How can I create a table in which I write entries that are a little longer? (see example)

  • rasimkoca
    Gefragt am 9. Juni 2021 um 11:56


    I want to create a normal table, that should look like this:

    1623253972 60c0e3d4ae20b  Screenshot 10

    I've tried this with the widgtes "Data Grid" and "Spreadsheet widget", but bigger entries won't fit in one line:

    1623254082 60c0e44204716  Screenshot 21

    1623254101 60c0e45570b8c  Screenshot 32

    How can i do this?

    Note: You can find this on page 10 of my form

  • Mike_G Jotform Support
    Geantwortet am 10. Juni 2021 um 10:35

    Form both widgets, have you tried increasing the width of the widgets from its properties?

    1623333223 60c2196704b32 zt210610 094828 Screenshot 10

    Also, would a decrease in the font size of the texts in the widget using custom CSS codes to fit it in one line work for you?

    1623333379 60c21a03d6d92 zt210610 095409 Screenshot 21

    We will wait for your response.

  • rasimkoca
    Geantwortet am 10. Juni 2021 um 11:03


    first of all thank you for your message! Yeah both option help me a lot!

    Can I just copy the css code you have written there or do i have to consider other things because I have no knowledge about css.

    Thank you!

  • Mike_G Jotform Support
    Geantwortet am 10. Juni 2021 um 12:57

    The CSS codes I have injected in the form in my example only work for the cell under the Robotic Process Automation column of the first row.

    The custom CSS codes you need to the changes to every cell are:

    tbody#BootstrapDable_body tr td {
    font-size: 10px;

    You would need to inject the codes into the custom CSS tab of every Data Grid widget on your form.

    1623344146 60c244125e3af zt210610 125448 Screenshot 10

    You may, of course, set the font-size property value to your preferred font size.

    Feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance.