Learn how to automate your approval process and transform your business.

No matter your industry and position, chances are you have to approve something, sometime. With Jotform Approvals you can now automate any approval process with ease, using our drag-and-drop tools to visualize and build the best workflow for your team.


Morgan Ziontz

Morgan Ziontz

Webinar Manager at Jotform

In this webinar we’ll cover

  • An overview of the tool and major use cases
  • Demos of how to get started and how to create a basic approval flow
  • How to find and apply ready-to-use templates
  • Flows routed using conditional logic and Merge Branches elements
  • Advanced settings for Approvers
  • An introduction to mobile approvals using the Jotform Mobile Forms app
Jotform Approvals Webinar
Jotform Approvals Webinar