NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Melissa4Very SatisfiedThis one checked all the boxes for me: interesting storyline, great acting, and a female director. I loved the parallel characters facing their own struggle through isolation. Edie Falco and the young woman who played the daughter were standouts. I also loved the artwork in the film. Way to end the season on a high note.
Kathleen3Very SatisfiedEdie Falco was wonderful!! Such a nuanced performance! Complex issues presented in a very tender way. Loved: the way the viewer sorts the characters & story out on their own; the pacing of the film – there was time to feel the aspects – the town, the characters, the emotions; the score!! The silences & then music that let the viewer have a reaction that wasn’t influenced by ‘musical tricks.’ Lovely, smart, tender film. Agree.. great one to end the season!
Jean Kaelin16Very SatisfiedEdie Falco was, as always, great. She pulls you in with the first shot of her at the party. No lines, just expression. I have to say I am one of the few people on the planet who is not a 100% Jay Duplass fan as an actor. I have yet to see him "stretch", go outside the lines of any performance to date. His characters are pretty much carbon copies, just different stories.
Enjoyed the film. Good pace. Nice, slow shots of the town/environment which gave good foundation for tone of the story.
I have to admit I was worried about someone stealing the bike when it was left on the side of the road, but, this wasn't filmed in San Jose.
Look forward to the new season, and thank you for all of your hard work. You have really stepped up, willing to get your hands dirty right from the start. Everyone needs to appreciate that you walked into a mess on all levels when you came onboard.
Terry3Very SatisfiedHome run! This film is definitely Oscar worthy. You both hit this one out of the park and if it's the quality of film we'll be seeing in 2018-2019 season count us in! I loved everything about this film and I loved that it completely pulled me in and kept me on the edge of my seat. The acting was superb, the storyline was captivating and the tension it created felt just the right amount of uncomfortableness to keep you guessing how this is going to end. Will the mother and daughter become jealous over this man? How will it affect their relationship. Who will he ultimately end up with? Loved the artistic aspect as well. Thanks for bringing us such a wonderful film!
Holly Nielsen2Very SatisfiedLoved! Such elegance, connection, emotion. I loved the way Lynn Shelton slowly revealed things and didn't beat us over the head with them. Loved the acting, loved the small town, loved the art, loved the uncomfortableness with the age, the daughter, the intimacy. Edie Falco was amazing. My fav of this season by far!
Orrel10Very SatisfiedLiked this film a lot, both the story line and how well the characters were developed.
Jenn - SatisfiedI liked the simplicity of the plot and how the director didn't spell everything out for us; she assumed we were a smart audience.
Janet19Very SatisfiedBeautiful film! I'm so glad we got to see this. I will look for more from Lynn Shelton.
Carol El-Shaieb12Very SatisfiedLiked it all, it was beautifully done, serious topics, could not predict the ending as the characters were well developed but very human. Basically good people stumbling through tough situations and managing to correct for some unfortunate decisions. Cast was perfect, all of them! Thank you!
Justin21Very SatisfiedI loved the film, specially the music.
Marie Becker2Very SatisfiedGreat movie to end the season with! I too enjoyed the interview with the director afterwards. Both thoughtful questions and answers. This movie addressed a serious challenge we have in this country with providing a path to successful re-entry for folks after serving their time. But the story line had everything else as well, laughter, tears, and suspense along the way with all the potentially bad decisions. The happy or hopeful ending of Carol changing her life’s path to a more fulfilling one... while helping Chris start his life over, great! How bad things in life can be a metamorphic journey to something good. Really enjoyed it!
Bo8SatisfiedI liked the film. Held my attention because it was a meaty story line. This was a good film to end the Cinema Club season.
Miriam Leiseroff18Very SatisfiedThis was a great movie. A slice of life... The characters were good, so was the acting. Washington State was the perfect scene to fit in with the mood of the film. I recognized Pamela Reed in a very small role! I wasn't familiar with Edie Falco because I never watched the Sopranos, but I really liked her in this role. Good choice, Alejandro!
Betty15Very SatisfiedGood choice Alejandro thank you
Gayle D.9Very SatisfiedA lovely film. I love a good "meaty" drama with lots of precarious situations (Oh, how many possible negative triggers in ALL their situations!), and yet we got our "Hollywood ending" in the quiet, sweet, satisfying way they handled their problems.
Terri30Very SatisfiedCinematography, Washington setting, acting...interview with director.
Elisa0Very SatisfiedLoved the film. The setting and characters where perfectly cast. The movie made me cringe so often with the choices the actors made. The movie had great pacing too. I enjoyed the question period after the movie, great to get a little insight into the location choice and the way the story was told. This was my first experience with the Cinema Club, thank you for making it an amazing time! I hope to join when the 2018 season begins.
Kurt12Very SatisfiedA rich, beautifully nuanced film showing the unexpected beauty in the seemingly isolated, burned-out lives of the lead characters––like the luminescent pink ribbons streaming magically through the charred ruins of the old shack. Brava Lynn Shelton!
Mike Weston17Very SatisfiedI liked the characters, that it allowed ambiguity, and that it wasn't predictable (e.g., him drinking at the one party did not end up affecting his parole). I'm also glad we eventually got an adequate phone connection to the director.
Martin Bell20Very SatisfiedThis was a really sweet film with great cast chemistry. Edie Falco beams like a love struck teenager. I kind of felt like it went around the same block a couple of times more than necessary, but still a very satisfying film and event experience. Kudos to Alejandro and Sarah for making this final event happen under difficult circumstances.
Peter1Very SatisfiedThe acting was great. The film made me symphatic to how difficult readjustment is after incarceration.
Scott Strickland12Very SatisfiedVery strong choice with 3 very good performances - and Edie Falco off the charts. It's a real coup to get a director like Lynn Shelton - and she was especially good in the Q&A.
Patryce10Very SatisfiedI have been interested in Lynn Shelton since Humpday and Laggies. Great acting by an almost perfectly cast film. I love a minimalist approach to film making.
Jackie3Very SatisfiedEverything. Indeed, it was uncomfortable at times, because of the situations he and the girl got themselves in... but it was very emotional for me. I believe there is 'award' material in this project and I will 'talk it up' to the best of my ability! The Q&A was just right.
Laura Moore4Very SatisfiedI thought everything about the film was perfection. The story, how it was told, the cast,
the music score, and ALL the details ( of which there was plenty to digest). Remarkable story well told.
Vicki Wolfe18Very SatisfiedExcellent portrayal of a difficult subject. Acting was terrific and the tone of the film was well served by the writing, the score, and the setting. Hope it can find wide distribution.
Michelle10Very SatisfiedSatisfying movie with great performances.
Ginna Holcombe18Very SatisfiedSubtle and realistic treatment of unusual subject; excellent portrayals by seasoned actors; great music; reminded me how lucky I was not to be born in Pacific northwest poverty.
Vish0SatisfiedOverall engaging film with familiar names involved. An interesting subject was handled with utmost care was accompanied by a satisfying conclusion.

Lynn Shelton was very open during Q&A.
Larry Lauro3Very SatisfiedTerrific film with engaging, real relationships. Great integrity to the characters history. Highly recommended.
Nan5Very SatisfiedI liked the emphasis on being responsible for your decisions. I wish there had been a reckonning for the guys who ran and left Chris paying for all. I’m surprised he wasn’t bitter and resentful. Good characters!
Denise30Very Satisfiedthere was not one thing I disliked about this film - I told Alejandro on my way out that I thought this was the best film I have seen in over three years of Cinema Club. I loved it all.
Martha Menestrina1Very SatisfiedThe story was captivating and the characters were well developed. I thought it was a film about hope and strength of character.
Robbie1Somewhat SatisfiedWell made, solid cast, charming setting. Found the story a bit uninspired, but it was a solid film overall with some nice moments to it.
Sasha Taylor3Very SatisfiedI liked EVERYTHING! It was heartbreaking and frustrating and sweet all in one. I loved all of the characters.