How to change our PayPal payment method to credit card?

  • Searisorse
    Fecha de consulta 27 de mayo de 2024, 5:29


    avremmo necessità di associare una nuova carta di credito per il pagamento annuo; è una carta aziendale quindi non collegata ad un account paypal.

    Restando in attesa di Vs cortese riscontro si porgono

    Cordiali saluti

    Sea Risorse Spa

  • Rene Jotform Support
    Fecha de respuesta 27 de mayo de 2024, 5:44

    Hi Searisorse,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. Our Italian Support agents are busy helping other Jotform users right now, so I'll try to help you in English using Google Translate, but you can reply in whichever language you feel comfortable using. Or, if you'd rather have support in Italian, let us know and we can have them do that. But, it might take a while until they're available again.

    Now, coming back to your question, if you want to change your payment method from PayPal to a credit card, you need to cancel the subscription from your PayPal account, and then upgrade your account using a credit card. We also have a guide about How to Cancel Your PayPal Subscription to Jotform that you can check out.

    Give it a try and let us know if you need any help.