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Por que escolher a Jotform?

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Desconto para ONGs

Não importa o tamanho da sua organização sem fins lucrativos, o Criador de Formulários online da Jotform a impulsionará a ajudar outras pessoas. São necessários apenas alguns minutos para criar e publicar seus formulários online. Como benefício exclusivo, oferecemos 50% de desconto a organizações sem fins lucrativos!

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Desconto para educadores

Jotform oferece o criador de formulários online favorito de instituições de ensino ao redor do mundo — de grandes universidades a escolas de ensino fundamental e médio. Usando Jotform, você pode facilmente criar um formulário educacional perfeito para suas necessidades. Como benefício exclusivo, oferecemos 50% de desconto para instituições educacionais!

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Cancele a qualquer momento

Jotform é um serviço por assinatura recorrente. Você pode atualizar o nível do seu serviço a qualquer momento. Para alterar sua assinatura, acesse nossa página de cobrança e selecione um novo plano.

Garantia de reembolso dentro de 30 dias

Se, por qualquer motivo, você resolver cancelar sua assinatura dentro de 30 dias após o pagamento, emitiremos um reembolso total. Para solicitar um reembolso, contate nossa equipe de suporte.

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Suporte ao cliente 24 horas

Nossa incrível equipe de suporte está disponível para ajudá-lo em todos os momentos.

  • A equipe do Facebook Live teve uma experiência impecável usando Jotform durante um evento online com o presidente Barack Obama. O produto resistiu a uma enorme quantidade de tráfego durante um período de 60 minutos. Enxergamos muito valor nos recursos do produto e em sua capacidade de personalizar um formulário perfeito para qualquer evento.

    Erin Kanaley, Facebook

De startups a empresas Fortune 500, temos orgulho de ajudar uma ampla gama de organizações e profissionais ao redor do mundo.

Jotform Pricing FAQ

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  • What plans and pricing tiers does Jotform offer?

    Jotform offers several plans, including Starter (free), Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. Jotform also offers Enterprise plans with custom pricing for large organizations. Storage and submission limits increase with each level.

  • Is there a free plan available for Jotform?

    Yes, the Starter plan is best for individuals or small teams just starting their data-collection journeys. The Starter plan includes all standard features, such as form templates, payment integrations, and widgets. You’ll need to switch to a paid plan to increase your limits. Keep in mind that your forms and signed documents will include Jotform branding, which can be removed once you have a paid subscription.

  • Who is the Bronze plan suitable for?

    The Bronze plan is the lowest-priced paid plan. This plan is ideal for startups or freelancers who are hitting the ground running with data collection and need more than the basics. With its generous limits, the Bronze plan allows you to manage your business smoothly.

  • Who is the Silver plan suitable for?

    The Silver plan provides the best value for small to mid-tier businesses. You can scale data management as your organization grows.

  • Who is the Gold plan suitable for?

    The Gold plan offers the highest limits (outside of Enterprise plans) for your Jotform account and provides optional HIPAA compliance features. Alongside integrations, widgets, group approvals, etc., you can create HIPAA-friendly forms and collect medical information and electronic signatures from your patients. All data is encrypted so you won’t need to worry about keeping PHI submitted through your forms secure.

  • Who is the Enterprise plan suitable for?

    The Jotform Enterprise plan is suitable for large organizations. It’s the only multiuser Jotform plan, and it provides additional functionality, including enhanced security, custom domains, Single Sign-On (SSO), HIPAA features, and more. For further information, please contact us.

  • Is there a trial period for paid plans?

    While there is no trial period for Jotform plans, you can try all of Jotform’s standard features with the Starter (free) plan (this excludes HIPAA compliance features). Once you exceed the limits of the Starter plan, you can upgrade your account in a few easy steps.

  • Jotform Subscription Periods

    You can select either a monthly or a yearly subscription. Your subscription will automatically be renewed each month for monthly plans and each year for yearly plans unless you cancel.

  • What are the benefits/advantages of yearly subscriptions?

    If you subscribe to a yearly plan, you can save up to 20% when compared to monthly subscriptions of Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans.

  • Does Jotform offer discounts for educational institutions or nonprofits?

    Yes! Jotform offers exclusive 50% discounts on Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans — both monthly and yearly subscriptions — for educational institutions and nonprofits. To claim your discount, apply for the nonprofit discount, or the education discount. Once approved, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 50% discount.

  • Are there any other discounts? Does Jotform have sales?

    Jotform offers several discounts at different times of the year. These discounts are available only when upgrading to a higher tier yearly plan. The discounts aren’t available for your current plan. Plans will auto-renew at the full price in the next payment period.

  • What are the main benefits of upgrading to a paid plan?

    When you upgrade to a paid plan with Jotform, you’ll instantly get higher limits, allowing you to collect more data from the users driving your business. User data can ultimately lead to business insights that drive better decisions and save time, money, and resources.

  • What happens to my data if I exceed my plan’s limits?

    When you reach a usage limit, the system will send you a notification email and warn you on your dashboard. You can upgrade your subscription to increase your limits or delete and purge your form submissions to free up space.

    Please note that if you exceed your total submission storage, the system will delete the oldest form response to make room for new submissions. To avoid losing data, you can download your old submissions and purge them. For detailed information, check out this help guide.

  • What are the form usage metrics and limits that Jotform uses?

    Form limit: The form limit refers to the maximum number of forms that can be active on your plan.

    Usage limit: The usage limit is the maximum number of times you can use a feature. Only the API call limit resets daily.

    Submission limit: A form submission is the data collected when a user successfully completes a form. The submission limit refers to the total number of form responses from all forms that your account can support on a monthly basis.

    Form view limit: The form view limit refers to the total number of times your forms can be viewed account-wide on a monthly basis. For more information, see Form View Limits.

    Form field limit: A form field is an element of a form, such as a text box, calculator, or signature field. The form field limit refers to the maximum number of elements and/or widgets allowed on a form.

    Payment submission limit: A payment submission is a submission through a form that accepts payment via Jotform’s payment integrations. The payment submission limit is the total number of valid payments you collect with your forms on a monthly basis.

    Signed document limit: The signed document limit refers to the total number of e-signature documents you receive on your account every month.

    Total submission storage: Total submission storage refers to the maximum number of form submissions you can store in your account.

    Upload space: Upload space is the available disk space you can use to store files uploaded to your forms. To free up upload space, you can delete and then purge any of your form entries that include file uploads.

    HIPAA compliance features: HIPAA compliance features are optional features, such as encryption, auditing, and PHI segmentation, that you can use to help make sure your forms comply with HIPAA regulations. These features are available on Gold and Enterprise plans only.

    Jotfrom branding: Forms built by users on Jotform’s Starter plan include Jotform branding. Users on other Jotform plans can remove this branding and replace it with their own.

  • Which payment methods does Jotform accept for its plans?

    Jotform accepts payments via credit/debit card or PayPal.

  • Which currencies does Jotform support?

    Jotform charges its users in U.S. dollars or euros, depending on where you are located. If you’re located in Europe, you’re charged in euros. Those in the rest of the world are charged in U.S. dollars. Please note that you can see your converted local currency amount on your bank/credit card receipt.

  • Does the price include tax?

    All payments made to Jotform will automatically include tax in the final price to comply with local regulations. If you have a valid Tax ID, tax will be removed from your transaction during the checkout process. If you have a Tax Exempt Certificate, please contact support to share your certificate, and we will handle it accordingly.

  • Upgrades/downgrades/cancellations

    You can upgrade your plan at any time, and your limits will increase immediately. Any additional features included with your new plan will be available as soon as you upgrade. When upgrading your subscription, the unused time on your previous plan will be applied to your new plan, and you will pay a prorated subscription rate.

    When you downgrade to a plan with lower limits, these will be effective immediately. The unused time on your plan will be added to your account as a balance and will be used for your next invoice.

    If you would like to cancel your subscription and move to the Starter (free) plan, follow this guide. When you cancel a paid plan, you will still stay on your existing plan until the next billing date, and then you will be downgraded to the Starter plan.

  • How is my data protected?

    Your data is safe with Jotform. Jotform uses Google Cloud and AWS for all our data center hosting needs and doesn’t maintain any in-house servers. Also, Jotform complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Please visit the Jotform security page to learn more about it.