¿Por qué no me está enviando los datos de mi formulario a google sheets?

  • aiminver
    Fecha de consulta 24 de noviembre de 2023, 6:38

    Tengo todo bien conectado. Rellenan el formulario y aparece en Jotform. El problema es que no me manda los datos a la hoja de Google Sheets.

    ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo?

    Muchas gracias!

  • Israel Jotform Support
    Fecha de respuesta 24 de noviembre de 2023, 9:10

    Hello aiminver,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. Unfortunately, our Spanish Support agents are busy helping other Jotform users at the moment. I'll try to help you in English using Google Translate, but you can reply in whichever language you feel comfortable using. Or, if you'd rather have support in Spanish , let us know and we can have them do that. But, keep in mind that you'd have to wait until they're available again.

    I assumed you're referring to your Formulario Facebook "Sin entrada" form. I checked your integration and our system returned with a "no missing submission" response. This means that all data from your submission tables are present in your Google Spreadsheet. If this is not the case, I highly recommend removing and adding back your Google Sheet integration in your form.

    Most of the time, integration breaks if the spreadsheet is modified in any way. This can happen when renaming columns, moving columns, applying colours to columns, and any other related changes. If you have an active filter in your Spreadsheet, please try removing it and checking for the submission again. You'll have to re-apply filters in your Google Sheet to see new submissions sent by the integration.

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes.