NameYears in ClubOverall QualityWhat did you like or not like about the film?
Mike Weston17Very SatisfiedI was tempted to see this in SF when it was at the Alamo Drafthouse. I liked how we saw several different angles on the story, and was also very happy to have the filmmaker attend in person. Plus I love the film's title.
Martin20SatisfiedI enjoyed the film's novel subject, animations, colorful characters. However, it seemed to circle back to the same basic points a little too often. I prefer a more meaty information-rich documentary. I appreciated the filmmaker Q&A, learning about how Nutria taste like dirt (unless expertly prepared), are being test-marketed as dog food and alternative control techniques.
Janet5Very SatisfiedA complete surprise. At first a bit repulsed, but as the film progressed it was absolutely fascinating. Thank you. I had never heard Of this issue and appreciated this beautiful documentary. The personalities were superbly portrayed...thank you. Great discussion after the showing. Hope to see more from these talented and dedicated people.
Melissa Diaz4SatisfiedNew Orleans is one of my favorite places in this country. What I liked best about the film is the connection it made to not only the preservation of our wetlands, but also the preservation of a way of life and the creole culture. I liked how it was an example of a larger problem overall and highlighted the bigger impacts to our planet. I also appreciated the call out what I would call "rich people problems" in the film. It was interesting how the people in the country club /golf course wanted to the nutria to be "humanely" dealt with, although I am pretty sure they are being killed after capture. Out of sight, out of mind.
Jonathan 1SatisfiedInteresting look at a subject that I knew little about. Some great characters and good interviews.
Jenn - SatisfiedWhile the graphic nature of the skinning and tail cutting was not pleasing I enjoyed the film. I learned many things I didn't know before and was very happy "smell-o-vision" hasn't been invented because I kept thinking "this has to smell awful". The filmmaker was a great interview. Thank you for bringing us something we might not otherwise see.
Wendy Lynn5Very SatisfiedIt was an excellent documentary. Not only concerning the nutria, but also gave me insight and appreciation for the people in that part of our country. The interview with the filmmaker was wonderful. Now I plan to see his film on the Salton Sea.
Lisa Skinner23Very SatisfiedI really enjoyed this film. It was interesting from the perspective of the Nutria which I had never heard of. But I also really enjoyed the very genuine people featured in the film.
Patty3Very SatisfiedI enjoyed this film very much. It was well done, interesting & educational! I’ve been to NOLA & I’ve never heard of nutria!!!
Joe Bamberg23Very SatisfiedThe club, at least in the early days, usually had two documentaries a year which I appreciated. I enjoyed the people and culture of this area while learning of the ecological problem with these rodents. That made for a nice balance.
Elaina8Very SatisfiedI didn't think I would like this film at all-- wondering if I would be able to stomach it. However my initial preconceptions were turned upside down. This film has excellent storytelling, respectful interviews, interesting characters and gives a very honest view of the effects of the nutrias on Louisiana's ravaged coastline. I was surprised how much I grew to respect the residents and hunters and others trying to take a negative situation and create positive solutions. The film makers cared for the residents of Louisiana wetlands and it showed. I now understand the severity and global problem this documentary has uncovered an hope it gets worldwide attention.
Joshua Rom15Somewhat SatisfiedIt's a well done film, though the visuals were too graphic at times. Other times I couldn't make up my mind if this was a documentary or a real life story told by a narrator about a problem being resolved by mutual adjustments.
Kozue Yamamoto0.25Very SatisfiedThis documentary explained me one of the big problem and its solutions in the U.S very well by using interviews, animation, and events. Especially I love the animation very much. In only one hour, I learned a lot from the documentary.
Elisa Pagonis1Very SatisfiedLoved the documentary and the discussion! I probably wouldn't have picked this movie, but glad you did.
Christopher Ota1Very SatisfiedPleasantly surprised to get a nonfiction documentary film. The pace and editing of the film was excellent. I feel it's important for Americans to see the death of animals in this way, since we're so shielded from animal death. Most kids probably don't know where their meat comes from. Great selection to screen! Loved it.
Janet19Very SatisfiedIt's films like this that keep me coming back to Cinema Club! Wonderful documentary and fantastic guest. I'm going to NOLA in March and will be looking for Nutria!
Deborah10Not SatisfiedI did not expect to see a film where animals are killed. Yes I understand the issues, but I wonder if there are other, more humane ways of dealing with the problem. I couldn't watch the film and left. Next time, maybe a warning would be helpful.
don hadlock20SatisfiedI liked the balance of the presentation. Harm to people and the land, yet good income for people
Ray Bravo23 - We really like documentaries. This one was very interesting, I had no idea about these critters---HUGE.
I loved the people, especially Thomas. Documentaries are a great way to see how people live and deal with life. Great choce.
Sofia Blanc23Very SatisfiedInteresting and funny at times.
Robbie2Very SatisfiedAwesome doc, very interesting topic presented in a dynamic way. Very enjoyable.
Laura5Very SatisfiedThe documentary was presented in a unique and creative way. Being able to see it, learn something new, be entertained and engaged AND have a Q&A with the filmmaker is the reason that Cinema Club is so special. Lots to think about in this one.
Patryce10Very SatisfiedA good example of the "new" style of doc. Very well made and effective narrative structure.
Lanie Moss4SatisfiedIt was interesting and very informational. The technique in filming was exceptional. It just was not an exciting film, for me.
Vish1SatisfiedAn unusual and informative documentary which I wouldn't have watched otherwise. Also made me check the Salton Sea documentary from the filmmaker, which was interesting.
Jane Ward21Very SatisfiedThis is an excellent documentary about a little known problem of nutria on the Louisiana coast. Solutions to the problem were interesting and well depicted. The local people interviewed were great examples of optimism, hard-word, resolve, and happiness. The interview was FANTASTIC.
kate brophy10Somewhat SatisfiedDifferent - I wouldn't have chosen to see it, but thought it was "educational"
Carol el-shaieb12Very SatisfiedVery informative. Well presented, invasive species are always a problem, and all aspects of attempts to eliminate them were covered. Showed the effect and potential future effect of unchecked rodent population.... and hope they can continue all of the efforts shown. Music great too.
Michelle 10Very SatisfiedWell done film that presented interesting story of the people and the land the the nutria
Holly Nielsen3Very SatisfiedSo very well done. Informative, thoughtful, and entertaining.
The interview with Chris Metzler was great—he’s articulate and entertaining.
Thanks for selecting this film.
Lloyd Russell - Very SatisfiedI thought the film was fine. It wasn't overly exciting. But it was interesting enough. And the Q&A was great. It's always a pleasure to come and see what kind of movie Alejandro is going to come up with. Looking forward to October (no pressure, Alejandro!).
Barbara Wallis - Very SatisfiedI loved the film. It should bring people together. NRA and environmentalists. It is productive use of hunter's time. I was glad I didn't see AK47's. We need to create more habitat rather than losing it.
It reminded me of Three Against the Wilderness about the bringing back of the beaver and a lost habitat in northwestern Canada in the l930's.