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Sellers FAQ
What is the JotForm Theme Store?

The JotForm Theme Store is the first ever marketplace for form themes. Our goal is to create a place where the most gifted web designers can contribute to the JotForm community and earn money for it. This allows our users to find a form design they love.

You can help JotForm’s 1.5 million users with the design of their forms and earn money in return. The Theme Store is also great place for web designers to showcase their design skills.

What percent does JotForm retain upon Theme sale?

None for sales you make until June 15, 2015. After June 15th, JotForm retains 30%.

What are the terms for sellers?

You must fully own the copyright of the images and code used in your themes.
- You must provide support for your themes.
- You must provide a refund if requested by a customer within 30 days of purchase.

Am I Required to Provide a 100% Refund Upon Request?

Yes, if one of your customers is not happy with the purchased theme within 30 days, you are required to provide a full refund.

How should I price my themes?

You are free to decide your own pricing. Our recommended price is range is between $5 and $10.

How do I create a Form Theme?

JotForm recently released the new Form Designer. This easy to use point and click tool is revolutionizing the way JotForm users design their forms. Within minutes users can create stunning, mobile ready designs.

The Form Designer’s CSS Inspector & Editor is one of JotForm’s proudest accomplishments. It greatly facilitates the creation of CSS code. First click an element within the form, then click the property to be adjusted, and enter or select a value. Minimal coding experience is required and designs come together with ease.

How can I submit a form design to the Theme Store?

Go to the My Themes page on the new Theme Store, and click on the “New Theme” button. Here is a tutorial.

When you submit your themes please make sure to include a short theme name and description, and make sure to include related tags with it.

What kinds of Themes are accepted or featured on the Theme Store?

Currently all theme submissions are accepted to the Theme Store but only themes with beautiful aesthetics and unique layouts will be featured on the Theme Store homepage.