Conditions not applied immediately

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    Asked on December 19, 2022 at 11:17 AM

    Hola Support team,

    for some reason I a condition in our form "NUEVA RESERVA 2022" doesn't apply.

    IF Compañía IS EQUAL TO "KTM"

    INSERT ({Precio total del servicio... INTO Neto in USD

    Does not work.

    Thank you for you help.

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    Answered on December 19, 2022 at 11:39 AM

    Hi Kay,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotfrom Support. I understand that the condition your setup for your form with this condition is not working correctly. Please allow me some time to look into this and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding while we're looking into this.

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    Answered on December 19, 2022 at 01:12 PM

    Hi Kay,

    Thanks for patiently waiting. I cloned your form to see if I could replicate the issue and I experienced the same. So, I look further at your condition settings and found that your conditions for NETO in USD field have some conflicts the reason why the condition did not show the correct calculation.

    On both conditions, the system was confused with these conditions:



    It is because if the respondent will select "KTM" in the Compañia field then they will have an option for Agencia or Venta Directa. So. if the respondent will select Agencia, then the next field would show up for Venta sin o con comision. If they would select con comision then this condition will take place


    The reason why when you put 100 in the Precio del total field you will get 90 in NETO in USD field. As you can see the Rules are matched as set to "ANY" if you'll change that to "ALL". Then you'll get the correct calculation for the NETO in USD field if the Compañia is "KTM". Check out the screencast below as my result:


    Furthermore, I found some conflicts and confusion with your other conditions. I'm still working on them for now, you can give it a try to see if the condition you're having trouble with is working by changing the conditions I suggested above.