It just could have been more. What if the leads had been women? What if the relationships had been same sex? What if this was set in the Mid-West or South?
Maryln Mori-correct sp.15Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the storyline. I was on an adventure, kept in a state of mystery and frustration. Casting of JK Simmons and Hirsch was fine. I felt the daughter was weak and unsympathetic.
Janet Truman2Very SatisfiedLiked acting, film's flow, twists and turns, clever timing, wonderful script. We are recommending this film to family and friends.
Joel Smith2Very SatisfiedThe cast was great and the movie had an interesting storyline. Loved how the movie came together at the end. The LA area iconic buildings such as Capitol Records building, gave it an interesting flavor. The interview w/ the Director was a special bonus and gave additional insight into the movie.
Marie Becker1Not SatisfiedNot my type of movie. While it did have quality actors, the topic has been better done. There just wasn't anything unique or notable about the characters to make this stand out.
Sasha Taylor3Very SatisfiedI loved the casting and enjoyed the storyline. It had meaning yet wasn't too serious and for me it was exactly what I needed. I laughed in the right places and cried a little. Thought it was a great first movie for our rejuvenated movie club.

Special thanks to the Director for making time to speak with us. I found him delightful, down to earth and enjoyed his insight.
Gail Fisher7Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the movie. I laughed out loud a number of times,something I rarely do. It should do very well when it is released.
Norvelle Benevento7Very SatisfiedIt was paced wonderfully, allowing the viewer to get to know each character. There were some very touching moments and some very funny moments. All in all a very
enjoyable film and one that is needed in the times we all are experiencing now.
Ray Bravo21Very SatisfiedI found film very entertaining. We needed a comedy with the weather and with dealing with 45. The cast was great, J.K. Simmons and Emile Hirsch worked well together. An odd couple, like Aljendro said in his intro.
I also like the filming the LA area, Thanks you so much for a very good film.
Margie Resnick Blickman10Very SatisfiedBeing much older than most of the Club members, I particularly enjoyed the portrayal of the generation gap. JK Simmons and Emile Hirsch were especially good at making it all seem real and although it was so humorous at times, it really was basically a heartwarming film for me.
Beverly Vessa20Very SatisfiedWhat I liked: The development of the relationship to a "father-son" type relationship was fun to watch. For a moment I thought Frank was going to claim Martin as a son in the final nightclub scene.
What I didn't like: All the characters were caricatures, but that is the nature of the film.
Not a thought provoking film, but one that entertains and provides some room for discussion afterwards.
For the type of film it is, it succeeded in being a fun romp.
Would I recommend it? Yes. I already told my daughter in Florida to watch for it.
Miriam Leiseroff18Very SatisfiedI liked this movie a lot! It contained scenes I could really laugh at and not roll my eyes because they're stupid! A true comedy with some seriousness mixed in. Great performances, too. I would highly recommend this film once it's in theaters. Kudos to Gavin Wiesen!
Denise Reynolds25Very SatisfiedI have been a member of Cinema Club from it's inception... I don't know how many years that is, but it's from the beginning with Ken Karn. I have loved this club so much and it has provoked so many wonderful conversations - with fellow club members and my circle of friends in general.

This film fit the picture of what I believe is a good club film. It was a bit quirky, very entertaining, funny, and a real good time. When I don't notice my seat in the seat, I know for sure that the film I just watched was fulfilling in every way!

Alex - Thank you for taking on this task of keeping the Club going...
Terri Sachs5Very SatisfiedI found the movie very entertaining...any movie that gets me laughing out loud and passes by quickly is great in my book. I enjoyed the character development and could relate to the awkwardness of meeting the sighnificant other "stuffy" parent.
Sandi Rosenblum0Satisfied -
Kaaren Powers8Very SatisfiedI enjoyed viewing the chemistry between Emile Hirsch and J.K. Simmons & seeing how their respect for one another grows. This film did an excellent job of portraying real life situations.
Kyra Hubis20Somewhat SatisfiedNot my usual fare. Not memorable but a well made film for a young film maker. The characters weren't unique enough to make me want to "get to know them"
Ron Temple3Very SatisfiedLiked the film. Nice to see the mutual respect develop between the father and ex-boyfriend.
- 10Not SatisfiedDid not like the movie at all.
Boring topic, done by many before.
Not of a camera club quality .
And certainly not good for the opening of the season
Nathan Lew14Not SatisfiedGreat actors and well done overall, but it felt to me like a story that has been done to death. I am associating it in the same category of movies as Hangover, Dumb and Dumber, and Harold & Kumar. They are all about characters in search of something going from situation to situation.
Jean Kaelin15SatisfiedFairly believable story/characters laced with humor and at times slap stick comedy. Glad to see Killam in the film. He has a lot of talent yet to be tapped. A nice, rainy day kind of film to see with a friend or two.
Patryce Farrell10SatisfiedGood acting overall. The film was somewhat predictable and lacked real momentum. I took the message to be that we need to pursue our dreams to our own best ability but not in the spite of those in our lives we love.
Shari Clare11Very SatisfiedI truly enjoyed this movie, especially the unlikely relationship between the two main characters. It was uplifting to see how each of them learned to appreciate something unexpected about the other. Even though this is not the sort of film I would normally choose to see, I'm glad I did. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a comedy that has a lot of heart.
Gerri Lurya19Not SatisfiedThe two leads are fine actors, but the film was a trifle.
The first scene where the protagonists meet over dinner was very good. It went downhill from there. I had trouble laughing at the scenes where people punch each other out at slightest provocation and the scene of the alcoholic friend was disturbing.
Samantha Scott0Very SatisfiedThis was very well done, the characters were engaging, the story was thoughtful and funny.
Sara Vizcarrondo0Very SatisfiedEmile Hirsch and J.K. Simmons had great chemistry and were were so fun to watch slowly bromancing. Was especially impressed with Killam, who was brilliant in the holding cell scene. Also, any film that name-checks Kermit the Frog is a friend of mine.
Terri Lehan21SatisfiedLight, humorous and entertaining. I enjoyed seeing these gifted and usually serious actors in humorous roles. Laughed out loud several times.
Jannie Quinn1Very SatisfiedI liked the combination of comedy and drama in this film. You did a wonderful job of bringing the audience along for the ride. I wanted to see how it would turn out. I liked the ending -- it was refreshing to see something uplifting. Thank you.
ChrisC18Very SatisfiedI loved the character development of JK Simmons and G. I thought their development was extremely credible (which I think is a real art when it is credible.) The pace was good. The couple who fought were a nice diversion and we all know couples who fight all the time but never part. It would be fun to see the movie again. (That's how I judge a movie .... If I'll see it again and many times I do.)
Tony Gaechter4SatisfiedSome very funny scenes. It was engaging enough on its own terms, and it was wise enough not to be more than it was: a pleasant, goofy comedy. I enjoyed it even if there was nothing especially memorable about it.
David Lang20SatisfiedIt was engaging enough on its own terms, and it was wise enough not to be more than it was: a pleasant, goofy comedy. I enjoyed it even if there was nothing especially memorable about it.
G. DeWitt6Somewhat SatisfiedI always enjoy J. K. Simmons but couldn't help wondering why he would be in this film. I found it slow, not very entertaining, it meandered and felt pretty much endless. Climax too truncated; comedy not terribly funny.
Kate Martin7Very SatisfiedI loved the story line - two men searching for Ginnie, traversing the generation gap and who find themselves along the way. Beautifully well acted!
Peter Holmes0SatisfiedI enjoyed the contrast between a young musician and a macho older potential father in law. Very well done. I could feel the younger mans pain. I was less entertained by the slapstick scenes. The character development was the highlight for me.
Janet Truman3Very SatisfiedLoved the film. Wonderful links between characters. All had their place and added an aura to each other never taking away from their strength and "cameo." Beautiful music, just perfect.
Jackie Pighini2Very SatisfiedI loved the film. I loved the acting and loved the concept. I also posted on my Facebook page how much I enjoyed it and advised seeing it. I especially loved seeing JK Simmons in a role I can relate to.
Iz Truman3Very SatisfiedWonderful. The pace was constant...always moving forward, great acting. Each person complimented each matter how well known. Loved the interaction .. great contrast of characters. Thank you.
Debbie Tietgens 4Very SatisfiedI appreciated the high quality film that was obtained for our club. I fell in love with J K Simmons. He was terrific. All the characters were well cast and had interesting parts to play. 4 thumbs up from our house!
kurt gravenhorst10SatisfiedI really enjoyed the first quarter of the film: it was engaging and set up the conflict well. The missing daughter was intriguing, and I wasn't sure the direction the film was going. The characters were interesting and believable. The early scene with the feuding couple (Roberta and Jimothy?) was brilliantly staged, and Kristen Schaal was wonderful.
However, about the time Martin and Mr. Gallo enter the club and encounter the drunk young women, it started to take and unfortunate turn from high to low comedy. From that point on, the film went from low comedy, to farce, to burlesque. There was no longer any intrigue about the missing daughter. Each scene became more silly and increasing adolescent in its humor. If you like Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen movies, or films like "Hangover" and "Sausage Party," you'll like this. I'm too old for that demographic. It's not a bad film; I just thought it would be so much more when it started . . .
Tamara Parker2Very SatisfiedLoved the movie!! The characters were allowed to develop, even if it was just in one night. It ws great seeing such a lovely movie. I left with a big smile on my face.
Terry Jansen3Very SatisfiedI really enjoyed the movie and I can get bored easily so that is quite a compliment. This one was right on par with the quality of movies Tim was able to bring to the group. It was the type of movie that takes you away from all outside stressors and pulls you in like a great movie should. Great casting, great script. I highly recommend this movie!
Bo Brackmann - Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the film very much. I so dearly love to laugh and this one had me laughing. I thought the characters were fun and the actors who played them were great!! Good luck with the film once it is released. I will recommend it to my friends.
Barbara Bettencourt25Very SatisfiedI liked the combination of humor and
some seriousness. I think the acting
was very good and the situation was
believable if a little over the top! As an
elder member of the club I was surprised
I could relate to it!
Lloyd Russell5Very SatisfiedI really liked it a lot. What I enjoyed the most was seeing a buddy movie that was not your typical buddy movie. Having a young loose-leaf kind of guy with an older buttoned-up man was genius. I posted on my FB page that people should definitely go see this movie.
Wendell Stephens3Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the film. It was quirky funny - kind of like "Sideways". It did not reach the level of sideways but had many good points. The main characters grew as the story developed.
Mickie Constantino6Very SatisfiedI really enjoyed the movie, the humor was just right. I liked the story and the cast.