Formulaires de paiement PayPal

Créez des formulaires professionnels de donation, d'inscription ou autres en quelques minutes.

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Formulaire de paiement PayPal

Jotform won't charge you additional fees for accepting payments with your PayPal form.

PayPal Personal

Paypal Personnel

Add PayPal Personal to your form to give your customers a simplified and secure checkout experience.

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PayPal Business

PayPal Business

Add PayPal Business to your form so customers can pay by credit card without leaving your site.

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PayPal Invoicing

Facturation PayPal

Create, track, and process invoices online to simplify your billing process.

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Jotform Makes Payments Simple

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Quick, Convenient Payments

Gain appeal to Venmo customers by letting customers pay for purchases the same way they pay their friends. With Jotform and Venmo, you can receive money directly to your bank account or debit card.

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Permettez à vos clients d'acheter maintenant, et de payer plus tard

With PayPal Pay in 4 payment forms, customers can pay for their purchases in four interest-free installments while you get paid up front at no additional cost.

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Passez à l'international

Expand your business by expanding your audience. Available in more than 200 markets, PayPal enables you to go global by accepting 130+ currencies from millions of customers worldwide.

Jotform Recurring Payment Option Setup

Maximizing Revenue with Recurring Payments

Discover how Jotform’s PayPal integration can help you set up and manage recurring payments for subscription-based services, memberships, donations, and more — perfect for nonprofits and businesses alike.

Créez un formulaire de paiement PayPal

Faites-vous payer plus vite. Ajoutez Paypal à vos formulaires.