NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Maricela Disch - Very SatisfiedVery good film. My second favorite. Depressing history that makes you think about life. Another thing that I actually enjoy a lot is the Q&A session. You both make it plenty interesting.
Linda Davidge1Not SatisfiedA downer for her and me. I had trouble finding compassion for her.
Kathleen W3Very SatisfiedI really liked this film - it's why I come to the Club showings - something completely different than I can find elsewhere, with a very unique point of view.
Loved the filmmaking - so glad you were able to shoot in CA - the light & hills are completely unique. Pacing felt very much like a European film. Funny, that the subject was partly abt the change in American culture, but that this film didnt follow what has become so entrenched as American/Hollywood movies was delightful.
Really hard to watch the stunning self-centeredness of the parents, and to have that not called child abuse. One wonders - is that self-centeredness unique to their generation, or have we always had it.
Loved the kids - especially Lane. Heartbreaking when the girls were separated.
Was so grateful for the talk after - helped make parts make sense. I'm especially glad for the term 'The Lost Generation' - I have a different story, but also was left to raise myself & younger siblings. Feel very much a part of the Lost.
Kate - Very SatisfiedI loved how we were submerged into 70's technicolour and all. The characters were well developed and of course the scenery was amazing! One of the few times I'm now curious to read the book even if I saw the film!
Lisa Skinner23Very SatisfiedThis film completely sucked me in. I was 13 in 1974 and while I didn't grow up in communes, I was also raised by a self-absorbed, single mother who moved constantly. There were bright spots for sure. The early scenes of Lane running loose with her friends brought back good memories. But the loneliness and that terrifying feeling of no safety net...I remembered that too. It wasn't a perfect film but it made me feel something.
Janet Birt19Very SatisfiedIt's film like this that keep me coming back to Cinema Club. This was a beautiful film that I would never have gotten to see otherwise. I just read the book that the film was based on and I loved it too.
Holly Nielsen2Very SatisfiedI love films with great character development, and I felt like I got to know Lane pretty well. I was horrified by her selfish mother (single parent to 2 here), and am glad that she was watered down. I think my only criticism, if it even counts as one, is that the kids were clean looking--face, hands--and I suspect that they would really be as dirty as their clothes. It's a lifestyle that I've not been exposed to, even though I am the same age, but I grew up with boloney and white bread and regular meals and clean sheets. The cinematography was lovely.
I did keep expecting horrible things to happen (similar to the film last year on the Nebraska farm), and it's an interesting feeling to be taken to the edge, then nothing happens. Thanks for finding it!
Martin Bell20Very SatisfiedThe film gave me a completely immersive experience and I kind of loved it. This is the story of a strong young woman who escapes from a cult. Yes, the commune, isolation and domineering mother basically form a diffuse cult. Lane's social world is stripped away in loss after loss throughout the film. But She savors her small victories, whether through lip gloss, a stolen catalogue page or snatches of forbidden food. The ending where she takes her fate into her own hands was very satisfying.
Miriam Leiseroff18Very SatisfiedIn the 70's, my then-husband and I were never a part of the hippy scene. This film gave me an inside look and I liked also that it took place in California, which must have been the hub for hippies. The story was sad in a lot of ways, but I liked the acting. I especially liked the Q&A afterwards. I think the director was amazing. I would like to read the book to see how bad the mother really was!
Janet Truman3Very SatisfiedLoved the film. All the points discussed Sunday afternoon and many of those noted above. Kudos.
Terry Jansen3Very SatisfiedI thought this was an incredible film for many reasons. The story line was fascinating, the acting was superb and the filming was very well done. It may be one of my all time favorite Cinema Club films.
Nathan Lew13SatisfiedGood camera work and acting; I didn't truly understand the premise until the Q&A with the director. Maybe there needs to be clarifications of communes.
Margie Blickman10Very SatisfiedAlthough I didn't go through those times as so many others did (my kids graduated high school in 69 and 70) I loved getting an idea what it was like for Lane and others like her. Her acting was superb and the photography was beautiful and set the mood perfectly!
Mary E. McTamaney5Very SatisfiedI loved it! Brought back the times accurately. It felt emotionally real. Acting was very good. The filmmaker was interesting and forthcoming. One of the best you've shown.
Jean Kaelin15Very SatisfiedI loved this film. Music chosen was perfect. The clothes worn by all (not only style but how dirty, worn) gave authenticity to the era and situation. Cinematography was awesome.
I was taken aback by Katherine Moennig's film presence. She was mesmerizing in the very believable role of a totally self-absorbed individual completely clueless to the actual needs of her children and her neglect of them.
I really liked the ending. Not tied up in a neat little bow, but more as life really is, a ribbon "blowing in the wind"...............
JIm Cunningham20Somewhat SatisfiedThis dark story about gross child-neglect was perhaps the better one of all your mediocre films to date. If it wasn't for the fact that my wife and I enjoy seeing our friends the Wards on Sundays we could stop coming.

The preposterous film about back pain being psychological was near near a deal breaker for me.

But I do like that you dropped the inane Q&A opening waste of time of the previous club owner.
Kate Brophy5Very Satisfied -
Patryce10SatisfiedSolid cinematography, good tight editing. I love films that make me feel a bit uncomfortable. The lead tells us the whole story through the expression in her eyes. Kind of weird to break the 4th wall at the end but I didn't hate that shot.
Marty Hutchinson3SatisfiedI thought that it was very realistic which I liked. The filming was well done with many beautiful scenes. I thought the grandmother was portrayed colder than could be possible. The film moved slowly which was a plus and a minus.
Colleen4Very SatisfiedI loved the film. It was a rare peek into the inner feelings of a child who has no control in her for the most part she just took it, hoping for more stability and being disappointed over and over again. She took care of herself and cared for her siblings. What was most poignant is the excellence with which the director and the acting abilities of Lane merged together to bring a story that many children have faced in many guises whether it was a fanatic hippy mother or an alcoholic parent or any of the myriad was that children have to deal with life. And she got out early and apparently made something of her life. And she did it by finding a way to take care of herself. An excellent portrayal. Thank you for finding this film.
Susan10Very SatisfiedThank you, thank you for picking a female centered film that was not set in or around LA. This film captured a slice in time that whether or not you were familiar with it, certainly resonated with many. My only criticism is that I wish the character of the mother had been explored more. I understand that the movie was centered around Lane's personal experience. But I'm having a hard time understanding (other than pure selfishness and/or immaturity) her mother's motivations.
Rochelle Roberts8Very SatisfiedI thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was extremely tender and poignant.

I thought the director captured the best that each actor had to offer and I was still very impressed by the sincerity of each performance.

It was heart wrenching to me to watch the cruelty of the mother towards her children including all the different stages of abandonment that they endured.

I was extremely moved by the gracefulness of the relationships between all the characters and I think the director did an astonishing job of capturing that all on film.

Thank you so much for bringing this great work to our Film Club event and I look for to seeing you next month.
Raylene Steffenson - Somewhat SatisfiedThe main character was a truly talented young lady. I enjoyed watching her but the film itself was hard to watch. I have seen Katherine Moennig in many things and love her work. Even though the mother is a mess she played her well. Her wig was too much very distracting. The subject matter was dark and depressing. I have a hard time watching child neglect and wish the ending could have left me feeling better about the children's futures.
Deborah5SatisfiedActing was very good, and the subject matter interesting. I thought the film was slow, however, and too long. Part of the problem was that I was hoping for something a bit lighter. My bad.
SofĂ­a Blanc22Very SatisfiedI loved the photography and the slow pace and mood that created. I also liked the fact that it was a female director and from California, great and good job!!
Debbie10Very SatisfiedI liked the calm introspective demeanor of the film and its characters. I imagine everyone knows someone with a similar
unfortunate upbringing (if not their own). Was that an Ophan Annie reference with the red dress at the end?
Melissa Diaz4Very SatisfiedI thought the acting was great. I love the way the film captured what if felt like to be a girl at that age where you want to please everyone, but you are also trying to find your individuality. I really connected with my own up bringing and how I felt and dealt with having to grow up quickly. These are characters that I connect with and relate to. Not all childhoods are ideal and it is great to see it depicted on film. I also am a champion for women film makers as there are few. My one criticism of the film was the wig the mother wore. It was very distracting. I really love the actress and even she couldn't make it work.
Jonathan Crow1Very SatisfiedThis was a lovely little gem of a movie in the tradition of 400 Blows. Like Truffaut's masterpiece, this film tenderly shows the heartbreak, disappointment and wonder of growing up with difficult, self-absorbed parents. The lead actress is a real find. I look forward to what she does in the future. The director beautifully evokes the period; the film resonated with some my earliest memories in a way that few other films have. Loved the meditative, Malick-esque pacing and photography of the film. I hope Lane 1974 gets seen by a wider audience.
Ray Bravo23Very SatisfiedThe film started slow for me, but eventually it picked up. The character of the mother was a piece of work. After hearing the director talk about how she lived a similar like to Lane's I appreciated it more. Big thanks for having the director there---always an added plus.
Fay Harmon23Very SatisfiedThe director captured the times perfectly.. The children's interaction was very authentic and well-acted. I brought up my two daughters in the 70's.. in a different setting for sure... but many things brought it back in the movie.. the emphasis on "no sugar".. whole wheat only.. but they had neighbor friends to visit where they got their sugar fix!
All in all... a very good movie experience!
Vicki Wolfe13Not SatisfiedThe child actors were terrific, but I'm sorry to say I can't say the same for the rest of the film. I found it boring and depressing and far too long and came away feeling that I had wasted an afternoon. Perhaps the fact that I was a young mother of 3 little boys who never even thought of opting out colored my feelings about the film, but for me, it was a non-starter.
Betty15Very SatisfiedThe film captured the feeling of time when the country was at war in Vietnam and unraveling at its seams. Young people being drafted into a war they didn't know much about and others running off for a new way of living. People having children who can't even take care of themselves. A time that marked big changes in societies thinking.
- 1SatisfiedAs a "millennial" I could not relate to the plot or 70's setting, and was offput by the selfishness of humans, but the art of the movie was in its portrayal of loneliness of youth when one is abandoned, and that made the film more universal, and a reflection on a more tragic truth of an American experience
Elaina7SatisfiedI liked the locations, cinematography and the casting. Lane was an excellent actress. There were times when I felt the movie was listless and wanting a clearer path. But in hindsight you realize the film reflected the children's plight of unstable parenting, and their survival at the whim of their Mother's needs rather than her family's. The Mother was so selfish and despicable it made you wonder if it was a strict upbringing that brought revolt or time period of quests for freedom, peace and drugs.
The Director captured the essence of young children and the importance of those friendships and the need for routines of life and a parent's compassion. Lane's heartbreaks and disappointments led to her own strength to become her own person, but also to reach out to a grandparent for comfort and a soft place to land.
Clem23Not SatisfiedSorry to say, (and sorry for the experiences the people involved with the film), but I was creeped out. The film showed the dark side of the ideals that I grew up with. Also, I felt badly for the powerlessness of the main character.
Denise Reynolds21Very SatisfiedHaving graduated high school in 1974, this girl WAS ME. I was raised in a Protestant lower middle class family in Campbell, CA. At the time there were fields and orchards all around our brand new (and the very first tract of houses in the area).

I would spend hours and hours and hours in those fields and orchards, dreaming of something better than I had to live with. There was ugliness and sadness in the secret darkness that was my family.

No, I didn't live in communes, my dad was a hard working man, well tuned to "taking care" of his family. He was well liked in our community, and was very much involved in organizations for kids... PTA president, Indian Guides, a project called EEOC (I believe this was an emergency organization that paid particular attention to children)...
Yeah, not a good man. He died when I was fifteen.

Sorry to have gone on and on about my own life, but I suspect that it was my upbringing that made this film such a huge emotional thing for me. I loved the portrayal of the girl, and of the times. I only wish there were more of the more pertinent music of the time.
Jackie3Not SatisfiedWhat to like? I liked the scenery, Lane's acting and I agree that the 'mother's' wig looked badly in need of 'some' care. I thought that the film was badly edited... and there was no rhyme or reason for the film. I, too, was waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak...
Pam1Somewhat SatisfiedThe young actress was amazing; she was able to communicate her feelings even without words. The cinematography was beautiful, and the 1970s vibe was perfect. But I felt the story was just a series of vignettes connected by scenes of waving grasses. I wanted more meat to the individual parts the film. My one personal OCD-type criticism, was that the mother's hair seemed like an ill fitting wig.
Robbie Finley1SatisfiedFascinating story with wonderful cinematography/overall visuals that gave it a strong sense of verisimilitude (wasn't alive then, but audience reaction seemed to affirm this as well). Great performances by the entire cast.
Kathy B4Somewhat SatisfiedLiked scenery and music, acting. Worried for young girl. Glad she ran away. Wanted more at the end.
Judy Stein10Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the film very much --the acting was supurb, the photography was excellent, the music
told a story in itself--without words, it filled in the empty spaces. As a former teacher (for 45 years)
spanning the hippy period, I have met a few individuals who could parallel some of the characters.
Clem Dickey10SatisfiedClose to home (at least geographically), and with characters I could recognize. Somewhat reminiscent in style of another club movie, Wendy and Lucy.
Kyra Hubis - Very SatisfiedGlad to see a wonderfully acted, poignant presentation of the effects of one character's hippie lifestyle upon her children, mother and some "friends" as seen by her children
Tamara2Not SatisfiedI kept waiting for the story to start. I felt as if the editing was choppy and many thoughts were never finished.
Laura Moore - SatisfiedExquisite detail in every aspect. Incredible young girl wide open and vulnerable. Very painful to watch. I expected drama and cliche dialogue and plot that never materialized. Thankfully. I did get the strict hippy ideology of adherence to healthy eating and utter shedding of accepted lifestyle. I'm not sure I could have figured out the purpose of the telling of this story without the discussion with the film maker.
MP12Satisfiedvery interesting coming of age film. captured "hippie era" and good and bad of that era.
Ari10Somewhat SatisfiedImportant subject (broken family, not main stream life) and good acting. But Lane was mostly passive (the only time she reacted was when her brother was taken away). She accepted almost everything from her mother (not typical for a 12 year old) and ran away only when confronted with her sexual act. We are left to wonder why.
KC Walsh20Not SatisfiedKept waiting for something to happen.
Quite disconcerting.
I did like the scenery, cinematography and period detail.
I was surprised, I admit, by the number of audience members who stated they enjoyed it.
Don Hadlock20Somewhat SatisfiedWas like editing a bunch of diary enteries together. What was the point. Maybe a collage of a young girls ability to handle loss and still be reasonalby functional when finally rescued by someone who could give some affection.
- 7Satisfied -
Debbie krysiak3Very SatisfiedLiked: The storytelling and Lane's character.