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Press Release

Introducing The Theme Store

A game changer in the realm of online forms is going to drop on December 15: the Theme Store. Jotform has been a recognized leader in form building for years, but has never allowed itself to get too comfortable. Constantly trying to surpass their previous successes, this tech company has a lengthy history of proactively seeking to identify and solve their user’s problems. Although Jotform’s crowning achievement is the Form Designer (a tool used for easy form design customization), they also noticed an unfulfilled area: people that want forms but don’t want to have to make them. Jotform acknowledged the popular choice of their users to select a theme, in lieu of creating a form design from scratch. Thus, the Theme Store was to be built.

Jotform will soon not only be an online destination to build forms, but it will be a place to customize forms that have already been built. Furthering Jotform’s goal of being the Easiest Form Builder, the Theme Store will have scores of forms that are accessible and available for immediate use. They include forms in numerous color schemes, fonts, and backgrounds. Jotform users will have access to the newest forms on a daily basis, the Theme Store will be constantly updated with new additional options every day. The forms are fully customizable.

Not only can the people that need online forms celebrate, but web designers can drink to the Theme Store Launch as well! Designers can make money for their designs that they publish to the peer to peer selling marketplace that is the Theme Store. Most themes may be available for free, but Jotform users are welcome to set a price for their theme (the suggested range is $5-$20). This gives added incentive for designers to create especially useful, attractive, and winning forms for all users to enjoy.

Look out for the Theme Store, launching worldwide on December 15, 2014.

Benefits & Features

The most comprehensive selection of forms.
Find a form design for every purpose
Fully mobile ready form theme designs.
Sell your themes online. Make money!
I needed a great form theme to engage my students, and Jotform’s selection made it easy to find something that was fun and incredibly well-designed.
Bob Harriet, Teacher
Bob Harriet

Interview with the founder

What is the Jotform Theme Store?

The Jotform Theme Store is a place where users can buy and sell their form designs. It will be among the most highly used features Jotform offers, and the first place many users start when building their forms.

Our most gifted form designers can contribute to the Jotform community and earn money for it. This allows our users to find a form design they love, faster than ever.

When is the launch?

The Theme Store is going to launched on December 15th at 10am EST. But, form designers who are interested in being featured during the theme store launch can submit their themes after December 5th.

How do users design their forms?

Jotform recently released the new Form Designer. This easy to use point and click tool is revolutionizing the way Jotform users design their forms. Within minutes users can create stunning, mobile ready designs.

What’s one interesting highlight of the Form Designer?

The CSS Helper is one of Jotform’s proudest accomplishments. It greatly facilitates the creation of CSS code. First click an element within the form, then click the property to be adjusted, and enter or select a value. Minimal coding experience is required and designs come together with ease.

How does the Theme Store differ from the current Form Templates Gallery?

The Form Templates Gallery is the inspiration to the Theme Store. It was so successful that we wanted to build an entire ecosystem where users could build better form designs, and exchange them. They complement each other. The main difference is that the Form Templates are about the “content” of the forms while the Theme Store is about “design.”

The new Form Designer builds the CSS code for you with its easy to use interface and let’s you edit the CSS code directly on your forms. For example, if you need to make a customer satisfaction survey for your business, you can find a survey that has similar questions on the Form Templates. Select that and then browse the Theme Store to find the best design for your survey, then apply that design to it.

How can someone submit a form design to the Theme Store?

After December 5th, there is going to be two ways to submit a form design to theme store.

(1) You can go to My Themes section on the new Theme Store, and click on “New Theme” button

(2) on Jotform, select your form on My Forms page and then select “Share as Theme” option. Once you select the form, there’s a third tab titled “Theme”. This tab provides the option to publish the design in the Theme Store.

How much will form themes cost?

This is entirely up to the user submitting the new theme. They can be listed as free, or for a fee. We expect the range may end up being in the $5-$20 range.

What percent does Jotform retain upon Theme sale?

None until June 15, 2015. After June 15th, Jotform retains 30%.

What if I can’t find a Theme to match my website?

The Form Designer was created for just this purpose. Its purpose is to match any website theme desired. We encourage you to try the tool on your own and build the theme you want!

What’s next for Jotform?

We have a had a busy year. We launched the Form Designer, ran an international and wildly successful Form Design Contest, and now are launching the Theme Store.

We will continue to make improvements based upon user feedback providing users the best form build and design tools available.

We are going to build up our ecosystem for web designers. Our hope is to create a place where web designers can earn a living by creating form designs for Jotform users.

Here is what makes this release so exciting: Jotform Theme Store is first of its kind; It is the first ever theme store for forms. There are many stores for web sites design templates and wordpress themes, but there has never been anything like this for forms before.
Aytekin Tank, Founder - Jotform
Aytekin Tank

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