Migration Wufoo to Jotform FAQ

Have a question about migrating your Wufoo to Jotform? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

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  • Why should I use Jotform instead of Wufoo?

    Jotform offers advanced form features and customization options at a cost-effective price. Get started with a free plan that offers access to 10,000+ classic and card form templates, 1,000+ PDF templates, a sleek drag-and-drop Form Builder and PDF Editor, 130+ apps and third-party integrations, a free mobile app, and so much more. And if you need to upgrade for more submissions, storage space, or HIPAA compliance, we offer several paid plans to choose from. No matter how you use Jotform, you’ll start collecting data with online forms tailored to meet your every need.

  • Is Jotform free?

    Absolutely! Sign up for free to access many of Jotform’s powerful form features, including an advanced Form Builder and PDF Editor, 100+ apps and integrations, 10,000+ customizable templates, and an offline mobile app. To access more powerful features, accept more submissions, and create unbranded forms, just upgrade to a paid plan that meets your needs.

  • Is Jotform mobile-friendly?

    Yes. After you publish a form through Jotform, it will seamlessly appear on any device — including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Better yet, Jotform offers a free mobile app to make it easier than ever to view and manage the submissions you receive!

  • How secure is Jotform?

    We take data security very seriously, which is why all form data is protected by a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, and PCI compliance. You also have the option to encrypt your forms. Healthcare professionals can even upgrade to get HIPAA compliance with our Gold plan. To learn more about how Jotform protects your data, please visit our security page.

  • Is Jotform HIPAA compliant?

    To help healthcare workers protect sensitive patient data, Jotform offers HIPAA compliance for Gold users. To start collecting medical information, patient signatures, and fee payments, check out our form templates for patient intake forms, medical assessment forms, appointment booking forms, and more!

  • What integrations does Jotform offer?

    From project management software to CRM systems and payment processors to email marketing tools, Jotform offers integrations to 100+ popular platforms like Google Drive, Mailchimp, Slack, Airtable, Dropbox, and more. Whether you want to automatically send submission data to your other online accounts or securely accept payments, you’ll find the app integration you need to automate and speed up your workflow. Don’t see your favorite app listed with our integrations? Connect via Zapier and build custom Jotform integrations with the tools you love!

  • Can I collect payments with Jotform?

    Jotform offers 30+ payment gateway integrations for seamless payment processing directly through your forms. Whether you’re building an order form for your online shop, a membership registration form for your club, or a donation form for your nonprofit, just add your preferred payment processor to start securely accepting payments. Jotform won’t charge you additional transaction fees for collecting money through your forms.

  • Will I lose my Wufoo data if I switch to Jotform?

    No! Simply use our Migrate to Jotform tool to transfer your existing Wufoo forms into your new Jotform account. You’ll be able to resume collecting the data you need without disrupting your workflow — and access more advanced form features while you’re at it!