NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
mahmoud - Satisfied who played the son. I, too, would characterize this as a horror film...started out as a depiction
Terri23Very SatisfiedGreat acting, especially by the actor who played the son. I, too, would characterize this as a horror film...started out as a depiction of a custody dispute, not knowing if there was a villain here. I was surprised by its slow building of suspense and terror. Well done!
kurt13Very SatisfiedSuperbly nuanced . . . such delicate, thin layers of tension, building and building and building and . . . !
Beautifully gruesome; gruesomely beautiful.
(And a Happy Father's Day to you too . . . )
Patty3Very SatisfiedIt was an excellent depiction of domestic abuse without actually showing the abuse. Instead this amazing director used tension building moments to create fear & terror in the audience! Awesome movie!
Ron Regalia - Very SatisfiedAt first thought was an odd pick for Father's Day, but by end of film realized this was a very special piece of cinema. Provocative and unexpected, defying expectations. Refreshingly take on subject matter and genres.
Alyce15Very SatisfiedWell done, Foreign film. The type of movie we want to see at Cinema club as it is not readily available in other theaters. Also, the discussion after the film was well lead and very interesting and added to the understanding of the film. I thought the film was a unique choice for Father’s Day as it pertained to fathers! Thank you
Kenny H12Very SatisfiedGreat acting; story had me on the edge of my seat guessing where it'd go.
David Lang23Very SatisfiedI normally do not like thriller or horror films, but this one more than held my interest. The acting was absolutely superb and saved the film at some moments when it could have descended into melodrama
Janet4Very SatisfiedSo well done. The American courts favor the fathers as well - to our shame. The son was a jewel...great choice. Wonderful actors and the tempo was so well paced. Unlike some comments, it is a very pertinent Fathers’ Day topic, sad to say.
Melissa Diaz4Very SatisfiedI liked that the film was a realistic portrayal of domestic violence. These films are important as it it often a subject that happens and no one wants to talk about it. I felt the scenes with Antoine and his parents were most telling for they show how again and again how families want to brush this problem aside without actually dealing with it. Very much as how society wants to brush it aside as it hard to face this when it often happens in your own family or to someone you know. Teo and I disagreed on the daughter's storyline. I found it very affective, but Teo said he could have done without it all together. It made for a lively discussion after we left the theater.
Vicki Wolfe15Very SatisfiedBoth the direction and the acting in this film were excellent, particularly the performance by Thomas Gioria as Julien. American films tend to hit the audience over the head with exposition; foreign films tend to be much more subtle and nuanced and give the audience credit for being able to draw conclusions on their own. I'm very glad Cinema Club showed this film, because given how close to home the topic hit, I would likely not have chosen to see it after learning about the subject matter, and that would have been a shame.
Eva1Very SatisfiedI enjoyed the movie. The best thing was the discussion. Lots of subtle, nuanced performances and directorial things that everyone mentioned really added to my understanding and appreciation of the film, creative and film making process.
Patryce Farrell12Very SatisfiedGreat selection. The film was very tense and even though it was a bit heavy on exposition at the beginning the rest of the dialogue was minimal (which I like) and the facial acting did a great job of propelling the narrative forward. Great directorial choices like the scene in the bathroom with the pregnancy test.
Ray Bravo23Very SatisfiedThis is one of the best films shown in the club in a long time. It was so intense.The acting was great, especially the son. The directing was excellent, I loved so many of the different shots in the film, especially how he showed the daughter learned that she was pregnant.
Great selection.
Justin - Somewhat SatisfiedNot very appropriate for Fathers' Day.
Eric Muller1Very SatisfiedImpressive feature length debut. Tough topic handled well, well acted by entire cast, and creatively shot and suspenseful way to unfurl the tragic story. So many great little details, like the intro scenes patiently telling the story from the lawyer and court's view. Well done.
Lloyd and Joni Russell10Very SatisfiedVery well-acted and very dramatic. Plus there was an interesting discussion afterward that definitely increased my appreciation for the film. Good job on both the movie and the after-the-movie.
Jackie P3Very SatisfiedI liked everything about it... The acting, the venue. Unfortunately I can't find the 'words' to describe what I mean... but I was very physically and emotionally distraught through almost the entire film. Especially the tub scene... I 'felt' it... You've managed it again Cinema Club...
EAV21 - I wish I could say extremely satisfied and not satisfied at all. It was a very well acted very realistic depiction of the horror and constant edge of your seat tension of a domestic violence situation. My issue is not with the film. It was brilliant a truly honest depiction of domestic violence and when survivors and families of survivors are left to share with unbalanced perpetrators like the biological father in the story.My only nitpick and I assume it was a technical choice/build tension as much of the sound did throughout the movie but the sound in the party scene was absurdly loud, unbearable for my ears. This is s minor thing. Very minor. The dissatisfaction comes from the fact that is topic of the film and the realistic depiction is a very real one, a living nightmare for every minute for any touched by it and that is where the very dissatisfied comes in. Statistics show that half of the audiences in that room have been touched by domestic violence and because the filmmaking was so effective many many people whether they express or not will have been triggered by the film and a simple rating notice or announcement at start of film this film depicts graphic scenes of rape or violence, or something like that announced- might caused a few people to say simply not this Sunday, not this movie but it would have saved a lot of people who will have trauma from seeing all too real scenes of domestic violence played out. So my total compliment to the filmmaker for capturing the reality and choosing and directing excellent actors but for our voluntary club some sort of warning should have given. I wish given the subject matter of the film a domestic violence resource center number was given for all the reasons I stated. It is so well done even this warning wouldn't have disrupted such a well made movie.
Sofía Blanc23SatisfiedThe length of the movie was enough to develop the story and not to exceed in too much violence. I felt that from the beginning the end was pretty obvious, violence and abuse.
Nancy14SatisfiedVery French--which I really like... They "show, don't tell" so you can intuit for yourself what is happening, going to happen. Perfect example, the story of the 18 year old daughter.
Martha Menestrina2Very SatisfiedVery powerful film. The facial expressions of the mother and son told the story as well as the spoken words.
- 20Not SatisfiedIn very poor taste for a "Father's Day."
Janet19Very SatisfiedI was so impressed with the bold direction of the film. It's hard to believe that it's a first feature length film. The director made very strong choices. Excellent film. Great choice!
don hadlock20Not SatisfiedAnother film about the cycle of violence. No new insights to be had.
Robbie2Very SatisfiedFantastic movie, uncomfortably realistic.
Carol12Very SatisfiedExcellent story, unfolding from uncertain beginning, great portrait of an abuser’s swift changes of personality and mood, child actor was superb. Thriller but intelligent, very realistic.
Michelle10Very Satisfiedexcellent film about a difficult subject.
Pamela M1Very SatisfiedI really appreciated the richness and depth of the characters - and I never knew what to expect next! Excellent choice for Father's Day!
Deborah5Very SatisfiedMoving and powerful film. I was with the mom and her son the whole time. Found myself crying at the end.
Jane Ward21Very SatisfiedAs the story unfolded and the main characters developed I was in suspense and intrigued. I liked EVERYTHING about this film...there was nothing to dislike... the plot, acting, directing, filming, even the *moral*... which to me was that small mistakes and minor choices may have huge consequences.
Kate - Very SatisfiedDevilish choice of movie by Camera Cinema Club for Father's Day! A film so powerful I was left wanting to throw up. Grooves imprinted into my palms watching the drama slowly unfold. You guys never disappoint! #StiffDrink #ComfortFood #ChocolateIcecream
Joshua Rom15Very SatisfiedA small film with a huge impact. Storyline, cinematography, editing, acting - all first rate.
Fay Harmon23Very Satisfiedacting was excellent
I felt that the pace was perfect... not too long with more explanations ... felt like I was treated as an intelligent viewer
Holly Nielsen3Very Satisfiedomg, I loved it. It was edge-of-your-seat thrilling, and I cried when it was all over and the director held the shot of them in the bathtub. The son and father stole the show with extraordinary acting. (names are escaping). I was still tense and feeling emotional hours later yesterday, and I'm recommending this film like crazy. It will stick with me. This was a winner!
Laura Moore - Very SatisfiedI thought the film was incredibly well done. Totally sucked me in and left so much to be discussed later. Forgot it was subtitled! That’s when I know I’m hooked. Beyond that, the acting and editing was superb.