IPSubmission IDSubmission DateFirst NameLast NameParticipating organizationCompany/Organization/UniversityE-mailPhone NumberComments: If you know what volunteer role you are interested in, let's us know here. Any and all other comments are welcome. 13:15:39DanielVallesACFE-SDSan Diego Chapter ACFEdvalles@fbi.gov(619) 787-6168Available to volunteer from 9am - 10am 13:13:51EmlynVallesACFE-SDSan Diego Chapter ACFEevalles@fbi.gov(858) 437-2726Available to volunteer from 9am -10am 15:50:06GeorgesFatouhselfselfgeorgesfatouh007@gmail.com(442) 400 4107I have volunteerd in the past for calcpa and would love to do it again, registration 21:58:23KeirMajarrezIMAMajarrez & Associateskeircpa@gmail.com(858) 7500471 - 11:58:47LenLegotteCalCPANYCOCA Business and PRofessional Servicesnycocabps@gmail.com(619) 916-6208 - 12:56:20DavidVillasenorIMAAston Carterdvillasen@gmail.com(773) 573-5759I am the San Diego Chapter President for IMA and I would like to volunteer. 13:15:09VanessaSteffel - - vanessasteffel@gmail.com(619) 3662112I am currently an online business admin student and assist with some of the accounting in my current job. I would be interested in knowing more about what volunteer roles are available. 16:13:12DerekMurphyIMANAMMderekm@namm.org(760) 3045738 - 10:45:29DavidVillasenorAston CarterAston Carterdavillas@astoncarter.com(773) 5735759 - 19:17:50annalamanna - miramaranna.lamanna33@gmail.com(651) 2956350let me know if you guys still need anyone to volunteer.

thank you 12:31:27MollyGasalBapUniversity of San Diego molly.gasal@gmail.com(913) 6875585 - 17:36:52ronnelgarciaASMC San Diego ChapterNavy Medicine Westronnel.s.garcia.civ@mail.mil(619) 6239192Accounting Day volunteer to earn credits towards DoD FM Certification CET. 22:48:16MajidBouresliUSD - mbouresli@sandiego.edu(619) 8419399 - 13:28:51FranciscoHenriquezIMA, ACFE, TheIIA, ISACACaterpillar Inc | Solar Turbines Incsaqqarahs@yahoo.com(707) 704-1558Looking forward to the event! 03:08:44JeremieGonzalesMiraMarSan Diego Miramar Collegejeremiejgonzales@gmail.com(619) 7312154 - 09:47:33RichardAguila Aguila - CSUSM Accounting Society aguil104@cougars.csusm.edu(760) 2083929 - 13:09:56ShivaniKanjiOtherNational Universityshivani.kanji870@myci.csuci.edu(619) 3828332 - 17:28:54AlexanderVirgiliUSDUniversity of San Diegoavirgili@sandiego.edu(858) 3425426 - 11:11:48DavidXozCSUSM - cox073@cougars.csusm.edu(760) 6854585I can only do the early shift from 730-10 18:31:58MatthewSalazarUSDUSD Accounting Societymatthewsalazar@sandiego.edu(626) 2416916 - 00:05:09DanmengChen - University of San Diegodanmengchen@sandiego.edu(619) 7469048I would like to be a volunteer for the Accounting Day. I have free time on Monday morning. 21:59:49Elizabeth ThompsonUSDYSDekthompson@sandiego.edu(559) 9606049I’d like to volunteer from 5-7pm the Sunday evening before the event. 18:55:52Mark Judd - Univeristy of San Diegomjudd@sandiego.edu(619) 806-3250 - 01:44:52Naijiao(Jesse)LiSDSUSan Diego State Universitylinaijiao2013@gmail.com(619) 3374296 - 01:55:26Naiahd Askor National University National University Naiahd@yahoo.com(619) 9296982 - 23:28:41SaraHollowaySDSUSDSU studentsaraehl@gmail.com(619) 9429001 - 09:23:27MatthewMcMahon - Columbia Universitymkm2178@columbia.edu(315) 4406544 - 00:37:37Tina TomacAFWAGrossmont College/OPTttkayopt@gmail.com(619) 621-1455My track is in insurance, but I would still like to volunteer, if I may? 19:08:45SarahJeongMiraMarMiramar Collegesarahjeong123@gmail.com(949) 8122034 - 19:01:41AdrienFernandezCSUSMCSUSMadrianfernandez98@gmail.com() - 18:49:15StephanieKicheninNational UniversityNU Accountingskichenin@icloud.com(619) 7709571I will be volunteer down with Aaron Kinsley. 12:01:03KaseyVoMiramar CollegeMiramar Collegevo.kasey.t@gmail.com(858) 2077376I cant wait to come! 15:49:29ChrisNelsonAt LargeSelfchrisnelsoncpa@gmail.com(858) 357-5373All Day 14:04:21LenLegotteCalCPANycoca Business and Professional Servicesnycocabps@gmail.com(619) 9166208 - 16:30:32CreusaGilmore - Solar Turbines Incorporatedgilmore_creusa_a@solarturbines.com(619) 5445739 - 11:42:04MonicaLaneIMAThe Country Club of Rancho Bernardo mlane@ccofrb.com(858) 3826107I got an email from Sara that says some of the items they need volunteers for is collecting papers and passing them out. I will be willing to do that. Thanks 20:06:48SusanWalsworthIMA CMAController suew@hanashey-eng.com(619) 2068009Cancel 18:51:52JimColvilleJimColvillecpa - Jim@JimColvilleCPA.com(8586829668) - 09:57:48CarmenReneOtherNRG Energy IncCarmen@Carmenrene.com(928) 941-0951 - 21:02:29KylieAbramsUCSD Extension - kylie.abrams@yahoo.com(818) 9170772I have gotten very minimal info and am interested in volunteering, but I would Like more information on this event please. 19:33:16AaronKinsley - Accounting Dept. / National Universityarkinsley@outlook.com(732) 822-4255I look forward to assisting in supporting this event in any capacity you would like from the beginning of the event until approximately 2:30pm, due to a class in the evening I must attend. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very Respectfully,

Aaron Kinsley 13:46:33Allison Raitt - Insperityallison.raitt@insperity.com(858) 5237821Sara Barthel referred me. 12:47:34CreusaGilmore - Solar Turbines Incorporatedgilmore_creusa_a@solarturbines.com((619)) 544-5739 - 19:01:14IsauraCastanedaMiramar San Diego Miramar College izzycastaneda14@gmail.com(951) 2183274 - 17:32:47CeciliaLaverty - - cecilia.laverty@gmail.com(858) 9974062I am new to accounting, but trying to immerse myself in the local community as I apply to schools for a MS in Accounting and try landing a job with an accounting firm.

Looking forward to helping! 09:45:38AbelManiquisUCSD ExtensionUCSD Extensionabelmaniquis@gmail.com(858) 7331457 - 09:21:03DawnDiskinSan Diego Miramar CollegeSan Diego MIramar Collegedawnmdiskin@hotmail.com(858) 9225126My goal will be to provide 10-15 students, the timing is good because it is before our finals.
Thanks for including us, always very informative.
Dawn 15:39:15MohammedGanijeeUCSD ExtensionUCSD Extensionmganijee@hotmail.com(619) 2442746 - 15:30:20ZandroPalmaUCSD ExtensionsUCSDdzp.finance@gmail.com(619) 757-9747I would like to volunteer. I'm a student at UCSD Extension. I'm working on the Certificate of Accounting. 15:08:16MelissaFarr - UCSD Extensionmelissa@melissafarr.com(619) 8823594Hi!

I'm a graduating student at UCSD Extension who is actively involved with IMA, CalCPA, SDSU Accounting Society, and CSCMP. I was recently invited to attend Capitol Day with CalCPA as a student liaison.

I'd love to help volunteer for Accounting Day! Thanks for considering me, and I look forward to hearing about how I can help.

Best Regards,
Melissa Farr 14:46:47AdyAncona - UCSD Extensionady.ancona@gmail.com(760) 6386398 - 14:41:53GrantFischerUCSD Extension - grantfischer@gmail.com(763) 6390935 - 12:52:41GinaGong - San Diego State Universitygongge1991@gmail.com(412) 3203849 - 21:58:56VeronicaVela - San Diego State Universityronivelron@aol.com(760) 2347650I am an accounting student with San Diego State University who will be graduating this year, and I would like to volunteer to participate in this event. 20:44:45JacksonBrownWorld Accounting AssocWorld Universityjackson.brown@ABCDEF.com(800) 455-8888How can I help 16:18:21JimColvilleIMA and ACFEJimCPAJim@JimColvilleCPA.com(858) 682-9668I want to volunteer