Estilização de Formulários

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Customize the look and feel of your forms in seconds with Jotform's intuitive Form Builder. Create custom themes, attach images and videos, choose fonts and colors, add your own custom CSS, and more — no coding required.

CSS Personalizado

Add CSS code to your online forms for complete customization. Personalize form fields, widgets, positioning, and more!

Estilização de Formulários

Formulários Colaborativos

Collaborate on your online forms with teammates using Jotform. Assign forms and manage form data together in Jotform Tables and Jotform Inbox.


Plano de Fundo do Formulário

Give your forms a personalized touch by changing your form background. Add your own photo or video, choose a new color or transparency level, and customize other elements in a few clicks with Jotform’s drag-and-drop Form Designer.

Estilização de Formulários

Video Form

Make your form background pop by turning it into a video form! Copy and paste a YouTube video link to add a video to your form background in seconds.

Estilização de Formulários

Designer de Formulários

Make your online forms look exactly how you want them to with Jotform’s advanced Form Designer. Choose unique colors and fonts, add CSS coding, and change other design elements.

Estilização de Formulários

Temas para Formulários

Want people to fill out your forms? They need to make a good first impression. Make your online forms stand out with ready made form themes that will give your forms a unique look in just one click!

Estilização de Formulários