ParticipantFirst NameLast NameAttendance
ScoutJosephMoylanNot Able to addend
AdultJasonWoodsPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutZachary DavenportSummer Camp Only
AdultMark AkitaNot Able to addend
AdultMatthewDoneganSummer Camp Only
ScoutOwenDoneganSummer Camp Only
ScoutConnorDoneganSummer Camp Only
ScoutCayden FrostNot Able to addend
ScoutemmettkeelingNot Able to addend
ScoutAaronCargillNot Able to addend
ScoutEthanMcDuffieSummer Camp Only
ScoutZachary DavenportSummer Camp Only
ScoutAdultTommyJedrzejczykPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutBodhiJedrzejczykPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutLiamDustan Pre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutNicolasVincentSummer Camp Only
AdultJohnKernNot Able to addend
ScoutJackKernSummer Camp Only
ScoutNoahOverbeckSummer Camp Only
ScoutHenrtOverbeckSummer Camp Only
ScoutsamuelevansPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutMatiasVincentNot Able to addend
ScoutKeagan O’ConnorNot Able to addend
ScoutAntonin MartenMartenPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutPorterRitenourPre-Trip & Summer Camp
AdultstephanechatrePre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutKevin ChatrePre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutGavin Frownfelter Pre-Trip & Summer Camp
AdultKenTerhaarNot Able to addend
ScoutZacharyTerhaarPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutEloy VettoPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutJakobPersonPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutOwenPraterPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutEddieHerzigPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutCarterDealPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutQuintonWalkerSummer Camp Only
AdultRichGreeneNot Able to addend
ScoutGavinGreeneNot Able to addend
ScoutMasonDavidPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutGabrielWoodsPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutGordonNilePre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutBaylor HowardPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutEvanNiemeyerPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutSamMunksSummer Camp Only
ScoutNolanSottowaySummer Camp Only
ScoutFinnMurrayNot Able to addend
ScoutIanMurrayNot Able to addend
AdultWilliamPreiszSummer Camp Only
ScoutNicholas Akita Pre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutRaviEisnerPre-Trip & Summer Camp
AdultJasonWaltersSummer Camp Only
ScoutJacobWaltersPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutSamuelSimsSummer Camp Only
ScoutnatehoffmanPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScouteveretthoffmanPre-Trip & Summer Camp
AdultNoahWarmanPre-Trip & Summer Camp
ScoutThaddeusWarmanPre-Trip & Summer Camp
AdultDavidAndersonNot Able to addend