NameOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
CarolVery SatisfiedSorry, just realized we had to go to the site to comment. Great film, worked on so many levels - morality play, cautionary tale, study of group behavior, difficulty of stopping something once in motion when others are involved, various motivations to crime, especially the role of boredom and lack of patience. Grandiose dreams of perfect crime against reality. Cast and the real characters were great. Glad they all, including especially the librarian, have survived the experience. Would see this one again!
LouVery Satisfied
Pulled in quickly by the visually bold intro, and appreciated the title thread from title to Audubon to character study as the story developed.

Thanks for something I would likely not have made it to otherwise. Keep 'em coming.
Sasha TaylorVery SatisfiedIncredible! Clever, interesting, strange and creative. LOVED IT
Kate MVery SatisfiedInteresting mix of styles to narrate this incredible journey from offhand comment to full blown attempted heist! The post-movie discussions made this even more interesting. Great start to the season thank you!
Melissa DiazVery SatisfiedI enjoyed this film very much. The casting was perfect. Cold medicine prevents me from providing more insight and I could not say it better than Teo :)
Robert E. GarciaVery SatisfiedGreat movie, kept my son and I entertained and thank you for inviting us.
AsherVery SatisfiedThe film American Animals had amazing narrative from the actual art thieves, which most movies do not have, and I enjoyed that about this film.
Marya MurphyVery SatisfiedBrilliant. The editing was perfection. The cast was marvelous. The story delightful and painful. I adored the interplay of real and fictionalized characters. I loved the tone changes. Music was spot on. I've been thinking about this film A LOT since Sunday. I (warily) brought my kids (11 and almost 13) to see it because their dad wanted them to be part of the Cinema Club experience. They were all in -- gripped by the tension, reeling over the bad choices being made. I'm seeking out The Imposter post haste. Thank you!!
VishVery SatisfiedReally liked the narrative style and the way it keeps shifting tones gently and cleverly plays with your head. References to other heist films were really fun to see.
Solid stuff overall with energetic performances. Evan Peters was a standout, so was Barry Keoghan.
S. TysonVery SatisfiedExcellent mix of documentary and narrative.
- Very Satisfiedunbelievable true story!??
why didn't one of the characters say "no"??
interesting and unique film with a combo of the story being acted, and interviews of the real life characters!!
Gabriella RakibVery SatisfiedLoved the movie. Even though I know the outcome it was fascinating to watch. Great first movie to start the season. Thank you
kurtVery SatisfiedOne of best I've seen at Camera C in some time. Love the tragi-comedy, docu-fiction meld of styles. Taut, well-paced film. Bravo to Bart Layton; kudos to Alejandro . . . .
Teo CervantesVery SatisfiedI loved the style, the cast, and the manifestation of a story told by unreliable narrators. It captured the angst, both real and imagined, of a generation and class of young people who have been told that they are special without context. I also loved all of the heist movie references, but wish they could have gone all-in with a Sabotage scene. I'm pretty sure I could watch a full length feature starring the real life Warren. All in all, I thought it was very well executed and a great choice for Cinema Club. Thanks!
alisonVery SatisfiedI'm not into movies with gratuitous violence or explicit sex for the sake of a cheap thrills, so this movie checked all the boxes for me. I was amazed how they were able to find actors who bore a close resemblance to the actual people. There was a balance of humor and tension throughout.
KozueVery SatisfiedIt's my first time to watch the movie mixed documentary, and I love it. The movie describes well young normal persons sometimes commit crimes and regret their behaviors. Thank you for introducing a deep movie.
Julie BruscaVery SatisfiedThe inclusion of both actors and their real life subjects. The addressing of various perspectives of the same event, allowing the audience to come to their own conclusion about the truth. The acting, the music, the directing.
OLAVery SatisfiedI really liked this film. Thought the cinematography was particularly creative when the FBI came after each of them. Overall enjoyed the overlying of drama and documentary.
don hadlockSatisfiedI thought the story was one that needs to be told, and it was told in a very entertaining and provocative way
Well done.
KarenVery SatisfiedVery interesting and artistic film, loved the actual person insertions along the way . For me, that added very much to the story of these four young men seeking thrills. How truly immature their thinking was! Very well acted and filmed and a great experience to see and enjoy! Hearing from the Producer and director was an extra special treat. Looking forward to more great films like this one!!
Linda BenenatiVery SatisfiedIt was beautifully written, filmed and acted. Right from the beginning of the credits, it was clear it was a special film. So many ideas being explored: truth, youth, disillusionment, class, and finding a path. Acting was dead on.
- Very SatisfiedSaw the film at Sundance, so it was nice to watch again to catch more details. Cinematography, acting, and pace was well done. The humorous elements added a lot. The only part that didn't sit well was the passing car scene near the end which in itself was okay, but needed more refinement to not seem so contrived.
John DolanVery SatisfiedI enjoyed the various presentation styles, (real life persons and actors intermixed) as well as the environment created with the music and camera angles. There was a true sense of anxiety as the day of the "event" approached, and then the fear when it did not go as planned. Also a good reminder that no matter how well you plan (or not as was the case with these criminals) you need to factor Mr. Murphy into the mix and have a plan C in place. Good Film, Good phone interview after the movie with the cinema photographer. Would love to get a transcript of the afternoon call This applied to all movie events as there may be more insight provided at the other showings.
PatryceVery SatisfiedLike the Rider, an interesting mix of documentary and narrative. A bit too heavy handed with the call backs to other films. Overall, well written and acted.
Cindy WSatisfiedI like the different perspectives of the same event and the intermixing of interviews with the real people.
PamelaVery SatisfiedI really liked the documentary intermixed with the scripted story and how sometimes scenes were repeated from a different perspective to illustrate collective memories. There were surprises throughout.
Ray BravoVery SatisfiedGreat way to restart the club. I liked how the interviews were mixed in with the story. Very good acting and a special treat hearing from the director and producer of the film.
Great choice Alejandro!!!
AnyaVery SatisfiedGreat film, rare opportunity to hear The producer and the director, great questions.
Ken EdwardsVery SatisfiedThe movie created a powerful sense of the dangerous risks that criminals feel when committing crimes. The excitement of pulling off a life changing (dollar-wise) crime empowered the perpetrators to cross the line of decency and hurt innocents in order to get their kicks in becoming rich. It made it clear how the lust for wealth and significance can seduce us to do evil. Great film art. Very compelling.
NancyVery SatisfiedA true Cinema Club film. Thanks!
Linda FairfieldVery SatisfiedVery well done film. Incorporating the actual participants recollection of events into the film was brilliant. Will recommend to all my friends and left a public post on Facebook.
Lisa SkinnerVery SatisfiedI thought the film was clever and engaging. It managed somehow to explain in a sympathetic way the incredibly poor choices made by the four main characters while at the same time leaving you shaking your head and wanting to throttle them.
Vitaly MannSatisfiedIt was an interesting film. I liked the juxtaposition between the real people telling the story and the dramatization. The ending was a bit confusing. It was too convenient and I felt there was some information lacking.
Sofía BlancVery SatisfiedI really the elements of a documentary inserted in the film. Interesting story and well acted.
Jane WardVery SatisfiedPerfectly harmonized between *acting* and *reality*… captivating in all aspects.
bhVery SatisfiedInteresting. Kept my attention. I had no idea what to expect at first, but am glad it wasn't overly odd or gory.
Nick VeroninVery SatisfiedThe mix of documentary and narrative storytelling was very innovative and not something I'm used to seeing. Strong cast. Powerful story.
Joshua RomVery SatisfiedWell written (and researched) script, great character buildup, humor and tension. On the negative side - a bit slow at the beginning, not even trying to tackle the “why” question, somewhat too long. Overall - a great experience.
Jannie QuinnVery SatisfiedThe juxtaposition of the documentary and the drama was effective and engaging. You could just feel the tension and anxiety.
David LangVery SatisfiedAn original approach to an often used scenario, this heist film is an engaging and intelligent film that never loses control of its material.
Jonathan CrowVery SatisfiedA witty, well-executed comic thriller that nicely minded the subject of white male privilege without hitting you over the head with it.
Gayle D.SatisfiedI thought it was a little ragged in spots but overall it was really a good film. So interesting that this topic would interest these Brits (and I never heard of it!) Crazy doings! These guys were too much! Loved the scene with them gussied up in New York trying to be sophisticated and sell their ill-gotten gains.
- Very SatisfiedLoved the movie! I really enjoyed the actors and seeing the real people thought the movie! Especially creative and made it more interesting! I would especially recommend this to people who like documentaries! More like this one, please!
Larry LauroVery SatisfiedI thoroughly enjoyed the film. The blend of styles was exceptional creating an engaging experience. The story was both believable and unbelievable at the same time. The acting was excellent.
MichelleVery SatisfiedI really liked the interplay between actual characters and reenactment of events. Very skillful and held interest.
KennyVery SatisfiedThe heist movie became fascinating when it merged with the real-life characters. There was great direction in many scenes.
Steve LyonsVery SatisfiedThe overall experience of the film plus the discussions are what created my overall rating. I liked the film for many reasons (the interplay between the actor and actual person were great), many great visuals, good story, well acted, comedic in spots. The pacing for 3/4 of the film was a tad slow for my taste with a really fever paced ending bringing some balance. The sound track might be reviewed in some spots where the background music intruded into the story in my opinion. Overall a very good criminal procedural and a total great film exerience.
Jackie PVery SatisfiedMy seatmate and I were 'ready' to walk out of the theater early on but I was mesmerized by way the story and how 'Warren' was 'portrayed' and by Warren himself. All in all, I was really glad that this movie was shown after so much time having 'no' Cinema Club. Hurray for Cinema Club...
Martha MenestrinaVery SatisfiedLoved the mixture of documentary with dramatic story telling. Held my attention the entire time.
JustinVery SatisfiedCreative way of telling the story.