NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Jesse17Very SatisfiedEnjoyed this entertaining, well crafted movie.
Darrel Kelly 2Very SatisfiedLoved it. My mom was there during the blitz and this movie depicted it much as I imagined it from hearing her stories.
Marilyn Haines - Very SatisfiedI am a history buff so it appealed to me in that vein. It was another way of showing how women were coming in to their own during the war years.
Judy Ingols8Very SatisfiedEnjoyed the story, the acting, and the music. It had some very nice little touches that kept my attention. I will recommend it.
Paul T1Very Satisfied -
jb4Very SatisfiedEnjoyed the film very much!
Darrel Kelly2Very SatisfiedWell done. Loved the tie to real history.
Jacqui8Very SatisfiedI love the romantic use of color and light. The film was romantic without being maudlin. Lovely without being cutesy. Emotional without ripping your heart. Thank you for this wonderful story...
Orrel10Very SatisfiedI found the film charming, unpredictable and well-acted. Particularly enjoyed Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton. An excellent film about the evolement (?) of a strong, independent woman.
Terry Jansen3Very SatisfiedLoved the film. Terrific acting and storyline.
jim10SatisfiedI would've ranked this very satisfied except for the fact that (particularly in the first half of the film), the dialogue was hard to understand. For me it was the combo of primarily the accents and somewhat the softness of the speaking voices. I always wonder why this is not picked up on in post production. Could it be because the makers of the film know the script so well that they are simply too close to it to notice? Stellar acting by the leads (Bill Nighy is a key
to the film being balanced w/ his comedic asides). Interesting topic, emotionally satisfying film.
Gail fisher7Very SatisfiedThe acting, the story line and the music
Luv2akt1Very SatisfiedI loved the story; the depiction of film making during the war, the scenes of the war & the fragility of life, the acting, and the Indie feel. I was completely engaged the whole time. Great choice!
Janet and Iz2Very SatisfiedAll the earlier comments included our thoughts. We thought it excellent, even the slight affectation still added to the substance and emotion. Loved it.
Liz0Very SatisfiedLove, love , love British films, and this is no
Colleen block3Very SatisfiedMarvelous,inventive,unexpected twists and turns. Loved the way they portrayed the power of women when they believe in themselves. Also loved the male/female dynamic between the two writers and how they supported each other. And BILL NIGHY! He was a big part of the success of the movie. Comic relief at its best. Thanks for bringing it to us?—
Don Hadlock - SatisfiedIt was very entertaining. I especially liked a women being powerfull and effective without resorting to a usual male forceful model.
Thanks for this.
Melissa Diaz3SatisfiedI appreciate and support films featuring female leads, writers and directors. This was timely as it's women's history month. I am a sucker of WWII related films, however I may not have watched this one if it wasn't for the club. I enjoyed this film and the last feature. Both films dealing with heartache in light, comical tones.
Beverly Vessa 20Very SatisfiedGreat costumes, settings and casting. Film feels light because of the humor, but themes and plot are serious. Interesting glimpse into propaganda filmmaking.
I noticed women knitting during the party scene. Probably very realistic. One must never be idle, even when on a night out with colleagues.
Renay Gaye5Very SatisfiedI liked the setting. I liked the acting. I thought it was a clever story line. I liked the "movie within a movie".
Kathy. Uchanan4SatisfiedI liked the WW II setting, London and seaside, strong female characters. Depiction of script writers, humor. Having filmmaker guests is a plus for Club.
Janice2Very SatisfiedIt was an interesting and charming take on a dreadful time in history. The lead actress was great, subtle but she made her mark through persistence and hard work. Did not like the American character - he was too obvious. The character could have been toned down a lot (starting with the hair).
Margie Blickman10SatisfiedI was one of those who had a great deal of trouble with the accents, but in spite of that I really enjoyed the film. I could always tell what the gist of the conversations were, and the characters were so well drawn and completely believable.
Antoinette Motas10SatisfiedOverall, I thought the film was good. It was a bit long for my taste but I was never bored. I thought the storyline, acting, and the themes of the film were great. The after discussion was interesting and I came away more knowledgeable about that era asnd propaganda films.
Peter Holmes0Very SatisfiedI thought some of the movie making scenes were a real hoot! The sense of horror during the start of war was quite moving.
Antoinette Motas10SatisfiedOverall, I thought the film was good. It was a bit long for my taste but I was never bored. I thought the storyline, acting, and the themes of the film were great. The after discussion was interesting and I came away more knowledgeable about that era asnd propaganda films.
Nathan Lew12SatisfiedI enjoyed this film about the craft of making movies. I didn't care for the romance subplot, however. That felt like it was written by a studio committee.
Kate Martin7Very SatisfiedGlad this film found its way across the pond! Witty, interesting, and well acted. A good reminder of the hardships Britain faced during and post-war and how women's roles in society were forever changed. And true to British form not necessarily a happily ever after film! Loved it!
cpliner - Very SatisfiedIt was different from most films and I found it very entertaining. Loved the music. It was well acted. I liked the feminism in an age when the word didn't exist.
Jayne brownlee7SatisfiedFun film. Nighy's reprieve of familiar character newly framed as actor, was delightful. The film put me in mind of His Girl Fridayand possibly other 40s films, especially Sam Clafin's quickness, nice guy role. Occasionally problematic and vivid evidence of low budget. I'd give it a 7 and have already recommended it.
Susan Dhillon2Very SatisfiedI loved the movie from start to tinish. I loved seeing what woman were up against to get ahead. I loved the comedic touches. I am a Brit and my mom went down in the underground during the bombings. Very heart warming and relatable.
Kelly10Very SatisfiedI loved this film and would see it again with others that I'll recommend it to. I was crying along with theatre goers as they were watching it in the movie. Talk about a movie w/in a movie. So enjoyable seeing the character development of all the cast, particularly the main female character and the "Ministry Spy", struggling with telling the truth, being loyal, and keeping secrets. Interesting foreshadowing of the male character's end when the main character was told "life is short". Had she gone forward to take care of Blll Nighy's character's needs, she'd be the one who died under that tower. Didn't understand how that tower all of a sudden just fell? Was there a malfunction or a bombing? Tough understanding some dialogue, i.e.: was it muster or mustard? Liked being "behind the scenes" in the screen writing process. Gave us a sense of the terror those Londoner were living in. Thank you for the laughs, tenderness, singing and tears!
Denise20Somewhat SatisfiedI fell asleep for a time - I don't know if it was the film or just me... I will see this again once it comes out and decide which it is then.

BTW - I don't know what year the club started, but I have been a member since the first year...
Parsons 15SatisfiedWe enjoyed the film very much. It was a good choice as we may not have had an opportunity to see it otherwise.
Fred - Satisfied -
Justin20Somewhat SatisfiedDo not appreciate British humor.
John D8Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the pulling of emotions back and forth from dread to laughter in the face of war. The strong female lead exceeding all expectations (as what happens in real life more often than not.) She was hired to write the slop...female dialog. Turns out, she wrote so much more than that, crafting a wonderful story out of what turned out to be a lie to start with. I enjoyed the careful "coming out" of the female character who was always wearing a tie, in a time when this was not acceptable at all. Bill Nighy's character was a bit to over the top for me, but did bring some humor here and there. Overall, that 2 films in a row that left me very happy to have seen and otyherwise might not have. Good job Cinema Club!!!
Sofía Blanc20Very SatisfiedI liked the plot, a movie within the making of the other movie, fun and interesting. Loved the photography wth a nostalgic and romantic old atmosphere.
Marilyn 12SatisfiedAfter movie session: microphone volume should be higher and perhaps speakers can hold mic closer to their mouths.
Pam Oliverio1Very SatisfiedAlthough I thought the film was a tad long, I enjoyed the structure, story, and characters. The theme of female empowerment is relevant, especially now, and the film handled it in a funny, infuriating and poignant way. And of course, Bill Nighy was terrific.
The film that was shown 1st was not appropriate though. Watching people being slaughtered is not the way to start your day!
Mary McGuinness20Very SatisfiedI really enjoyed everything about the movie, the acting, the look of the movie, the music. I would recommend it.
I grew up in Ireland (not during the war) it I fondly remember the old Eleaning movies being replayed on the TV.
My only negative is that in that age "Fuck" would never have been used. Espically a man saying it to a woman. I myself don't care one way or the other, but the writers got so much else right, this slip up should not have gotten through.
It was towards the end of the movie when the male screen writer was telling the female screen writer he loved her. They were sitting on the rocks at the beach.
As to the discussion afterwards I'm sorry to say I did not find this useful. It did not add to anything regarding my enjoyment of the movie. Sorry
Susan Swanson10Very SatisfiedWhile having very high production values, this felt like an indie film. The writing was witty. The characters felt believable. And the plot line was unpredictable. I loved that the main character was a woman and that the "happy" ending for her meant finding a calling and the confidence to inhabit that position. I also loved that there were minor characters with a strong story arc. The Bill Nighy role was one of his better acting jobs and I loved his character's growth through the film.
Patryce Farrell10SatisfiedFor an indie it had quite the mainstream "hollywood" feel. The lead actors were highly watchable. I liked the bit where the male love interested gets killed in that it avoided a predictable ending, instead focusing on the fact that the protagonist must go on living. I'll post a more in-depth review on Letterboxd and will recommend it to fellow critics. Please communicate my appreciation of this effort and also my love of his earlier work "An Education".
Jean Kaelin15Very SatisfiedWhat I did not like was the "oh too neat and tidy wrap it in a bow" Hollywood ending with the lead male getting squashed on the set. What I did like were the various story lines and development of the characters. For the most part well balanced and enjoyable.
Marie Becker1Very SatisfiedI enjoyed this movie! In thinking about it afterwards I'd say it's a light drama/comedy on the evolution of woman's rights. How woman view their role in the workplace and in themselves is shifting generationally now. Started with the right to vote, then WWII when they were needed to run the factory's (this movie). Parity comes with empowerment, which is both an internal and external thing. Demonstrated well in this movie!
Jackie Pighini2Very SatisfiedI loved everything about it. The acting and the cast. However, the issue of 'lighting' before and after the film. My vision is compromised and it would help in my enjoyment to 'see' where I'm going! I thought who said she couldn't not 'make out' what the actors were saying because of their accents. At first I could not understand but as the film progressed, I soon realized that I could 'understand'. All in all... a thoroughly wonderful experience! Can hardly wait until the next one!
Mike Weston16SatisfiedI'm not sure why, but I never felt like I connected with the characters. The Bill Nighy character was funny, but a bit too cartoonish to seem real.
- 7Very SatisfiedIt was fun to see how movies were written at that time and the changes that had to be made. e.g. government propaganda requirements, a new American character.
Larry Lauro3Very SatisfiedLoved the engaging characters, sound dialogue and the story within the story. Very human story!
Frank Constantino 6SatisfiedPut the form link at the top of the page. I don't like scrolling so much to find it at the bottom. Put in a final total, i.e. 25 very Satisfied, etc.
Charlene Constantino6Very SatisfiedExcellent story, just a little slow at the beginning.
Ray Bravo21Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the film. I like films about the making of films. This was a good example of that. I liked the characters, especially the lead actress and Bill Nighy. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.
Jenn - Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the strong female lead and the twists the story took that I wasn't expecting. I also now have a new hottie to add to my screen saver :)
Bo7Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the film very much. Talk about art imitating life. The acting and storyline was was superb. What I didn't like is when Sam Claflin's character died at the end. So sad...
MARY WOLF1Very SatisfiedWell acted, especially Bill Nighy. Interesting subject, great costumes and scenery. Loved that I thought about the movie after I left. Thank you for your choice for us.
Linda Davidge1Not SatisfiedLight and fluffy. I was bored.
Jean Wilder10Very SatisfiedSweet story showcasing strong women. Well acted with comic relief from Bill Nighy.
Jane Ward - Very SatisfiedThe realistic portrayal of history was compelling. The characters were well developed and likeable. The story had several layers, but was easy to follow. Everything about the movie was first class!!!
Marsha Stsnton2Very SatisfiedI liked the movie within a movie, plot twists, comedy of Mr. Nigh and insights into England during wartime. Also the screen writers' love story. The movie kept me interested from beginning to the end.
Michelle Pastor13Very Satisfiedenjoyed the charming and well done film
Jannie Quinn2Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the film and the movie within a movie. It was well done and the acting was very good. The comedic moments provided some relief from the sadness of the loss all around. The film did an excellent job of conveying what it must have been like to be in London during the war. Interesting ending-- movies seem to be going away from the conventional "happily ever after". I enjoyed watching the heroine defy expectations.
Lisa Gordon18Very SatisfiedI loved it ! A charming film with a great storyline . Bill Nighy never disappoints .
G. DeWitt4Very SatisfiedInteresting subject. educational, fun characters--Bill Nighy always ends up charming us, even though I don't understand when he is cast as the romantic lead.
Kaaren Powers8Very SatisfiedI just loved this film, the storytelling, the acting, the direction, the flow, the humor...this film was very moving & powerful. I just want to see it again & look for everything I may have missed. Thank you!!!!
Lynn Evans10Very SatisfiedEnjoyed the film very much.
The auditorium needs lighting before and after the movie -- to find our seats, not trip on the stairs, see the food, and light the stage to see the speakers.
Fay Harmon20Very SatisfiedTotally enjoyed film
Kyra Hubis20Very SatisfiedThe pace,cinematography, acting all excellent. No gratuitous foul language, violence and a real story of well drawn characters
KC Walsh - SatisfiedInteresting piece of history I wasn't familiar with. Enjoyed the feminist slant also.

Not sure how long I've been a member, but almost from the beginning!
- 19SatisfiedAn interesting part of British history and feminist history that I've never heard of. the cast was charismatic and took what could have been tradegic story, which it was of course but found a little light of hope through it and imbued it with laughter and endearing warmth.
Linda Gunther1Very SatisfiedThe humor injected at perfect times especially Bill Nighy. Loved it! Also liked the slice of life nature of the story. When we knew a bad thing was about to happen yes it turned out badly but the cause was different than anticipated. I like that too.
Terri Sachs5Very SatisfiedI loved the movie, especially watching the movie in the movie. It was "funny" that woman issues in the workforce haven't changed much!!
joan - Very SatisfiedIt was great! Unexpected at times, good ending, great story, etc... BTW... I don't know how long I've been a club member....!!!! maybe someone could let us know... so I can fill that in...???
Leslie Kramer2Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the juxtaposition of the storylines in both the movie and the movie within the movie. The editing was well done.As was the acting-well cast. Very enjoyable and I had no problem understanding it (even though some said they did)
Judy Eskinazi 6Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the movie a lot.
The theater was very hot!
Ron Weston15SatisfiedMaintained my interest, good cast and historical basis.
sandy vaurs6Very SatisfiedI enjoyed how very humorous it was. WWII is one of my special interests too. I also felt that it was sympathetic to the feminist point of view. The line where the fellow said, "Of course, we will have to pay you less than the guys" was a zinger. Enjoyed it very much.
Janet Birt19Very SatisfiedI love seeing charming, off the beaten path films. I think this film has every wonderful quality and I wish it were going to be a huge hit. We need more films like this in the world.