NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Joel Smith2Not SatisfiedI have to echo many of the comments that the 'Not Satisfied' commenters have expressed. Had challenges reading the subtitles and 'the story' was difficult to follow. It didn't hold my attention and I felt that I was working way too hard to 'get it'(what the movie was about). This is my most disappointing Cinema Camera Club experience to date. Alejandro, you mentioned that you will not be showing films that require a security code to 'unlock' them to show them... does that mean that the quality of the films shown needs to suffer?
Carol Clark11SatisfiedI am a member through marriage of a minority community that runs a weekly TV show and community center and I loved seeing all the conflicts which the station members and community had with each other. It felt very real, it is quite a struggle to put on a station or outreach to your own community and the public at large. What do you want them to see and understand? How do you fund the programs? And of course, no one agrees with anyone else half the time, conflict is ever present. The ones who care the most put in the most time and often without recompense, they have day jobs... I also liked seeing this real glimpse into the Iranian community and culture, and the Assyrian, etc.: the love of poetry, the sensitity over the crass commercials, the Programmer's effort to fill the program and try to satisfy the unseen audience. The subplot about"Kabul Dreams" and their hope to jam with Metallica, which everyone gave up on until Lars finally showed up, just shows how easily people give up hope and yet, I had no doubt that Metallica would eventually make it, as music is universal and it was perfectly logical in these days of downloads and internet that Metallica would know of their music and of course vice versa. The biggest problem was that the film seems a little unfinished, but looking back, it fit - hopefulness and futility at the same time, the band playing and a perfectly great opportunity to interview both the Band and Lars - missed because everyone has gone home! These things happen!

I love Cinema Club! (My worst film would have had to be either "last Days" or "Brick" - but I still thought they were interesting and worth seeing!

I think Cinema Club should be commended for showing this kind of film which may never open, but which shows a part of our own and other communities.
Ron Weston14Not SatisfiedHad problems reading the subtitles and I did not connect to the story nor the characters at any level. Long shots and "slide show" presentation was different but for no apparent purpose? Note: The organization for the move to Camera 3 was excellent.
Lisa Skinner23Not SatisfiedI just couldn't engage with this film, much as I wanted to. I actually dozed off at one point. When I see a film I want to feel something, good or bad, for the characters. I could never find anything to grab onto in this one. For the first time ever I actually left, intentionally, before the discussion because I couldn't bring myself to invest one more minute in this film. No worries. it's just one film. You are doing a great job.
Marilyn13Not SatisfiedI didn't "get it". Often I am further enlightened by the discussion following movie. Not so much for the afternoon show today.

Despite this disappointment, look forward to next month's. Appreciate your sincere efforts to maintain and enhance our experience.
Janet Truman - Very SatisfiedIt was challenging. At first I was somewhat lost; then as the characters evolved, especially the lead - the station manager - I became more and more engaged. His love and his personal emotional, cultural level and need for satisfaction and the scene with the woman telling her story just struck a very deep emotional cord. I liked the scene with the operatic sequence. Unpretentious but very, very effective. The simplistic personalities added more than you would think. We are simple. We are just trying to achieve. Thank you.
Jayne7Very SatisfiedI really, really enjoyed this film and will always remember, and feel, the stories told on the radio. What happens to the penguin?
Marty Schwartz3Not SatisfiedWhat a waste of time on a Sunday. Aside from it being set in my hometown, San Francisco, this film had no redeeming qualities for me. Maybe knowing beforehand, what we learned from the call after the movie, it may have made more sense. But to see it cold, it was a chore to stay awake. It went nowhere! When you take into account the demographics of this club, how could you think this would have broad appeal for this club. It was like showing a senior love story to a bunch of 20 year olds. How many of them would have enjoyed that kind of film? The best performance in the movie was by the Assyrian lady. So we have gone from seeing films like Florence Foster Jenkins last year, to this. Please........
colleen block3Not SatisfiedI appreciate your thoughtfulness in bringing a film that is so different from what we usually see in the theaters. Reminds me of the films I used to watch at Camera 1 so many years ago.
However, my personal view is that while I could appreciate what the film makers were trying to inform us about "some" of the pit falls of being a foreigner in a foreign country...where your own culture is eroded......I came away depressed. There is so much in our country to be depressed about that I look to be entertained in an uplifting as well as thought provoking way. This provocation left me more depressed. Sorry Alejandro. I know you tried and I am sure it probably did not affect you the way it affected me.
tamara - Somewhat SatisfiedWhile I really like being exposed to films I ordinarily would not see, this was not the best experience. Too slow and lacking depth. I felt as if I didn't care about the characters.
Michelle 10Not Satisfieddid not like the movie.
Jim Cunningham - Not SatisfiedHorrible movie. Couldn't read sub title since seats are directly behind each other. And little slope to floor. Singers were awful. We are considering never coming back.
Jesse17Not SatisfiedJust never really cared for the film. The best part was when the band finally got a chance to play, but Metallica never showing up was, like the movie itself, a disappointment.
Jo8Not SatisfiedIt took me half of the film before I had any idea what was going on and I really wasn't sure what was going on for the second half. I don't think the story was well told. I did not like this movie at all. I hope future films are better. I left the theater feeling this film was not worth my time.
Kyra Hubis19Satisfiedgave me things to think about. Serious subject with bits of deadpan humor.
The main character, Hamid, was suffering and not fitting into a world where others were not on his same level of "searching" for answers and pondering the difficulties and ironies of life
Mike Weston16Somewhat SatisfiedParts of the film were interesting and/or amusing, but it certainly wasn't my favorite. Given that it was set in the Bay Area, it's too bad that no one associated with the film could be there in person.
Rochelle8Very SatisfiedThis film had a pace that really confused me in the beginning

And yes, it was dark and slow-moving, building quietly upon itself

The characters & scenes had a rhythm that seemed to have a poetry that I didn't understand [At all]

I was quite lost for the first half of the film -- WHAT were they Really talking about, what were their emotions try to say to me, what was important to them?

The absolute dead-pan humor of the writer and director began to sink in when the guitarist read his love 'poem', and the object of his affection looked at him without blinking

I honestly couldn't tell if she just wanted to push him out of the window or if she was just bored

Once I realized that the emotions of the actors were so deep that they were brutal, I began to understand that much of what was happening was not being shared with us the viewer but instead was silently brewing as a volcano in each character's psyche

Very cool to speak to the director who was wonderful and so pleased to be sharing his thoughts {at 2:30 am}

I sincerely thank Alejandro and Sara for reaching very far out and sharing this very unique cinema experience

*Loved the kid drummer - WOW - who was that?
Melissa Diaz5Not SatisfiedIt is rare that I walk out of a movie, but this marks the third time. I just could not sit through it. It felt like a wasted opportunity to share the point of view of a culture in the Bay Area that needs to be heard. This just missed the mark for me. Two thumbs way down.
Pam 1Somewhat SatisfiedIt was e-x-t-r-e-m-l-e-y slow, and included plot lines that added no understanding to the film - wrestling.

To me, there should have been more focus on the band & their dream, hence the title of the film.

The best part for me - Lars Ulrich.
Mary Mc15Very SatisfiedNot my cup of tea at all. Very disappointed in the movie. Did not like it, did not get it, it did nothing for me.
ST8Somewhat SatisfiedI enjoyed the film and its quirky characters. I probably would not recommend it to a friend, but I still felt it was worthwhile viewing.
Judy Ingols10SatisfiedI liked the movie. The interaction of the characters was unexpected and interesting. Very un-Hollywood.
Thanks for all the efforts to keep the club going. I really appreciate your hard work.
RM0Very SatisfiedRadio Dreams was very good. It was low key but it was absolutely very emotional. You could feel the frustration that each of the characters were experiencing. the sense of something excruciating came through loud and clear. There was a sense of ennui that pervades the film. it had a cinema verite quality to it in that it seemed like it could have been a documentary. The film created a sense that everyone seemed to be waiting for something to happen. Everyone was holding their breath, waiting and waiting. It was ultimately a film about hope. It reminded me of that great American classic "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," in which Linus believes that the Great Pumpkin will come and bring toys and candy to all the good children who believe. But you have to believe that something great will happen. You can't lose faith. Life is so incremental and that's what Radio Dreams shows us.

This film was like a series of vignettes in character study. Was this director influenced by Federico Fellini by any chance? La Dolce Vita is one of the great films that has no plot but who needs a plot? You have to give the film a chance. It's a slow burn. But it's message of hope and a glimpse into Iranian and Afghan culture that far too many Americans don't really understand or appreciate. This was a very good film from a director who is just getting started with his career. Can't wait to see what's next!
Justin Ali25SatisfiedI just liked the film, because i did not have to read the sub-titles!
Teo Cervantes5Not SatisfiedDisconnected vignettes that did not add up to much. There is an interesting story to be told hiding in there somewhere, but this wasn't it.
Richard2Not SatisfiedMost boring, horrible movie ever! Wanted to leave! In addition, had a person in front of me with massive hairdo and coujdntvsee any of the subtitles. Awful experience.
Sandy4Not SatisfiedFailed to provide a point. Aside from a few mildly humorous moments, it was boring, weird and a waste of my time.
Mary Wolf1Not SatisfiedThe language, the music, I found it excruciating. Could not wait to leave. But I'll be back for the next movie, cause I am an optimist. Thanks for all your hard work.
Margie Matthews - Very SatisfiedI liked the movie a lot for the following reasons:

1. Not a typical Hollywood movie with flat characters and predictable outcome.

2. It required active watching and viewing by the audience. Definitely not passive entertainment.

3. Insight into the Iranian immigrant community into our own Bay Area.

4. I liked the slow pace and dry humor.

5. Reminded me of "Big Night". Kept the audience wondering if the celebrity would show up, while developing the characters.

6. Main character's desire for peace through cultural exchange is a worthy message.
Joyce miller4Not SatisfiedDisjointed, boring, confusing, uneven cinematography, flimsy plot overall a waste of time
Linda Davidge.5Very SatisfiedI liked this film very much. The dry humor reminded me of British humor which I enjoy. I liked the suspense buildups in waiting for Metallica and in the stories, such as the penguin story. I was amused a lot. I was disappointed to hear it was a film with subtitles but once it started it held my interest. Good choice!
Peter0Somewhat SatisfiedDeadpan humor had a few good moments. I liked the faces. Close ups were great. There is a look to some Iranians that is fascinating. I would have liked a speech near the end that summarized the producers frustrations.
Parsons15Not SatisfiedDisjointed, boring and a waste of time.
Ginna19Not SatisfiedWay too flat and humorless to hold my interest. Left after 45' of trying hard to keep an open mind. Look forward to next month.
Ken4Not SatisfiedFirst of all, thanks to Alejandro and crew for taking on the responsibilities and effort to continue the club. I truly appreciate it.
I can only hope that those responsible for this work of art were satisfied with it. My inability to enjoy it is my problem. That being said and speaking strictly for myself it is, by far, the least enjoyable movie I've seen at the club since I've joined. The story seemed mundane and required consistent effort to watch. If the objective was to perpetuate the idea that displaced immigrants live unhappy lives, it managed that aim in a fraction of the movie length. I don't recall a single smile in the film, just one scene after another filled with absurd dialog spaced with awkward silence.
I'm certain that there are people that will truly enjoy this film, sadly I am not one of them.
I can't fail to mention that a recurring thought I had throughout the film was that the actor playing the protagonist would be an excellent choice to play Frank Zappa should anyone choose to make a movie of his life.
Beverly Vessa20Somewhat SatisfiedIt did not ever grab me. Slow and dull and depressing. The few funny moments made it tolerable.
Loved the discussion after, as always.
I appreciate having a film that pushes the envelope, even though I didn't care for this particular film.
Gayle D5Somewhat SatisfiedI was happy there were flashes of humor to help us deal with all those morose characters! I did get a kick out of the little guy and his passionate love of his Russian song--provided nice breaks to what was a little hard to figure out and not quite whimsical enough!
- 19Not SatisfiedNormally I love a quirky independent film that I would never get to see. But I just didn't like any of these characters and I couldn't get into the film.
Yehoshua Rom12SatisfiedI liked that it forced me to think even if I didn't like it at first. I understand now as a mirror on Americanism in the eyes of an immigrant (which I am, as well). America, like it's immigrants is not a plain sheet of one color, but a mosaic of good and bad, worthwhile and wasted, admired and despised. It didn't matter that we were watching Iranians and had to read all the subtitles in a hurry, it's about all of us through the Iranian prism. It was somewhat boring to watch, at times, but in the end it's a worthwhile movie.
Lesley - Not SatisfiedI was so bored and struggled to stay awake. Worst movie in a long time at the club. So much more could have been made of the material. Dark (literally), and so much focus on and switching among minor details I guess I lost the plot whatever it was. A window into a few immigrants' life at a radio station I suppose but it was hard to care aside from the occasional humor. Best part was the band! They sounded great.
Jean Kaelin15Very SatisfiedQuirky, funny little film with an array of characters and stories all going on at the same time, sometimes in very different directions. Not really sure what or if there was a primary story line in this film. My take away thought was, and still is, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PENQUIN?!
Terri sachs0Not SatisfiedI didn't like any of the characters, and I fought sleep the entire time. Kept hoping Metallica would show up early to spice it up abit ( but I feared the band would never show up and the movie would drag to the bitter end). With that said, I don't mind seeing a movie like this at the club...that to me is what the club is all about...exposure to independent, non mainstream films. I think you're doing a great job including notifying us about the parking issues of the day! Maybe we can avoid movie dates with HUGE events in SJ.
Martha1SatisfiedOverall I liked the film because I'm fascinated with people and seeing life through someone else's eyes. This was a slice of life film and definitely kept my interest. One criticism I would make is some of the subtitles flashed a little too quickly before I had finished reading. I agree with Kaaren Powers, don't be discouraged by negative comments. Some of the questions to the Director were very thought provoking. Keep up the good work, you will never please everyone.
Lou McTamaney7Not SatisfiedWhen the film finally ended I looked at my watch and thought for sure that it had stopped. I had estimated that the film was 3 hours long -- very slow, disjointed and boring. I didn't understand the connection with the large lady singing Ave Maria. And I didn't get to find out what happened to the penguin!
Ben Director10Not SatisfiedRadio Dreams is a fitting title. It was part comedy and part farse. I had a good nap until I walked out prior to the end. I could not envision a satisfactory conclusion. I shall be back another Sunday. you are doing great
Judy4Not SatisfiedThis was the worst movie I've seen in pages. When picking a movie, it would be advisable to know your audience. This movie had no real plot and it felt like we were movie 'prisoners'for hours. Whatever comedic elements the movie had we are in short supply and did not make up for the meandering of the storyline.
Miriam Leiseroff18Not SatisfiedBoring and not very interesting. Couldn't find any value in watching this film. I hope next month's movie will be better!
Martin Bell20Very SatisfiedFirst "very satisfied"! I enjoyed the film, though I didn't love it. It was slow and didn't seem to "go" anywhere, but it had some very tender moments and more than a few wry chuckles. Poetry was a strong theme in the film, and I think it makes sense as a visual poem. It's the kind of film I will think about for a long time.

I would rather see an independent local film like this at the club than a mainstream film 4 days before it hits the cineplex.
Terri LehAn23Somewhat SatisfiedI wanted to like the film, but struggled to stay awake. The attempts at deadpan humor just didn't work for me. I became slightly engaged when Lars from Metallica finally showed up
The discussion afterward was ok, which is why I didn't give a "not satisfied" rating.
- 12Not SatisfiedI liked being exposed to a film that I would not normally see but had a hard time sitting through it. Not to mention very hard to read subtitles because of tall person in front of me.
Gail fisher - Somewhat SatisfiedWhile I would not tell others to go see this movie, I a m glad I saw it. It was slow and far from a typical experience of Moslems in this country. These character seemed very isolated. I expect it was suppose to be done as a comedy but it fell short.

I am enjoying the two of you and all the effort you a expending. Please keep it up.
Carol23Somewhat SatisfiedI somewhat enjoyed the characterizations and humor, but I wouldn't recommend it to friends. It is far from the worst film I've ever seen. Does anyone remember "Kissed" from CCC Season 2 or 3? Now that was REALLY awful.
- - Satisfiedit took time to understand the intent of the film, and the reason for the slow pace, but i got it!
Kaaren Powers8SatisfiedAny film that gives me room for pause or makes me think deserves a good review. I usually fit the mold of the typical senior citizen. I love films with great drama and amazing stories. I love opera & classical music & must admit that I was only vaguely aware of the group, "Metallica." But early on, I realized that I joined Cinema Club, because I wanted more exposure to independent films, & I wanted to learn more about other cultures. Also, I do value your choices for films that you bring to us even if they may have a different bent. So I enjoyed the film from these prospectives: I loved the tension between Royani & Maral. I loved hearing about a Persian radio station located right here in San Francisco & what it feels to be an immigrant right here in the Bay Area. I may have looked down on Royani when he would not allow the beauty queen to recite her poetry, but felt that represented the plight of all women and showed what we all need to work on to reduce gender discrimination. I loved the build-up wondering whether Metallica was ever going to show up at the radio station & was so relieved when Lars Ulrich actually came. I loved the idea of the Afghanistan rock band meeting and playing with Metallica. I feel that I need to apologize for the man who said that this was the worst film Cinema Club has ever shown. It showed a closed mind not open to exploring all there is in the wonderful world of cinema. Please do not let any negative comments influence you. You both exude so much joy & love of film that it is a pleasure to have you doing so much to please everyone here at Cinema Club. I hope you continue to challenge us and offer new films for us to see and review. My very best wishes, Kaaren
Robbie Finley1SatisfiedInteresting showcase of the immigrant's experience here. There were a few standout scenes, some things hit and miss, but overall I appreciated the glimpse into a world close by, but feels entirely different from what most of us experience.
Barry12Not SatisfiedDisjointed, poor writing, poor story.
Lisa Hankins16Not SatisfiedDisjointed is the only word that really describes it for me. There were numerous threads that were interesting (to me) but never really went anywhere. It felt like a film that was still in process. And its something I could've watched on youtube, as it turns out.
Susan Swanson10Somewhat SatisfiedI have to say that I think many of the subtleties of the film were lost on me. Exploring the cultural differences between the different groups as represented by their languages, was something that might be interesting in a different context. The way the director chose to highlight the different groups was beyond my grasp, given my lack of familiarity with the culture. For a mainstream western audience, the film might have been better off exploring the differences between the bay area and immigrant cultures. There was just no character for me to identify with or hook to keep me interested. The Metallica connection was not enough.
Steve Leibson10Not SatisfiedMy IMDB review from this showing:

This is an existential movie that, in part, gently examines the mindset of people who have moved to the US from certain parts of the middle East (primarily Iran and Afghanastan). It uses the unlikely vehicle of a Farsi-speaking Iranian radio station in San Francisco (PARS Radio) as its main locale. The station is a surreal place, like the old WKRP in Cincinnati TV show, but instead of kooky American stereotypes this radio station is inhabited by kooky middle Easterners.

The distracted head of the station is more interested wrestling than radio. His daughter, a frosty and remote fashion plate, is the station's business manager. She seems to have captured her unfair share of local Iranian advertisers including a dermatologist specializing in removing unwanted hair from Iranian women and a fast-food restaurant in a food court specializing in Afghan and Iranian cuisine. Perhaps these are nods to Iranian assimilation in the US.

But this movie really revolves around the fictional Hamid Royani, a noted poet and a truly masterful literary writer in Iran, reduced to working as the program director at this tiny radio station filled with misfits. He single-handedly tries to maintain his country's cultural heritage against the insurmountable odds of America's highly assimilating, melting-pot culture.

The entire movie captures one day in the station's existence when a Metallica-inspired Afghan rock-and-roll band that Royani has flown to the US from Kabul is supposed to appear on the air with Metallica in a jam session. This is Royani's dream: a celebration of international cultural mixing. He's a dreamer living a nightmare, surrounded by the leaden (from his own perspective). In fact, I think it's hard to tell which parts of this movie take place only in Royani's mind. I'm sure that part of it does.

The people surrounding Royani at the station, mostly interns, spend a lot of time looking into the camera with blank stares. I assume that's the filmmaker telling us how empty these people's lives have become as expats living in the US. (All in all, you're just a brick in the wall.)

There are funny parts to the movie. There's confusion. There is pathos. There are beautiful moments. But mostly, this movie trundles at a truly glacial pace, perhaps reflecting the director's feeling about life. Or not. In many ways this is an art film minus the art. It's the sort of thing I'd expect to get from a film student just starting out.

I saw this film as part of the Camera Cinema Club in San Jose, CA. The audience consists of longtime film patrons accustomed to seeing many different sorts of films through the club. This movie left a lot of them scratching their heads.
Patryce8Not SatisfiedI really wanted to like this movie. Some contextual similarities; Waiting for Guffman and Good Night. In a film like this the viewer really needs to care about the characters and care that they get to some point of satisfaction. This is not the case here. The point of frustration of these characters is clearly illustrated but there is no narrative pay off.
Clem23SatisfiedI was touched by what I see as the tragic consequences of people displaced by US policies in the Middle East.

These people are like fish out of water and can't go home any more. There's an element of culture shock of people trying to manage the best they can.

It did feel slow at times, but it's a feeling of helplessness that doesn't lend itself to faster pace.
Ray Bravo21Somewhat SatisfiedOne thing liked was the dry humor through out the film, like programs being interrupted for the commercials.I just kept waiting for things to happen.
Sheila4Not SatisfiedWorst movie I ever seen at the Cinema Club - in fact worst movie I can recall ever seeing. Only movie I seriously considered walking out of.
Jackie Pighini3Not SatisfiedI came in 'slightly' late to a theater that was extremely dark... as a matter of fact the screen was too dark to allow for ambient light to see where to go to find a seat. I didn't have any idea what the movie was about for several minutes... as a matter of face, I never got the gist of this movie except when they mentioned Metallica which I am not familiar with but I do recognize the name. I finally realized that it was a radio program that originated from San Francisco (I think)... The music was a welcome part of this movie because I didn't like, even the humorous parts, despite my laughing at them. All in all, this was the worst movie I have seen in the Camera Club venue.
Tony Gaechter3Not SatisfiedOn a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a ZERO. Hopefully we won't have any more films like this that are a complete waste of my time and my wife's time.
Sofía Blanc22Somewhat SatisfiedInteresting topic but I felt that the director should have taken advantage of the preset moment and go deeper and move at a faster pace
Marsha1Somewhat SatisfiedAlthough there were some notable comic and touching moments, for the most part the humor was lost on me.
By staying for the audience and director insights I left "somewhat satisfied" instead of "not satisfied" with this film.
Charlene Constantino6Not SatisfiedBoring and no theme. I hope this is not the new norm for the Cinema Club
Darrel Kelly 2Not SatisfiedMuch too slow. While the topic was universal, it simply did not resonate with me. Found myself nodding off, that is really unusual for me, because I found the characters to be unremarkable and lacking any interest.

Actually, this is the first movie I found to be unremarkable in every aspect.

I like how you are doing things ?? and say "keep it up!".
Lynette4Not SatisfiedIt was pretty boring. I didn't stay afterwards because I couldn't imagine what the director could say that would make me like the movie. Reading those crazy stories were irritating. The guy could have written about guys in the band's individual stories about surviving and thriving before and after the Taliban and their love of Rock & Roll. Now that would be interesting...
Terry Jansen3Not SatisfiedWe left after about 45 minutes. I was falling asleep. I was hoping it was one of those films with a slow beginning but picked up in the middle but it didn't. We left to enjoy a beautiful day outside.
VS10Not SatisfiedDid not like the abusive relationships imposed by the main character. Very slow and irritating movie. Would not recommend it to anyone. Probably would have walked out, had it not been for my group.
Poor choice of film for the existing movie club audience. Two terrible movies in a row. Hope the season will improve.
Denise Reynolds25Not SatisfiedI was bored stiff... I stayed because I've never walked out during a film, but gosh, hated it.
Denise Reynolds25 - -
ME McTamaney5Not SatisfiedIt was very slow and fragmented with some humor. I know it was supposed to mirror the immigrant experience and I got that. But I would have walked out if I were not part of my group that stayed. I felt very restless - maybe that was part of the director's wish for us to mirror the immigrant's experience. ?
Vicki Wolfe15Not SatisfiedNot only did I find the film boring, I found a number of the characters very irritating. I realize that people perceive humor differently from one another, but this just didn't work for me on any level.

And matters weren't helped any by the rudeness of the several people who arrived late and apparently felt it was fine to use their outdoor voices to discuss their problems with not being able to see in the dark and find seats for several minutes. Probably the same people who got hysterical about not getting their freshly popped popcorn.

Last month's film was terrific. I'm hopeful that next month's will be, too.
KateM - Not SatisfiedNot my favourite film. Felt like many bits were just tacked on for the sake of it because the scene was interesting. From discussion with the director afterwards (which was highly interesting) - it seems like that was actually the case. The letter to the mother scene was very touching, but on a whole this movie didn't really capture my attention, and seemed rather long as a result.
Kate Brophy5Not SatisfiedI found subs difficult to read; couldn't get interested in story. Left after about 1/2 hr. Friends who stayed said I was smart to leave.
Joe Bamberg20Somewhat SatisfiedI had seen the film at the SF International film fest in 2016. It was in the middle of my ratings then. Not my favorite but not "bad". It speaks to the immigrant experience but that just did not catch my interest.

Sad the club was not able to get "The Force".
John Dolan10Somewhat SatisfiedBoring film spiked with flashes of humor. Had a real hard time staying awake throughout the movie. This is one of those movies where having the conversation with the director would have been more helpful before the movie to aid in it's appreciation.
Marius Frohlichman3Not SatisfiedVery unclear message. Also the it was very, very boring.