NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Kathleen4Very SatisfiedReally enjoyed this film. For me, it was a lovely summer movie. Beautifully shot. I completely fell in love with Spain. Was such a treat to see so many gorgeous places. And it is a fun way to travel – with a focus on food. Made me think of the memoir ‘Driving on Lemons’ – about creating a life in the countryside of Spain. Also, was just told by someone who recently visited the Alhambra that the espresso bar there was truly amazing! He lingered just to enjoy the coffee!
Loved the humor! I know guys with the same banter. Made me laugh out loud, which was really needed just then. Not sure I’d be up for the other films .. might be too much of the same.
On the storyline, am still deciding if there really was one & if it matters. Will have to see it again to decide. Really liked the Don Quixote references! Went home to refresh my memory… especially how it ends.
I also REALLY love seeing movies without any prep! Nice to have info on it afterwards, but this way makes me come into the filmmaker’s world completely fresh. For me, that’s one of the great things about the Cinema Club.
KC23SatisfiedEnjoyed it, but seemed to go on a bit too long. Loved the scenery!
Lisa Skinner23SatisfiedI can't say I loved this film but I appreciated many moments throughout. My challenge was in connecting with the characters. I will say that I had the miserable experience of sitting in front of someone who kicked my seat constantly and who made single word comments (shrimp!) throughout the film which may have colored my ability to enjoy it. I think seeing mainstream films in film club is an opportunity lost so am very happy about the direction we seem to be going. But the discussion with my fellow club members is a huge part of the experience. I want to know what my fellow club members think even if we don't have a guest.
Judy I10SatisfiedI enjoyed it. Light summer entertainment with beautiful scenery and food shots.
David Lang23Very SatisfiedI happen to be reading Don Quixote when I saw this film, and I loved the many references to the novel and Cervantes. (Besides the direct references to the novel, there are many indirect ones as well, including the picaresque flow of the film and the habit of the characters of telling stories as they go along.)

In addition to the pleasure of seeing elements of Don Quixote in the film, I thought it was very funny as a movie on its own terms. The dialogue and acting were terrific, and the scenery was .... well, spectacular. I loved the enigmatic ending of the film. I think Cervantes would have approved!
FR7Not SatisfiedHad seen another Coogan road/restaurant film and found this one repetitious. The enjoyable part was the Spanish scenery. The film was too long.
duncan2Very Satisfiedexcellent dialogue, gorgeous cinematography
Raylene - Somewhat SatisfiedThe comedians were funny at first but after awhile their banter grew tiresome. It would have been better if it was about 30 minutes shorter and had a more satisfying ending. The scenery
and food looked amazing.
kurt11SatisfiedThe problem with this otherwise entertaining film is the lack of a through-line; there is no arc to the story. The banter, though erudite and amusing, grows tiresome. I adamantly disagree with folks who are asking for information about our films PRIOR to seeing them. A major delight of the Cinema Club is being able to see a film with absolutely no preconceived ideas. This is a rare treat; please keep it....
- - SatisfiedThe problem with this otherwise entertaining film is the lack of a through-line; there is no arc to the story. The banter, though erudite and amusing, grows tiresome. I adamantly disagree with folks who are asking for information about our films PRIOR to seeing them. A major delight of the Cinema Club is being able to see a film with absolutely no preconceived ideas. This is a rare treat; please keep it....
Keith Balch3Satisfied Really enjoyed the scenery and photography of the townes in Spain. Enjoyed the witty bantering of the main characters. Made we want to travel back to Spain
Marie Becker2SatisfiedI did see the first one, and enjoyed this one as well. Nice, light movie. I see other members are disappointed about not having a discussion afterwards, but I agree with Alejandro and Sara that for this movie there wasn't really anything to discuss. Walking out of the theater I wished I knew of a good tapas restaurant...
Orrel12SatisfiedLight entertainment for summer! Enjoyed the film, and the banter....the scenery & foodie scenes. Did not know this was part of a "Trip" series, so now want to see the other two. Was disappointed with the lack of organized discussion after the film.
Sofía Blanc23Somewhat SatisfiedIt was humorous with beautiful sights and excellent display of food but a bit too long. The ending kind of up in the air. Both actors did their best but not enough to make it a great movie.
Jesse18Not SatisfiedI found the film entertaining and the event disappointing. The Cinema Club bills itself as a place to discuss film. For whatever lame reason, I think the ball was dropped here...."Discuss among yourselves" just doesn't do it for me. I get Netflix and HBO and a DVR full of films that I can't seem to catch up with. Without the discussion, there is no Club event. To blow it off is a waste of my time. I could have just as easily watched this movie at home.
Jenn - Somewhat SatisfiedI didn't get the point to the movie. While I enjoyed it and laughed a lot, I left not really knowing what I had watched. I really wish we had had discussion afterwards as a group. I gain so much from that since I we hear from people I don't usually chat with.
jim rauh10Somewhat SatisfiedThe actors/comedians were witty and engaging BUT the film's best material was in the first 45 minutes and the film definitely ran out of gas. Tighter editing would have helped (too much padding in the form of food and scenery shots-that is never a good sign). The Bowie and Jagger impersonations were spot on and did not go on ad nausem, ala Roger Moore.
The ending was indeed weak; since Steve was such a vivid dreamer and he was a bit out of sorts being out on the desert, maybe the ISIS vision was a mirage. Finishing out my comment regarding the length of the film, it could have easily been chopped down to between 50-60 minutes.
Maybe going forward (agree w/ a couple of other folks), getting just a bit of background info prior to the movie would be appreciated, particularly in this instance.
Susan2Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the humor, different foods and scenery. It felt almost like a travel log. I especially enjoyed the ending. I liked that it is open to interpretation and discussing what it meant with different people was fascinating!
More please :)
Jo - Somewhat SatisfiedWhy don't you give us some background about the film before we see it? I had no idea who the actors were or that there were two movies before this one. It would have helped.
Pam1Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the interplay between the two main characters who obviously were close friends, and the humor & impressions made the film for me. My only criticisms are the nebulous ending & the length.
Miriam Leiseroff18Not SatisfiedNot my kind of movie. I didn't see the first one with these two guys, on purpose, after seeing the trailer. Some of the jokes were okay, so were some of the impersonations, but the (what seemed to me) constant yakking got on my nerves. I found it boring, too. Also, I didn't like the emphasis on food. I don't like watching other people eat foods that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole! In conclusion, I would have rather seen a good drama!
judy2Somewhat SatisfiedIt would have been a better experience if quick hints about what to look for and then a follow-up discussion with the audience. As a group leader you could have given the background of the actors, lead the discussion with a few open ended questions . I felt the ball was dropped when we were simply told to talk to each other at the end of the movie.
Melissa Diaz4SatisfiedWhat comes to mind when I think back on this film is that is was a very cheeky film. I enjoyed the humor, beautiful scenery and the food. I need to travel through Spain now!
Charlene and Frank Constantino6Very SatisfiedPlot was week but I loved the humor and adored the travel scenes and places they visited. Beautiful photography.
Colleen Block3Very SatisfiedI loved the humor. For me it was "laugh out loud". Yes. That was me. This movie suited me. Was happy all the way home. Have told many about it. Sorry to those who weren't as satisfied.
Kathy B5SatisfiedThe constant bantering became too long at end but the impressions were funny, beautiful scenery, food/wine, the dinosaurs and historic places. Will see two other films.
Carole2SatisfiedThe continual bantering between the guys. The continual scenes of fascinating foods including the way they were eating and the servers retorts and facial and body languages expressed. To visit to Spain was wonderful.
Justin22SatisfiedBeautiful scenery, delicious food, great dialogue. What else do you want?
Susan10SatisfiedI think a little context might have been helpful. It would have been nice to know that this is, in fact, the third film in a series. It would be nice to know that although the two main characters are, in fact, playing characters who happen to have the same names as the actors playing them. I liked the film. I laughed out loud many times, which is hardly ever a bad thing to do at a film. I know Alejandro and Sara have struggled with how to handle a film when they don't have anyone associated with the making of the film there to discuss it. But no discussion at all or "discuss amongst yourselves" is not really a valid option in my book. One of the benefits of attending the Camera Cinema Club is the discussion afterward.
Arieh Strod15SatisfiedExcellent photography of Spanish landscape and restaurant food.
But the intellectual conversation was boring toward the end. There were hardly any crises or emotions through most of the movie!!
Bev22Somewhat SatisfiedI know more now after reading the previous posts than I did 5 minutes ago. I knew nothing of this film trilogy and would have appreciated both a bit of background information after seeing the movie and an opportunity to discuss it with the group. To see a film and then leave immediately afterward is not a club event. I was more frustrated by the lack of discussion than by the ambiguity of the ending.
Janet & Iz Truman - SatisfiedWe enjoyed the travelogue; the perfect banter; the characters. Some of the speech was so quick, lost some but they were delightfully witty, funny, and on-the-mark. Scenery was super-duper. We'd love to be in the back seat of their car not to mention being at the glorious restaurants. On a serious note, I found the movie always had the sad, longing, undercurrent. Not always knowing what would be coming next..................but knowing that they are sort of competing with their ages, their life-styles/situations; and one with a future and one with a questionable future Loved it
Deborah4Somewhat SatisfiedIt was funny and witty, but I did not understand what the film was about or have an idea where it was going until about a quarter way in. I was not fully engaged.
Nancy McDermand18Somewhat SatisfiedWhile I LOVED The Trip, I thought this one POOR!!! Too long, needed editing, Just an inferior re-tread.
Lisa20Somewhat SatisfiedI saw the first film in this series , so it was a lot of the same . It was entertaining , but would have preferred them to discuss the food more !
- 14SatisfiedI was impressed by the witty banter. The impressions were enthralling.
The ending was a sharp contrast that snapped me to attention; it left me to my own conclusion.
Bridget3SatisfiedI am unabashed fan of the The Trip series, and I agree with Patryce, I liked The Trip to Spain better than The Trip to Italy, but the first effort was their best. That said, I feel we may be cheated from key context and dialogue with the film edit. It runs as a series in the UK: I also wish the film format would give the exceptional restaurants and hotels that are featured a bit more than fleeting credit! I would love to see The Trip come to California.

Guardian article with Steve and Rob's comments on the latest series:
Patryce10SatisfiedI am fortunate (I think) to have seen the previous two offerings in this trilogy. This one was better than the 2nd, not as good as the first. Overall, enjoyable while left me feeling stressed because I feel bad that these two middle aged men are not able to really talk about what is going on in their lives. Instead they cover up their insecurity and sadness with acerbic wit.
Bo Brackmann7Very SatisfiedIt was a delightful film that made me laugh...a lot...loved the improv. I don't get the ending though. Didn't seem to fit and not sure what the director was trying to convey..perhaps change the ending of the film?
Fay Harmon23Very SatisfiedI liked this movie so much that I went home and searched Netflix for the first two.
Smart, funny and with wonderful scenery...
Don23Not SatisfiedNot enjoyable to easedroping on a couple of not funny commedians. Ending was frustraton and out of context of the happy travelers.
Mary1Very SatisfiedI must have wonder lust in my veins. The scenery was beautiful, as was the food. I thought about selling my home and doing a road trip across Europe. Then I realized I would miss Cinema Club.
Thank you Sara and Alajandro for your hard work for all of us.
- 14Very Satisfiedthe riffs and play on words between the two men was so funny
Gerri Lurya - Very SatisfiedI am a big fan of these guys. I loved this film.
Terry Jansen3Not SatisfiedTheir shtick was so tiring. i thought this was an awful movie.
Ken Smith3Somewhat SatisfiedOn the plus side- the scenery was beautiful, the actors were entertaining, and the underlying struggle of the male gender to remain relevant and vital as they age range true.
On the negative side- though initially entertaining, the impersonations became annoying. Since I am not a "foodie", the meals were a decadent blur. I realize the chosen vehicle for this film is somewhat trendy, reminding me of Seinfeld a bit- perhaps a "Comedians in Cars Getting Lunch" vibe, with the contrived spontaneity of one of his projects, which has never appealed to me.
I liked the film, barely.
I see other's remarks criticizing the ending and although it is easily the darkest scene, certainly out of character with the rest of the film- given the earlier dodge in dialog that made reference to ISIS, the fact that this is a series of films, and Coogan is prone to dream sequences throughout this film, the ending is almost certainly another dream sequence that will be the beginning of the next film. Or not, depending on whether this one does well enough to finance another.
Jackie3Somewhat SatisfiedThis film did not 'engage' me. There were tidbits that made me laugh but by and large, it was tedious to listen to them banter about. However, I do believe it is 'scripted' because at one point, early on, Rob slipped up and he repeated his dialogue. That being said, the way the rest of the restaurants, could not pay attention to these characters bantering about, was unbelieveable. As well as the lover just happens to have a camera available to carry on the conversation... and what? air conditioning scene? I don't remember an air conditioning scene! Perhaps I dozed through that scene. When I realized that I had to use the WC, I kept wishing the movie would end and finally when, it didn't end...I didn't get to see the end.... I've been to Spain... and it was wonderful to see it again and I was reminded of the food my husband and I enjoyed when we were there...but.... I wish I could have ignored the WC urgings....but I will try to watch this movie, at home, where I can 'pause' it.
Linda Gunther1SatisfiedThe trip mirrored my road trip in Spain. These guys were funny, good wit. The English sarcasm thing can get annoying (having lived in England for 7 years) but this time it didn't.
Steve Leibson10Somewhat Satisfied(As posted now on IMDB

This is the third movie in a series of road trips by funny man Steve Coogan and his sidekick Rob Brydon. I still recall the second movie, "The Trip to Italy," which shares the same premise: two semi-famous British entertainers eat their way through a country while entertaining each other with scripted and improvisational banter and comedy. "The Trip to Spain" echoes the last movie except the scenes are in Spain and the language being spoken is Spanish.

It seems to me that there's a lot more involvement with people playing Coogan's and Brydon's families and love interests in this third movie and for me, this pierces the bubble of the movie's conceit. Coogan calls his married lover in New York and a camera just happens to be there to capture her end of the call? If that part isn't unscripted, then the whole movie is scripted with perhaps some improvisation. So when Coogan and Brydon entertain each other with endless facts about the towns they're visiting, they're not being erudite, they're reciting scripted lines. Some of the overlong imitations of Marlon Brando, Mick Jagger, Sean Connery, and particularly Roger Moore--those are likely to be improvisational.

In all, this is a pleasant movie and the Spanish scenery and architecture steal the show and are probably worth the price of admission alone. The bit about food and reviewing restaurants seems muted and subdued in this film compared to the last one.

The ending however, deserves to live on the cutting room floor. (Again, that's my opinion.) I'll leave it to you to decide on that one.
Jean Kaelin15SatisfiedThe ending and the beginning I did not like. Not clear at all why/who/how/what was involved when the road trip began. Very weak setup. Ending was a big "Huh?". Seemed like really heavy ending for very light film. Out of context.
My favorite parts were their impressions of Mick J. Since they seemed to be such smarties I was waiting for them to inform one another that Mick learned the Peacock Strut from Tina Turner. All in all, quirky fun hot summer day film.
Robbie1SatisfiedFun travel movie, though its quirky conversations felt tiresome to sit through by the end.
Marsha1SatisfiedI've seen one other trip film with these talented actors in this "fictional documentary" style. I enjoyed this one even more than than first trip through Italy, especially the witty bit about the the Moors/Moores. Beautifully shot roadtrip foody film.
Sheila Smith3SatisfiedI enjoyed the interaction between the characters, however, I felt like it was the same thing over and over again so it became a bit annoying. The movie really didn't seem to have a defined message.
Debra13Very SatisfiedJust a fun movie! Enjoyed it!
Lanie Moss3Somewhat SatisfiedThere were funny parts but I just didn't connect with the film.
Nathan Lew13Somewhat SatisfiedWatching this film made me admire these talented actors. Inspired by the beauty of Spain and its food to want to visit some day. However, I also dozed off a few times because there really wasn't a story to tie it all together.
Gayle DeWitt7Somewhat SatisfiedRather insubstantial. The characters were rather likable but nothing to be wild about. The best part was seeing Spain since I used to live there.

Ending was nuts.