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Jotform is celebrating
1 million form widget usages
What is a form widget?
Imagine you can add anything to your
web form
Widgets usage has reached 1 million since its development in December, 2013.
Top 10 Jotform Form Widgets
Image Slider - used 68,926 times
Checklist - used 67,101 times Fit Text - used 47,944 times Take Photo - used 66,690 times Youtube - used 43,542 times
  SoundCloud - used 20,394 times Terms & Conditions - used 19,621 times Form Tabs - used 17,402 times Dynamic Textbox - used 16,473 times Matrix Dynamique - used 13,964 times  
Widget Categories
Verification, calculation, photo, mapping, audio, multiple entries, rich content, video
Analytics, social, text editor, file upload, heading, survey, drawing, select boxes, pickers
Number of available form widgets has reached 381 in one and a half year.
There is a form widget team in Jotform which consists of 6 people. Since Form Widgets released, this team has fixed 308 bugs, made 94 improvements on various widgets. They are currently continue improvement and development.



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"Ditch the Paper and Increase Productivity with These Six Apps"


"Replace your paper forms with web forms or PDF forms. Jotform is a form-builder that is free to users..."

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By Johna Revesencio



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