NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Jesse17Very SatisfiedEnjoyed this entertaining, well crafted movie.
Darrel Kelly 2Very SatisfiedLoved it. My mom was there during the blitz and this movie depicted it much as I imagined it from hearing her stories.
Marilyn Haines - Very SatisfiedI am a history buff so it appealed to me in that vein. It was another way of showing how women were coming in to their own during the war years.
Judy Ingols8Very SatisfiedEnjoyed the story, the acting, and the music. It had some very nice little touches that kept my attention. I will recommend it.
Paul T1Very Satisfied -
jb4Very SatisfiedEnjoyed the film very much!
Darrel Kelly2Very SatisfiedWell done. Loved the tie to real history.
Jacqui8Very SatisfiedI love the romantic use of color and light. The film was romantic without being maudlin. Lovely without being cutesy. Emotional without ripping your heart. Thank you for this wonderful story...
Orrel10Very SatisfiedI found the film charming, unpredictable and well-acted. Particularly enjoyed Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton. An excellent film about the evolement (?) of a strong, independent woman.
Terry Jansen3Very SatisfiedLoved the film. Terrific acting and storyline.
jim10SatisfiedI would've ranked this very satisfied except for the fact that (particularly in the first half of the film), the dialogue was hard to understand. For me it was the combo of primarily the accents and somewhat the softness of the speaking voices. I always wonder why this is not picked up on in post production. Could it be because the makers of the film know the script so well that they are simply too close to it to notice? Stellar acting by the leads (Bill Nighy is a key
to the film being balanced w/ his comedic asides). Interesting topic, emotionally satisfying film.
Gail fisher7Very SatisfiedThe acting, the story line and the music