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December 7, 2023

If you’re an Admin user of your company’s Enterprise server, you’ll find it useful to know how your server is doing, how many submissions are being received, how many forms are used on the server, and how those forms are being viewed by end-users. All these options and many others are present in the new updated Admin Console.

Enterprise Start using Admin Console with Jotform Enterprise

To access Admin Console, select your avatar in the upper-right corner, then Admin Console from the menu.

Steps to open Admin Console in Jotform Enterprise

From there, you can review and manage your server’s forms, users, data, teams, and more.


The Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of form usage stats where you can review the counts for total forms, submissions, and views.

Admin Console dashboard in Jotform Enterprise
enterprise-admin-console-dashboard-chart-views-min-png enterprise-admin-console-dashboard-chart-category-min-png enterprise-admin-console-dashboard-filters-min-png

The charts allow you to quickly analyze the numbers. You can filter the dates in the upper-left, and then fine-tune the view using the frequency options in the upper-right corner of the chart. You can use the summary cards on the right to switch between views.

Below the chart is the list of all forms on your server presented in a table view with search and sorting options.

Enterprise Admin Console Forms

Selecting items under the Form Name or Created by columns allows you to view form- or user-related stats on the chart.


All users on your Enterprise server are listed in the Users tab where you can search, sort, create, or delete users as well as change user roles and permissions.

Enterprise Admin Console Users
enterprise-admin-console-add-user-full-min-png enterprise-admin-console-delete-users-min-png enterprise-admin-console-user-menu-png

To create a new user, click on Add User in the upper-right corner. Then in the popup window, fill out the user’s information, and then click on Add User in the lower-right corner.

Selecting users using the checkboxes on the left shows the Delete button in the upper-right corner so you can easily delete multiple users if you so choose.

The individual user menu gives you options to edit a user to change their profile info and permissions as well as view their activity history.


All forms available on your server are listed in the Forms tab. Here, you’ll find useful tools to help you manage your server’s forms and submissions.

Enterprise Admin Console Forms
enterprise-admin-console-form-menu-png enterprise-admin-console-forms-delete-change-owner-png

You can view, edit, or delete a form, as well as view its entries or change its owner, from the individual form menu. Selecting multiple forms shows the Delete and Change Owner options for the chosen forms.

enterprise-admin-console-forms-download-all-png enterprise-admin-console-forms-created-by-png

The Download All button allows you to easily export the forms list into an Excel or CSV file. You can also select the names under the Created by column to review the forms of individual users.


Mostly for country-specific data compliance regulations, it is important to have the option to pull up all submissions of an individual. The Data tab is the place where you can search personal data from all forms on your server.

Enterprise Admin Console Data

You can collect all form entries from a specific email address with options to review or delete them. To do that

  1. Select Create New Report in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the Create New Report dialog, enter your desired report name.
  3. Enter the email address to search, then select Create.
Enterprise Admin Console Data Create

The system will collect all submissions containing the email address. You can view the entries once it’s done.


The Data feature is not available on HIPAA-friendly servers.


As a server admin, you can review all actions performed by users in the Activity tab. You can search and filter the activity logs based on time, username, actions, and more.

Enterprise Admin Console Activity

The following actions are tracked:

  • Logins
  • Forms Created
  • Form Modifications
  • Form Deletions
  • Form Purges
  • Submission Edits
  • Submission Deletions

Selecting Download All in the upper-right corner allows you to export the logs to an Excel or CSV file.


All teams created on your server can be found in the Teams tab. Here, you can search, create, and delete teams, as well as manage team settings and members.

Enterprise Admin Console Teams
enterprise-admin-console-team-menu-png enterprise-admin-console-teams-create-png enterprise-admin-console-teams-delete-png

You can change the settings and members of a team from the individual team menu. Start creating a new team by selecting Create Team in the upper-right corner. To delete teams, choose the teams using the checkboxes on the left, then select Delete in the upper-right corner.

See Jotform Teams to learn more.


You’ll find all support requests created on your server in the Support tab. Here, you can search, filter, and view the requests, as well as check their status.

Enterprise Admin Console Support

You can also create a new request by selecting Submit a Request in the upper-right corner.


The Settings tab holds various settings, permissions, and customization options for your server.

Enterprise Admin Console Settings

Here, you can perform the following and more:

  • Set a company logo.
  • Set a favicon (only .ico files are excepted for favicons).
  • Change your company name.
  • Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. To learn more, see Enabling SSO.
  • Set timeouts and restrictions.
  • View the domain address of your server.
    Note: To connect a custom domain to your server, contact your dedicated support team via email for the instructions.
Enterprise Start using Admin Console with Jotform Enterprise

Manage your entire organization from a single location with our powerful admin console.

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