NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Antoinette Motas10SatisfiedAny film that makes me think, is a film worth watching. I like the ambiguity of the dream sequences and that Sam Elliott's character wasn't perfect. Good acting.
Mike Weston16Very SatisfiedI liked the film a lot, including the ambiguous ending. I would prefer that someone associated with the film be there, though the discussion was fairly good despite not having that.
Karen0Satisfied Sam Elliott was the right actor to play the strong silent type of man and father . All the casting was good but an affair with a 50-year-old would have been more believable. Was the heavy drug use saying something about Hollywood types turning to drugs to deal with life, be a it painful or not ? I am grateful however that filmmakers are telling stories about and using aging actors that we have all enjoyed through the years. Good choice of film.
Ken Edwards1Very SatisfiedThe hero's condition is the one we all face all our lives We are mortal. We all die.We spend most of our time and energy trying to ignore this fact. It makes a lot of us selfish and a little crazy Good film for making us ask what's it all about and and shows why we should love one another.
Marg15Very SatisfiedI loved this movie and thought Sam Elliott was terrific. He did the character justice. I would like to say that I think the quiz portion of the event should precede the movie.
Martin Bell19Very SatisfiedIt was a very sweet and enjoyable film. I loved the little mustache game afterwards. Keep up the experiments!
Ron Weston20Very SatisfiedTouching story of an end of life situation but presented with humor and understanding. The stand up comedy scene should be deleted totally because it was crude, course and just in poor taste compared to the overall movie. MORE movies like this.
- - SatisfiedVery well acted (espec Prepon) but tempo dragged a bit with too many lingering Eliott close-ups (no matter how easy on the eyes!). Fun to see Ross (Eliott's real-life partner) again.
Jackie - Very SatisfiedSam Elliott was the star of this movie in my estimation. But I didn't need to see him 'in the all-together'! sex[sic] scenes. It was enough to have the gal ridicule him and I thought that this was 'pertinent' to the film and such as the role K Ross played was relevant to the film. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and having the shots linger on faces and/or characters during conversations and waiting for the character (Sam's) to speak was necessary to the film.
Janice2Somewhat SatisfiedSam Elliot was predictable or just himself on screen. It was not convincing that he had once been a great actor based on the movie clips of his best known film, The Hero. I liked the girlfriend's role; well acted and nice dichotomy in character with her drug using comedian lifestyle vs deep poetry loving, insightful woman. The daughter's character struck me as a spoiled kid who couldn't really grow up and face the fact that her dad was human and full of faults. Get over it already. Nick Offerman is always great. I would have preferred to see him in the starring role. I think Sam Elliot still has good acting in him if someone would give him a different role. He has become an easy-on-the-eyes cliche.
Melissa Diaz4Very SatisfiedThree things I enjoy when they appear in films are Sam Elliot, Laura Prepon and when LA is a character or backdrop of the film. I was worried about the cliche older man, younger woman, but in this case it did work. The drug use did not bother me, but I did feel that the sex scene was not necessary. I like to tone much better when they were in the limo and it was simply implied that there was a love connect. I am in no way a prude when it comes to sex, but i just felt that it was better left unseen (like with the foreign film discussion we had, just better left unsaid and understood by the audience). Overall it was a solid film that I enjoyed.
Teo4Very Satisfied -
Tamara2SatisfiedEven though it seemed a little slow, I liked that it took its time to tell the story. Great acting. An interesting movie.
Patryce10SatisfiedVery good. The director wrote this film for Sam Elliot and his reverence for the actor is obvious but it some ways to the film's detriment. The love story while compelling if a bit creepy. Katherine Ross nails it in her small amount of screen time. Well lit and nice use of close ups.
Pam1Very SatisfiedSam Elliot made the film for me. His acting, enhanced by his actual persona, seemed more real & less like a part he was playing. I wish Katherine Ross had had a larger part, and the other 2 actresses smaller ones.
Although I completely understand the use of the l-o-n-g take to signify depression & refection, it gets a little boring after a while.
Also, the film seemed like an ode to LA with the lingering shots of the sun rises & sets, and the skyline.
Marie B2Very SatisfiedI really enjoyed this movie, a slice of life. I agree with many of the comments, a few different takes. The drug use could also be the characters way to deal with pain. Could be physical or emotional pain, a career that is no longer what it was, a daughter he loves and knows he didn't do right by. Not unlike the fuel of the opiad use problem in this country. The scene of the girlfriends stand up act... my initial thought was no man would ever go back to a woman who did that. But then I thought, what a role reversal. You've seen where a man will belittle a woman, and she always goes back. If she doesn't you think wow, how strong she must be!! Here my thought was what a weak man or low point he's in to stay with her. "The Hero" shows us a slice of a life, and choices made when the end is literally in sight.
Beverly22Somewhat SatisfiedIt felt empty, which is probably the point of the movie, but it felt too melancholy for me to enjoy totally.
Joyce22Very SatisfiedThanks for an entertaining event. I loved this movie, Sam Elliott is one of my
favorites! This was a beautiful thought provoking movie.
Kelly10SatisfiedAlways love Sam Elliott (what a voice!) and now am a fan of Pipon too. Great acting by all the cast. Fun scene at the awards show celebrating "Diane". Wished for more back story about what happened with his daughter to make her so angry. House scenes on the deck and at ocean were beautiful. Could have done w/o so much focus on his pot smoking. Overall a good film.
Colleen Block3Very SatisfiedSam Elliott ! is what I liked most. His performance was honest and very appealing. I also liked the subject matter and how it was presented. Lots for me to reflect on. It is an existential question...Is it really my time to "go"? Do I just give up or do I live as fully as I can until my "bus" arrives.(so to speak)
Justin21Very SatisfiedCouldn't ask for more. Engaging story, fine acting, and beautiful photography.
Janet Truman3Very SatisfiedTouched close to home...sadly. Very moving. I felt his pain and loss even though he was somewhat selfish. He covered up his lonelinee and current failure with drugs. I loved the scene that he and his neighbor are rehearsing the script. Very moving that was embellished with his failing to deliver at the 9interview. Good choice. Thank you.
SofĂ­a Blanc23SatisfiedI liked the photography and the parallel when the movie begins and the ending.
E McTamaney7Somewhat SatisfiedLiked Sam, but it was slow. Plot not realistic enough!
Jayne10Somewhat SatisfiedProbably not in the mood to watch another film about Sam Eliott, or any aging person, dying. Film Felt predictable; monotone with exception of Offerman, a levity favorite. I always want to like the characters, and as this film progressed, I did not like the increasing distaste I felt for the "Hero". Did Like the honest assessment of drug use.
Susan10Somewhat SatisfiedHaving lost my father to lung cancer on April 8 of this year, the film hit too close to home for me to objective. I found it painful and trite at the same time.
CH AND DI20Very SatisfiedSAM ELIOTT - It would have been a slow movie
without him.
Terry Jansen3Very SatisfiedYou guys hit a home run! It was an excellent film! On par with all the other great movies we have seen since joining the club. Thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes!
Jean15SatisfiedSam Elliot plays "Sam Elliot". He does not have much stretch as an actor, but he is a "Sam" that is easy on the eyes and ears in any film. Did not have empathy for the character, not sure if that is good or bad........
Loved seeing Ross being one of the few women in her age group that has not done one or more of the "Hollywood Face" anti-aging procedures like Goldie H. and most others have.
Best scenes were ones in which Elliot had no lines, just slow recognition of circumstances through very close up shots of face. Question his remarkable quick recovery after eating ALL of the shrooms and drinking at the same time.
Ray Bravo22Very SatisfiedWe enjoyed the film. When I saw the credits with names like Sam Elliot, K. Ross, Max Gail and Nick Offerman, I knew i was going to be a good film. I liked the story. We really enjoyed the conversation after the film.
Thanks, keep it going.
jim rauh10SatisfiedGood film, strong acting. What no one has mentioned was Krysten Ritter's exceptional scene where she was talking to her dad on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Her simmering/trying to keep it together/ trying to make sense of everything w/ her often absent/but now in front of her was Oscar worthy; maybe the best scene she has ever done.
I liked the pace of the movie (particularly for the subject matter) but also agree completely w/ Miriam L that some scenes lingered a bit too long on the actor's faces. Some scenes done in this manner were poignant while others wafted into nothingness. I was surprised/pleased that I wasn't creeped out/ made squirmy (!) by the depiction of the Elliott/Prepon relationship; done tastefully.
One of the movie's flaws was lack of backstory, particularly w/ his daughter. With the strength of the scenes between Ritter and Elliott I had hoped for more or their story; probably too much time spent on smoking out w/ his drug supplier. Enjoyable scenes but a bit on the overkill side.
Elaina7Somewhat SatisfiedI liked the visual moods and tempo, and use of unusual supporting characters, like Sam Elliott's drug dealing neighbor and even the woman in the audience Sam Elliott bestows with his own achievement award. This was contrasted with the main character's ability to deal with the gravity of his failing health and "image" and the fragility of his relationships with his family and friends.

I would've liked more of the characters' back stories fleshed out. However, I think Laura Prepon's stand-up comedian rift was a flimsy way for the screenwriter to create conflict and the obvious difference in their ages.
Gerri20Satisfied"The Hero" was a well crafted film. It had subtleties that I appreciated like the seat belt sound in his car that goes off to remind him to take care of himself. Also my husband noticed that the dream sequence with the hanging man was connected to the plot of his TV show with his friend, Nick Offerman's character. Also loved the inclusion of St. Vincent Millay's poem "Dirge Without Music" as it summed up the theme of the film.
I've never been a fan of Sam Elliot, but his fine performance has won me over.
Nancy Jo Lopp12Very SatisfiedEnjoyed acting and Sam Elliot. Explored May Dec theme. Wandered a lot which kept me wondering where it was going.
John Dolan10SatisfiedEven though rather depressing in nature, there were some laughs... I could watch or listen to Sam Elliot reading a telephone book (Remember those?) and be satisfied. Music was great, Laura and Nick always a pleasure to watch as well.
Miriam Leiseroff18SatisfiedI basically liked the film. My only criticism is that some of the shots lingered too long on faces and/or characters. During conversations, I sometimes was waiting for the character (Sam's) to speak. It felt too slow for me. However, I liked the story, the characters, and the acting.
MLP10Very SatisfiedLiked the acting,
Peter Holmes1Very SatisfiedActing was great. Sad, funny, a rollercoaster of emotions. Kept my interest.
Kathy. 4SatisfiedActing, characters good. Humor around older character fumbling with tech getting a career resurgence from video, then sad as he flubs his big chance. Didn't like typical LA drug scene, younger woman as "advisor" but still good. Enjoyed Nick Offerman, Max Gail.
Janet25Very SatisfiedI thought it was a beautiful film. Well acted and Sam Elliott is amazing in this. I was also impressed with Laura Pepron.
Mary1Very SatisfiedWhat did I like about the film??? Sam Elliott. I am right behind him in age, but he oozes with sexuality. Made for a great afternoon. I especially liked the shots of his facial expressions. Thinking about pancreatic cancer, his choices in life, and knowing the end it near. It was very poignant for me. Thanks again for another great movie selection.
Linda Davidge.5Somewhat SatisfiedA safe bet after Radio Dreams. But I digress...a simplistic film about a serious subject: facing death. I would have liked to see a deeper exploration of feelings around the subject and fewer drinking/drugging scenes (the 'easy' way out) but it's not that kind of film.
Robbie Finley1Not SatisfiedIt wasn't for me, but I am glad to see that it resonated with others.
Debbie Krysiak2Very Satisfied -
Debbie Krysiak2Very Satisfied -